Yes, I know we are past St. Patrick’s Day but that doesn’t matter as the Young Dubliners aren’t just known for being an Irish Rock band, they are well recognized for great dynamic songs and memorable live performances. In fact, it would not be fair to categorize them as an Irish rock band, three of the five members of Young Dubliners are actually American, and this very same ratio reflects in their music. Two scoops of red white and blue American rock, a third of bright green Irish rock, all served on a Celtic waffle cone is exactly what you will receive if you order a “Young Dubliners” at your nearest Cold Stones – and to drag this metaphor even further, their new album “Saints and Sinners” is just as colorful as they explore a range of musical styles in simply twelve songs.

The first track titled “Saint and Sinners” sets the album off to a rocky start, and not in the figurative sense. The up-beat electric guitar riffs accompanied by the background violin that often goes off on its own into tightly coordinated rhythmic progressions, makes this one of the fastest paced songs on the album along-side with “Rosie” and non-lyrical “Saoirse”. However, not all is fast and full of pop, there are great soothing songs like “In the End” and “Caroline” that keep the album acoustically grounded and let’s you experience the more mellow side of singer Keith Roberts‘s voice.

My favorite song would have to be the very harmonic “Backseat Driver” that balances very well between traditional Irish folk and modern pop/rock. And forgive me If I am being stereotypical but every time I hear this song it makes me want to hold a pint of beer and start singing it with my friends, it has that subtle Irish drinking song style every time the chorus plays…. eh maybe I am just an talking crazy.

saint-and-sinnersFor those who enjoy Celtic/Irish rock, you will definitely enjoy the Young Dubliners, and for those who doesn’t even have a clue about Celtic music, you should definitely give them a try.

“Saints and Sinners”

”Saints and Sinners”


“Backseat Driver”
”Backseat Driver”

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