An emotinal and inspiration video made entirely from Mac/Apple sounds with quotes from Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech in 2005.

It almost seems impossible that one man can be responsible for changing the way we listen to music, consume information and even create, yet Steve Jobs was living proof of this. I remember being a late adapter to the iPod, only having bought my first one 4 years ago. With trying to discover new music, I went on the Internet hoping to fill my ipod with music. It was because of this search for music that I found what at the time felt like an underground world of music blogs. Blogs that did not care about the latest songs on the radio nor had any pressure to post popular songs, they simple blogged what they love and nothing else. It were these music blogs that encouraged me to start my own. Having an iPod changed the way I consumed music, forced me to leave my comfort zone and listen to new sounds I had never heard before. I was completely hooked. Ever since I got into new genres, I became addicted to listening to new music. No longer was I replaying my favorite three albums over and over but I started listening to ten new songs every day. Ten soon become twenty and with so much music going through my ears, The Music Ninja was born. Sure there were other MP3 players that I could have bought, but no other made it as simple and easy to listen to music. We all have been affected by Steve Jobs one way or the other. This song is just completely amazing.

AzR – Thank You Steve

’AzR – Thank You Steve.mp3′

Download of artist website: azR – Thank You, Steve

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