[G-House/Future] Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (Felon Bootleg) [TMN Premiere]

Public Enemy
Bring The Noise (Felon Bootleg)

I’ve got to say, nothing quite riles the morning vibe like some hip-hop flavored house music; which luckily for us the London house trio of Archie Ward, George Renwick and James Levey, or Felon as we’ve grown to know them, delivered the perfect remedy for a bit of Thursday afternoon hip-shaking. A few months back we had the distinct pleasure of premiering Felon’s pounding deep-house remix of Toyboy & Robin’s “Save Me Now”, and today the club-made triumvirate is back with another thumping revision; this time a bootleg of genre-defining hip-hop pioneers Public Enemy and their biggest single “Bring The Noise”. Felon checks all of the typical G-House boxes with their latest remix: a pitched down and powerfully recognizable rap vocal, clear emphasis on an insanely catchy and pounding analog bassline, and darker atmospherics, while simultaneously sprinkling a classic house shuffled hi-hat and kick-clap percussion line, and an airy breakdown which all wonderfully flirts with their shifting sonic terrain.

It’s apparent that Felon has long since outgrown their hit “Isla” and have been adding a different piece to their production puzzle with every passing release, and their  Bright Young Things collective, who’s expanding roster features a few more TMN favorites Sebastian Carter & DE$iGNATED, has shown off even more of the trio’s tastemaking ability. As our expectations for Felon’s consistent dance quality continue to rise, they just keep knocking them out of the park. But, as the Reading Rainbow’s Levar Burton would have said: “You don’t have to take our word for it!”, so decide for yourself and stream Felon’s “Bring The Noise” bootleg above.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2015 Round #3)


Monday is over, Tuesday is here and so is a brand new Indie Dojo. Oh happy, happy days!

House of Spirituals
Too Many Days
Such Is The House
Social Skills
Its Invisible
Hidden Charms
Long Way Down
These Your Children
Set A Fire
Palace Winter
Common Man
Alligator King
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 172)


Is the weather finally dying down yet? It seems as though things have been much hotter this time a year than before, so to help things cool down, we’ve brought a somewhat chiller playlist this week. Although you will still be partying, the party vibe is more laid-back, but if you’re looking to rage your face off, Bear Grillz new freebie has you covered. As usual, we start things off with some softer tunes, and build up into some solid trap beats from Mr. Carmack, Big Makk and others, then move through some party tracks from the likes of Venessa Michaels; then, we get deep with some house tracks to close out the night. This week is packed with some A+ remixes, but strewn about are some equally as good originals that will aid in your decompression. Stream the playlist, or download every track for free, but most of all, #danceirresponsibly.

FMHU Ft. Armies (Ouros Remix)
Inas X
Love Is
Queen B
Crazy in Luv (Dabin Remix)
TiP TOE WiNG IN MY JAWWDiNZ (Mr. Carmack And BIG MAKK Remix)
Venessa Michaels
S@y My Name
Tom Bull vs Summer Junkies
Hey Yall
Missy Elliott ft. Pharrell Williams
WTF (Ryan Collins Remix)
Jace Mek
Not Yours (Original Mix)
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[Trap/Hybrid] Woolymammoth – Tricks EP


Woolymammoth has always been a producer that we have admired here at Music Ninja. His records never have a dull tone, and he’s continued to push electronic music forward in the best way he knows how. His focus on trap and hybrid styles have been especially important for the genres artistic growth over the past year when he’s been putting out records. Today, we share with you his Buygore EP entitled Tricks that has taken listeners by storm. Tricks gets pretty experimental, taking from industrial sounds and elsewhere, but Wooly keeps the focus heavy on the hip-hop/trap vibe he is known for.

Tricks is comprised of five singles that you’ll have on repeat for several weeks coming, if not longer. It’s becoming less usual for releases to be 100% solid from start to finish, but that’s just what Wollymammoth does with this EP. It’s hard to choose favorites, but after running through this EP time and time again, we’ve narrowed things down to “tricks” and “Best In It.” Have a run through yourself, and comment with which two you have deemed your favorite. You’re going to want to be buying this entire project, and you may do so on iTunes.

butane (intro)
Best In It (tryna Get Yo)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2015 Round #2)


It’s possible to be embarrassed with our certain music choices at times. We all have that one song or many that we jam on full blast when we are alone in our car. You know the one. You know you do. But really, why do we care what other people think of our choices in music? If we like it, we like it. If it moves us, it moves us. We should be proud of what makes our musical soul dance. So jam on, ninja! No matter how cheesy or just plain bad it is. A ninja should have no shame in their musical game.

George Taylor UK
Give It Up
Side Saddle
Shouldve Gotten Done
Mcclain Sullivan
Happy Anniversary (explicit)
Many Rooms
Hollow Body
Growling Tongue
Are You For Real
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2015 Round #1)


Music ruts are the worst. Especially the ones that you can’t seem to escape from. It’s not an exaggeration to say that an extended music lull can cause a bout of insanity. Which is where the Indie Dojo swoops in like the ninjas we are. Throwing you stars of new tunes to keep your musical mind intact, cause a ninja never loses focus.

Unnveig Aas
Cross Record
Steady Waves
Fly Down
Chadwick Stokes
Youre The One That I Want
Sara Angelica
Run (Prod. Pieces of Juno)
Noah Ruble
Falling Apart
Sam Wright NE
Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover Feat. Pharrell Williams)
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 170)


Happy Halloween everybody! Well, almost. For your holiday eve night we have another party playlist for you jam packed with twelve free singles. Take them with you to the early Halloween parties, or listen while you get dressed in your costume. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, the tracks from The Golden Pony, Smookie Illson, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Kicks N Licks and more will be just what you need. We start things out with some house, and progress upward to some harder, more aggressive tunes, closing things out with a strong dubstep remix from QUEST. Let loose, it’s a holiday weekend; make sure to not eat too much candy, and make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

Matt Dimona
I Just Want You
Shelter ft. Alex Mills (Sam Padrul Remix)
Snoop Dogg
Drop It Like Its Hot (The Golden Pony Remix)
Now We Go Deep ft. Hoody Time
Smookie Illson x Oddlin
The Lowdown (Original Mix)
Black Tiger Sex Machine
Dirty Zblu
Check This
V A L E N T I N E ✖ Rojazu
Kicks N Licks
LOCK Ft. Malcolm Anthony
Stop Trippin (NGHTMRE Remix)
Love Song (ft. Splitbreed & Lazer Whip)
Ray Volpe
Like This (QUEST Remix)
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