[Bass] Artifact -SOUL SLAYER

Let’s dive into the world of ARTIFACT’s latest track, “Soul Slayer,” – the Sydney-based artist, known for shaking things up with his unique style, has done it again, and this time, it’s terrifying banger.

“Soul Slayer,” now out on Riddim Network, is the kind of track that grabs you from the first beat. It’s a blend of electrifying energy and intricate soundscapes that ARTIFACT is becoming known for. After the success of “Samurai Spirit” from Subsidia Records, this new release keeps the momentum going, adding another layer to ARTIFACT’s evolving musical journey.

The beauty of “Soul Slayer” lies in its ability to transport you. It’s not just a track; it’s an experience. The way ARTIFACT weaves together his sound design with those catchy moment is something special. It’s the kind of song that’s perfect for blasting in your headphones on a late-night walk or feeling the bass ripple through a crowd at a live show.

ARTIFACT’s been making waves with previous hits like “Extinction” and “Fractions,” and his live shows are something to talk about. But with “Soul Slayer,” it feels like he’s hitting a new stride – a showcase of how a good track can make you feel.

As “Soul Slayer” makes its rounds on streaming platforms, it’s clear that ARTIFACT isn’t just another name in the electronic music world – he’s beyond that.

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[Bass] Kartypartyy & Y3llO – On My Way

“On My Way,” the latest offering from Kartypartyy and Y3llO is something that transcends borders and genres. The track is a remarkable blend of Kartypartyy’s bass-heavy vibes and Y3llO’s genre-defying style. A musical melting pot, where the thumping beats of Bangkok’s underground clubs meet the eclectic sounds of Yangon’s vibrant EDM scene. “On My Way” shows off duo’s ability to harmonize their distinct musical backgrounds into a singular, pulsating experience.

Released under the Barong Family label, a name synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music, “On My Way” stands out for its boldness and originality. It’s not just another track on a playlist – a ride through the highs and lows of bass music, crafted by two innovative artists in the Asian music scene.

What makes “On My Way” so special is its ability to connect with listeners, regardless of their location. It’s a universal language, spoken in the dialect of deep bass and rhythmic moments, inviting everyone to join in on this sonic adventure. As you listen, you can almost feel the energy of Kartypartyy and Y3llO’s shared stages, their mutual passion for music, and the excitement of their fans.

In essence, “On My Way” encapsulates the spirit of camaraderie that defines the bass music scene. With “On My Way,” Kartypartyy and Y3llO have crafted a musical experience that resonates with fans across the globe.

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[Event] Jackpot ft. Kaskade, Deorro & More December 30th Las Vegas

The second annual Jackpot event, organized by RVLTN Events and the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, is scheduled for December 30th, targeting the 18+ audience. This year’s event promises a diverse and thrilling evening with a lineup featuring prominent artists such as Kaskade, ARMNHMR, Deorro, Good Times Ahead, Mashbit, SAYMYNAME, and YOOKiE.

Kaskade, renowned for his dynamic and engaging performances, is set to headline the event. The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center will transform into a vibrant venue filled with light and sound as the evening progresses. Other notable acts include Deorro, known for his high-energy performances, and bass-heavy artists like Good Times Ahead, SAYMYNAME, and YOOKiE, who are expected to deliver an immersive musical experience.


The Jackpot festival extends beyond music, offering a sensory experience with an impressive stage setup, synchronized lighting, and visual effects. The event, held at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center tent, aims to create a unifying atmosphere for a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts.

In addition to the musical performances, the festival will feature branded activations and a variety of food options. The event opens its doors at 6:00 p.m. While it is primarily aimed at the 18+ demographic, VIP table service will be available for guests 21 and over. The Jackpot event represents an intersection of music, community, and shared experience in the heart of Las Vegas.

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[Tech House] Bruno Furlan, Deeft – Space Bump

Bruno Furlan, the fast rising talent hailing from Brazil, has a knack for creating tracks that aren’t just music, but experiences. His latest creation, “Space Bump,” crafted in collaboration with the up-and-coming Deeft, is a perfect showcase of this. Released on Matroda’s Terminal Underground label, it’s a piece that perfectly embodies the spirit of modern tech house with its pulsating rhythms and sophisticated energy. This track comes as a crown jewel in a year marked by Furlan’s vibrant performances at events like Ultra Peru and Dirtybird CampINN.

“Space Bump” symbolizes where his mindset is as as a producing artist as well as how far he’s come in his journey, a journey that started in his youth in Brazil and blossomed amidst the global DJ culture. This track encapsulates his evolution from a young enthusiast to a pioneering artist in the tech house scene, where he’s known for releasing envelope-pushing house tracks.

The track itself is a fusion of Furlan’s signature style with new, exciting elements brought in by Deeft. It’s fast-paced, a little dystopian, and undeniably high-energy – a combination that makes it hard to resist dancing to. “Space Bump” is more than just a culmination of a year’s work; it’s a reflection of Furlan’s artistic growth and his ability to keep pushing boundaries in the tech house genre.

Furlan’s past accomplishments, like his collaboration with Claude VonStroke and the track “Another Planet,” named Track of the Year by VonStroke himself, paved the way for more musical gems to come. His recognition as the “Best DJ of Brazil” by Amine Edge & Dance and the enduring popularity of tracks like “Bongoloco” on Beatport’s charts underline his influence in the music industry.

While Furlan’s journey in music is marked by various collaborations and accolades, it’s his tracks like “Space Bump” that truly define his legacy in the tech house world.

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[Bass House] Jimmy Pe – Blip Blop [Music Video]

In Blip Blop, Jimmy Pé’s latest EP, there’s a refreshing vibe that goes beyond the usual electronic music fare. It’s a mix of tech house, bass house, and mid-tempo, but all with a twist that’s all Jimmy. This EP feels laid-back, yet also a sophisticated step in a new direction, taking in different styles and pushing out something that is uniquely his.

On top of this, fans have something special to look forward to with the upcoming music video for the title track, “Blip Blop.” Knowing Jimmy’s flair for creating visually engaging content, this video is expected to be as dynamic and inventive as the track itself.

Kicking off this adventure is, “Big PaPa,” a bit of a departure from the norm. Jimmy Pé adds a personal touch by using his own voice, weaving in elements of his Slovak roots into this one. It’s a neat blend of genres that smash the realms of bass house and mid-tempo together.

As one gets deeper into this experience, the song in the EP brings its own flavor. The title track “Blip Blop” hits you with an energy that’s perfect for the club scene. “Electric” takes a dive into the deeper, more nuanced side of tech house, creating an atmosphere that’s a bit mysterious and totally chilling. And then there’s “Hot For You,” a showcase of Jimmy’s skill in bass house, wrapping up the EP with a sound that’s both powerful and polished.

This EP, Blip Blop, is a collection of tracks that brings you through various twists and turns within the brackets of electronic music, all given a unique spin by Jimmy Pé.

Check out the EP and video below.

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[Synth Pop] Close To Monday – Lie

Ann and Alexander of Close To Monday are quickly making a name for themselves with their immersive electronic pop sound, drawing comparisons to groups like CHVRCHES and Boy Harsher. Yet, what really sets them apart is their ability to create a soundscape that’s not just about the music. Listening to their tracks, you’re transported to cinematic worlds, reminiscent of the haunting beauty in “Drive” or the neon-lit, futuristic vibes of “Blade Runner”. It’s this blend of sound and imagery that makes their music an experience rather than just a playlist addition.

Now the focus is on “Lie”,  it truly is a story of Ann and Alexander themselves that’s captivating. Their approach to music is like painting a picture, each note adding a stroke of color to their sonic canvas.

Close To Monday has already etched their mark in the music world, earning top spots in the Dutch Alternative Charts and acclaim for their music videos at film festivals in London, Rome, and Paris. This international recognition speaks volumes about their talent in marrying sound with visual artistry.

In essence, Close To Monday are storytellers as much as they are a band. Come join them in a world where music goes beyond sound but also brings you on an experience, a journey through emotions and imagery.

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[House] Martial Simon – Turn Down The Lights

2023 has been an extraordinary year for Martial Simon, unlike DJ/producers who are more like a flash in the pan, Simon has carved out a niche for himself as someone who sticks around, having developed a model which fulfills a need within the greater dance scene. This year has seen him add a slew of strong achievements to his already impressive career.

Simon’s, “Turn Down The Lights,” an extension of his larger story. It’s a track that showcases his flair for blending catchy pop vocal melodies and classic electro-pop together in a refreshing manner – a nod to his roots and a glance towards what’s next, striking a balance between the familiar and the future.

Having razzed more than 1.5 million streams just this year, via tunes like “Have A Good Time” and “Go Bezerk,” the one-man show has immortalized one part of a soundtrack to many lives.

Enjoying the fruits of his labor he’s compounded through grinding for years, cultivating his craft, and staying true to his vision, he seems to show no signs of slowing down as 2023 begins to come to a close.

Martial Simon’s has many highlights of the career worth sharing, including gaining a boost via playout on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems as well as ascending to the top of the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart through his music. Stand out singles like “High In July” and “Lost” have not only amassed millions of streams but also secured him airplay on over 200 radio stations. From launching his own label, GET SET Records, to his early days as a New York City DJ, Simon has grown year after year, both behind the decks and in the studio, marking an extraordinary narrative that’s stranger, and more exciting, than fiction.

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