[Event Preview] RA Showcase – 3/28 – Basement Miami

RA Showcase

Are you feeling overwhelmed at Miami Music Week? So many shows, so many parties, not enough time? Let us make it simple for you tonight young Padawans…go to Basement. Art Department, Dennis Ferrer, and Jimmy Edgar are offering to coddle you under their aural wings and whisk you away. Resign your mind from the ruckus when your pool parties are done. Kindly excuse yourself from the Ultra flock when the last fireworks have been ignited. Embrace a new experience where you can dance, bowl a spare, and stick a triple sow-cow all in the same venue. Resident Advisor’s first Miami party since 2010 is a rare and elusive ticket that will leave the insiders breathless and outsiders bridled. Grab your passes here and thank us tomorrow.

Art Department
The Hunt
Dennis Ferrer Feat. Janelle Kroll
Mind Ur Step (Original Mix)
A2. Footprintz
Dangers Of The Mouth (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
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[Melodic House] Chaka Khan – Never Miss The Water (CAZZETTE BOOTLEG)

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.25.07 PM
Chaka Khan

After a year of dominating Beatport and Hype Machine, Cazette is muscling up and pushing things to the next level. This time they’re back with a sexy Chaka Khan bootleg to prepare for their upcoming tour, and headlining set at Ultra Music Festival. If you’re looking to add a lil groove to your week, this is the perfect addition to your playlist.

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[Chill] Odesza – White Lies (Forrest Bumps Remix)

White Lies (Forrest Bumps Remix)

Since its release last year, Odesza‘s debut album has spread like wildfire receiving glowing support from the dance community. With its glimmering, unique aesthetic, In Return has also become one of the most remixed projects in recent history, further catalyzed by several remix contests run by the production duo themselves. The countless quality re-works that have been put out has made it hard, even for us ninjas, to keep up, but we stumbled across one of “White Lies” this week that we had to share.

LA-based producer Forrest Bumps, of the A Fish Tank collective, replaces the percussion with a steadily building house beat all the while chopping and re-arranging the vocals making for an intoxicating listen. It’s a re-imagination that, rather than completely change the vibe, retains the original’s grace while switching up the cadence in a refreshing way. Give this one a listen above and, if you’re digging it, give it a vote on Odesza’s “White Lies” remix contest.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 140)


Howdy ninjas! It’s Friday again. We all know what THAT means. Kick it off right with theses ten jams and be sure to #danceirresponsibly. Until next time, enjoy!

Roses (Peter Brennan & TCUP Remix)
Île de Luna (Original Mix)
Around Me (Trooko Remix) ( The Remixes Vol 05 )
Energy (Original Mix)
Milo & Otis
Trap Arms
Goshfather & Jinco X FIrst Gift
Blithe (Original Mix)
Nicki Minaj x M.I.H.
Only (Salva Edit)
William Crooks
The House That Booty Built Ft. Cheldon McQueen
Mr. Carmack
Louis & Prada MikeeyKrook & SickState
Up To No Good (Original Mix)
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Ultra Music Festival 2015 – Must See Acts [TMN EDITORS' PICKS]


We’re less than a day away from Ultra Music Festival kicking into full swing, we thought it’d be the perfect time to throw a wrench in your perfectly laid out plans. As we do every year, our team of ninjas have hand-selected a few of their must-see acts, giving you an even bigger scheduling nightmare than you already had before.

With that in mind, we strongly suggest catching even a small portion of sets from these artists below, as they’ve come to be some of the most impressive we’ve caught over the past few years.

Matthew Bloss


Friday, Resistance Stage, Presented by Link Miami Rebels, 9:00 PM

After nabbing Resident Advisor’s #1 DJ of 2014, Steffen Berkhahn has seen his ‘Dixon‘ project near the top of every house & techno head’s ‘Must-See’ list. Though his signature style has undeniably morphed over the years, he’s stayed remarkably independent and adventurous, and he’s fiercely loyal to his label’s sound no matter how large the stage. For those in need of a massive set not aimed at the ‘EDM’ crowds, ABSOLUTELY do not miss Dixon’s slot.

in our wilderness



Sunday, Ultra Worldwide, 5:00 PM

The king of tempered down, breeze-along diso melodies, Goldroom hasn’t forgotten the platform which put him on the tip of so many tongues: the DJ booth. Josh Legg’s DJ sets still function as a vital part of the Goldroom experience even after expanding to a live four-piece. Everyone needs a chilled out hour or two during UMF’s absurd three days. Make it with Goldroom.

Till Sunrise



Friday, Live Stage, 11:00 PM

Potentially the Norwegian duo’s last ever run on the festival circuit after announcing an end to albums for their timeless dance-pop project, culminating with an incredible 2014 two-hour opus, fittingly titled The Inevitable End. Just the premise of not having them around in the near future is enough to make us label this as one of our ‘Must-See’ performances of the weekend.

Thank You

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[Deep House] My Digital Enemy Vs. Missy Elliot – Freak My Bassline Soundz [TMN Premiere]

My Digital Enemy
My Digital Enemy Vs Missy Elliot
Freak My Bassline Soundz

Brighton duo My Digital Enemy is delivering their newest free song to you right here with a Music Ninja premiere. The Zulu Records label head’s have gone and taken Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On” and mashed it into their original “Bassline Soundz.” Just in time for Miami, this show stopper is bringing two things everyone likes together, being energy and Missy Elliot. With the recent Missy hype, I’ve heard a bunch of tracks that just toss in a vocal of hers essentially only for marketing purposes, because it surely didn’t fit with what they had. My Digital Enemy did the opposite, conjuring up a quality song that will have everyone getting their freak on. Have a listen and don’t forget to grab a copy!

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[Melodic House] Racing Glaciers – Animal (Evan Gartner Remix)

Racing Glaciers
Animal (Evan Gartner Remix)

After a largely successful remix of The Chainsmokers‘ “Kanye,” Evan Gartner continues his mesh of pop, tropical, and melodic house with a laidback remix of Racing Glaciers‘ “Animal.” This an inspired calm within this new tune, and the warm piano chords gently balance against the equally light percussion, allowing the vocals to really drive up the emotional value. There’s a fine line when tackling simplicity, and Evan has developed a definitive, but effective sound that catches your ear and gives you a chance to really feel something between the notes. Overall it’s a great tune, and Evan Gartner has been consistently putting out some swell new material. Grab the free download through Facebook here.

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