Kidswaste Releases Point Point Remix & Announces “Spleen EP” [TMN Exclusive Interview]


If feel-good music is your thing, Kidswaste definitely got you covered. This beautiful remix of French production group Point Point‘s “Au Revoir” will put you through a dreamy roller coaster ride. The fellow French producer incorporated guitar and brass melodies to an already chilled-out tune, and brought the feels with its jazzy melody.

On top of the remix, Kidswaste also announced the release of Spleen, which is a 5-track EP that features some of the best up-and-coming vocalists in the scene. We actually got a chance to sit down with Kidswaste to chat about this awesome project that he prides himself in working on. Check out the tracklist below and the interview after the jump!

Spleen EP Tracklist
1. More Colors (feat. Chelsea Cutler)
2. Time
3. Wild (feat. Khai)
4. Alone
5. Friends (feat. TRACE)

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Point Point
Au Revoir (Kidswaste Remix)
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[Multi-Genre] UFO! Drops Choppa Dunks & Holly Collabs For New Series


One of the best kept secrets in dance music is UFO!. The San Francisco beatsmith abides by good music and good music only. Sure, he’s got a cool brand going, but he is sticking to his guns as one of the best veterans in the game.

Recently, he’s started unveiling his four part collaboration series. The tracks don’t have names, but they don’t really need them; they are just that good. Part one started with Choppa Dunks, and part two just came out with the Portugal producer Holly. Both tracks are absolutely savage, although they differ in style. With Choppa’s collab, we get a more of a jungle/reggae vibe that brings an obscene amount of energy. With Holly, we get a more of a bass heavy trap tune, although it doesn’t limit itself to that genre. It bounces all over the place, making it one powerful and dynamic single. Two more collaborations are coming, one next week and the last coming from G-Buck on November 1st. Get ready.

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[Electronic] Kllo – Bolide (Lone Remix)

Bolide (LONE Remix)

Australian duo Kllo have been on our radar ever since the release of their gorgeous 2014 debut, Cusp, which found them nestled squarely between cozy R&B and dance music. After spending much of 2015 touring behind that successful project, they returned this year with the Well Worn EP. Their latest work saw the vocalist/production team of Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam further refine their sound delving deeper into various electronic influences. Of the 5 tracks, “Bolide” has resonated the most with fans and for good reason. With a pulsing bass line, subtly-crafted percussion and gliding vocals, it’s a track that envelopes the listener with emotion.

As they continue building momentum, Kllo have commissioned legendary UK producer Lone to take on “Bolide” with phenomenal results. The original’s ongoing vocal chop feeds perfectly into Lone’s distinctive blend of hip-hop and house stylings. While the remix is similarly atmospheric, it employs furious percussion and layered pads–taking it from downtempo to club-ready without sacrificing the most enticing elements.

Give this one a listen above and make sure to check out the Well Worn EP if you haven’t yet. Kllo are currently on the road touring with Rufus Du Sol and NAO–check out dates after the jump!  Continue reading

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[Multi-Genre] Bad Royale – Treasures From Tomorrow EP


Bad Royale kick ass. I could leave the post solely with that sentence and let the Treasures From Tomorrow EP speak for itself. Several days ago, Good Enuff dropped this three track EP on the world, and the world wasn’t ready.

Every time Bad Royale releases something, it’s more than dope. Treasures From Tomorrow keeps up their their streak without wavering. As usual, they have a few collaborators on the project; this time around being Mark Hardy, Brukout, and Future Fambo. Bad Royale’s caribbean bass style is expressed in full, as usual, but with this project they integrate new sounds and flavors that even their oldest of fans will enjoy. Throughout the project, Bad Royale move between genres, not only between songs, but within them. It’s one fun ride that you can stream/purchase or download for free. Whatever you choose, enjoy it!

’Bad Royale – Galaxy Ranger (feat. Mark Hardy)’
’Bad Royale – Vibrate (feat. Brukout)’
’Bad Royale – Gyal Ya Shake It (feat. Future Fambo)’
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[Electronic] Gladkill – After Death EP


Gladkill is not your average music producer. He’s been releasing tunes for several years now, and now has two albums out after releasing After Death. With eleven tracks, Gladkill does more than just entertain a listener with music; he tells a vibrant story through his work.

The After Death LP is all Gladkill, say for vocal contributions by Erica Dee on the ethereal single “Feel So.” Ethereal doesn’t just pertain to that one single, as it is a stylistic motif that is found throughout the producer’s project. He maintains his own style while bouncing between genres, which is not an easy thing to do. He pulls it off with grace and conviction, exemplifying to others that he is not only a musician, but an artist. We loved it, Foundations Recordings loved (and released) it. We’re confident it will tickle your fancy. If so, download it through Bandcamp!

’Dawn Into Night (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Not Perfect (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’By My Side (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Feel So (ft. Erica Dee) (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Nights Out (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Codeine Eyes (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Check the Pulse (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Death (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Chapels (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Stay Dead (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Flowers for a Funeral (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2016 Round #2)

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you’ll land on this page, have a brand new indie dojo and totally get what you need.

’M.I.L.K – U and Me’
’Minature Tigers – Crying In The Sunshine’
’Giant Party – Where Have You Been?’
’Alex Izenberg – To Move On’
’Jack and the Weatherman – Special Girl’
’Edges – Walk Away’
’Braille Face – Because’
’Luca Fogale – Used to Be’
’Fenne Lily – Top To Toe’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2016 Round #1)


It’s crazy to think that a kabillion songs are uploaded to the interwebs every day. Ok maybe a slight exaggeration, but you catch the drift. There are a plethora of songs flying through the infinite world of digital music just wanting to be heard. Slightly overwhelming to think about trying to find all of them, yes. But that’s why we are here. We’ll keep handpickin’ all the goodins’ so you can just indie dojo & chill.

’Avi On Fire – Pearls’
’Wet Leather – Secret Preference’
’Fresh Big Mouf – One Step, Two Step’
’Soayla – No Good’
’Izo Fitzroy – Reckoning’
’Mooryc – You Will Go’
’Skin and Bones – Ain’t No Water’
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