[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 148)


Let’s cut to the chase. It’s the weekend, and we’re ready to party. However, before the partying begins, there must be the pre-game, of course. Today, we have for you twelve tunes that are going to augment your, hopefully, already stellar weekend. If for some reason the week has got you extra down, with the help of the many artists, including Anevo, Snails, 8Er$, and Craze, we will pick up your spirits to the proper level. After all, it is the weekend! Time for the real fun to begin. #danceirresponsibly

Kill Them With Colour X Notorious BIG
Roll Wit Em
Maroon 5 Ft. Gwen Stefani
My Heart Is Open (Anevo Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Vs. Ummet Ozcan
The Hum (Henrix Remix)
Zedd Feat. Selena Gomez
I Want You To Know (Dzeko & Torres Vs. Maestro Harrell Remix)
Contrvbvnd ✖ Silent Riot
8Er$ & Lordof Maximus ( Ft. Ddark )
Gonna Party Like (Sloth Syndrome Remix)
Jack Ü
To Ü (Ramzoid Remix)
Ray Volpe
By Your Side (Krys Talk Remix)
Trap Shit V22 (Craze Remix)
Jonny Ha$h
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[Multi-Genre] SoySauce – Lunch Money EP


We’ve been waiting for Lunch Money for quite some time. Finally, the EP is here, and SoySauce not only bring good music, but they bring philanthropic intentions with it as well. For those who choose to purchase a copy of the EP from iTunes, the proceeds will be going to the Los Angeles Food Bank, with their Backpack program being the main recipient of the funds. Basically, #EverybodyEats.

As for the music, a couple of the tracks were already parceled out before the official EP release day. The instrumental version of the Andy Milonakis collaboration “Thug Panda” leads off the four tracks, with “Broken Record” featuring Joni Fatora coming in second. Both are strong records that we have featured in the past.

“Talking To Myself” with Stalking Gia is a wonderful crossover song that displays the duo’s aptitude for bringing some variety to the music they create. Lastly, a collaboration with Saturn on “Gravity Waves” brings this to a close with bass. That is, until the second drop, where the guys switch things up entirely. Never does SoySauce disappoint. Do yourself and some children some good by getting a copy of Lunch Money.

Thug Panda
SoySauce ~ Broken Record (ft. Joni Fatora)
Talking To Myself Ft. Stalking Gia
Gravity Waves ft. Saturn
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Still Chasing

Delaware is cranking out more than just a Vice President these days! Here at TMN we are stoked to bring you the premiere of “Still Chasing” from East Coast pop rockers Stallions.

“Still Chasing” has an untouchable sort of nostalgia to it. The guitars burn, the minimal percussion is effective, and the melody is irresistibly catchy. Not only that, but the vocals might cause flashbacks to what you were feeling in 2002 when Tell All Your Friends was debuted by Taking Back Sunday. Stallions has rallied all the elements and then pointed them toward a summer hit.

This was the first song we wrote that set the tone for the rest of the E.P. It’s a simple love song I wrote for my girlfriend. It took us a few weeks to structure the song, I remember wanting to make the lyrics memorable to match the guitar parts and overall simplicity of the song.

The tune is the first we’ve heard from the foursome’s debut EP, One Track Mind. Rumor has it details on that release will come our way in a few weeks. What we do know is that the EP was recorded in Philadelphia and mastered by Grammy winner Mike Tarsia of Sigma Sound [Bowie, Patti LaBelle], so keep an eye out.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2015 Round #3)


Have you ever……driven in your car form than 5 minutes in complete silence because you are so sick of your music collection you just cant figure out what to listen to? Yeah, we know, we’ve be there too. Until we started collecting these Indie Dojos. Guaranteed to fill the next 24 minutes or more with music you have or have not heard of yet. Not all ninjas are silent…

Got It Bad
Broken Back
Happiest Man On earth (Official)
Ive Lost My Way
Please Delete
Our Fathers
Keep Your Tongue
Men I Trust
A Prayer Ft. Odile
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[House] Mystique – Brand New

BrandNew (Radio)

Sony and Ultra teamed up to co-release “Brand New,” an original song from the Belgian producer Mystique. We get serenaded with a sexy Summer tune that’s short and sweet. It’s a burst of fun that you can repeat over and over as much as you like; trust us, we’ve already been stuck in a frenzy with this song. Whether you’re at the club, or at the beach, this song will be entirely appropriate, especially after a few drinks. “Brand New” is up for grabs on iTunes for anybody who is looking to take the good times with them. Lookout for more music from Mystique, who has already had releases in the past from Mad Decent, Spinnin’ and the major labels that have released “Brand New.”

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 147)


Work? That’s nonexistent until Monday comes around. Enough about Monday though, because it’s Friday today. For some students, it’s the first Friday of Summer, or even better (or worse?), the first Friday of post-college life. Congratulations to all those graduates! This week’s party playlist is made especially for you to let loose and get wild. A dozen must-listens from artists like heRobust, Bad Royale, Party Thieves, Fight Clvb and more are present along with a bonus mix from the Chicago producer Phives. One of our mottoes is the more music the merrier, so why not extra? Dig in to the collection and have yourself a safe, but fun weekend. #danceirresponsibly

Skurt Reynolds
Bad Royale
Champagne feat. Teflon
Lady Parts
Samson (Original Mix)
Hasse de Moor
Time Out
Piece of the Puzzle (Crazy Daylight Remix)
Party Thieves & Instant Party!
RUN (Jayceeoh & B
Lean On ( Major Lazer
8Er$ Edit )
LordOf Maximus
Feel Like An Unicorn // FREE DOWNLOAD
Bone N Skin
Quantum (10k Freebie)
Ino (Original Mix)
The Only Way Is Up (FIGHT CLVB Remix)

Bonus Mix:

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[Electronic] Said The Sky – Darling VIP (Feat. Missio)

Said The Sky
Said The Sky
Darling VIP (Feat. Missio)

We know Said The Sky from his stellar productions, but did you know he’s also a pianist? Makes sense, given the extensive use of the instrument in his works. His last release was the original song “Darling” with Missio that has gotten new treatment as a thank you gift for fans. The immense love that was received by Said The Sky prompted him to make a VIP version of the track that could be played live by an ensemble. His acoustically driven electronic creation may be even more emotive than the original, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide. In extending the piano from the original into a full length track with accompanying elements, Said The Sky flexed his song writing abilities to us in a new way. Download the gift for free by heading here.

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