’WRLD – Chase It (feat. Savoi)’
’WRLD – Echo (feat. Richard Caddock)’
’WRLD – Style’
’WRLD – Little Too Close (feat. Veronika Redd)’

Young talent WRLD is an artist who’s been on our radar for a while now as he continues to garner a following of passionate listeners who identify with the vivid imagination his music resonates. Like many fellow up-and-comers in the electronic community, his knack for crafting melody benefits from the ability to channel his musical influences in a way that transcends genre assumptions and allows him to carve out his own style and sound. With proven skill in both original production and remix, he’s worked his way into the prestigious families of Monstercat and Moving Castle, with a string of contributions to their well-renowned compilations over the journey so far. Now on the release date of his eagerly awaited Chase It EP, TMN brings you a closer look into the universe of creativity that lies inside the mind of this individual on the rise.

While his name has previously been synonymous with the ever-growing future bass movement, a first listen of the EP reveals an inclination towards a more pop-influenced side to his music. For WRLD,

moving into this direction with an EP seemed the right choice to me. Future bass is what I’m known for as like 95% of my WRLD tracks are this genre, but moving away from that and making nu-disco-y stuff was very refreshing. I also think that was an important thing to do because in the end I don’t want to be connected to the future bass genre all the time, but instead want to be recognized for my own style.

From the uplifting bounce of ‘Chase It’ to the heavier drive of ‘Little Too Close’, each track echoes this purpose of breaking free of stylistic expectation, while at the same time staying true to the powerful melodies that form his identity. Further to that end, each song showcases strong vocal influences to complement this direction, including another glorious collaboration with Richard Caddock on ‘Echo’. This one in particular is reminiscent of an artist that WRLD reveals as the inspiration behind his work from the very beginning.

For my music Adam Young a.k.a Owl City has definitely been my biggest influence. He was the first artist I became a fan of in 2009 and most of my time producing back then was spent emulating his sounds. The fact that he uses a lot of nice-sounding soft synths and sweet melodies is my favorite thing about his music and I think you can definitely hear the influence in my own music

For artists that deal in sounds designed to capture a rich sense of imagination, the experience is as much a visual one as it is to the ears. One of the most captivating aspects to WRLD’s music is it’s ability to conjure intense imagery in the listener’s mind, and as the accompanying visuals on the EP suggest, much care has been taken to ensure all senses are engaged with the ideas being communicated.

…the visual aspect to my EP is very important as well. I commissioned an artist to make these 4 artworks for me, and the first thing I did was send him four moodboards, one for each track, of what each track looked like to me. I feel like that type of stuff gets the artists feeling across a lot better, which I think is nice by this type of story-telling music.

In the end, it really is the deep sense of story that encapsulates the distinctiveness of this EP and of WRLD’s work in general. Each track represents both a chapter in this tale and a pivotal moment in the future of this promising artist. If he’s succeeded in capturing the wonder of your imagination as he has ours, you can be sure there is still much more to be written in what is likely to be a very decorated journey. Until then, soak up all there is to experience in the joy that is the Chase It EP.
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