[Album] Elohim – Power of Panic

“Can’t Remember Your Name,” “Tiny Human,” and “Didn’t Sign Up For This” mark the beginning of Elohim’s album journey, each track a unique exploration of emotional depth. These singles, released in early 2024, weave a narrative of resilience and transformation. Elohim’s music dives into the raw, unfiltered experiences of anxiety and panic, presenting a powerful tale of personal struggle and triumph.

Elohim’s story is marked by intense battles with anxiety, dissociation, and panic disorder, issues that have haunted her since childhood. The artist’s journey took a sharp turn when she became dependent on Benzodiazepines while trying to manage her mental health. The struggle led her to cancel a planned headline tour and face the challenging process of overcoming her dependency. This period was a turning point, filled with doubt and the daunting question of whether to release her almost finished album.

Despite these setbacks, Elohim’s resilience shines through. She finds strength in confronting her fears head-on, turning her lowest moments into a testament of her enduring spirit. Her accolades include her ability to transform personal pain into universally relatable art, inspiring others with her honesty and determination. Elohim continues to dream of a day when she can return to the stage, performing for her fans and reclaiming her vision. For now, “Power of Panic” stands as a testament to her journey, a reflection of beauty found in struggle.

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[Tech House] Matroda – Britney

Matroda, a powerhouse in the tech house world and dance music in general, teams up with Dances, a solo vocal talent known for hits like “Operator” and “Bang.” Dances, with his smooth vocals and knack for catchy hooks, joins forces with Matroda, blending old-school charm and modern flair. This collaboration is the perfect fusion, creating something truly awesome.

Their joint effort brings us “Britney,” a tech-house gem that’s taken the scene by storm. Premiering on the EDC Las Vegas mainstage, “Britney” is a unique blend of dark, gritty tech-house vibes and hypnotic production. Dances’ verses add a sophisticated touch, seamlessly riding the beat with a catchy topline.

The track features exotic drum work and a natural build-up that masks the intensity of the impending drop. The hook, “Got me dancing, like I’m Britney,” sets the stage, and then the drop hits, amplifying the energy to electrifying levels. The smooth conclusion leaves listeners craving more.

“Britney” has received major support from industry giants like MK, Diplo, Wade, Hugel, Eli Brown, Gordo, Deeper Purpose, Tchami, and Max Styler. Its playful lyrics, irresistible bassline, and infectious groove make it a standout mainstage favorite this summer.

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[Electronic] Tim Palm – New Person

Tim Palm, hailing from Stockholm, has made a significant impact on the electronic music scene by revitalizing the essence of house music. His journey began in the vibrant streets of his hometown, where he crafted his unique style that combines the elegance of house with the raw energy of human sound. Palm’s ability to create an inclusive environment through his music has attracted a dedicated global following.

His latest single, “New Person,” is a chill dance deep house track that emerged from a series of live sets, spontaneous jams, and creative studio sessions. Recorded in diverse locations, including Tim’s private studio, Fashionpolice Studios in Stockholm, and even over Zoom, the track captures the essence of the moment with an authentic human touch.

With over 100,000 followers and 50 million views, Tim Palm’s influence is undeniable. His performances in cities like London, Helsinki, Seoul, Enköping, and Stockholm have been transformative, breaking down musical boundaries and resonating with a broad audience. “New Person” is yet another testament to his distinctive and playful approach to music, solidifying his place as a key figure in the electronic music world.

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[Breaks /UKG] Avello – Take Me There (hypernaut VIP)

hypernaut, emerging from Orlando, started gaining attention with his stand out drum and bass, UKG, breaks approach to his productions. His journey began to soar after winning the 2023 EDC Orlando Discovery Project. This victory earned him a spot on the Circuit Grounds stage at EDC Orlando, where he performed alongside notable artists like Nia Archives, Alesso, and San Holo. For hypernaut, his story is just beginning.

“Take Me There,” a collaboration originally with AVELLO, was conceived as a series of demos to start out with, this track evolved into a melodic and reflective single, with a unique UKG twist. The collaboration blends the best of both talents all into one release. Now hypernaut takes it to the next level with a UKF VIP version of the same track, giving it a fresh face and expanding the essence of it.

AVELLO’s accomplishments are impressive, with his productions signed to labels such as Insomniac’s Bassrush, Lost In Dreams, and Excision’s Subsidia. He has opened for industry giants including Excision, Slander, Seven Lions, Flux Pavilion, Kaivon, and Gryffin. AVELLO has also performed at major festivals like EDC Orlando, Corona Electric Beach, Forbidden Kingdom, and Moonrise Festival, further cementing his influence in the electronic world.

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[House] Ravell – Like That

Ravell returns with an intoxicating new track, “Like That.” This release, under his own label Kazaa, immerses listeners in a dark, mysterious atmosphere. The song kicks off with rave-ready synths and a relentless tech house/bass house beat, instantly gripping the senses. As the track evolves, light chants and samples introduce a natural touch, making the experience even more engulfing.

Originating from the vibrant LA music scene, Ravell’s journey is marked by his unique house style and memorable sonic adventures. His earlier hits, such as “Get Away” and “That Body,” have achieved millions of streams on Spotify, gaining support from luminaries like Kaskade, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, and Galantis. A huge highlight in his career is performing before 20,000 fans at the massive Convention Center in Los Angeles.

“Like That” exemplifies Ravell’s talent, delivering an enchanting flow and a build-up that leaves listeners yearning for more. With this track, Ravell continues to make his mark, showing that his time in electronic is far from over.

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[Electronic] Dea Magna – “OKANO” EP

With over 1 million streams, Dea Magna has made a remarkable impact in the techno scene. Regularly performing at clubs in LA, she has also gained recognition from Spotify editors, featuring on official playlists like Women In Music. Signed by Reinier Zonneveld to his Filth On Acid label, Dea is pushing boundaries with her dark, intense sound. She has performed alongside legends such as Sven Vath, Len Faki, and Hector Oaks, and has graced stages at Exchange LA, Academy LA, Splash House Festival, and more.

The OKANO EP is an exhilarating collection of four tracks that delve into darker, harder sonic territories. Each track is a masterful blend of industrial techno, psy trance, and hard dance, creating an fast-paced journey that’s hard to beat. The EP shows off Dea’s ability to craft immersive and powerful music, leaving listeners wanting more.

Dea Magna, based in Los Angeles, fuses diverse influences into her high-energy productions and DJ sets. Her hard, dynamic style is a reflection of her deep passion for electronic music, constantly exploring and experimenting with new sounds.

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[Double Single] Perfect Female Type – ‘Romancing the Stone’ | ‘The Jewel of the Nile’

Jason Herrboldt, the genius behind Perfect Female Type, totally nails it with his synthwave designs, bringing the 80s right back into our lives. His latest double-single, “Romancing the Stone” and “The Jewel of the Nile,” named after those epic 80s adventure flicks with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, screams nostalgia.

“Romancing the Stone” could easily be the theme for an 80s cop show, bursting with juicy analog synths, wild Latin percussion, and an electric guitar solo that takes you straight to MTV’s golden days. It’s got that Beverly Hills Cop vibe, capturing the essence of 80s creativity and style. This marks Herrboldt’s fourth single this year, alongside the buzzing hit “Fast Cars Break Hearts,” still racking up streams.

The B-side, “The Jewel of the Nile,” is another gem. Fast-paced and drenched in synth nostalgia, it complements the lead single perfectly, offering a thrilling 80s ride. Jason’s love for synths started with Beverly Hills Cop’s “Axel F Theme,” which he played nonstop on his little Casio keyboard.

Perfect Female Type, inspired by synthwave legends like Duett, Phaserland, and Sferro, mixes East Coast freestyle, Minneapolis funk, and early ’90s dance into something fresh and nostalgic. Herrboldt’s “Romancing the Stone” and “The Jewel of the Nile” let you dive into those lush, cinematic 80s vibes, proving that the past can totally rock the future.

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