As an artist, you have probably used SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a platform that enhances your musical rating, performance and provides you with a channel to get recognized. You can also interact with the music world through SoundCloud and get feedback on improving your content. Opening a SoundCloud and uploading your content is not enough to get recognized. You have to learn some tips to attract more plays and avoid making mistakes on SoundCloud. Read on to discover why your SoundCloud videos do not get enough plays.

  1. Biography. Opening an account and setting up your biography is the first step to creating an attractive profile. You want to create a profile that will attract a crowd. Write a track description of about 100 words describing your music. You can also mention a record label if you are working with one. Besides describing you and your music, an excellent biography looks professional, and the audience can relate to your content. If you ignore this step, you might find it challenging to get enough plays.
  2. Not Linking Your Account with Social Media Platforms. Having a SoundCloud account without linking it to your social media platforms will not get you enough plays. Almost everybody uses social media to get the latest information. If you have not linked your SoundCloud account to any social media platform, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Social media links directly transfer your followers to listen to your songs on SoundCloud. This is also an excellent way to communicate with your audience and grow your following.
  3. Ignoring Feedback. Research proves that comments are a way to interact with your fans. If you communicate with your audience, they feel happy, and they are likely to come back. However, if you ignore the feedback on the comment section or only reply with a ‘thank you,’ your fans may feel uncomfortable and think your ‘thank you’ is not sincere. Start commenting with a more thoughtful comment, and your fans will do the marketing for you.
  4. Not Advertising. If you do not advertise your content, you will not reach as many people as possible. Promoting your content, with the help of a digital marketing agency, is an excellent idea since it shows that you are confident about your work. Looking for a good services that provides your business with a stronger online presence? Why not find out more info here for great help! Moreover, almost all famous artists market themselves on all platforms. As such, it is not a new thing. SoundCloud has also made it easier for you to showcase your talent to your fans. Your popularity depends on your activeness on SoundCloud and social media. Follow the terms and conditions of all websites you use, and you will be ahead of other artists.
  5. Keywords. Keywords are crucial for your content to appear on top of the search list. Not utilizing keywords and tags before uploading will make you lose your audience because they will not see your music. Using tags, genre, and keywords will go a long way in building a crowd and getting more plays.

If you implement these basics, you see results coming through in your fan base. Some people also use bots to increase their plays on SoundCloud. However, ensure you learn how to use bots successfully. discusses bots on SoundCloud.

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