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YDEA – Let’s Get Lost [TMN Premiere]

Let's Get Lost

The Danish songster YDEA is gracing the dojo with the premiere of her new single “Let’s Get Lost” today. From her home in London she’s creating some astonishing indie records and this certainly falls into that lot.

“Let’s Get Lost” is a soft and soothing soulful dive into a powerful message from YDEA. This inspirational tune is inspired by the immigration to Europe by refugees. Even if you’re not someone who’s socio-politically savvy, this incredible song still packs an emotional punch. YDEA will have you tearing up with her masterful performance laden atop a backdrop of gripping acoustical accompaniment.

“I wrote Let’s Get Lost as I was frustrated about how some reacted to the refugees coming to Europe the past years. I was disheartened and ashamed to see that instead of welcoming them with empathy and kindness for all that they’ve been through there was this negative movement of dehumanising them, using negatively loaded words and not recognising them as being human beings coming from a devastating situation that I never could never even imagine. I have always been a strong believer that no matter where we are from, no matter religion, sexuality or colour we are all human with hopes and dreams and no one should be treated differently for any reason. I hope through this song to inspire to more kindness and compassion as I believe that’s the way for humanity.

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[Electronic/Pop] More Giraffes – Dinosaur

More Giraffes

More Giraffes are back at it with their second single. After launching with “Basement” the Highland Park duo was on our radar with their bright electro pop sound. With “Dinosaur” they shine even brighter.

“Dinosaur” blends a mix of genres including future, pop and more for a commercial sounding record, however, More Giraffes don’t cheeseball it up. Instead they deliver a smash hit that is truly worthy of top tier radio play. With pop and dance music colliding further, these two are carving the perfect lane to make it to the mainstream. They’ve just started, but it’s only a matter of time before things really pop. So hop on board early and get your copy of “Dinosaur” today.

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[Music Video] Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez – Unarmed

The New York creative Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez came out with a project recently we meant to share with you before today. Better late than never though! Her single “Unarmed” has been accompanied by a music video and together they will aid you in getting over the hump for this week!

Raina’s soulful single will leave you defenseless – her infectious voice will tear apart your guard and leave you bare to soak up the emotional sounds. The simple video is as engaging as the record, showcasing a unique set of images that culminate into a dance in nature. Overall, solid project all around! Enjoy.

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[Electronic] Autograf – Dead Soon (Chill Mix) feat. Lils & Bonsai Mammal

Autograf‘s single “Dead Soon” is still growing, but that didn’t stop them from dropping a chill mix of the original single. Featuring Lils and Bonsai Mammal this cerebral edit is like a shot of sonic Valium straight to the blood stream. They went for chill and they succeeded.

“Dead Soon” in its original form was already pretty chill with its melodic sensibilities, so seeing they had this mix we were intrigued. Autograf always has great work and strive to differentiate themselves, as well as push their own sound. Here they do just that by flexing a soft side for one of the most relaxing tracks we’ve heard this year – especially from dance music producers. Get your copy of this one and stay tuned for more interpretations of the track coming soon.

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[Dubstep] Porn And Chicken X Bizerk – Riot

Porn And Chicken X Bizerk

If you’re over this week already like we are, then “Riot” by Porn And Chicken and Bizerk is just what you need. This all Chicago outing resulted in a heavy cross-genre original that slams trap together with metal, dubstep and more. This one is just as crazy as you’d imagine given the name.

The Porn And Chicken crew are known for going hard as fu… well, you know. And if you don’t, you’re about to find out. Together with the equally as rambunctious Bizerk they created a record that doesn’t hold anything back. “Riot” in a live atmosphere could only incite dance-driven chaos. Even though this one utilizes sounds from trap, it’s undoubtedly a headbanger tune. Feel free to lose your $#!+ to this one and make sure to grab the free download.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 293)

The second weekend of Coachella is upon us and we’re keeping the festivities going on our end with another edition of the Friday Party Playlist. This week we’ve got the usual batch of a dozen free downloads for you, as well as a mix for a whole bunch of extra music for you. This week we’re dropping heaters from some of our favorite producers including Kaptain, Luca Lush, dEVOLVE, Wenzday, Arius and so many more, including the return of Twine. There’s a whole lot of great stuff going on here, so get ready to dive in. We start off slow then boost up the energy to max levels as the playlists goes on! Party hard, stay safe ninjas.

’Mlapa – Ice Coffee’
’Kaptain – Your Every Move’
’LUCA LUSH – PSYCHO (feat. Synchronice & AERYN)’
’Madison Beer – Home With You (dEVOLVE Remix)’
’Wenzday – Narita’
’8Er$ – STFU!’
’Twine – Die 4 U’
’ATLiens – Interstellar (feat. Sara Skinner) (Arius Remix)’
’Porn And Chicken X Bizerk – Riot’
’Zoo Keeper’s Mix Of The Week
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[Electronic] Mosie – Tangerine

If you’re looking for something funky to spice up your weekend, then look no further than Mosie‘s debut studio album Tangerine. Now when we say funky, we do mean funky in the tradition musical sense, as well as the wacky non-traditional sense. Mosie does his own thing on this project and it really shows.

Tangerine is one of the best albums of the year so far, complete with fourteen incredible singles with enough old school flare to bring you back into the 70’s. With his retro infused singles, Mosie brings us back to a different decade while breathing modern undertones through his work. From start to finish this is a nostalgic adventure for all ages. Mosie has us aching for this on vinyl, but we’ve added it to our digital library – and you should too.

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