[Trap/Jersey Club] RL Grime – Kingpin (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Gorilla Bass
RL Grime- Kingpin (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Wacky tunes are fun. Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy them, you can tell that they have a creative character that’s not simply a remolded hunk of sound. Take this remix from Gorilla Bass, whose take on RL Grime’s “Kingpin” is not your typical trap tune. In fact, not only are you taken to the trap, but you dive into some quirky jersey club action that makes this remix one dope listen. Chances are you’ll give this more than just one listen, and to those who do, you’ll be glad to know that you can grab this track for free. Gorilla Bass brings an interesting sound out of Chicago, with his sound design being something that can make him stick out if he keeps up the interesting work. This remix is four minutes and thirty six seconds of pure fire, so enjoy it. Try not to burn yourself.

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Jace Mek – Turning [TMN Premiere]

Jace Mek
Turning (Original Mix)

One cat who’s highly underestimated is Jace Mek. This 17 year old kid from Los Angeles is no joke. His production talents are top notch for someone his age, and his creative songs come out of left field with a bang. Take his newest original “Turning,” that we ninjas have the opportunity to premiere. Breaks with a twist is what you get with this free download. It’s a pretty simplistic tune, but there’s an undeniable dope factor that just makes you wanna get down to it. This tune may catch a lot of people off guard, and you’ll only really understand why after giving it a listen. For fans of jungle, this is going to be up your alley. For any parties going on this weekend, you’ll surely want to bring this with you to help get things poppin’. Stay tuned for more from Jace Mek, as he always has more up his sleeve.

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[Electro-Pop] Tei She – Bassically (HONNE Remix)

Tei Shi
Bassically (HONNE Remix)

Shortly after announcing a few festival plays this summer, Tei She unveils an official remix of her single ‘Bassically’. Emerging UK duo HONNE administers a clean and pleasant demolition that only further cements both artists into our minds. These particular three minutes and thirty one seconds are a luxury experience. This is an extremely polite collaboration. It will make you rise. Tei She will release her EP Verde on April 13th via Double Denim Records. Pre-order here. She will also be supporting Jungle on a couple of UK shows, including the last of their tour at London’s Brixton Academy.

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[Trap] Mr. Collipark & Dirty Audio feat. DJ Kool – Shoulders

Mr. Collipark & Dirty Audio feat. DJ Kool

“Shoulders” is a new original from the collective efforts of Mr. Collipark, Dirty Audio and DJ Kool. The Dim Mak release is some party poppin’ twerk madness! If you don’t like booties, then you probably shouldn’t go out and play this song, because after this enters the air, flocks of bottoms are going to congregate around the speakers. They do everything right with this one, making it one incredibly off the hook record. Mr. Collipark has been dominating his field since he’s transitioned into the dance music scene, and Dirty Audio busts out sick songs on the regular, so it shouldn’t really be a shocker that this one is mad fresh. It’s already received a lot of love from listeners, but if you haven’t heard it yet, have a listen and enjoy. If you would like to purchase the song, you can do so here.

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(MP3 Playlist) Indie Dojo (February 2015 Round #3)


It’s amazing how the musical world never stops pumping out new jams. Every day, every hour, maybe every minute even, a brand new musical creation is being pushed into the swirling magic of the world wide web. And one by one, we pluck them and place them into an Indie Dojo to be shared with whoever crosses our path. And no matter how many we pluck, we never, ever have to worry about extinction ’cause someone is already working on the next replacement.

Gosh Pith
Flora Tropics
Visual Diet
back again
Jesse Davidson
Peppermint Cloud Club
Young Lovers
Jens Kuross
Sierra Reeves
Give It Up
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2015 Round #1)


We are faced with a million and 2 decisions from the moment we wake up. So, let us ninja the pressure off your plate and offer you a steady stream of hand-picked indie songs while you knock each one of them out. We promise the decision to hit play won’t be the worst one you have ever made.

Boo Seeka
Kingdom Leader
Panic is Perfect
The Mailman
Long Road
Jake Isaac
Make It Real
Chance Bone
Hard Times
On The Dotted Line
Mike Dignam


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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2015 Round #4)


Sure, musicians get writer’s block, but us listeners, we get something too. It’s like “The Music Library Block”. Those times when we can’t find anything to listen to, even though the plethora of songs we have collected over the span of our entire musical lives floats in a giant cloud that is easily accessible at all moments in time.  It happens to us all. You know it does. We get bored of all our favorites and tired of everything else. But before you spend your day music-less because of the frustration of finding something to listen to, float your way over to the Indie Dojo. Our playlists go way, way back AND you can continuously stream if you so choose. Those blocks don’t stand a chance ’round these parts …

Cry For Me
Maudlin Strangers
Nathan Lomas
Far From You (EP Version)
Toy Cars
Jim Lawrie
Just Like Normal
Honest Places
Japanese Wallpaper
Between Friends (Qrion remix)
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