Let's Get Lost

The Danish songster YDEA is gracing the dojo with the premiere of her new single “Let’s Get Lost” today. From her home in London she’s creating some astonishing indie records and this certainly falls into that lot.

“Let’s Get Lost” is a soft and soothing soulful dive into a powerful message from YDEA. This inspirational tune is inspired by the immigration to Europe by refugees. Even if you’re not someone who’s socio-politically savvy, this incredible song still packs an emotional punch. YDEA will have you tearing up with her masterful performance laden atop a backdrop of gripping acoustical accompaniment.

“I wrote Let’s Get Lost as I was frustrated about how some reacted to the refugees coming to Europe the past years. I was disheartened and ashamed to see that instead of welcoming them with empathy and kindness for all that they’ve been through there was this negative movement of dehumanising them, using negatively loaded words and not recognising them as being human beings coming from a devastating situation that I never could never even imagine. I have always been a strong believer that no matter where we are from, no matter religion, sexuality or colour we are all human with hopes and dreams and no one should be treated differently for any reason. I hope through this song to inspire to more kindness and compassion as I believe that’s the way for humanity.

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