[Trap] NEFFEX – Desperate

LA’s hybrid king NEFFEX has just dropped a massive trap original on No Copyright Sounds called “Desperate.” The empowering creative adds another big hit to his repertoire, one that other creatives are free to use within their own content. Trust us, they’ll want to use it too!

“Desperate” is anthemic at its core, offering up a trappy hip-hop sound with a booming attitude that’s larger than life. It’s got a bit of a nostalgic sound, however NEFFEX keeps things fresh and interesting. With the weather warming up, it’s about time to go outside, party and get throw those trap arms up!

“I create music to motivate and inspire people to pursue their goals and take their lives into their own hands. I believe empowering creators is a big part of that, and that’s why I make my songs free to use and monetize in your content.” – NEFFEX

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[House] Bruno Furlan – The Rhythm

The tech house maestro Bruno Furlan has just came through swinging with his groovy original “The Rhythm.” Staying true to his roots, Bruno delivers a catchy bop that assuredly can wreck dancefloors across the globe.

“The Rhythm” is a true tech treat, but one that Bruno infuses some unique elements into for a fresh take on the genre. As someone who’s been dominating, traveling the world with his fiery catalog, it should come as no surprise that he has yet another smash on his hands. This one is definitely worth the playlist add!

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[House] Dainjazone & Redfoo – Long Live Party Rock

There’s no escaping Party Rock, even after over ten years. Now, “Long Live Party Rock” is here to continue the legend thanks to Dainjazone and the epic return of LMFAO’s Redfoo.

“Long Live Party Rock” is a festival anthem through and through. It’s a party song. It’s pure energy with a touch of that LMFAO sound that took over the airwaves for years. Dainjazone’s production adds some contemporary elements and style, while Redfoo delivers on his signature sound.

Redfoo has been turning down feature opportunities from multi-platinum selling artists over the last 6 years. I recorded myself rapping half the lyrics over my production and sent it to him with an invite to be on the track. He instantly fell in love with it and in fact added more lyrics to make it better.” – Dainjazone

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[Tech House] Black V Neck & Afrojack – Oral Music

The burgeoning house duo Black V Neck have joined forces yet again with the iconic producer Afrojack for “Oral Music.” The aptly titled record is a unique take on tech house with some funky sound design.

“Oral Music” focuses on vocal-centric sounds that are modulated and tweaked to perfection for a wacky, unforgettable record. This song should come with a warning – but expect this one to get stuck in your head. Not only is it a good song, but the sounds are what really stick out here.

The idea of the record came about when we first met Afrojack in the studio. He loved our record ‘Mouth Music’ and wanted to have a similar vibe which led to the creation of “Oral Music.” We’ve been teasing it for awhile now, but we are happy to release this on our own label. This record is sure to stand out as it’s not your average Tech House record.” – Black V Neck

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[Bass House] BLUUR – No Warning

You’ve been warned. You will love BLUUR‘s bass house banger “No Warning.” Released independently as a free download, “No Warning” ushers in a new era of BLUUR, setting the tone for what’s to come in the LA artist’s career.

Both catchy and heavy, “No Warning” is packed with some incredible sound design that explodes following the track’s memorable vocal that gets the listener – or rather the raving party goer – into the perfect state of mind. From there, BLUUR delivers a cathartic experience with drops you can’t help but move to.

This is by far the strongest and most intense track I’ve ever released under my brand. I want this track to be the staple of my project.” – BLUUR

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[Techno] Nate Mars & Dia Luna – Inside

Longtime collaborators Nate Mars and Dia Luna have officially dropped their multifaceted album called Out Of The City. The techno inspired works are a hypnotic modular adventure hosted by Dia’s alluring performance.

The album pulls from more than just techno, infusing dark pop influences for a standout record that are nothing short of impressive. Nate Mars has ensured more is coming down the pipeline as well. There’s a certain cohesion that oozes from the overall album journey, expressing creative forces that are well in tune with each other and boasting a cohesive nature that connects track-to-track. Explore the expansiveness that this album brings forth, you won’t regret and get to know Nate Mars and Dia Luna if you have the time.

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[Music Video] Isaiah Brown – Please Be The One

Back in November of 2022 Isaiah Brown released his debut album DREAMERBOY to a fantastic response by his fans and media alike. Continuing on that journey, Isaiah has expanded the music with video counterparts, most recently for the song “Please Be The One.”

The hip-hop meets R&B track was a standout on the LP, one that fans surely will be singing loud during Isaiah’s upcoming GENESIS tour. It’s one of our favorites from his album and the music video does it justice with its minimalist tone. It’s a fun visual with a laidback style that fits the vibe of the song. It’s not quite hot enough for the beach in most places, but let Isaiah take you there with this project!

When we open our hearts up to the fullest capacity of the world and people around us, we discover the depths of our own existence and the power of positivity. Let us embrace one another as one collective consciousness, all striving towards a better tomorrow, for our children and our children’s children. One Earth and One Love under the power of God, The Universe, and Our Creator/Mother Nature.” – Isaiah Brown

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