Free n Losh
What We'll See

Gene Wilder would be a proud man if he could hear this take on one of the most iconic songs from a classic film of the millennial generation. Yes, we all remember yearning to win a golden ticket. The funny thing is, Free n Losh have just served you up with one. Even funnier, this isn’t the first time the Toronto producer duo have only been on our radar for a few months, and they keep serving us up with golden tickets.

If you’re not familiar, here is their formula. Take a classic tune that is far out of the reach of most producers’ will to remix, remix it and remix it well. Their interpretations still maintain enough nostalgia and enough classic feel that you don’t really notice that you’re hearing something different. You’re transposed into a different part of your life, a time where that track held a significant place in your mind.

Some of you may think we’re touting Free n Losh a bit much, however, we politely disagree. Take “What We’ll See” for example. We might have deeper childhood associations of fantasy and grandeur associated with these gracefully sung lyrics, but take a gander at the gorgeously composed synths, the sexy saxophone, and the large cinematic, buzzing bass line. It’s deliciously current, yet still gives you the warm and tinglies that you recall from the first time you saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And on top of everything, it’s a free download. So pick it up, and reminisce on simpler times.

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