[Tech House] Bleu Clair – Inner Circle EP

Bleu Clair’s latest EP, ‘Inner Circle,’ is here, and it’s a wild ride. Kicking things off is “Boom Boom,” a track with a powerful vocal line riding on smooth percussion and a bassline that hits hard. It sets the tone perfectly with its subtle sophistication.

Next up, “In The Music,” featuring POLOVICH, is all about those late-night vibes. It’s designed to keep the party going with a topline sample that surprises and delights, seamlessly leading into a rhythm that’s just right.

Then there’s “Shake What Yo Mama,” which is an absolute trip. With dazzling percussion and vocal samples, this track keeps you hooked from start to finish, seamlessly transitioning and immersing you in its vibe.

“Bring The Hats On” shows Bleu Clair at his core. Crisp percussion and slow transitions make for powerful drops, creating a memorable journey through sound.

“Hold On,” featuring Tania Foster, nails classic house energy with a modern twist. The explosive drop blends old school with new school, making it a standout.

Finally, “Want Me Back,” featuring Atsy and Daniel Rimaldi, blends soulful vocals with pumping synths, creating an anthem-like energy that leaves a lasting impression.

Bleu Clair’s rise is meteoric. He’s played at huge festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland, and his tracks have hit the Top 5 on Beatport House. With over 50 million Spotify streams and support from giants like Tiesto and Martin Garrix, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the EDM world.

His social media presence is strong, with over 62,000 followers across platforms. ‘Inner Circle’ isn’t just an EP; it’s a bold statement in the tech house scene, showcasing Bleu Clair’s vision for the future of house music.

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HOGTRUCKER, the unstoppable dance-pop sensation from Las Vegas, is back with a bang. Starting his journey in the energetic Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, he moved to Vegas in 2017, and hasn’t looked back since. His breakout track, “House Show,” mixed pop-punk vocals with electronic and dark, driving synths, setting the stage for future success.

Now, he’s released HOGTIED, an album that’s nothing short of pleasurable. The lead track, “Bumpin’,” is a high-energy house-pop anthem created with co-producer Sevenths. HOGTRUCKER says, “We were so inspired to make the craziest little party track we could for this summer,” and it shows. This track is sure to get everyone on their feet proper.

But the accolades don’t stop there. After his 2021 album, Diskogoth, HOGTRUCKER took some time in New York to explore new sounds and perfect his DJ skills. Returning to Las Vegas in 2023, he’s now one of the hottest DJs around.

HOGTIED journeys through different dance genres, from garage and drum and bass to house, techno, and EDM, all wrapped up in HOGTRUCKER’s signature style. This album is a showing off of his path as an artist, displaying how he has blended the influences from his time in New York with the sounds he developed in Las Vegas.

Get ready to get HOGTIED and let HOGTRUCKER take you on an epic ride through his world.

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[House] LEFTI – I’m On Fire

LEFTI, the brainchild of producer Alex Suarez, drops a blazing new single titled ‘I’m On Fire’. This track dives headfirst into the heart of warehouse-party culture, blending a unique hybrid sound that’s sure to set dance floors alight. With 30K monthly listeners on Spotify and a whopping 13.5 million total streams, LEFTI is one to watch in the greater house scene.

‘I’m On Fire’ is a pure adrenaline rush, capturing the raw energy of a peak-hour warehouse moment. LEFTI masterfully fuses analog acid vibes with a rock-solid tech house backbone. His clever technique of chopping up an acapella to create new phrases, then hiring a vocalist to re-record them, results in a vocal line that’s both dynamic and on-point. He layers acid house elements over this, creating a tech house banger that’s fresh, timeless, and guaranteed to heat up any club.

The track pulsates with the vibrant essence of tech house. LEFTI’s sound is all about groovy arrangements and unmistakable bass lines that highlight the genre’s best features. His productions are famed for their intricate layers and rhythmic finesse.

The solo DJ/producer’s impressive discography features releases on top labels like Nervous, Freakin909, Let There Be House, and Toolroom Records. In 2021, he launched Quincy Boy Records, a label that quickly made waves. Its releases have earned nods from big-name artists and have been spun on BBC Radio 1, KISS FM, and Select Radio.

‘I’m On Fire’ shows off LEFTI’s killer production skills and his deep passion for house music. This track is set to become a dance floor anthem, winning over house music fans everywhere.

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[Bass] Asher Shashaty – LA On My Mind w/ Dani King

Asher Shashaty and Dani King are smashing it with their latest achievements. Asher’s ‘Beach House’ hit the charts in three countries on Apple Music, with over 600,000 plays across streaming platforms. He’s lined up collaborations with Luma, Messinian, and Mayor Apeshit. Dani King, meanwhile, has been working with big names like Ace Aura, Bear Grillz, Sully, and Oliverse, releasing tracks on top labels like Wakaan, Monstercat, Disciple, and NCS.

Asher started his journey in a small town, craving the diversity and vibrancy of a big city. Moving to LA turned his dreams into reality, immersing him in a rich cultural landscape that fueled his music. Dani King’s story is one of relentless effort and talent, making waves through her impressive collaborations and honing in her own sound that can be picked out of a lineup.

‘LA On My Mind,’ is a heartfelt ode to Los Angeles. The lyrics reflect Asher’s transition from his small town to the bustling, multicultural world of LA. The song perfectly captures the city’s essence, celebrating how people from different backgrounds come together, sharing experiences from beach outings and sunset hikes to nights out in the city.

And there’s even more to love! The video for ‘LA On My Mind’ drops on June 21st, bringing the spirit of Los Angeles to life. This song and video are a true celebration of LA’s unique culture and its ability to unite people. It’s hard not to love and shows just how well these two work together.

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[Electronic] Approaching Nirvana – Better Days EP

The buzzworthy EP Better Days by Approaching Nirvana has finally dropped, and it’s incredible. This five-track collection brings a blend of lush, melodic, and uptempo electronic dance beats that are simply fantastic.

Leading the charge is the single “Modern Dystopia,” which sets a cool, cerebral mood. With its ricocheting synths, driving beats, and hypnotic robotic vocals, this track is a total hit that you can’t ignore.

Vocal tracks “The Outside” featuring Hayes and “I Don’t Work That Way” featuring Kate McGill add another layer to the EP. McGill’s voice in “I Don’t Work That Way” turns it into a joyful anthem that’s both new and nostalgic.

The title track, “Better Days,” stands out as an instrumental masterpiece, wrapping up the EP on an upbeat note. Its uplifting and catchy melody virtually promises brighter days with its infectious energy.

Andrew Sinclair, the talent behind Approaching Nirvana, shares, “This EP is about overcoming tough times and pushing towards better days. I really felt that sentiment as I finished this EP, despite going through some challenges.”

Over the past ten years, Approaching Nirvana has had an amazing journey. From humble beginnings, Andrew has created over 20 albums and EPs, producing more than 300 tracks that resonate with raw emotion and energy. His music has reached millions, with over 1 million units sold since 2011.

With more than 150 million Spotify streams and 300 million streams across all platforms, this is a success story still in the making. As 2024 unfolds, Andrew’s creativity is set to reach new heights, with Better Days offering just a glimpse of what’s ahead.

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[Album] Pink Sky – Everything You Feel Is Real

LA-based duo Pink Sky, made up of Ryan and Angelica Hay, are stoked to drop their new album, “Everything You Feel Is Real.” This album is an absolute game-changer, blending genres with raw, emotive power that’s going to blow your mind.

Pink Sky’s journey has been wild, starting with bangers like “Incinerating,” “Crystalline,” and “Faith.” These tracks have set the stage for their epic sound, each one pushing boundaries and pulling listeners into a deeply immersive experience. Teaming up with multi-instrumentalist and producer irreplica, they’ve crafted an album that dives into transformation, duality, and resilience.

“Incinerating” kicks things off with relentless synths and dynamic percussion, showcasing their killer collaboration with irreplica. “Crystalline” flips the script with catchy lyrics and thumping rhythms, diving deep into human emotion and internal conflict. “Faith” stands out with haunting energy and a powerful message of resilience and self-discovery.

Pink Sky’s live shows are legendary, connecting with audiences at SXSW and Treefort Music Fest. Their previous albums, like “Disenchantment” and “Total Devotion,” have earned rave reviews and college chart success, cementing their place in the electronic music scene.

irreplica, the genius of Christopher Morse, brought a new edge to Pink Sky’s music. A random meeting at a Low concert kicked off this insane partnership, leading to a period of wild experimentation. The result is “Everything You Feel Is Real,” an album that shows just how far they’ve come and how much they rock.

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[Tech House] Okilly Dokilly – White Wine Spritzer (CHKLZ Remix)

CHKLZ started their musical journey as members of the ‘Nedal’ band Okilly Dokilly. This band was a wild idea born from a hilarious conversation among friends who thought it would be funny to create a metal band inspired by Ned Flanders from “The Simpsons.” They dressed like Flanders, played heavy metal, and people loved it!

CHKLZ has revealed their remix of Okilly Dokilly’s top single “White Wine Spritzer,” and it’s absolutely awesome. They’ve transformed this metal classic into a groovy house track that’s sure to get everyone dancing. The original “White Wine Spritzer” hit it big when it was featured in the end credits of a “The Simpsons” episode called “I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say D’oh.” This gave Okilly Dokilly a massive boost, leading to sold-out tours and a devoted fanbase, especially among “The Simpsons” fans.

With this remix, the duo are revisiting their roots with a fresh sound. With this year only half way through, CHKLZ is inviting everyone to join in the fun.

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