The clock and calendar have it all wrong, as far as we’re concerned. We’re looking at the display in the top right corner of our computer screen as we type, but it can’t be correct. It can’t be Wednesday morning. Why’s that, you ask? Because Yellow Shoots has us feeling like it’s a Friday night, late, lit up by only the faint glow of a few candles around the bedroom.

“More Alive” is the eponymous single to the More Alive EP, and for those of you who’ve been following its path, you’ll know that it’s also the fifth and final single. If you haven’t been tuned in, let us catch you up to speed before you dive in. Yellow Shoots is the moniker for the Pennsylvania-based, multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalist and producer Greg Matthews. As you start to wade into his work, you’ll notice nuances of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop, all of which are tied back to his experiences while studying guitar at The University of the Arts. Since then, he’s relocated to the new musician mecca of Brooklyn and started up the project you’re hearing now.

We’ve included the full EP for your listening enjoyment, but today’s focus is all on the premiere of “More Alive.” Featuring LA-based MC Mayo, this tune is rife with sexuality, both vocally and instrumentally. It boasts a smooth bassline, pronounced kicks, and a seductive, distorted guitar riff, all of which lie delicately underneath Yellow Shoots alluring vocal tone and lyrics, and a heated verse from Mayo.

Take a listen through, but try not to get too hot and bothered at work. You still have half a day until you can put this playlist into proper action.

’More Alive ft. Mayo’
’Soul Find Me (ft. Faja)’
’Yellow Shoots – Pieces’
’Yellow Shoots – Tame You’
’Yellow Shoots – Hold Me Down’
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