[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2015 Round #4)


So Monday is over. That’s cool. And Tuesday is here. Even cooler. Why? Because it’s not Monday AND there is a free Indie Dojo just waiting to get played.

Bird Dog
the ocean and the sea
Rebel Kites
Atlas Sky
New Navy
Van Damsel
Best Of Everything
Stranger Cat
Stole The Night
Liza Anne
Take It Back
Billie Marten
Heavy Weather
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[Chill] Ark Patrol – Let Go (Ft. Veronika Redd)

Ark Patrol
Let Go (ft. Veronika Redd)

Redefining all preconceptions of ‘Hawaiian music’, the latest release from island-raised Ark Patrol is both a story for the modern generation interwoven with the traditional sonic elements that encapsulate the serenity of vast ocean surrounds. ‘Let Go’ is a floating experience like no other, gently coaxed along by the dreamy vocals of Veronika Redd and a soothing soundscape that caresses the soul along every twist and turn. So immersive is it all that the blissful tropical surrounds seem within a grasp away, inspiring an almost fanatic need to lunge inside the speakers and pull it out. Nevertheless, like a seashell that has captured the sounds of its origins, there is always consolation knowing that for a fleeting moment, this slice of musical paradise will always be there to transport you to this picturesque scene whenever it is needed.

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[Chill] Dead Battery – Recovery: Chapter 1, Dreaming In The Void

Nature Photography

A year ago today, Dead Battery was involved in an accident that resulted in him being in a coma. After two weeks in the ICU, he awoke and subsequently started on what has become Chapter 1 of his Recovery album.

Generally when we receive a press release, we do everything we can to avoid sounding like the press release. However, when an email came along with Dead Battery‘s new work, along with his breathtaking story, we decided we had no choice but to share the verbatim telling of this musical journey created by Kannibalen Records, the artist’s home label, and Suicide Sheep who is partnering on this magnificent, and dare we say megalith release. Chapter 1, Dreaming In The Void, is here, but the expedition has just begun.

The initial chapter of Recovery recounts Dead Battery’s state of pure unconsciousness. One does not know when one is asleep, and with a coma, it is the same way, but deeper. With sparse arrangements dominated by airy pads, warm keys and the occasional vocal, this chapter serves as the darkness that Dead Battery withstood.

Die Another Day

Enter into the void with a rugged, but chill dive into the bereft blackness. Bewildering pads and a tepid organ welcome you into the mystifying beginnings of what some might call a miracle. For now, it’s just a mysterious world. “Die Another Day” is a campaign of its own that with life-like percussion and a concluding piano phrase that’s simple, yet profound.

Nothing Lasts

“Nothing Lasts” opens with an insistent introduction. A sort of stage is angelically set by way of anticipation, as though one is in a waiting room, ready for the next step. This dreamlike sequence picks up once the percussion kicks in, and the shakers and keys pull the listener along a presumed path. Vocals patch up the second half of the song as the journey unravels.

Leaving The Light

Opening with a vocal sample expressing its name, “Leaving The Light” is the concretion of the aphotic experience. It’s a slightly upbeat descension further into the abstract reality. The closing segment summarizes the solidification of the shadow upon Dead Battery; a more complete darkness is now achieved.

Vanished World

A tranquil, yet haunting place is birthed with “Vanished World.” A breathy atmosphere is built, with percussion subtly entering into the space in due time. A female voice of the subconscious speaks through the musical web as things progress into a state of full immersion, where a resilient guitar takes over until being detuned out of existence. That is… until its resiliency fights off against the darkness of death.

We feel as though some intense new TV drama has hit the web, and now season one has finished off on an enticing note. Instead of a television program, it’s pure music, straight from the heart of a man who will forever be affected by what happened to him one year ago. Dead Battery has us intrigued, as these four tracks are only the beginning. If you’re already a fan, you can head over to iTunes to grab a pre-order of Recovery. Stay tuned, as we will make sure to cover each section of this album.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2015 Round #2)


If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Or have a seat and listen to the free Indie Dojo we made especially for you. No one will notice if you are gone for a while. The brain needs a break from trying so hard every now and then.

Cape Lion
Called You Mine
The Watermelons
The Peaks
Best Of You
Ben Harvey
These Streets
Rebel Kites
Atlas Sky
Babe Come Down
Jep and Dep.
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2015 Round #1)


Change, oh change, oh change. It sure ain’t easy. You get yourself all settled in your comfort zone and then good ol’ change comes a knocking on your door. As hard as it may seem at the moment, we have to learn to embrace it as best as we can. And honestly, there will always be some things that remain the same. Like the Indie Dojo posted every Tuesday morning. If you need something to ground yourself until the dust of change finally settles, we’ll be there. We’ll be the cactus to your dusty desert if you will. Take that however you please.

The Landing
Then Comes The Wonder
Morning Harvey
Smith Street Swap Meet
Pocket Panda
Setting Sun
The Japanese House
Pools To Bathe In
Josh The Cat
Lets Start
Oh Sister
For The Dales
Dana Sipos
The Lake Poets
Dead Horses
Jack R Reilly
My First Panic Attack
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Chrysalide – Substance Over Style (Sonic Area Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Dependence 2015: Track 04 Chrysalide
Substance Over Style (Re

You wanna hear some weird, awesome music? You’ve come to the right post. This Music Ninja premiere is coming to you straight from left field, if left field was located in an underground rave on some other planet. Sonic Area brings the intriguing listen with a remix of “Substance Over Style,” a still new original that was created by Chrysalide and released this year. As for the remix, it comes out with the Dependence compilation on April 24th.

Sonic Area came up with something that can’t really be defined by one genre. It’s a little trashy, with a hard vocal that is just rough enough around the edges. As the song develops it feels as though things get crazier and crazier, but isn’t that what all us go hards are looking for anyways? Have an early listen to the single, and be ready on the 24th when the whole compilation drops.

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MC Hot Dog: Music To Get Your Mouth Around

It’s always good discovering new music. It’s even better when the music you’ve discovered is made by a man named after a juicy sausage wrapped in a soft bun. Quite possibly topped with mustard. Ketchup. Maybe even a pickle or some chilli. Enter MC Hotdog.

Like sweet, tasty fast food for the ears, MC Hotdog has been one of Taiwan’s biggest popstars for over a decade and has been dubbed the godfather of Chinese hip-hop amongst fans and peers alike. Continue reading

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