[Baile Funk] MARCI – Favela Deco EP


Miami’s own MARCI brings the sounds of his hometown to the table by way of his Favela Deco EP. The project, complete with six tracks, is one of the coolest baile funk collections we’ve heard in a long time.

MARCI puts his own spin on the style, while also delivering an array of sounds throughout the EP. There’s no point in time where things get drab. Favela Deco is strong through and through. Favorites on the EP include the title track that starts things off, as well as the club-centric “ADJ.” MARCI can make 2017 his year if he keeps putting out tunes like this. We look forward to seeing that happening. For now, fans can enjoy this free EP.

’Favela Deco’
’Right Here’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2017 Round #2)


Think of all the music being uploaded to the internet right at this moment. Now think of all the music you’d be missing if you didn’t land right here on an Indie Dojo today. All wrapped up in a pretty little playlist just for you.

’J. Bernardt – Calm Down’
’girlyboi – Good Looks’
’Soy Xmas – Get Upset’
’Luwten – Go Honey’
’St. Solaire – Morning sun’
’Munro Fox – Walls And Clocks’
’Phoebe Bridgers – Smoke Signals’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2017 Round #1)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaNew Year. New Music. First Indie Dojo of 2017. This years gonna be a goodin.

’Saint Raymond – Oh Brother’
’Moons of Mars – Na Na Na’
’Charlie May – Call’
’Charlie Cunningham – Telling It Wrong’
’BEL – Own Home’
’Oxiles – Inside’
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[16 To End 2016] Ninja Dom Edition


#1 – “Tangle Formations” by Explosions In The Sky from their seventh studio Album, The Wilderness.

  • The experimental post-rock band has moved past their days of scoring Friday Night Lights and set their sights on even more ambitious goals with a reinvented sound. The Wildnerness is as much of a conceptual and enjoyable journey as the previous projects, but with more structure and direction.
Explosions In The Sky
Tangle Formations

#2 – “Laputa (Taylor McFerrin Remix)” by Hiatus Kaiyote from their remix LP, Recalibrations Vol. 1.

  • After releasing one of my favorite projects from 2015, the Early Riser LP, McFerrin made another splash this past May by reimagining a track from Hiatus Kaiyote’s 2015 album Choose your Weapon.
Hiatus Kaiyote
Laputa (Taylor McFerrin Remix) (feat. Anderson .Paak)

#3 – “It’s A Memory Feat. Elohim and Mansions on the Moon (Amtrac Remix) by Fred Falke from his remix EP, It’s A Memory – the Remixes.

  • In an unsurprising turn of events, Amtrac has put together the most impressive EDM remix of 2016, fusing the elements laid out by Fred Falke with his own brand of wizardry to create a one-of-a-kind track.
Fred Falke
It’s A Memory ft. Elohim, Mansions On The Moon (Amtrac Remix)

#4 – “Earth Girls” by Jesse Boykins III from his mixtape, Bartholomew.

  • While the album has features from the likes of Noname, Little Simz, Willow Smith, Syd, Mick Jenkins and others, his best work is done on a solo piece, Earth Girls. I wrote about this song earlier this year here.
Jesse Boykins III
Earth Girls

#5 – “Nights” by Frank Ocean from his second studio album, Blonde.

  • While it took Frank 4 years to give us another album, he certainly delivered with Blonde. In releasing his 2016-version of “Pyramids”, Frank gives us a growing piece that stands up to any criticism lobbed his way.
Frank Ocean

#6 – “Ultralight Beam Feat. Kelly Price, Donnie Trumpet, Chance the Rapper, The-Dream and Kirk Franklin” by Kanye West from The Life of Pablo.

  • The introduction track from the most hyped release of 2016 also gave us the best hip hop verse of the year – in addition to the most diverse contributors to a single track. Another instant classic to go in Kanye’s hall of fame catalog.
Kanye West
Ultralight Beat (feat. Chance The Rapper)

#7 – “My True Name” by Bloc Party. from their fifth studio album, Hymns.

  • 4 years after the release of Four, and after a major band member shakeup no less, Bloc Party returned to the studio headed by Kele to deliver one last time with another intimate, topical record.
Bloc Party
My True Name

#8 – “With Me” by Lane 8 from his project, This Never Happened.

  • The Leipzig-based producer started out 2016 with “Midnight” and has been a beacon of consistency for the electronic music world. Each of his releases have been of superb quality, but “With Me” is the best of the bunch. I wrote about it earlier this year here.
Lane 8
With Me

#9 – “All Night Feat. Knox Fortune (Kaytranada Remix)” by Chance the Rapper from Kaytranada’s 0.001% mixtape.

  • In a year where Kaytranada finally got over the hump, graduating from blogospher fame to mainstrem musical fame, he took a victory lap of sorts in the latter months, giving us some of his best material yet. His remix to Chance’s “All Night” will be a mainstay in dance clubs for many months to come.
Chance The Rapper
All Night (feat. Knox Fortune) (Kaytranada Remix)

#10 – “Alaska” by Maggie Rogers.

  • Maggie Roger’s rise based on the strength of Alaska mirrored the same path Ryn Weaver took after her song Octahate became the flavor of the year in 2014. While Roger has not yet amassed the same following, her single is as impressive and minimalistic as one could hope for from a debut.
Maggie Rogers

#11 – “Eva” by Punctual.

  • As an eclectic deep house track with samples and influences ranging from Indian pop to 80’s synth, Eva is as groundbreaking and novel today as it was the first few hundred times I listened to it.

#12 – “Clementine Feat. Lex Famous” by Rambo V.

  • Claiming this song as “Soul House”, Rambo V set off the soundtrack to my summer with Clementine. This dreamy, fun-loving track grooves along fusing the line beautifully between future bass and house.
Rambo V
Clementine Ft. Lex Famous

#13 – “All Night Feat. Dornik” by SG Lewis.

  • SG Lewis released one of my early picks for song of the year, dropping All Night with Dornik in February. This track harnesses some of the emotion captured in his previous classic “Warm” while adding a more upbeat, poppy spin to the piece.
SG Lewis
All Night(ft. Dornik)

#14 – “Homemade” by Matthew Chaim.

  • Hailing from Montreal, this Canadian pop producer unleashed a catchy piece along with the help of Noah Barer and Cavewerk earlier this year. I wrote about the track previously here.
Matthew Chaim
Homemade (prod. Noah Barer & Cavewerk)

#15 – “Gettin’ it Done” by Ross From Friends.

  • As perhaps the best named artist from this group of sixteen, Ross from Friends also put together one of the best house tunes to come out in 2016. While injecting elements of 90’s R&B with a persistently building bassline, the song has elements that appeal to a wide range of aficionados.
Ross From Friends
Gettin’ It Done’

#16 – “The Look” by Halpe and Sophie Meiers.

  • My favorite track that maybe 2% of my friends have heard before. This vocalist has a handful of mesmerizing tracks, but pairing with Halpe pushes The Look into another category entirely.
The Look w/ sophie meiers
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[16 to End 2016] Ninja Baseer’s Best of the Year


Despite all those “2016 was the worst” memes you see floating around these days, there’s at least one good thing we can be thankful for this year: music. Even if 2016 was highlighted by anger, grief, frustration and a cavalcade of other complex emotions, I can easily say this was one of the strongest years for music that I can remember. I tried to do my best here in summing up the songs that soundtracked my year, but this list doesn’t even begin to represent all the amazing artists and projects I discovered throughout 2016. So, just like last year, I’m going to shamelessly plug my “Best of 2016” Spotify playlist in case anyone is curious to hear what other songs could have potentially made the cut.

Kanye West
Ultralight Beam

There’s nothing quite like the experience of hearing the first few notes of this song live for the very first time during Kanye’s album premiere party at Madison Square Garden–not that I was there in person, but the moment still felt very surreal nonetheless.

A Tribe Called Quest
We The People….

The Tribe could not have chosen a more appropriate time to make their comeback. “We The People” fits right in with their established catalog without sounding dated at all. The themes present in the track are unfortunately pervasive throughout society, but Tip and crew have helped us begin the healing the process. Rest in peace Phife Dawg, we’ll certainly miss you.

Childish Gambino

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of Donnie’s vocal transformation at first too, but his recent appearance on The Tonight Show certainly made me a believer. Even if you hated the album, you have to respect the man’s hustle.

Mac Miller
Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak)

Anderson .Paak was unavoidable in 2016, making it nearly impossible to decide which of his amazing songs to include. Here he teams up with Pomo to help Mac Miller reinvent himself on undeniably one of the catchiest tracks of the year.

Chance The Rapper
No Problem (feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)

It would be hard to argue that anyone had a bigger 2016 than Chance The Rapper. “No Problem” is probably the greatest feel good anthem of the year, with Lil Wayne contributing one of his most memorable verses in what feels like years.

Feels So Right

It would have just felt so wrong to exclude MAALA from this list.

Let’s Go

“Location” may have been the song that first introduced us to the talented 18 year old from Texas, but “Let’s Go” is the perfect soundtrack for the beginning of any adventure.

Atlas Bound
Softer Still

Easily one of the most comforting tracks of the year; I was saddened to hear about the disbandment of the group 2 weeks ago, but at least we’ll always have breathtaking music like this to remember them by.

Joe Hertz
Stay Lost Ft. Amber Simone

It’s unhinkable that someone could drop two amazing, well received EPs and still be overlooked, but the fact that Joe Hertz hasn’t appeared on more end-of-the-year lists leads me to believe that’s certainly the case. One of many talented young producers based out of London, Joe certainly cemented himself at the top of the class when he released this groovy number early in 2016.

Lite Spots

Kaytranada basically dares you to resist the urge to dance with this one. He’s even got the robots doing it.

Denzel Curry
This Life

Denzel Curry can flat out rap. On “This Life” he crafts one of those hooks that forces you to throw your hands up in the air and sing right along with it, even if this is your first listen.

Danny Brown
When It Rain

Don’t let the squeaky voice fool you. “When It Rain” is Danny Brown at his most vicious, backed by an ominous instrumental that signals a storm is brewing.

Frank Ocean

This easily could’ve been just about any other track from Blonde, which should tell you how amazing that album was from top to bottom. It would have been unfair though to simply choose Frank Ocean for all 16 tracks. Seriously though, if you haven’t listened to it yet, what are you waiting for?

Jorja Smith
Blue Lights

Incredible vocals combined with indelible lyrics are what make this one so special. Even if you were to ignore the social commentary behind it, this is one song that’ll have you captivated from start to finish.

River Tiber
Acid Test

Nothing describes this song quite as well as its listed genre on SoundCloud, “psychedelic soul rock and roll.” “Acid Test” is so incredibly intricate that you’ll find yourself needing to lay back and listen to it with your eyes closed in order to absorb every single modicum of it properly.

Being No One, Going Nowhere

One of the more pleasant surprises of the year, STRFKR’s “Being No One, Going Nowhere” is the perfect soundtrack for all those times you drift aimlessly through space.

Clams Casino

Signifying the triumphant return of Clams Casino in 2016, “Blast” exemplifies the distinctive sound the brilliant producer first began cultivating back during his introduction to the music scene.

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Wuki – Make It Clap (Dusty Bits Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Make It Clap (Dusty Bits Remix)

Breakbeat is making waves and one of the talented leaders of the charge is Dusty Bits. The duo is extremely gifted and aren’t afraid to actually push boundaries. Lots of acts love to talk the talk, but these guys walk the walk. Today we have the huge honor of premiering one of their best tracks yet, a remix of “Make It Clap” by Wuki.

We’re absolutely in love with this one. It’s fun, full of bass, and its groovy as hell. When you think electro/breakbeat, you don’t generally associate it with booty shaking, but Dusty Bits manage to put together a song that will have butts from both genders twerking like there’s no tomorrow. There are plenty of acts to keep your eye on in 2017, but you’ll have to keep Dusty Bits near the top of your list. Enjoy the first listen of their new remix here and if you’d like, subsequent listens can be through your own digital library, as this one has been released as a free download!

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2016 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaIf you are a lover of all music like ourselves, you can most likely agree that it’s totally possible to go through genre phases. We pretty much love all types of music (with a few exceptions), but we sometimes get stuck listening to one specific kind for a longer period of time than another. This is not a bad thing at all, but this can cause us forget to step out and continue to explore this vast musical world in front of us. And that’s where the Indie Dojo comes into play. A eclectic concoction of indie tunes that will pull you out of the hole or maybe drill you deeper into the one you are already in. Who knows. Either way, its music. And who cares what we choose to swirl around in. As long as we love it and damnit we do.

’Ama Lou – Not Always’
’Honor – Over’
’The Natterjacks – What We’re Told’
’Errmine – Driver’s Seat’
’Sunny Pache – A Song Called Garrett County’
’Racoon Racoon – Our Love’s Funeral’
’O Little Sister – Cold Feet’
’EthansRoom – I’m A Believer (Smash Mouth cover)’
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