[Future Bass] Danny Olson x RUNN – I Hope You Know

Danny Olson returns with the next chapter of his emotionally charged EP journey. This time working alongside the ever talented RUNN for the inspiring single “I Hope You Know” released on Seeking Blue. As the follow up to “Waking Up” from the upcoming Firelight EP it takes listeners through another expedition through the emotions of losing a loved one.

Despite losing his dad at times Danny found some comfort and inspiration in the lasting impression and memories that still remain. This uplifting emotional crux lives at the heart of this impactful song that really captured the scope of such a feeling. RUNN is as masterful as ever, while Danny shifts his style for a pop-centric hit. If you’re not paying attention – it’s catchy; and if you are, then it hits deep. Don’t let your playlist miss out on this one.

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[House] Checo – Palo Santo (feat. The Magic Mullet)

Miami music producer Checo has joined Doodle’s The Magic Mullet for the vibey original “Palo Santo.” If you’re familiar with the NFT space, then you might already know Checo’s collaborator who aided in creating such a club-ready jam.

“Palo Santo” is as smooth as can be from start to finish. The grooves are phenomenal, the vocal is slick and sultry and the production evolves from beginning to end in a manner that never leaves the listener hanging. Checo and The Magic Mullet brought their A game for a record that will surely live rent free in our playlists for a while.

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[Music Video] Tim Clark – Wake Up (feat. Jessica Zenzen)

It’s tough to pull off a great music video, but Tim Clark and team did a hell of a job with their work on “Wake Up.” The song, featuring Jessica Zenzen, was released early this month and with it came a Mad Max inspired visual counterpart. Imagine Mad Max meets rave – which we suppose doesn’t leave much room for imagination if you frequent Burning Man (haha).

Regardless, Tim Clark’s fun and progressive “Wake Up” is a strong dance tune – and they’ve captured its energy nicely in the video with over-the-top madness that’s as amusing as it is impressive. Check out the Red Revolver Cinema directed project below and make sure to add “Wake Up” to your rave playlists!

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[House] Laidback Luke & Gian Varela feat. Melfi – Ponme Loco

Laidback Luke joins our friend Gian Varela for the exciting new single “Ponme Loco.” Following up from Gian’s “Veneno” which he chatted with us about, “Ponme Loco” is a club smash that has been released on MixMash Records.

Luke and Gian’s Melfi featured original is catchy from the start. It’s call to action is not hard to follow through on thanks to an energizing production that, although minimal, gets you on your feet and dancing. “Ponme Loco” feels like one of those songs that was just so much fun to make and it shows. Add this one to your playlist for a little latin flare!

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[Tech House] Bleu Clair & Jargen – Aura

Bleu Clair has always managed to be a unique force in the realm of house music. His catalog is more than strong, and while he’s maintained a signature that’s been flexed and stretched throughout his releases, his latest song “Aura” with Jargen is one of his most different.

The tech house inspired original has a ton of old school flare that makes this feel like a timeless record. It’s fun, it’s bustling and it follows up nicely from his previous single “Funk Accelerator” that shared a somewhat similar tone. Overall it’s another impressive single from Bleu Clair!

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[Rock/Alternative] Little Dume – Lose My Head

In the age of singles, it’s always nice when a song is leading somewhere. With Little Dume‘s latest “Lose My Head” we not only get a killer tune, but this marks the march towards their debut album that is due out in 2023. This means – much more music is on its way in the coming months, but let’s keep the focus on “Lose My Head” for now!

The Malibu band’s fresh original is an exciting upbeat jam whose infectious energy takes hold of you right from the get-go. The instrumentation is just magical and lead singer David Frank‘s performance is electric. Little Dume keeps a nice groove and energy throughout the whole song, but manage to offer up a dynamic ride that ebbs and flows beautifully from start to finish. Definitely a worthwhile add to your Summer playlists!

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[Breakbeat] hitorie – kaze hana (JLV Remix)

Sony Asia’s one-of-a-kind subsidiary Sacra Beats continues to astonish with another official anime remix, this time from JLV. The Netherlands producer took the Dance Dance Dancseur ending theme and flipped it into a club-centric heater.

JLV keeps some iconic components of the original while breathing his own signature into the mix. It’s a fun take on an original that has that archetypal style that has come to define much of the music in the anime and gaming industries of the East. JLV joins the likes of Slushii, josh pan, Weird Genius, Shaun Frank and many others on Sacra Beats. If you’re a fan of anime and dance music – following them is a MUST.

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