[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2016 Round #2)


We live our lives in such a rush, trying to capture the things we think we need in order to be a success. And while there is definitely nothing wrong with reaching for a goal, we need to remind ourselves to slow it down. Appreciate the now, allow ourselves to breathe and realize that things that might not help us advance in one way, help us glide through the moments that seem harder than others. Sounds like an Indie Dojo fits right into that “gliding through life” category. So…here ya go. Enjoy these moments.

Cameron A G
Way Back Home
Cub Sport
Im On Fire
Sam Fowke
Red Handed
Alex Phillips
Him And Her (Demo)
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[Show Preview] Emancipator Ensemble – Denver, Boulder, Aspen – 2/5 – 2/8


It may come as a surprise that after five years as a music blogger, I still have a concert bucket list. One of the perks of our passion-driven careers is the ability to catch a show, often at no charge, which leaves us with an endless possibility of live acts to witness. With choice come sacrifice, though, and one of those sacrifices has been the Emancipator Ensemble. That is, until now.

In less than a week, this Portland-based ambient artist will be bringing his down-tempo, luscious, and downright captivating sounds to three different locations in our home state. Showcasing his recently released Seven Seas , Doug Appling will be boasting a variety of string instruments, including guitar, banjo, and violin, played by Doug himself and collaborator Ilya Goldberg.

This is a dream come true for Mile High music lovers, seeing two worlds collide in a fusion of electronic and traditional. All three shows are nearing their capacity, so we highly recommend picking up tickets quickly. And, if you need a quick refresher of his latest work, simply look below, press play, and get yourself in the right frame of mind.

All In Here
Seven Seas feat. Madelyn Grant
Vision Quest
Land & Sea Feat. Molly Parti
Delta Trance
The Key
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[Deep-House] Bobby Nourmand – S M O K I N’ J O E (Radio Edit)

Bobby Nourmand
S M O K I N' J O E (Radio Edit)

The rapid evolution exhibited by burgeoning L.A. house producer Bobby Nourmand has been nothing short of mesmerizing. Over the course of a handful of releases, Nourmand’s entrenched his name firmly on the lips of both writers & critics and most importantly, other artists themselves through a steady stream of quality dance records. We first came across Nourmand’s first officially signed single back on uber-tastemaker The Magician’s 55th ‘Magic Tape’, when it was still floating around the webospheres with a simple “ID” tag, and we just had to find out what this mystery tune was. Luckily for us, The Magician shared the same sentiments and snapped up “S M O K I N’ J O E” for his Potion Records imprint, thus blessing our curious ears with one of the hottest deep-house gems we’ve heard in years. “S M O K I N’ J O E” remains rooted in what has become Nourmand’s signature, deep-club sound, but errs closer to melodic rhythm and structuring than we’ve previously heard in his sterling back catalog. Huge, pumping bass swells and effected synth swoops lay a perfectly dark atmosphere for “S M O K I N’ J O E” to unfurl on, gradually building with precise percussion and careful layering throughout its entire duration. And who can manage to get that hauntingly soulful vocal out of their heads after listening to this one either? With the kind of painstaking attention to detail displayed by Nourmand on his latest record, we’re salivating like on of Pavlov’s Terriers for the next step from the ascending beat maestro.

Bobby Nourmand’s latest original record has already amassed a who’s who list of artist support from the likes of Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Sander Van Doorn, Oliver Heldens, Afrojack, Bakermat, and Nora En Pure; and we’ve got our hands, and ears for that matter all over this one as well. Stream “S M O K I N’ J O E” above and shift into that Friday mindset a little early today.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2016 Round #1)


So wait…It’s February already? Anyone else feel like 2016 is already flying by? Geez. Well, unfortunately, we can’t stop time, BUT we can make sure we have an awesome Indie Dojo to accompany the passing minutes. And while we can’t guarantee it will slow anything down, we at least have something good to listen to while we travel through this thing called life at an incredible rate.

Western Man
Ghost Hours
Dahlia Sleeps
Black And Blue
Ali Robertson
Something About Your Love
Laura Gibson
The Cause
Blanco White
The Lily
Sometimes Im Wrong
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Cadence & Cause x The Music Ninja


When TMN Co-Founder Clayton Warwick first came up with the idea for Cadence & Cause, we all rallied behind him in support. The fusion of music and charity has always been a big part of the industry, from “We Are the World” to artists donating portions of their ticket sales to their charity of choice. But, we had yet to see someone bring the two together in a way that carries the passion and dedication we know Clayton is capable of.

If you’re not familiar with this platform just yet, you’ll want to start digging in sooner rather than later. The site offers a selection of exclusive music, merch, memorabilia, and experiences from artists you know and love. Each time you enter a sweepstake or pick up a new shirt from the site, you’re benefitting one of the many charities they’ve curated.

We’re not an official partner, nor are we monetarily invested, but we are, in a way, related. It’s easy to look at The Music Ninja and Cadence & Cause as cousins, both in the ever-growing family tree that is the music industry. With that in mind, we wanted to showcase some of the incredible work they’re doing. So, for the next thirty days, you’ll be given an inside glimpse at some exclusive content from both the musicians that support this initiative and the charities that are supported.

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[Rock] Episode – Swim


Memories can be powerful reminders of the past for many of us, and for four piece rock band Episode, one was the catalyst for their awesome new single ‘Swim’.

Lead singer Daniel Lonner sings of a haunting experience of losing consciousness underwater when he was young; exploring just how fragile life is, and how some things that appear so strong in this world can slip away so easily. Their sound shares qualities with the likes of ‘Kings of Leon’, whilst consisting of authentically powerful drum grooves by Brett Daniels, and Eric Sherman’s infectious guitar riffs, followed by an uplifting and ethereal solo! This is all solidified with the crisp and warm tone of the bass, played by Giovanni Thatcher; thereby culminating this fantastic dynamic as a group.

Having formed 2 years ago these guys have been working closely with producer Rex Kudo in LA, and recording tracks in their hometown New York, where they wrote ‘Swim’ and created the forthcoming EP “Late Night Episode”, said to be released on the 22nd February.

Episode are undoubtedly heading in the right direction, and we can’t wait to hear what the EP throws at us!

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Opus Orange – Anatomic [TMN PREMIERE]

Opus Orange

It’s been a little over two years since we covered fresh new tunes from Santa Monica-based Opus Orange, which leaves us with this question: what the hell were we doing since then? This band has churned out some great music during our lapse, and somehow we missed the boat. Luckily, we found our orange colored glasses and are currently rocking them as we write this post.

“Anatomic” is the title track from this ever-evolving group, which can include one or more of the following at any given point: Lauren Hillman, Bernard Chadwick, James Neil, Piper Denney, Carlen Walth, Katie Hampton, Jo Pusateri, Rachel Chadwick, and Paul Bessenbacher. You can expect a healthy dosage of head-nodding goodness from today’s premiere, provided by the combination of driving percussion and a big, buzzing bassline. Accompanying those are some reverberating synths, frenetic guitar riffs, and delightfully distressed vocals which all come together in an extremely memorable experience.

If you’re one of our ninjas in SoCal, head out to their free EP release show tonight in Pasadena! You can find all the necessary details here.

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