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[Hip-Hop/Rap] GhostThaKid – ICEMANE

In the underground rap scene, there’s a new track that’s turning heads – “ICEMANE” by GhostThaKid. This single isn’t just music; it’s a journey into a world where beats and lyrics intertwine to tell a story. GhostThaKid’s approach is raw and real, and it shines through in this latest release.

“ICEMANE” stands out for its deep exploration of emotional desensitization, a theme that many can relate to. It’s about how life’s continuous challenges can numb us. But GhostThaKid doesn’t just tell you about it; he makes you feel it with every beat and word.

The musicality in “ICEMANE” is something special. It blends melancholic, sad-type beats with haunting piano melodies, all set against a backdrop of a deep, trap-style bass. This mix is captivating – it’s like GhostThaKid is painting a picture with sounds. His voice adds to this canvas, gritty and raw, fitting perfectly with the atmospheric beats. It’s a throwback to classic rap styles but with a modern twist that keeps it fresh and exciting.

What’s cool about “ICEMANE” is how it takes you on a narrative journey. It’s more than just catchy hooks; there’s a story in each line, a glimpse into deeper themes and emotions. It’s this storytelling ability that makes the track stand out in the crowded rap scene.

Listening to “ICEMANE” is an experience. It’s not just about the lyrics or the beat; it’s about feeling the music and connecting with the emotions it conveys. GhostThaKid has a way of pulling you into his world, making you part of the story he’s telling. This track is definitely a must-listen for anyone who loves rap that’s not just heard, but felt.

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[Future Rave] Revaeon – Feels Like

The electronic dance music scene is buzzing with anticipation for Revaeon’s newest single, “Feels Like,” set to be released on December 15 by Seal Network label. This release follows his successful tracks “Flashback” and “Fell Into You,” which have already made a mark in the music industry.

Revaeon has done it again with this December 2023 release, blending different styles to create something fresh and exciting. His new track “Feels Like” combines elements of electro house and future rave, promising to be a hit among fans of electronic music. This song is expected to continue his trend of creating stand out electronic dance music with a powerful edge.

“Shine,” Revaeon’s debut track, was released under Peak Hour Music, and his subsequent release, “Breathe,” showcased his evolving sound and complex production skills. His collaboration on “Flashback” has been a significant success, with over 230,000 streams on Spotify. His music has received support from well-known artists like Matoma, Ship Wrek, Morgan Page, and coverage from major dance music outlets like We Rave You, EARMILK, and CULTR.

Revaeon’s live performances are known for their energy and diversity, blending progressive, electro, and bass house music. He has opened for artists like Haliene, Vavo, Gattüso, and Autograf, demonstrating his ability satisfy a wide-array of audience types. With “Feels Like” and more music on the way, Revaeon keeps making his mark on the scene in a positive way.

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[Dance-Pop] Martial Simon & MarzVille – Break My Stride

Martial Simon, a New York-based DJ and producer, has recently collaborated with Soca artist MarzVille, putting a new twist on Matthew Wilder’s classic, “Break My Stride.” This collaboration is a natural step in Martial Simon’s career, which spans over two decades and often includes covers, interpolations, alongside originals and remixes.

A long-standing and popular figure in the dance music scene, he’s having yet another outstanding year in 2023, with millions of streams, showcasing his widespread appeal.

Martial Simon’s journey in the music industry is marked by several successful tracks. His work includes popular songs like “High In July,” “Don’t You Forget About Me,” “Lost,” and “Go Bezerk.” These tracks have collectively garnered over 8 million streams and received airplay on numerous radio stations. His single “Where My Girls At?” achieved the number one spot on the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart and was featured on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems. The man knows the formula for success and isn’t shy about sharing it.

The “Break My Stride” collaboration with MarzVille is an example of Simon’s innovative approach to music. The track is a fusion of electronic music sensabilities and the style of Soca, offering a new take on a well-known song, highlighting both Martial Simon’s and MarzVille’s artistic strengths.

Martial Simon’s career is multi-faceted. From the label, to other business ventures, his personal career, his live events, and beyond. This is a name that carries the weight of professionalism and hard-work along with it. Many could learn from the work-ethic and cleverness that Martial Simon boasts, embodying the analogy of ‘you reap what you sew’ to it’s fullest extent.

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[House] MATRODA – The Funk You Want

2023 has been another banner year for MATRODA, a name that’s become synonymous with energy and innovation in the electronic music scene. His calendar was packed with performances at major festivals like Lollapalooza, Veld Fest, Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, and Splash House. In addition to his hectic touring schedule, MATRODA also runs his own label, Terminal Underground, and continues to release new music.

His latest offering, “The Funk You Want,” released on December 15th, is a collaboration with up-and-coming artist POLOVICH. This track is a blend of MATRODA’s unique style, combining funky vocals, a bass-heavy melody, and tech-house rhythms, showcasing his ability to create fresh and engaging music.

MATRODA’s impact on the electronic music world is significant. He was named the Top 19 producer in the world in 2022 by and has achieved over 100 million streams across various digital platforms. His journey over the past decade is marked by numerous successes and a growing global fanbase.

Originally from Croatia, MATRODA’s music is influenced by a variety of genres and artists, including Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles. His classical training in violin, drums, and keyboard adds depth to his electronic compositions, making his sound distinctive and globally appealing.

Some key moments in MATRODA’s career include remixing SNBRN’s ‘California’ with Chris Lake, which received acclaim from top DJs like Diplo and Calvin Harris. His album ‘THE RED TAPE’ and collaborations like ‘Lose Control’ with Wax Motif have further established his reputation in the industry.

As 2023 draws to a close, MATRODA continues to tour North America and is gearing up for the first Terminal Underground showcase in Los Angeles. His dedication and innovative approach to music make him a standout figure in the digital music era, with a ever-growing presence within the EDM scene.

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[House] The Music Ninja Artist Focus: Draxx

If there is one person making a huge splash within the tech house space, it is Draxx, he is simply a force that cannot be stopped –  his artistry echoing through the hearts of audiences and fellow creators alike. With a profound knack for crafting tracks that resonate at the very soul of the electronic music world, Draxx is on the right track and other A-list names in the industry seem to think so as well — Cloonee, Hugel, John Summit, Sosa, and Gordo, to just name a small few. His musical narratives have been ardently embraced by the most prestigious labels in the domain: Nonstop, Nervous, Insomniac, Glasgow Underground, and Moon Harbour, all have scooped up the sonic cleverness he is dishing out.

The saga of his track “WTF” is a moment that really summarizes Draxx well, the song climbed to the 32nd position on the Beatport main chart and the 11th place in the tech house charts. It found a home on Spotify’s ‘Tech House Operator’ playlist, as well. Not far behind, “Ponteme” and the remix of “Hayabusa” garnered significant accolades, staking their claims on Beatport’s charts too.

Amidst a blend of hefty achievements, Draxx’s collaborations with Hugel, Malone, and Cvmpanile on “TuTuTu,” released through Insomniac Records, is a song to notice bursting with great vibes from start to finish. With a constellation of tracks poised for release on leading labels in 2024 and a calendar brimming with collaborations, remixes, and tours across the globe, Draxx’s odyssey within the electronic dance music universe is on an exhilarating and boundless upclimb.

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[Melodic Bass] Hidden Axis & Medyk – Matrix

In an ever-evolving soundscape, few tracks capture the essence of introspection as “Matrix” does. This isn’t just another song; it’s an anthem for those lost in the maze of their own thoughts. Echoing the cinematic realm of its namesake, the track delves deep into the psyche, painting the poignant journey of an individual navigating their personalized ‘Matrix’. It’s a salute to the overly sensitive, the daydreamers, and the overthinkers, wrapping them up with the comforting message: “You are not alone.”

Behind this sonic marvel stands two powerhouses. Julie Yeung, electrifying the Bay Area as Hidden Axis, transitioned from the analytical world of STEM, discovering her pulse in music. Her earlier rhythm, “Better Off Alone”, already showcased her flair, racking up over 264,000 streams. Soon, the Bay Area’s locals will experience her electrifying live sets at the Breakaway Festival – with even more content set to come from her down the line.

For Medyk, with a staggering 9 million streams and tracks featuring on top Spotify playlists, she’s more than just a voice; she’s a movement. Medyk’s music collaborations read like a who’s who of the industry—Slander, ARMNHMR, and Synymata, to name just a few.

Together, in “Matrix”, Hidden Axis and Medyk have fused their individual brilliance, giving listeners more than just beats – they’ve offered an emotional sanctuary like few other songs can.

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[Trance] Ceréna – Limitless

Toronto’s own Ceréna, following the raving success of her self-produced debut album resurrection and its standout tracks like the JUNO-nominated ‘see’, ‘hearts on fire,’ and ‘gender euphoria’, has returned with single, ‘Limitless.’ This dazzling new release stands as a beacon in the electro-pop universe, drawing from her journey steeped in authenticity, and the unique inspirations she garnered from queer club culture and the pioneering sounds of artists like the late SOPHIE.

From her early days, marking the music industry with her undeniable talent at the tender age of six, Ceréna has shown an undying quest for self-expression. This quest took a turn into the vibrant avenues of the Ballroom scene, laying the foundation for her distinct sonic fingerprint.

‘Limitless,’ produced by Jaymie Silk (French), the flagship single from her imminent EP ‘607’, is more than just a song. With its hypnotic arpeggio synths and EDM backbone, it becomes an experience, a dive into the boundless realm of self-discovery. Ceréna’s voice, draped in velvety tones, paints a dreamlike soundscape that perfectly complements the intoxicating production.

In Ceréna’s own words, “LIMITLESS is a call to embrace the forever changing nature of things, which include our humanity… By accepting the nature of change, we open up to the infinite possibilities that await us.”

With ‘Limitless’, Ceréna has captured something time-testing and inviting all in the same go: to unearth, embrace, and celebrate our true selves, unburdened by labels and free from boundaries. As she evolves, Ceréna’s commitment to authenticity remains unwavering, and the dance-pop scene is all the richer for it.

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