[Dubstep/Trap] Hairitage – Uncrowned EP

Despite the name of his recent EP, Hairitage remains crowned as one of the prodigal princes of bass music. His iconic style has taken listeners by storm over the past few years while it continues to evolve. The two-track project Uncrowned is his latest evolution showcased on Kannibalen Records.

“The Uncrowned King” is the A-side single featuring the talented rapper Daemon. Hairitage’s hybrid trap style pairs so well with Daemon’s strong vocal performance, making the song a no-brainer for the title track of the project. It’s already taken crowds by storm on tour and has made its way around social media through a semi-viral video. Lastly on Uncrowned comes “Back Once Again” with Anoxex that ravers have been waiting for since they first heard it from Hairitage while he was on tour with BTSM.

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[House] Matroda – Temperature

Ahh yes, another hot one from Matroda! Released on his label Terminal Underwound, “Temperature” is a potently groovy jam that is one of Matroda’s catchiest to date. Fun from start to finish, there’s no moment during its three and a half minutes where you’re not vibing hard.

Matroda has long been one of house music’s underground pillars and its records like this that prove why. His impeccable sense of groove matches his tasteful production that flows masterfully throughout. Every part of the song feels like a special moment, which is something that permeates most of Matroda’s catalog. It’s not easy being so smooth, but Matroda finds a way.

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[House] San Pacho – As Long As We Got House EP

The Croatian king San Pacho has graced the world with his six track EP, As Long As We Got House. We know it’s not even a full sentence, but we can’t really argue against the claim! Especially if it’s some sexy house from San Pacho.

Some dance music fans aren’t exactly attuned to the tech house style with the criticism that it can feel boring. That’s certainly not the case with San Pacho who breathes immense life and – frankly – swag into the mix. Each song stands on its own, but unite together for an incredibly strong EP. It’s got character, it’s got different styles intertwining to perfection. As Long As We Got House is a bold statement that San Pacho backs with an impressive project that will stand among the strongest house EPs of 2022.

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[House] Bleu Clair – New Age of House EP

Bleu Clair has been crushing it on a massive streak in 2022 that has culminated into his New Age of House EP. During his touring schedule this year Bleu Clair was churning out tracks to add to his live show and now we’re getting a glimpse at them with this BLEU LABEL / MCMLXXXI release.

With three strong singles that were already released, the project is off to a major start. Following up comes “Peanut Butter” that is a smooth banger that features Philly-born Dances With White Girls. Closing out the EP is the Kara Chenoa collab “Love Capsule 2022” which feels like its just aching to find its way as a trending track on social media in the best way possible.

This EP is really special to me because most of the songs included were written while I was on the road, touring during the Spring and Summer of this year. The crowd reaction to these songs was immaculate, so I decided to release this EP for others who couldn’t attend my shows so they can enjoy them as well.” – Bleu Clair

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[Dubstep] Stoned Level – Pitch Black EP

Laval prodigy Stoned Level has returned to Kannibalen Records with one of his biggest EPs to date. Pitch Black features five tracks including collaborations with fellow bass talents Izzy Vadim, Sam Lamar and LYES. For anyone who even remotely considers themselves a headbanger, this EP is definitely for you.

Kicking things off is the title track that is an out-of-this-world dubstep heater that sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the project. The previously released “Shinobi” follows along with the fiery “Brawl” and Stoned Level’s gritty gem “Knockout” which is a favorite of ours. Closing things out is “Future Weapons” to seal the deal on a project that further establishes Stoned Level as a premier creators in dubstep.

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[Dubstep] Asher Shashaty – Over The Edge EP

A newer face in the dubstep scene is Asher Shashaty who caught our attention with his Over The Edge EP. For fans of bass that’s a bit more on the experimental side, this 3 track project shall be of interest to you.

Over The Edge features collaborators including Stvnk Fvce, Peytn, Bvss Tactic, Justtjokay, and Mike’s Revenge by way of Asher’s remix of “ATL” that closes out the EP. With his originals, “Dynamite” kicks things off with a gritty gargantuan production that fuses hip-hop and dubstep. With “Find A Way” the sound shifts to a more dance-driven style blending house and breakbeat for a more uplifting boost of energy. Check out the EP today and stay tuned for more from Asher Shashaty.

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[Music Video] Bokanowski – By the Sea (feat. David Frank)

One of Poland’s newest musical gems in Bokanowski has dropped his second single “By the Sea.” Featuring indie prodigy David Frank , this house jam is has quickly become a go-to hit in our playlists. It’s one of those versatile songs that works anywhere, anytime.

Bokanowski’s masterful production rivals some of the top creators in his arena, while David lays down yet another fantastic vocal that elevates the song to soaring heights. Along with the song comes an intimate music video centering on two lovers thoroughly enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful ocean. Make sure to add this one to your playlists and share it with a friend, or lover!

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