When making an album, recording live is the musical equivalent of doing your crossword puzzle in pen. It’s risky. If one member of the band falters or delivers a performance that’s less than stellar- it shows through in the playback and you pretty much have to record the whole song over. There are very few opportunities to “punch in” where you left off in this kind of recording environment. Because of that, engineers often steer bands away from live recording. When it’s done right, though, it’s gold. The Album becomes a testament to a moment, an honest feel for the bands sound, as if you were watching them at a concert. It gives the record an energy and drive that cannot be created through tracking.

This is the nature of the mantle that Geoff Ereth and his band Brigg Fair have taken upon themselves. A challenge that they have well met through both their performance and the location in which they recorded- the sanctuary of an old church, whose high ceilings allow for beautiful organic reverberation and a light pulsing echo.

Brigg Fair – You Know Who You Are

’Brigg Fair – Brigg Fair – 01 You Know Who You Are.mp3′

Set to release in March 2012, Brigg Fair’s full length debut is a blend of soft rock and power pop that truly has something to say. “How’d you like to make some money? How’d you like to kill yourself for change?” sings Ereth, invoking a sentiment of distaste for the current, desperate, economic situation and the level of importance placed on monetary gain. It’s this type of statement, sitting on a pillow of catchy melodies, that keep the listener’s attention and give the album replay value.

Brigg Fair was produced by Lestyn Polson who is known for working with David Bowie, Patti Smith, and David Gray. The church- studio conversion that I mentioned can be heard, not only on Brigg Fair’s record but on albums from Fleet Foxes, Beach House, and Dr. Dog as well. Positioning themselves among such music greats has Geoff and the boys poised for success in 2012- and I think they’ll find it.

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