[Electronic] Martial Simon & Narissa – 10 To 5

Martial Simon has yet again captured the essence of modern dance music with his latest release, “10 to 5.” Collaborating with Narissa, known for her hit “Boss Bae” and collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, Simon brings a refreshing and innovative sound to the forefront. This new track follows a series of successful releases in 2023, each surpassing 200K streams on Spotify, showcasing Simon’s growing influence in the industry.

“10 to 5” stands out as a narrative-driven electronic piece, exploring the complexities of modern relationships. It delves into the contrast between initial infatuation and the reality of getting to know someone, a theme that resonates with many in today’s fast-paced dating culture. The track presents a vivid depiction of this classic myth versus reality tale, striking a chord with listeners who have experienced similar romantic journeys.

Simon’s signature energetic style blends seamlessly with Narissa’s smooth vocals, creating a unique fusion that transcends traditional genre boundaries. This collaboration results in a sound that is both innovative and familiar, perfectly balancing deep house and tech house elements. The track is designed to captivate club-goers and electronic music enthusiasts alike, with plenty of components built in to fit snug into DJ sets and be played out on dance floors.

Martial Simon’s career, spanning over two decades, is marked by an impressive array of achievements. His label, GET SET Records, and a catalog of tracks like “High In July” and “Lost” have amassed over 8 million streams. His hit “Where My Girls At?” reached the top of the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart and received airplay on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems. “10 to 5” is a continuation of Simon’s legacy, check out the song for yourself below.

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[House] Bleu Clair – Shake What Yo Mama

Bleu Clair, a prominent figure in the tech house music scene, capped off a bustling year in December, highlighted by his appearances at renowned events such as Parookaville Festival 2023 and Tomorrowland 2023. His consistent performance throughout the year, maintaining over 450,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and garnering millions of streams, underscores his unwavering commitment to his craft.

His recent track, “Shake What Yo Mama,” embodies the essence of his musical direction. The song skillfully blends exotic and primal influences with a classic house vocal sample, creating a harmonious and down-right beautiful listening experience. The track’s drop, with its powerful synths, leads listeners into an unexpectedly thrilling territory that’s easy to repeat again and again.

With more than 50 million Spotify streams and a substantial follower base, Bleu Clair’s influence in the electronic music industry is evident. His collaboration “Have Me All,” featuring Jelita, achieved the #22 spot on 1001Tracklist’s Top Producer list. He has also gained recognition from industry giants like Skrillex, DJ Snake, and Diplo.

Bleu Clair’s discography includes releases on prestigious labels like Musical Freedom, STMPD, Insomniac Records, Realm Records, and Terminal Underground. His collaborations with notable artists such as Ytram, Kyle Watson, Tchami, AC Slater, and Matroda highlight his significant contributions to the dance music scene.

This man continues to grow year after year, 2024 is looking no different – keep an eye on his and see what he does next.

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[Bass] STUCA – Resurgence EP

The Southern California bass prodigy STUCA has begun the year in stellar stride thanks to his 3-track Resurgence EP. Released on Kannibalen Records, the project further establishes STUCA as one of bass music’s most promising producers who aren’t afraid to showcase a diversified palate.

“Sabre” was the lead single from the EP and starts off the project with an explosive barrage of bass that focuses a bit more on sound design and vibe rather than melodic structures. It makes for a whopping headbanger-friendly record that has proven itself as a success on dancefloors since early 2023. “Get Down” sees STUCA take on breakbeat for an even more dance-friendly tune. Closing out Resurgence is the hybrid heater “WKA” that just might be the favorite for us here in the dojo. They’re all fire though, so enjoy!

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[Chill] Elohim – Can’t Remember Your Name

Elohim’s newest single, “Can’t Remember Your Name,” perfectly encapsulates the artist’s journey through personal challenges and her remarkable achievements in the music world. This track, following the introspective “Broken Face,” continues to explore the depths of her emotional experiences, focusing in her struggles with prescription medication during a challenging phase in her life.

Elohim’s story is one of resilience and triumph. Facing severe anxiety and panic on tour in 2023, she found herself in a precarious situation, reliant on medication to perform. This experience led to the cancellation of her tour and a focus on recovery, which she bravely shares in her music. “Can’t Remember Your Name” is like a window into Elohim’s soul, reflecting her journey towards healing.

But Elohim’s narrative is not just about overcoming adversity, it’s also about her impressive accomplishments in the music industry. With over 600 million streams worldwide, Elohim has solidified her place as a major force in the music scene. Her collaborations with giants like Skrillex, Marshmello, and Big Gigantic, and performances at iconic festivals like Coachella, speak volumes of her artistic capabilities and just how far she’s come in her young life.

The track itself shows off Elohim’s musical ingenuity. Merging many elements of electronic, pop, and dark themes it features an infectious, catchy nature and echoing synths, which only enhances her signature ethereal vocals. The song strikes a balance between sharing her personal struggles and demonstrating her mastery of the craft.

Elohim’s journey, encapsulated in “Can’t Remember Your Name,” is a blend of personal vulnerability and professional achievement. It’s a story of an artist navigating the complexities of life and art, making her music relatable, inspiring, and a true reflection of personal growth. With this release, Elohim continues to inspire and grip audiences, proving that her music is not just a form of expression but a powerful tool for connection and healing.

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[Tech House] San Pacho – No Guest List

Kicking off 2024 with an electrifying bang, the Croatian sensation San Pacho has unleashed “No Guest List,” a single that might just be his most exceptional work yet. The track is vibrant and creative from start to finish, taking in the high-energy thrill of club culture with an epic, catchy, and powerful style that distinctly sets him apart. Characterized by its riveting build-ups and masterful drops, “No Guest List” captures the quintessence of the clubbing experience, making it an anthem for dance floors worldwide.

Since his debut in 2019, San Pacho has rapidly emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His unique blend of tech house and club house has captivated global audiences, carving a niche distinctly his own. “No Guest List” epitomizes this artistic evolution, incorporating real-life audio clips into a Latin-infused tech house framework, creating an immersive and invigorating club experience.

San Pacho’s signings with top labels like Insomniac, Terminal Underground, and Sink or Swim exemplify validates his sonic direction and evolution as a DJ/producer. Esteemed industry pioneers like Tiesto, Chris Lake, MK, and Matroda have not only supported but also respected his work, underscoring his significant impact in the music world.

San Pacho’s track record boasts impressive achievements. His singles “La Pasion” and “Amor” have resonated globally, breaking barriers and amassing multi-millions of streams. His involvement with deadmau5’s hau5trap label and the release of “The Vault” mixtape have further cemented his status in dance music. Notably, his tracks “Elektro” and “Amor” have dominated the Beatport charts, with “Amor” even clinching a top spot in the tech house category.

With over 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a social media reach of 70k followers, San Pacho’s place in global house music culture is high. His presence in Spotify’s editorial playlists and endorsements from icons like Tiesto and David Guetta highlight his burgeoning influence.

“No Guest List” is a labor of love and a tribute to his dedicated fanbase. San Pacho is riding the waves as much as he’s steering the ship, charting a course for an even more extraordinary future.

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[House] itsCHRISJOHNSON – Get Close

In a electrifying fusion of nostalgia and creative innovation, Christopher Johnson, widely recognized as itsCHRISJOHNSON, has unveiled his latest single “Get Close,” igniting a promising 2024 after a triumphant 2023. This track, pulsating with energy and an infectious rhythm, is a dance anthem that has plenty of elements that are easily to connect with, no matter what part of the world you are from.

Hailing from Delray Beach, Florida, Johnson’s roots in hip-hop production have evolved into a distinguished presence in the dance music scene. His latest single, “Get Close,” draws its essence from the iconic electro vibes of the early 2010s, a nostalgic nod to a beloved era in dance music. This track emerges from Johnson’s creative endeavors during festival season.

2023 was a year full of highlights in his career, with his music reaching audiences in 143 countries, “Sweet Lies,” debuting on Sirius XM’s BPM, and more, all helping grow his name in dance culture. His work, particularly under his label Social Sound Club and especially during the quarantine, propelled him to a better place within the electronic community.

Johnson’s talents extend beyond music production. His guest mixes on platforms like Dash Radio, The Music Essentials, and C89.5 all are dynamic aspects to what make him alluring and one to watch. Additionally, his robust social media presence, including an Instagram takeover for Ultra Worldwide and over a million plays on Instagram Reels, are just more examples that what he is doing is meeting the needs of a hungry audience.

Notably, “Sweet Lies” premiered on BPM Beta with Liquid Todd, and Johnson also enjoyed song premieres on Sirius XM Chill’s “Day Life Radio.” His tracks have featured on prominent Spotify playlists by Steve Aoki, Revealed Recordings, Enhanced Music, and Ultra Music’s “The Gateway.”

With “Get Close,” itsCHRISJOHNSON continues to push the envelope of dance music, offering a vibrant, enthralling track that encapsulates the essence of Johnson’s artistic journey.

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[Event] WAKAAN ROCKS II: LIQUID STRANGER Presents TRINITY Ft. EazyBaked, G-REX B2B Sully, & More

Step into the world of ‘WAKAAN Rocks II’ on April 13th, where the focus shifts from the artist to the beats themselves. This isn’t just a sequel to last year’s hit event; it’s a whole new experience, shaped by Liquid Stranger’s innovative “TRINITY” concept. This night is all about immersing yourself in a sea of sounds, each set offering a unique vibe and rhythm that promises to keep you moving.

The “TRINITY” concept breaks the evening into three distinct musical experiences. First, the downtempo set envelops you in a chill, ambient embrace, setting the tone with its mellow and introspective beats. Then, the throwback set takes you on a nostalgic ride, blending familiar rhythms with a fresh twist. The climax of the night is the banger set – this is where the energy skyrockets, and the beats become an irresistible force, compelling everyone to dance.




While Liquid Stranger is the maestro behind this symphony of sound, the event also features a lineup of talented artists like Eazybaked, G-Rex B2B Sully, and Shanghai Doom B2B Sharlitz Web, each adding their own musical color to the evening. The beats are the real stars here, each one a character in this night-long narrative.

‘WAKAAN Rocks II’ is more than a concert; it’s a celebration of rhythm and sound, a night where the music takes center stage and everything else fades away. So, get your tickets, let loose, and prepare to be swept away by a wave of beats that promises to leave you energized and exhilarated.

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