[Pop] Aliana Lohan – Already Home

With so many of us at the heart of holiday season, we’re at home with family. Music might be blasting, a movie might be on, but we’re together regardless. To celebrate that time together, Aliana Lohan has dropped her original “Already Home” at the same time that her and her sister’s Netflix film Falling For Christmas continues to takeover screens across the world.

“Already Home” is a poppy, dance-friendly jam that will even have your grandparents on their feet and dancing during holiday parties. Aliana took a step in a different direction from her more soulful single “Without You” that was also featured in the Netflix film. This new direction is fun, energetic and completely infectious. It also comes with the news that there’s more music from Aliana to come… EP maybe!?

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[House] Late June x RUNN – Late Nights

New Zealand producer Late June joins the legedary RUNN for a sexy chiller “Late Nights.” If there’s one song that we’re happy we get to jam through the holidays, it’s this one. Kick back, grab your hot chocolate – maybe toss some whiskey in there – and enjoy this on repeat.

Late June is no stranger to incredibly infectious productions as he’s wowed listeners all over the world with his signature sound. RUNN has done the same on the vocal side offering up larger-than-life records that stand the test of time. Although this one is more intimate, they imbue it with so much emotion for a big original to close out the year.

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[Melodic Bass] Danny Olson x Synymata – Lose It All (feat. Casey Cook)

Two of bass music’s most impressive creators in Danny Olson and Synymata have returned to Lost In Dreams with the electrifying original “Lose It All.” Featuring Casey Cook on vocals, this hybrid anthem is an explosive expression of emotion that shifts its sound from start to finish for a uniquely potent record.

Danny Olson’s cinematic signature shines bright throughout the production which is further amplified by Synymata’s hard-hitting style. Together they’ve created one of the special underrated gems of 2023 that will have even more life as the next festival season comes around. It’s got memorable vocals for a sing along and multiple cathartic moments that make for a dance-floor shattering experience.

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Rich Furniss Joins Quincy Boy Operations With LEFTI [TMN Interview]

Over the course of 2023 there’s been a few house heads that have stuck out to us and Rich Furniss is undoubtedly one of them. We’re not the only ones he’s caught the attention of, as on top of his production prowess the NYC talent was recently tapped to join operations of the burgeoning Quincy Boy label by its founder LEFTI.

What a way to cap off the year, yea? Especially considering that 2022 was Rich’s first full year after launching his brand in September 2021. The growth through impeccable records like “Game On” and “Summertime.” To celebrate his big year and the integration with Quincy Boy, we brought both Rich and LEFTI into the dojo for a chat on what’s upcoming, as well as their insights as we move into 2023!

TMN: What advice would you give to other artists who are trying to grow their digital presence on and offline?

LEFTI: Well, I think the way to grow your presence is to show presence. Digitally – you can put out music, DJ mixes, bootlegs, edits, live streams, and network online just by commenting and liking posts. Get involved with the community and just be part of it. As you contribute to the stream, eventually, things will grab and connect. Offline, there is nothing more powerful as an artist or DJ than going out. Go meet people, run into acquaintances, and hopefully, get some introductions and make new ones. Be supportive of others and guarantee you will always meet someone who may connect with you down the line.

Rich: BE YOURSELF. Let your personality shine through in your art. Let it shine through on social media and when you’re out doing shows. Being genuinely yourself will help you create the connection you are looking for.

TMN: How would you describe the vision of Quincy Boy Records?

LEFTI: The vision of Quincy Boy is simple, we just want to put out music we love with people we like. We want to build our own little community of artists and like-minded individuals – that’s really it.

Rich: I just want to do what I love with the people I love. I’m super excited to work even more closely with LEFTI and N2N. I really hope to bring some of my skills to help with events and branding.

TMN: What was one of the coolest or most uplifting moments of this year?

LEFTI: There have been a few. We received some major, MAJOR support from a plethora of A-listers which was incredible to receive, but to be honest, it wasn’t until we really took it to the streets and started putting on events. This was where I personally felt the excitement of the label in more of a “physical” sense. I’ll never forget our first official event which just happened. We walk up to the door guy and he goes, “Oh, YOU are Quincy Boy, there are a bunch of people that were asking about the party on the way in.” I instantly think to myself, “Oh cool, I wonder which of my friends are here,” and to my surprise, I didn’t know a single person in the venue! It was a great moment and an incredible party.

TMN: What are some 2023 goals?

LEFTI: It feels like we are just getting started. Although technically it’s almost two years in, now building things up in the ‘events’ space, we want to see where that takes us as we do have some tiered goals for venues we hope to collab with on a party. Otherwise, we are hoping to get a further reach with our releases as we continue to grow our catalog and roster.

TMN: Looking back, what were some of the best choices that helped you get where you are today?

LEFTI: Believing in yourself and trusting your gut. All of the times I’ve made choices against these concepts, things didn’t work out how I was hoping, and sometimes, it’s intimidating to take matters into your own hands but another choice that has helped me is learning to be as self-sufficient as possible and learning as much as I can both on the technical and business sides of the industry.

Rich: I think for me, it’s all about the community that you surround yourself with both in and out of music. Being around people that inspire you, that dares you to be better, and push you. There are so many people that have helped bring me to where I am today, some that do not even know what an impact they have made. I am thankful for everyone that has been part of my path. This is another reason I am so excited to work on Quincy Boy with LEFTI and N2N.

TMN: What would be your dream label to release on?

Rich: Quincy Boy, of course.

TMN: What most excites you about 2023?

Rich: I’m excited to keep growing, to continue to make better and better music, and to keep growing my community. I truly love what I do, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to keep doing it on bigger and bigger stages. I’m excited about the journey.

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[Indie Rock] Little Dume – Ocean

Little Dume keep rocking as they take another step towards their upcoming debut album. Their third single “Ocean” follows up from “Angel In My City” and showcases the bands incredibly catchy vibe. There’s a ton of beach-centric jams, but this sticks out as one of our favorites in a long time.

As a band from Southern California, these creatives have surely had their fair share of time getting inspired by the Pacific and drives down the 1. It’s a memorably cinematic original song led by David Frank’s emotionally impactful performance. Little Dume have continued to impress as they make their way to one of our most anticipated projects of 2023.

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[Progressive House] Eir Aoi – Heart (DubVision Remix)

“Heart” by Eir Aoi is one of anime’s newer anthems that has taken the world by storm. Since it’s release earlier this year, the song has amassed nearly a million streams on Spotify and now it’s received a massive official remix from the Dutch duo DubVision.

The duo flip the song into a festival friendly progressive house hit. Massive, melodic and incredibly memorable, this new version of “Heart” lives up to the original and continues celebrating the newly released anime sequel. Sacra Beats continue to curate an astonishing catalog as they remain a unique and growing label under the vast Sony Asia umbrella.

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[Dubstep] Chime – Bring Me Back

Chime has long been one of the most interesting bass producers. With his iconic signature, he’s managed to not only churn out memorable dubstep, but also experiment with new styles and succeed in doing so. With his latest Monstercat release “Bring Me Back” the English creative pushes a new sound he’s deeming “Color Bass.”

And colorful it is! “Bring Me Back” starts off as a unique record showcasing itself as an offshoot of dubstep with wonderfully interesting sounds and melodies. From there Chime evolves the production into a sonic adventure that you need to hear for yourself. Whisking through breaks and frankly some beautiful production, this clean cut crispy hitter is definitely worth a playlist add.

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