Starting the new year with a powerful force, the guys of Zeds Dead (DC & Hooks) just released the Adrenaline EP. While just packed with only 4 tracks, each individual tracks delivers a massive amount of heavy, grinding dubstep. “In the beginning” and “Adrenaline” stand out as the most weighted tracks containing long extended basslines with an ever slightly note progression to follow. Changing things to a completely new direction, comes “Hit Me”. Soft, precise and minimalistic, the beat-oriented percussion-based track enlightens the EP, showing Zeds Dead’s playful yet technical side. And then we are left with “Oh No”, the very last track. “Oh No” is perhaps the smoothest track of them all, showcasing a less aggressive side but equally daunting. We love seeing producers changing up their own styles, especially in the same EP and Zeds Dead not only displays their technical talent but their level of maturity as producers.

You can preview the songs below, and you can get the EP now on Beatport.

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