[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 259)

Let’s just forget the week and move right along to the weekend, shall we? Friday is here and so is another Party Playlist complete with a dozen free downloads for you to amplify your time off with. This week we’ve got goodies from a wide range of producers like Alon Mor, Deep Chills, LUCA LUSH, VenessaMichaels and WUKI, as well as collabs from Holly x Cy Kosis, leet x JEANIE and Terravita x Kompany. All together these tracks should serve you well as you venture out and do whatever it is you do to recharge your batteries. Chances are, music is going to be involved in that process, so why not let the ninjas help you out? Have fun, stay safe and enjoy all the weekend has to offer you.

’Alon Mor –

’Deep Chills – Run Free (feat. IVIE)’
’Orkid – Fresque’
’Lil Pump – Molly (LUCA LUSH LIFT)’
’miƶu – Remedy’
’VenessaMichaels – NOW That’s What I Call 2090 Mini Mix’
’8ER$ – Deep inside’
’Wuki – TRICKY’
’Holly x Cy Kosis – Shoota’
’leet x JEANIE – HollaFame’
’Terravita X Kompany – Dungeon’
’Dillon Francis – Say Less Feat G Eazy (EH!DE Bootleg)’
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[Electro] Phenatiks – House Music

House Music

“House Music” by Phenatiks is just that. Granted, it does dip heavily into the electro style, so don’t expect everything to be all bright and shiny. Instead think dark and dirty like you would find in an underground rave, but like a real rave, not the candy-coated concerts that DJ is throwing nowadays.

Phenatiks bring a deep cut that will slice deep into your night. It’s just the right kind of party track that will give you that second or third wind you need depending on how late the night is. With a bassline that will knock you out, “House Music” is a certified banger. We don’t generally pull that inflated term out of our bag of vocab, but there’s no way around it with this heater. Did we also mention it’s a free download? Because it is.

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[House] HONKA, Alex Alexander – Back Home

HONKA, Alex Alexander
Back Home

“Back Home” brings house music back to its home. Its home is a place where good music reigns supreme. No hype, no BS. HONKA and Alex Alexander put together a song that already sounds like a classic. Timeless music lives on forever and this is a piece of music that could do that.

Together these producers managed to create something catchy in all the right ways. They don’t ever come close to being cheesy, or refining things to a point to where they’re lifeless. In fact, things are just the opposite as this single has all the life you could want in a dance track. Surely it will get you up and dancing. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of it today from digital stores or add it to your playlists.

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[House] Will K – Guamo

Get ready for some proper electro house from Will K. His track “Guamo” has been released through Kaskade’s imprint Arkade and made its way into the dojo with its highly energetic sound. Just in time for Summer, this one is all for the festival stages where everyone loses their $#!+.

“Guamo” has some jungle terror influence peaking out giving it a wild feel in the best way possible. It pulls at your animalistic instincts and calls for you to go all out primal with your dance moves. Will K has something really cool on his hands with this one as electro like this doesn’t come by like it used to. Cherish this one and add it to your party playlist!

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[House] Izzy Bizu – White Tiger (Cat Carpenters Remix)

White Tiger (Cat Carpenters Remix)

“White Tiger” by Izzy Bizu is a beautiful song. It’s also a fun song, but it recently got turned up by the duo Cat Carpenters with an official remix. Somehow, they made it even funner to listen to.

By adding in their house sound, they made this one club-ready in every way possible. The vocal was already about as memorable as it could get, getting people to sing along in an instant, but the girls went ahead and implemented an infectious groove that takes this one to new heights. This remix is currently available on digital stores for those of you who want to get your boogie on to an amazing flip.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 258)

No more messing around with the worries of the week, Friday is here. With Friday comes a whole heap of free downloads, that is, if you are in the dojo. If you are reading this, that’s exactly where you are. Here you will find a dozen free downloads that we ninjas have collected over the past week. A ton of goodies have come out, but we narrowed things down for you with amaizing tracks from /ˈlo͞osid/, Mozado, Element, dEVOLVE, Sam Lamar x I am Sid, Buku, Basstrick, A Boy & A Girl and more. All together you should be covered for your Friday night festivities. Lastly, if any of you will be heading over to Moonrise this weekend, look out for us there!

’/ˈlo͞osid/ – No Gravity’
’Chloe x Halle – Used To Love (Mozado Remix)’
’Element – Home to Me (ft. Eileen Tiffany)’
’Kazlo – Young Together (feat. Helen Tess)’
’Wasted My Love (Sleeping Lion Remix)’
’Bam (dEVOLVE Remix)’
’LUUDE – Sticky Tape’
’Sam Lamar x I am Sid – Cry’
’Maradonai & Freddy Mac – Superbass’
’Buku –

’Basstrick –

’Kayzo x RIOT – Wake Up (A Boy & A Girl Remix)’
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LEFTI – Stand Up feat. John Pugh [TMN Premiere]

We hope you have your dancing shoes on, because LEFTI brought something super funky into the dojo. Featuring John Pugh, the extra groovy single “Stand Up” is here. In this premiere you get a first listen to one of the most lively tunes of the Summer.

“Stand Up” will get you on your feet in no time. It sounds as thought it came out at the height of the disco era, while also coming out at the height of house music’s popularity. In mixing the best of both worlds, LEFTI created a timeless piece of music that’s ready for anyone. You don’t even have to like electronic music to fall head over heals in love with this tune. Stream it today and drink plenty of water, because you’ll be breaking a sweat moving to this.

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