Backroad (ft. Nevve)

There’s nothing quite like taking a long drive on a warm summer night, letting your hand flow up and down along with the current outside your window as your navigate through wide open straights and windy curves. And, if you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for laidback jams to help soundtrack that scene. Luckily for us all, LA-based VOKES is dropping the fourth and final track from his debut EP, Fractalism, and it’s absolutely perfect for those late-night excursions.

This delightful collaboration with fellow Angelino Nevve deserves your attention this summer for a multitude of reasons. Musically, the track brings in lush future-style synths that beckon back on VOKES upbringing in Malibu, California, adding to the complex personality of the track. Coupled with those synths are a prominent, buzzy bassline, carefully placed percussion, and a jazzy guitar breakdown, all of which provide the perfect backdrop for the interchanging verses from both VOKES and Nevve.

Before you jump in the car to enjoy this little beauty out on the road, head over and follow VOKES on Facebook so you can keep up with future releases.

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