Ninjas, today we will be presenting to you the undeniably talented composer and pianist Evan Duffy. Sir Duffy takes it upon himself to make masterful piano versions of originals and remixes of all types of electronic music. Never underestimate how difficult it is to transpose the notes from the cacophony of synths in electronic music to just one guy with two hands and a piano. Yet time and time again, he shows off his composing and playing abilities. It does not take long to realize when going through his catalog of videos that a gold mine has been found.

Right here you will witness the tackling of Nero‘s “Must Be the Feeling” (Kill The Noise Remix) with a monstrous performance. Somehow managing to transition all the texture and details involved in the KTN remix to his hands makes this just a stunning 4 minutes.

When not making piano covers of electronic anthems, the James Madison University student makes his own arrangements. Below is one of his epic originals.

For other piano reworks, including a Noisia remix and Dillion Francis cover, check out his youtube channel here. Evan has said if he were to reach 30,000 subscribers on YouTube he will release his piano cover of “Strobe,” so how but we ninja’s give him a little help with that.

’Evan Duffy – Beyond the Shadows’
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