[Bass] ARTIFACT – Return Of The Dead

ARTIFACT, the Sydney-based electronic music virtuoso, has carved a unique niche for himself in the vibrant tapestry of the global music scene. Since his debut with the hit “Extinction,” ARTIFACT has been on an upward trajectory, captivating audiences worldwide and marking his territory in the electronic domain. Known for his innovative sounds and engaging performances, ARTIFACT has shared stages with notable names such as Kanine, Drezzo, Volt, and Akirah, further solidifying his presence in the industry.

Beyond his initial success, ARTIFACT’s collaborations and releases through prestigious labels like High Caliber Records, Subsidia, DirtySnatcha Records, and Syndicate Bass Records underscore his rising star. His unique blend of dubstep, riddim, and drum and bass has not only expanded his fan base but also showcased his ability to transcend traditional genre boundaries.

As we turn our attention to his latest endeavor, ‘Return Of The Dead,’ set for release on March 1st, 2024, anticipation builds. This EP, featuring tracks such as ‘Demon Slayer,’ ‘Gatekeeper,’ ‘Jump Scare,’ and ‘Night Vision,’ promises to be a pivotal moment in ARTIFACT’s career. It encapsulates his journey, from his early beginnings to his current status as an influential figure in the electronic music sphere.

‘Return Of The Dead’ is not merely an EP; it’s a showcase of ARTIFACT’s growth as an artist and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. As ARTIFACT continues to tour and prepare for his U.S. debut, his story is one of relentless progression and undeniable talent, setting the stage for what’s next in his remarkable journey.

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[Event] WAKAAN ROCKS II: LIQUID STRANGER Presents TRINITY Ft. EazyBaked, G-REX B2B Sully, & More

Step into the world of ‘WAKAAN Rocks II’ on April 13th, where the focus shifts from the artist to the beats themselves. This isn’t just a sequel to last year’s hit event; it’s a whole new experience, shaped by Liquid Stranger’s innovative “TRINITY” concept. This night is all about immersing yourself in a sea of sounds, each set offering a unique vibe and rhythm that promises to keep you moving.

The “TRINITY” concept breaks the evening into three distinct musical experiences. First, the downtempo set envelops you in a chill, ambient embrace, setting the tone with its mellow and introspective beats. Then, the throwback set takes you on a nostalgic ride, blending familiar rhythms with a fresh twist. The climax of the night is the banger set – this is where the energy skyrockets, and the beats become an irresistible force, compelling everyone to dance.




While Liquid Stranger is the maestro behind this symphony of sound, the event also features a lineup of talented artists like Eazybaked, G-Rex B2B Sully, and Shanghai Doom B2B Sharlitz Web, each adding their own musical color to the evening. The beats are the real stars here, each one a character in this night-long narrative.

‘WAKAAN Rocks II’ is more than a concert; it’s a celebration of rhythm and sound, a night where the music takes center stage and everything else fades away. So, get your tickets, let loose, and prepare to be swept away by a wave of beats that promises to leave you energized and exhilarated.

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[Tech House] Bruno Furlan, Deeft – Space Bump

Bruno Furlan, the fast rising talent hailing from Brazil, has a knack for creating tracks that aren’t just music, but experiences. His latest creation, “Space Bump,” crafted in collaboration with the up-and-coming Deeft, is a perfect showcase of this. Released on Matroda’s Terminal Underground label, it’s a piece that perfectly embodies the spirit of modern tech house with its pulsating rhythms and sophisticated energy. This track comes as a crown jewel in a year marked by Furlan’s vibrant performances at events like Ultra Peru and Dirtybird CampINN.

“Space Bump” symbolizes where his mindset is as as a producing artist as well as how far he’s come in his journey, a journey that started in his youth in Brazil and blossomed amidst the global DJ culture. This track encapsulates his evolution from a young enthusiast to a pioneering artist in the tech house scene, where he’s known for releasing envelope-pushing house tracks.

The track itself is a fusion of Furlan’s signature style with new, exciting elements brought in by Deeft. It’s fast-paced, a little dystopian, and undeniably high-energy – a combination that makes it hard to resist dancing to. “Space Bump” is more than just a culmination of a year’s work; it’s a reflection of Furlan’s artistic growth and his ability to keep pushing boundaries in the tech house genre.

Furlan’s past accomplishments, like his collaboration with Claude VonStroke and the track “Another Planet,” named Track of the Year by VonStroke himself, paved the way for more musical gems to come. His recognition as the “Best DJ of Brazil” by Amine Edge & Dance and the enduring popularity of tracks like “Bongoloco” on Beatport’s charts underline his influence in the music industry.

While Furlan’s journey in music is marked by various collaborations and accolades, it’s his tracks like “Space Bump” that truly define his legacy in the tech house world.

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[Bass] Biometrix & Nat James – Heavy Artillery

A seismic collaboration has emerged between Biometrix, the innovative DJ/producer, and Nat James, the dynamic hip-hop vocalist, with their latest track “Heavy Artillery.” Released on Position Music, a company that’s been around for decades but now is getting their hands dirty by merging the sync world with a dance-focused music label, this track is a wrecking ball of power sonically as much as powerful in regards to the team behind it.

“Heavy Artillery” is the opening salvo for their TAKE EM ALL EP, which promises to challenge the boundaries of bass music. The single, featuring blood-pumping drops and powerful lyrics to match, creates a potent soundtrack for high-energy environments ranging from flying down a highway with the boys, in-the-zone gaming episodes, and crushing goals at the gym.

Biometrix, known for his genre-defying sound, commonly marries the genres of alt-rock, dnb, and bass, all in one go, but he doesn’t always stick to this exact lane with his releases. His global acclaim is backed by 300 million streams and performances alongside titans like Chase and Status and Zomboy. His artistry weaves atmospheric textures with hard-hitting moments.

Joining him is Nat James, a Cambridge based juggernaut who has carves out his own path within the scene. Boasting nominations for Best EDM Artist at the TMMP Awards in 2022 and 2023, James’s influence is rapidly expanding with no signs of slowing down. His high-energy performances at major festivals like EDC and Tomorrowland, along with collaborations with artists like Riot Ten, Whales & Jaenga, showcase just how hard he’s willing to work to make his dreams come to life.

Their collaborative track “Heavy Artillery” stands tall as a mark of their synergistic talents, signaling a transformative collaboration that, thankfully, we get to hear more of once the EP drops.

Strap in and take your time on this one, it’s a heater that will easily snake it’s way into your favorites playlist.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2020 Round #2)

’Belot – So I Do’
’bodies of water – Every Little Bird’
’binki – Sea Sick’
’Adult Bodies – Forever Young’
’Anjimile – In Your Eyes’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2020 Round #1)

’Black Grapefruit – Vulnerability’
’Reagan – Crybaby!’
’Bevan – San Francisco’
’Mild Sanity (feat. Juletta)’
’Chemical Club – double down (feat. fanclubwallet)’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2020 Round #4)

’Young Saab – one day (feat. Wordsbyjuni & Monica Riskey)’
’Josh Fudge – Summer Something’
’Christian Blue – MONEY TALKS’
’Felid – Take It Off’
’Brandon – Her’
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