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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 303)

We’re coming in hot with thirteen tracks to spice up your Friday night. These tracks are so good, though, you’ll want to take them with you for the whole weekend. Who would you be taking with you, exactly? This week’s batch includes G-REX, DIV/IDE, Pixel Terror, Chime, Juke Ellington and more. Not only do we have the aforementioned, but we’re kicking things off with some major underground vibes from HVDES who will be releasing her debut EP next week. You ready to party? Because we are. Click that play button and have a safe, fun weekend.

’HVDES – What The Devil Does’
REX – Wook Blaster (IVARR FLIP)’
’LUUDE – Omen’
’Bleu Clair & Irsan & Devarra – Phone Call’
’DIV/IDE – Go Getta’
’8ER$ – Bad Bitches’
’∆ trentino ∇ X Usica – Cryme’
’Pixel Terror – WAYFARER’
’Festivillainz – Omega’
’Chime – Sherwood’
’Juke Ellington – Nobody Got It Like (Original Mix)’
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[Electronic] Midoca – Heaven


When we think of Midoca, generally we don’t think about Heaven. That’s no offense to him, because his music and visuals could be described as heavenly, but with a dark distorted twist to it. However, the LA creator makes his return to Lowly Palace with “Heaven.”

As far as Midoca tracks go, “Heaven” is one of the more, if not the most, upbeat of his records. He takes a slightly different tone, but instead of copping out on an all out happy go lucky record, he delivers his own unique sound with a hint of uplifting tonality. It keeps with his signature while also being a cool change of pace. It may not be the Heaven you’re used to, but you’ll want it in your digital library all the same.

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[Electro] 1 7 8 8 – L & totto – F U L L / B U R S T

1 7 8 8
L & totto

There’s a few artists that have exploded onto the scene in 2018 and one of those is 1788-L. The producer has made immense strides in the last several months with some incredible tracks including a collaboration with the one and only Rezz. Now 1788-L is back with another collaboration, this time with totto on Deadbeats.

Their work together on “F U L L / B U R S T” is beyond great. The electro single is innovate and not lacking in any way. Many producers are trying to take on this style, but few come close to doing it at the level that 1788-L and totto have done here. We may have a handful of months left in the year, but we’re going out on a limb and saying this is one of the best tracks of the year. Get your copy today.

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[Hip-Hop] Benjmn – Complicated


There’s a certain mystique around minimal masterpieces. Although we don’t hold the answer to how to crack the catchy nature of a tune, we do have a prime example of a straightforward hit that doesn’t meddle in intricacies thanks to Benjmn.

Benjmn’s debut single is a slow-burning heater called “Complicated,” interestingly enough. Its minimal sound doesn’t live up to its name, but it’s not like we care given how incredible of a record this is. His alternative hip-hop style has just the right blend of sonic elements from various genres. He’s only one track in, but Benjmn has our full attention. He’s about to take yours, along with the top spot on your Spotify playlist.

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[Future Bass] Rebecca Perl – Keepin’ It Cool (Tep No Edit)

Rebecca Perl
Keepin' It Cool (Tep No Edit)

Toronto’s Summer songster Tep No has dropped a slick edit of “Keepin’ It Cool” by Rebecca Perl. The future-tinged treat is a nice little jam to celebrate the Summer season.

Catchy is the first word that comes to mind with this melodic piece. It’s a fun record that does what it intended to do; namely, keep things cool. It may hot out for most of us, but you can certainly chill out to yet another Tep No treasure. The style fits incredibly alongside Rebecca’s alluring vocal.

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[Electronic] coed records – freshpeople 01

The coed records team has launched a new compilation series and we couldn’t be more stoked about that. The tastemaking collective kick things into gear with the first installment of freshpeople, which comes in at four tracks in length showcasing some true underground talent.

The compilation includes records from beni, AZU, TYDPOOL and deadrose, three of whom are debuting on coed records with this release. It’s a nice collection of records with different feels, despite them all falling under what can be termed Summer records. It’s its own party. Add the party to your Spotify playlist today.

’beni – Polaroid (feat. Kimmie Devereux)’
’AZU – I Feel (feat. Zahina)’
’TYDPOOL – Where Did U Go?’
’deadrose – Not In Love (feat. Delaney Kai)’
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[Electronic] Mwansa – Moving On

Moving On

The Australian Mwansa is making his way back to the musical landscape with his single “Moving On.” The Perth producer/singer has his debut EP on its way in the next couple of months, but he’s at least left us a little something to enjoy until then. Who knows, maybe we’ll get more music by then too.

Even if we don’t get another single, “Moving On” will leave your ears satisfied for a long time to come. The emotional, poppy gem is a duet with Kaitlin Keegan that will pull at your heart with a beautiful zeal. From start to finish its a memorable tune. Definitely add this one to your playlists!

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