[Dream-Pop/Indie] Current Joys – Fear

Current Joys

Current Joys, the hazy indie solo project of LA-based artistic chameleon Nicholas Rattigan, has been making waves behind a recent slate of singles & videos that have this writer’s full attention. Rattigan’s credits are many, from work as the frontman for two-piece Surf Curse, to solo work authored under numerous aliases, to directorial work for indie-rock sweethearts Girlpool; the multi-talented songwriter never seems to pigeonhole himself into any one corner. Most recently, Rattigan has been making music again under his solo incarnation, the aforementioned Current Joys, and we’ve been happily consuming his many rumblings to pace 2018.

“Fear”, a lurching indie-pop ballad tracked by a simple 808-sounding drum line, a very Brooklyn inspired jangly, reverb-tinged guitar loop (fitting as Rattigan recently maintained residence in NYC) and his aching vocal refrain, is one of the latest additions to Current Joys’ expanding catalog; and with every passing listen, manages to worm its way even deeper into our psyche. Its simple structure and intoxicating melody never seem to release its grip throughout the tune’s entirety, letting its listener dive deeper into Rattigan’s mind and songwriting with every passing verse. A Different Age will see release on March 2, and as Nicholas Rattigan is set to embark across a U.S. Tour (full dates can be found after the jump) with the likes of Porches and Zola Jesus, we’re gearing up for its release and a chance to catch Current Joys in the flesh.

Stream “Fear” above, and check out Current Joys’ full tour dates by clicking the link below.

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(MP3 Playlist) Indie Dojo (February 2018 Round #2)

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day (just in case you forgot) and what better way to share the love than with a brand new Indie Dojo. Show that special someone how much you care by sharing your undying love for indie music. And no worries if you’re Valentine free this year. We will always be super into you.
’Warming – White Lies’
’Mor Mor – Heaven’s Only Wishful’
’Vodi –

’Twin Tacoma – Perfect Life’
’Gregory Ackerman – Keep Falling’
’Chase McBride – Educated Guess’
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Codes – Bumps (Stranger Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Bumps (Stranger Remix)

Stranger is heating up the dojo with his official remix of “Bumps” by Codes. The single is due out tomorrow through Psycho Disco on the remix pack for Bumps & Boom Bapps, but we’ve got you covered a day early with an exclusively first listen!

One things Stranger has managed to do over the past couple of years is establish a dynamic sound that can be taken in different directions. Here we get that breakbeat driven style with an extra dose of smooth, deep bass. This tech-influenced flip is just the kind of left-field treat you want to come sliding through for your festival season playlists. It’s the track that’s going to take you by surprise this upcoming Spring and Summer with its vicious grooves. Stream it today and check back here tomorrow to get a copy!

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2018 Round #1)

Life gets loud, so why not drown it out with the sweet, sweet melodies of a weekly Indie Dojo?
’Lake Jons – Family’
’NOAH – Nothing More Human’
’Winteraid – The Dance’
’Buckaroo – On Repeat’
’Toledo – Crane Song’
’Hazlett – It’s Not Unusual (Tom Jones)’
’WILD CHILD – Sinking Ship’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2018 Round #5)

Welp, January is already coming to an end and time feels like it just keeps on keeping on. So in attempt to slow. it. down. a little, we’ve put together a chill little Indie Dojo for this fine Tuesday morning. A little reminder to breath in, breath out and get lost in some good ol’ indie jams.
’Foxtrails – Barnyard (Melinda’s Meadows)’
’The Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY – My God Has A Telephone’
’Low Hum
’Shoos Off – Song for Radio’
’Anna Tivel – Saturday Night’
’Some are Lonely
’wayfie – stay here please’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2018 Round #4)

Stuck in a snowstorm or frolicking in the sun. No matter what the season, you can ALWAYS find a reason for an Indie Dojo playlist.
’Dansu –

’Dawson Hollow – Lonesome Wolf’
’Matthew James Aylett – Worry Never Sleeps’
’Modern Crusoe – Berlin Wall’
’Olde Wise – Wheres Your Heart At?’
’Nina De Vitry – Baby in the Shade’
’Helen Deland – There Are A Thousand’
’Marc Robillard –

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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 100: A Retrospective

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode 💯

To celebrate our 100th episode, I got all nostalgic listening back to clips from TMN Radio shows past with a couple surprise guests. Clips from:
Episode 7: Ash’s Post Burning Man aka “Music to Massage the Mind”
Episode 52: History of The Music Ninja as told by Blas & Clayton
Episode 50: Baseer’s Summer Jams
Episode 51: Tyler Hawkins Live Freestyle
Episode 38: Mosaics Perform “Freedom” Live
Episode 37: Green Ova South Live Freestyle
Episode 77: Still Woozy Premieres “Vacation”
Episode 98: Cosmic Amanda on the History of BFF.fm
Episode 60: Thoughts on the Election
Episode 46: Dom’s Soul / Hip-Hop Segment
Huge thanks to all the friends/contributors, listeners and BFF.fm for making this possible. I can’t express how grateful I am to be able to do this every week and I hope you’ll all stay tuned in for the next hundo! – Ash

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