Young Empires
The Gates (Ride The Universe Remix)

One thing is overwhelmingly evident while scanning through two years’ worth of music on Ride The Universe’s SoundCloud page – these four dance-loving cats know how to write highly infectious, groovy, and party-perfect tunes. Today is no different, as we give you a peek at Pete, Nicky, Sam and Jeremy’s latest endeavor, an official remix of “The Gates.”

This take on Young Empire’s widely popular tune features a slightly different approach than other RTU remixes, showcasing their ability to change things up effortlessly. The build-up is drawn out, slowly pulling in elements of the original, including iconic sections of vocals. It immediately brings listeners a connection to the original, as any solid remix should. From there, a vibe-heavy beat and pronounced synth stabs guide this remix towards the pool, rooftops, and sunny BBQs with its laid back, yet danceable persona.

Young Empires were obviously impressed by the remix, as they’ve chosen to officially release it, but check out their praise below.

Ride The Universe showcase their craft on our remix of ‘The Gates’ using sophisticated rhythms, punchy synth stabs, and intriguing chord progressions. Their production and arrangement demonstrates patience and maturity, but this remix also sounds very youthful with a ton of swagger. – Young Empires

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