Morgan Page feat. The Outfield – Your Love (Kastra Bootleg) [TMN PREMIERE]

Morgan Page feat. The Outfield
Your Love (Kastra Bootleg) [Free Download]

It may only be Wednesday, but NJ-based DJ/Producer Kastra has us looking towards the weekend with this bootleg of “Your Love.” This song has had an interesting history. Of course, it all started back in 1986, when The Outfield released it off their album Play Deep. From there, it carried itself through the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s, living in infamy as a classic. In 2013, superstar DJ/Producer Morgan Page brought the tune to the dance world, giving it a energetic house background to support the newly re-recorded vocals.

Today, we’re adding another layer onto the mix with Kastra’s take on Morgan Page’s remix. With most of the original vocals still in-tact, this tune changes really takes on a new identity at the drop, which features a buzzing melbourne bounce sound. It still maintains the progressive melodies of the original, only now features a little more dancefloor grit.

You can pick this gem up for free on Kastra’s soundcloud page.

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CROOX – Oracle (Ryan H Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]


What would hump day be without some tasty beats to carry you through the mid-point of your week? Well, there’s no need to look any further, as we have a delicious deep house remix of “Oracle.”

The original alt-hip pop tune comes via emerging enigmatic UK collective CROOX, who recently served up the industry’s first taste of their imaginative sound. Making a splash with their debut song (featured below), “Oracle” features a minimal, RnB soundscape, with rattling hi hat hits, smooth bass hits, and soaring synths. Coupled with some atmospheric layering, this tune has a chillingly beautiful feel to it, which couples with the lyrics perfectly.

With a glorious section of vocals to work with, Brighton-based remixer Ryan H has taken this soft and intimate tune into the dance realm, giving it a deep house-inspired groove. A similar haunting melody walks the tune in, accentuated by pitched down vocal samples. From there, things pick up with a bouncy bassline, choppy vocals, and some splashy percussion.

The original and subsequent remix provide a nice introduction to the group, whom are apparently put on quite the show. Representing themselves under a cloak of black attire, they disguise themselves to allow their moving imagery visual show and music to showcase their creativity.

Be on the lookout for their upcoming EP EU, which features four new tracks, “Trouble”, “Settle”, “Fake & Fortune” and “Profit X Prophet”.

Oracle (Ryan H Remix)
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[News] Cadence & Cause – Beta Rollout


You might be stopping and asking yourself, “did I just read that correctly? Is The Music Ninja posting a news item?” You’re correct in your second-guessing, as we rarely post anything but music, interviews, or show reviews. However, this new music platform is something that we believe strongly in. You may have caught wind that one of our co-founders has a new site on the horizon, which is entirely true. While he will still be a part of TMN, Clayton Warwick has plans to unroll a new music platform different than anything we’ve seen.

Cadence & Cause is a new website which connects musicians and their fans to worthy causes. Think of it as a combination between a music streaming service, a fundraising site, and kickstarter, all designed to create much needed revenue for worthy causes.

While we can’t go too far into what this site will entail, we can assure you that there are already large artists on board. It’s being revered as something incredibly positive for the industry, and we’re happy to be on board to support it.

Below, we have an exclusive VIP code that will get you onto our guest list for the beta rollout. This means that you will be able to get into the site before anyone in the GA line, and get the earliest access to some really unique opportunities from some amazing artists.

Click here, then enter your email address and the code below in the VIP side of the landing page.

Code: CadenceTMN

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2014 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaRunning away from Christmas jingles? We feel ya. They started bombarding us with that crap the day after Halloween. TOO SOON. Just too soon. It’s cool though. You can ninja your way right out of the tinsel and jingle bells with a good ol’ Indie Dojo. Happy Indiedays!

David Vertesi
Loud Talker
The Walking Who
With Roses
Tei Shi
See Me
getting it on
Bathed In Light
Salmon Arms (Acoustic)
Austin Basham
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[Deep-House] Melanie Martinez – Carousel (SNBRN Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Melanie Martinez
Carousel (SNBRN Remix)

Polar ends of the musical spectrum have collided this morning as we so fortuitously have the chance to premiere the latest deep-house retooling from one of underground dance’s hottest commodities, SNBRN. Lately SNBRN has been taking on remix duties on more straightforward Top-40 fare; from hip-hop infused remixes of 50 Cent or The Game to Mark Morrison and Ace of Base, the young producer has had a chance to heat-stamp his sound (get it?) on a number of differing instrumental structures. But today, the burgeoning and schooled producer has revealed yet another wrinkle into his repertoire with a gloomier dance reinvention for former The Voice contestant Melanie Martinez and her viral hit turned American Horror Story theme song “Carousel”. SNBRN deftly weaves what has become a signature sound of club-fueled, swelling basslines and slick synth progressions dispersed judiciously  amongst “Carousel”s vaudevillian instrumentation and Martinez’s haunting vocal incantations for a tune completely unique to and just as groovy as the rest of the SNBRN catalog. About the tune the L.A. based artist stated: “Been a huge fan of American Horror Story, so when I got asked to remix Carousel I couldn’t resist. With dark vibes and a deep baseline I wanted to take this remix to the grave and back. Hope you guys enjoy this tune because there’s no turning back now.” Well said as always good sir. Snag the digital download of SNBRN’s “Carousel” remix here on iTunes featured on Melanie Martinez’s Carousel EP here.

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[Electronic Pop] Years & Years – Memo

Years & Years - Memo
Years and Years

British electronic group Years & Years just released another track off their upcoming album Desire. and this one hits us right in the feels. Describing their own music as soulful electronic pop, Years & Years speaks to their audience through memorable melodies and soothing vocals. Olly Alexander, the lead singer of the group, definitely stole the spotlight by showcasing his pleasant R&B vocals. The synths and the simple piano chords perfectly support the flow of the tune. Everything about this track is done right and leaves you wanting more.

With that said, stay tuned for the group’s much anticipated album releasing on 11/23. We cannot wait to listen to more of their new music!

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2014 Round #3)


To have an open mind is to be willing to experience all the new glorious things. And since the world of  ”indie” music is like digging your hand into a bag full of glorious musical treats we have never heard before, we must be ready to embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly. Basically, what we are saying is…Go into every Indie Dojo with open ears and open hearts. If you hate the song, skip right over it. If you love it, dig deeper into the world that inspired the inspired. It’s a beautiful, vast musical world out there, but if you go in with ears wide shut, you might miss out on the next “can’t take this off repeat EVER” song…….and you know we all love finding those gems.

Glimmer of Bloom
Wake Me Up
Eliza Hull ft. Texture Like Sun
Used To
Hall & Oates
Jackal and the Wind
Boat Thats Capsized
Ruu Campbell
Crossroads (Heartsong)
Erase It All
Jake Morley
Tom Francis


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