[Indie Rock] Little Dume – Ocean

Little Dume keep rocking as they take another step towards their upcoming debut album. Their third single “Ocean” follows up from “Angel In My City” and showcases the bands incredibly catchy vibe. There’s a ton of beach-centric jams, but this sticks out as one of our favorites in a long time.

As a band from Southern California, these creatives have surely had their fair share of time getting inspired by the Pacific and drives down the 1. It’s a memorably cinematic original song led by David Frank’s emotionally impactful performance. Little Dume have continued to impress as they make their way to one of our most anticipated projects of 2023.

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[Progressive House] Eir Aoi – Heart (DubVision Remix)

“Heart” by Eir Aoi is one of anime’s newer anthems that has taken the world by storm. Since it’s release earlier this year, the song has amassed nearly a million streams on Spotify and now it’s received a massive official remix from the Dutch duo DubVision.

The duo flip the song into a festival friendly progressive house hit. Massive, melodic and incredibly memorable, this new version of “Heart” lives up to the original and continues celebrating the newly released anime sequel. Sacra Beats continue to curate an astonishing catalog as they remain a unique and growing label under the vast Sony Asia umbrella.

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[Dubstep] Chime – Bring Me Back

Chime has long been one of the most interesting bass producers. With his iconic signature, he’s managed to not only churn out memorable dubstep, but also experiment with new styles and succeed in doing so. With his latest Monstercat release “Bring Me Back” the English creative pushes a new sound he’s deeming “Color Bass.”

And colorful it is! “Bring Me Back” starts off as a unique record showcasing itself as an offshoot of dubstep with wonderfully interesting sounds and melodies. From there Chime evolves the production into a sonic adventure that you need to hear for yourself. Whisking through breaks and frankly some beautiful production, this clean cut crispy hitter is definitely worth a playlist add.

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[Electronic] BreakBomb & Maxine – Gasoline

“Gasoline” by BreakBomb and Maxine has one of the more memorable vocal performances of 2023. That’s not to take away from the incredible production which elevates the record to vast heights. Blending a cinematic mentality with experimental future sounds, “Gasoline” is more than just its’ namesake, it’s the match and flame for a fiery explosion of emotion.

Initially I started making this track just for fun, not to officially release under BreakBomb. But after I found Maxine on TikTok, I sent her some of my demos and she liked Gasoline the best. Her writing and vocal performance combined with some unique genre-bending production ended up making one of my favorite songs to date.” – BreakBomb

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[Electronic] Asher Shashaty, Take a Guess, Sacred Snow – Luminesce Entities

“Luminesce Entities” is the creative culmination between Asher Shashaty, Take a Guess and Sacred Snow. With the former two on production and the latter on vocals, this talented team put together a spiritually charged record that’s both memorable and unique.

Throwing genres out the door, this multi-faceted record takes influence from several styles and molds them together in epic fashion. With Winter on its way, “Luminesce Entities” is the chiller anthem that you’re going to want on your playlist as you kick back inside while the cold takes over the outside. Check it out now and add it to your playlists!

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[Electronic] ASCA – RESISTER (JVNA Remix)

One of bass music’s leading ladies in JVNA has taken on one of anime’s biggest theme songs. Sword Art Online‘s “RESISTER” by ASCA is an iconic record so many hold dear around the world. Now, there’s a new version to love and it surely deserves all the same praise and love as ASCA’s original.

JVNA blends genres with her heavier cut. This newly revitalized “RESISTER” is perfect for live shows as has been proven already several times over at JVNA’s headline shows as well as festivals. It’s a remix done right, paying homage to the original while invigorating it with her own unique style. This is one of Sacra Beats best remixes to date and that’s saying something!

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[Dubstep/Trap] Hairitage – Uncrowned EP

Despite the name of his recent EP, Hairitage remains crowned as one of the prodigal princes of bass music. His iconic style has taken listeners by storm over the past few years while it continues to evolve. The two-track project Uncrowned is his latest evolution showcased on Kannibalen Records.

“The Uncrowned King” is the A-side single featuring the talented rapper Daemon. Hairitage’s hybrid trap style pairs so well with Daemon’s strong vocal performance, making the song a no-brainer for the title track of the project. It’s already taken crowds by storm on tour and has made its way around social media through a semi-viral video. Lastly on Uncrowned comes “Back Once Again” with Anoxex that ravers have been waiting for since they first heard it from Hairitage while he was on tour with BTSM.

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