[Indie-Electronic] Guy Horne – Broken Before

Meet Guy Horne, hailing from Manchester, a city that’s given us legends like The Stone Roses & Oasis. This Autumn, amidst the cozy vibes and pumpkin-spiced everything, “Broken Before” will be upon us, the latest release from quickly-growing talent Guy Horne.

Music-wise, the guy’s on fire. “Broken Before,” produced with the uber-talented Ed Graves and Grammy-ace Oli Jacobs, is just a glimpse of what he’s cooking up. He’s rocked out on BBC Introducing, teamed up with top-tier producers, and there’s even some chatter about a drum and bass remix with DNMO.

“Broken Before” is more than just a upbeat experience. It’s raw, touching on the tender spots left by past relationships. Inspired by memories with an ex who shared his love for songwriting, this single will hit you right in the feels.

Now, while Oasis might sing about wanting to “Live Forever,” Guy’s been making waves both in and out of the studio. Besides being dubbed the Young Property Personality of the year, he’s been all about making a change, raising a cool $1 billion for Affordable Housing in the UK.

So, as the leaves fall and this single hits the airwaves, sit back, relax, and tune in. Guy Horne, the ‘new British Indie Pop’ voice, is about to become more widespread than anticipated.

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[Electro-House] Dainjazone – Power [Music Video]

Dainjazone’s latest hit “Power,” featuring the dynamic FlyGirl Tee, you are immediately whisked away to sun-soaked beaches and vibrant club atmospheres. Dainjazone, celebrated for rocking the decks alongside the sensational duo LMFAO, has released a vivid music video for this song, adding yet another accolade to his multi-faceted career. Far from being just visual spectacle, this video embodies the eclectic sounds and infectious energy that define Dainjazone’s musical style.

The music video for “Power” is a bold portrayal of confidence, power, and the embrace of beauty. It features FlyGirl Tee masterfully owning her verses and Dainjazone delivering a set that sets the crowd in motion. With its slick editing and colorful scenes of individuals unapologetically expressing themselves, the video creates a visual rhythm that etches into the memory. It paints a vibrant picture of Dainjazone’s music — a concoction of energetic vibes and diverse melodies that linger in your mind long after you’ve left the dance floor.

Dainjazone’s adeptness at reading the crowd and crafting a versatile mix of house, hip-hop, pop, and classics ensures an unforgettable night for all. Given the keys to top venues like The Grand and Mémoire in Boston, HQ in Atlantic City, and Shrine in Connecticut, night after night, it’s evident that Dainjazone possesses a unique vibe that keeps the dance floors alive and pulsating.

Be apart of the movement and see the music video for yourself below. Dainjazone is entering a whole new chapter in his career, with plenty more to come in terms of originality and content to connect to.

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[House] Thomas Xavier – Pharaoh’s Alchemist LP

If you’ve got your ear to the ground in the Midwest US house scene, there’s a name that’s probably been on repeat: Thomas Xavier. This guy’s got the rhythm, the flair, and, let’s just say it, the guts to shake up the house music game.

Over just three short years, Thomas has been mixing it up with some big names, spinning decks side by side with the best of the best. He’s provided live performance support to over 30 big names like Ghastly, Nostalgix & Moksi, and SNBRN. And if you’ve been to one of those “Pharaoh’s Chamber” gigs, you’ll know the kind of magic this dude brings.

In 2022, he stepped it up by launching Pharaoh Phonix. But it’s not just any label; it’s his brainchild, his ode to blending the echoes of ancient tunes with infectious house. The numbers speak for themselves – 52 tracks, 20 artists, and a cool 3 million streams.

2023 is all about Pharaoh’s Alchemist, and trust me, it’s a treat for the ears. Merging Bass House, G-House, and Tech House, it’s an album that feels both fresh and timeless. Tunes like “Monsta” give you a kick of hip-hop, while “Be Like VR” throws you into the deep end with Xavier’s newest project, Khuphu. Think dubstep with a sprinkle of UK Grime vibes.

As 2023 rolls on, there’s one thing I’m sure of: Thomas Xavier isn’t just here to play; he’s here to stay.

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[Indie-Electronic] Whammyboy – Space Pop Vol.I EP

In the boundless cosmos of music, Noah Johansen, aka Whammyboy, is making waves with his debut EP Space Pop Vol. I, launched into the musical universe on September 22nd via GEMS / ADA / Warner. This introverted Norwegian talent crafts music that’s anything but shy, giving birth to a unique sound he’s coined as “Space Pop”. Imagine dance meeting indie pop in a celestial dance – that’s what Whammyboy is all about.

This EP, a compilation of five heart-felt songs, revolves around Whammyboy’s own experiences and emotions, with a special spotlight on love. Tracks like “Ocean” and “Enjoy the Feeling” offer a deep dive into the world of relationships. “Ocean” explores the longing to connect deeply with someone, while “Enjoy the Feeling” is all about savoring the joy of the present moment.

Whammyboy isn’t just a one-trick pony – he’s penned, produced, and mixed every track on the EP, showcasing his devotion to his art. And it seems the world is tuning in. Especially in the UK, where his tracks “Heart” and “Chop It” have made waves on Jack Saunders’ BBC Radio 1 Future Artists show. He even snagged the title of NEXT WAVE Artist on the program in July.

This guy’s music has been bouncing around from the UK to Norwegian radio stations like P3, P1, and P13, proving he’s got a sound that gets people moving. His live shows are an electrifying spectacle of lasers and guaranteed dance vibes, revealing the extroverted side of his musical soul. And even though he’s more of a stay-at-home kind of guy, Whammyboy is gearing up for a tour across Germany, Paris, and Norway, embracing the adventures and challenges on the road.

With Space Pop Vol. 2 in the works, this artist is aiming for the stars, ready to entertain not just international, but maybe even extraterrestrial fans.

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[House] black a.m. – 70W (Vaded)

In an ever-evolving world of electronic music, artists continuously look for innovative sounds that will break the mold. At the forefront of this movement is black a.m., an artist whose name echoes in the realm of house music with a fervor that demands attention.

Sinclair Wheeler, known to fans as black a.m., is not just another name in the mix. He adds a rock-infused twist to house, carving a niche for himself that blends traditional house elements with avant-garde intricacies. Since his debut in 2019, Wheeler’s been steadily on the rise, catching the eyes and ears of industry behemoths such as John Summit, NGHTMRE, JOYRYDE, Slander, and DJ Craze. Beyond the applause, tangible successes include the official release of his remix of NGHTMRE and Gunna’s “Cash Cow” by Ultra Music and accumulating over 600,000 streams across various platforms. His creation, iamrecords, is a testament to his distinct musical vision.

The strength of Wheeler’s presence isn’t limited to studios alone. His musical skill has been displayed on stages like the Insomniac’s Park N Rave series. And as MGK’s guitarist and a significant contributor to NGHTMRE’s “The Portal Tour”, his instrumentalist skills have been recognized on multiple platforms.

However, at the epicenter of black a.m.’s musical journey is his recent release, “70W (Vaded)”. This track stands out and showcases the mindset that this talent is currently in. This adrenaline-packed number seamlessly integrates powerful percussion and bass, painting a canvas of musical innovation. As the screeching elements echo, they emphasize black a.m.’s singular position in a vast musical realm. Don’t sleep on this guy and check out the single below.

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[Future Bass] Layto – Five4three2one (Egzod Remix)

Layto’s “Five4three2one” has already carved out a space in our cultural memory—a haunting, mellifluous track. But now, enter Egzod, the Portugal-born, France-raised, and US-based enigma, with a remix that transforms the familiar into the thrillingly uncanny. This isn’t a surprise, given Egzod’s staggering 600 million streams across platforms since 2017. Those aren’t mere numbers; they’re a testament, good-looking accolades that speak to a world enraptured by his vision.

The very name ‘Egzod,’ riffing on the French “Exodus,” encapsulates his promise: a musical journey to a world where technology doesn’t just coexist with nature—it communes with it. A world that’s beyond our grasp yet feels intimately familiar, like a long-forgotten dream. In this rendition of “Five4three2one,” the powerful bass pulsates, the future bass layers intertwine, and the melody, already powerful, now feels cosmic.

But this isn’t just about music—it’s about storytelling. Every Egzod production, imbued with spirituality and profound motifs, is a story of transcendence, an invitation. Not just to dance, but to imagine, to dream, to depart.

In a world that often feels devoid of mystery, Egzod, with this remix, offers us a portal. A chance to lose ourselves, to find ourselves, and to experience a song, not just as a mere tune, but as an odyssey.

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[Indie] David Frank – Nobody’s Hero

After some incredible dance collaborations, David Frank is back on his own grind with the emotionally-charged single “Nobody’s Hero.” The indie-inspired gem is another inspirational anthem from one of the finest talents out of Malibu.

Having relocated to LA David Frank has been crushing it for years with his band Little Dume, as well as his songwriting career and solo project that continues to flourish with his latest original. “Nobody’s Hero” is a chill, yet powerful display of David’s knack for deep sentiments and catchy lyrics. This is one of our favorites from David who will be closing out the year with numerous more releases. So stay tuned while you enjoy “Nobody’s Hero.”

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