The delicacies of music are always more exposed the more you listen to it. And with each playback, the brilliance in the execution of every detailed sound from Wanderhouse, a new project from Marie Moreshead + Doctor Rosen Rosen, becomes all the more apparent. The formation of a more perfect union was first exemplified in their single “Use Me Up” released last year, which can only really be described as The Glitch Mob on Valium. The sensual vocals from Marie Moreshead that lend themselves to be elongated by the subtle trip/hop production of Doctor Rosen Rosen, make it a perfect musical cocktail to consume late into the evening.

This week Wanderhouse released ‘Sugar’, following the similar blueprint of its predecessors. The soft and warming instrumentals are yet again elevated by powerful and surreal vocals. Another profoundly harmonic release from the duo.

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