Viola Beach
Swings & Waterslides

With the warm, summer days slowly winding away, and fall’s grey, gloomy head peeking around the corner, it’s important us all to live every sunny day to its fullest extent. We needn’t look any further than our television for examples, as advertisers across the globe seem to visualize these experiences to a tee, showing smiling faces sitting around a fire, drinking whatever alcoholic beverages they’re pitching. So, pack up your tent, cooler, and the essentials to build a long-lasting fire, but most importantly, bring your solar charger for your Bluetooth speaker.

As if it were crafted specifically for these epic summer adventures we’re always so fondly planning and executing, “Swings & Waterslides” will roar into your warm-weather playlist with ease. Catchy? Yes. Anthemic? Most definitely. Able to get both genders up and dancing around a campsite? We’d bet our life savings on it.

With a vocal style that beckons on other notable Brit-pop bands, there’s an immediate familiarity with Warrington-based Viola Beach. Yet, as much as it reminds us of a few other notable frontmen, it carries a unique and boisterous attitude of its own. The lyrics are easily captured in the memory, highlighting the deft songwriting abilities. When mixed in with some playful shouts, inventive guitar work, and delightfully raucous percussion, we’re left unable to wipe the toothy grin from our face.

What’s one of the best parts about this newly released, highly-addicting, and incredibly infectious tune? It’s the bands first release. That’s right, you’re getting the very first online look and listen at what will soon become a widely popular band. At least, we certainly believe so.

“Swings & Waterslides” will be available as a free download for the next 24 hours following this post. Head over to their Soundcloud and pick it up.

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