Catching up with Netsky at 1015 Folsom, SF 11/23 [TMN Exclusive Interview + Event Review]

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Come Alive

Ambitious may be an understatement in describing Belgian producer Boris Daenen, better known as Netsky. By the age of 23, he had released two innovative drum ‘n bass albums showcasing his brilliant brand of liquid funk and placing himself in electronic music’s elite as part of Hospital Records. Taking advantage of the energetic percussion and wobbling bass of DnB, Netsky layers cross-genre melodies that draw influence from soul, jazz, hip-hop and funk making for an undeniably infectious sound and living up to the origins of his moniker.

In 2012, shortly before releasing his second album, Boris turned his attention towards performance assembling a band of talented musicians capable of keeping up with his fast-paced productions. Dubbed Netsky LIVE, the band consists of Netsky, keyboardist BABL, drummer Michael Schack, London’s Script MC and vocalist Billie. Not only is playing EDM live a tall feat from a technical perspective, but logistically it is a much more costly and risky endeavor. Nevertheless, Netsky, who could easily sell out shows worldwide as a solo DJ, takes this risk because he believes that it is the most powerful way to convey his music.

We caught Netsky LIVE at the intimate 1015 Folsom in San Francisco last weekend and it was without a doubt one of the most electrifying, energetic performance we have seen all year. The band seems fit for a stadium, which made seeing them in a smaller venue a special experience for the crowd whose feet were off the ground more often than not. With over two years of experience under their belt, every part of Netsky LIVE feels polished–Netsky takes on the overarching melodies, BABL absolutely shreds on the keyboard, Schnack keeps up with seemingly impossible breakbeats and Script gets the crowd amped as the musicians focus on their respective roles. Although Billie marvelously took on most of the vocals, at one point Boris even busted out the vocoder breaking his mostly quiet on-stage demeanor. We were honored to have the opportunity to sit down with Netsky, one of EDM’s most genuine stars, before the performance to talk about Netsky LIVE, his musical influences and his upcoming album. Check out the interview below and Netsky LIVE’s upcoming US tour dates here–it’s not a show you want to miss.

TMN: How’s the tour life treating you?

Netsky: It’s the first time with the band that we do a full 30-day tour with the bus, which is fucking mental. Because it means 30 days of no privacy and sleeping in a bunk. But it’s fucking amazing, I’ve got to say. You need the right team for it but once you have the right people for it, it’s amazing.

TMN: So, this is your third stop in the US after a couple shows in Canada. How’s the reception been so far? Anything different you’ve noticed in the crowd?

Netsky: Yeah, I think so. We started in Canada with Victoria and Vancouver and the day after we did Seattle. Even that was a bit of a change from Canada. It’s been fun. The crowd in Seattle was amazing and Portland was really good. Portland was a bit strange because they had to block off half the club for 21 over folks. It was funny because the left side was jumping the whole time with all the younger crowd and the right side was just getting wasted basically. It’s really cool to see the difference between those two.

TMN: Can you talk a bit about your musical background?

Netsky: I got into music at quite a young age. My dad is a massive record collector. He just loved showing me music that I hated back then. He just wanted to be the cool dad that showed me good music while I was listening to just pop music when I was young. After a while it worked because he got me into 70s, Motown and Marvin Gaye to 80s music and Prince and some reggae even. He just got me really interested in music. I started researching music and actually becoming a fan of bands. I started watching bands play. And then for some reason I started getting into electronic music, which was a fucking revelation. I loved the idea of being able to make music on your own on a computer. I was really obsessed with that when I was younger. I got into drum ’n bass then because I love the energy and how you can combine it with different sounds. I was listening to a lot of hip-hop back then and soul. Some producers would take those samples and make them into dance floor versions of them. I love that.
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[Hip-Hop] A$AP Ferg – Talk It (prod. Clams Casino)

" Talk it " Produced by: Clams Casino

A$AP Ferg‘s debut album, Trap Lord, was one of the most pleasant surprises in hip-hop last year making his follow-up a highly anticipated project. In preparation for his sophomore album, Ferg will be dropping a mixtape on Black Friday and tonight he let loose a particularly exciting collaboration from the tape. Teaming up with innovative producer Clams Casino, the Harlem emcee goes avant-garde with a stream-of-consciousness flow over a minimal, distinctively eastern-influenced beat. As Ferg vents about a variety of topics ranging from the ongoing injustices in Ferguson to his personal relationships to his fans, the beat gains intensity until the song goes full instrumental allowing Clams’s ominous production to take center stage. Ferg’s flow on this cut brings Kid Cudi to mind with its melodic rambling qualities adding yet another dimension to his already versatile repertoire. Give this one a spin above–Ferg Forever drops this Friday.

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[Electronic] Submotion Orchestra – Alium

Submotion Orchestra
Alium Mini-Mix

“Alium” is the eagerly anticipated album from boundary-pushing Submotion Orchestra. Renowned for their spectacular live performances the seven-piece have captivated the public along with Trevor Nelson and Jo Wiley, as well as touring the world, selling out venues such as London’s famous KOKO. It is clear to see that a lot of time and effort went into the creation of ‘Alium’, after all the finished product is simply mind blowing.

Bringing together a number of sounds, both from their electronic and acoustic side, the music created is one of a kind. The vocal performances from Ruby are strong as ever, with stunning writing, the delicate textures just blossom around the rest of the band. Heavier songs such as “Chrome Units” see the group raise the energy levels with punchy electro synths echoing throughout the duration whilst other follow suit, growing and developing around the main body. What Submotion Orchestra do so well is let their creations develop over time, with each song telling a story as the music around it gradually builds letting the energy levels lap up and down with emotion.

“Alium” is certainly up there with the top albums of the year. Through beautiful writing and musicianship, alongside a polished finished of flawless levels of production this sound is one to stand out from a crowd. You can purchase the album here. 

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Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Black Boots Remix) [TMN Co-Premiere]

Sam Smith
Stay With Me (Black Boots Remix)
Yes, we realize there are already a ton of remixes of this track, but we loved the vocal so much that we wanted to make a high energy future bass version that would actually work in our DJ sets. So we made one. Try to keep your clothes on.

The quote above will assuage any of those blogosphere doubters out there who were already ready to load up their verbal barbs for our comment section. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Las Vegas equates to many things. Some people visit for golf escapes. Some might come in just for the gambling. Some may stop by on their way to the Bunny Ranch. However, we all know why the majority go there though: the best clubs, the ability to take your drink anywhere in the city, the ability to drink all night, and the fact that there are always people up, out, and partying. DJ/Producer duo Black Boots certainly understands that, which is evident with their latest knock-out remix.

Taking a crack at a heavily-remixed tune, these Sin City boys have dialed up a melodic future bass interpretation of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” Leaving the vocals relatively in-tact, the focus is on the sampled chorus, cavernous bass hits, and glitchy synths which create something that will not only be enjoyed by future fans, but Smith’s enthusiasts as well.

Luckily for us, we were able to co-premiere this bad boy with the good people from Run The Trap. Now you get to enjoy the fruits of our labor, as you boogie your way into Tuesday night.

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[TMN Premiere] Ne-Yo ft. Juicy J – She Knows (Kayliox Remix)

Kayliox - She Knows
She Knows (Feat. Juicy J) (Kayliox Remix)

Following the rising popularity of tropical house, bass-house/future-bass is becoming another household sound in the revival of house music. Kayliox, a Canadian electronic duo, is fueling the movement by producing quality future house music. On their latest, a remix of  Ne-Yo and Juicy J‘s “She Knows, Kayliox once again proves they’re one of the frontrunners in a new way of house music.

The tune starts off with a standard 4×4 house beat fused with Ne-Yo’s R&B vocals. While the beat mixes well with the original tune, the drop is not as hard-hitting as we would expect. The grungy synth is both subtle and catchy, and Juicy J’s rap flows well with the overall futuristic style of the track. It shows the diversity and complexity in Kayliox’s music, as they continue to appeal to a larger audience by cleverly remixing Top 40 hits.

Stay tuned and grab a free copy of this dope remix on their Soundcloud page! We are expecting big moves from this talented duo.

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Smooth (Free Download)

As we get closer to our favorite food coma of the year, we can’t help but stuff ourselves with good music to keep us satisfied until then. Helping curb our appetite for the next few days is Austria’s very own, LEXXMATIQ. The Trap aficionado has brought us something entirely new to groove to with his newest track, “Smooth”. The track title serves this song justice because, well, it’s actually pretty smooth. Filled with Jersey Club style elements, lively melodies, and addictive breakdowns, LEXXMATIQ gives us something satiable and satisfying with “Smooth”. Already gaining support from fellow Jersey Club/Trap producers such as BENZI (who featured this track in his Girl Trapz Volume Six mix), LEXXMATIQ is surely a name we will be seeing more of in the near future. “Smooth” is out now on Get Right Records, so make sure to get this one while it’s hot.

Also make sure to check out Benzi’s Girl Trapz Volume 6 and get down with a sick mix today.

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The Chill Dojo #109

chill dojo

Beats and funk will kick off the 109th edition of the Chill Dojo, and we have two of the best in the electronic game to thank for that. We’re a little late to the party, but the latest album from Manic Focus, Cerebral Eclipse, is chock full of soulful rhythms to put on repeat for days. Teaming up with another smooth operator in GRiZ, ‘Life Goes On’ is as groovy as you can get, just what you’d expect from this collab between masters of their craft. That’s not the only funky release to be celebrating lately, because another favorite beat-maker in Pomo has just come out with his debut EP, The Other Day, and it’s absolute fire. We’ve featured the 3 tracks which rocked the Dojo the hardest and got our bodies moving in an uncontrollable state, a condition that’s sure to be contagious to whoever hits that play button. For real though, this stuff is dangerously addictive. Now Cashmere Cat’s iconic ‘Rice Rain’ has seen its fair share of remixes over its time, but trust the ever-eclectic ABSRDST to take it in a direction no one had ever conceived before. Waves of hypnotic beats and wonks welcome you aboard this magical ride, until his familiar 8-bit vibes and signature melodic breakout take you to the peak of musical ecstasy. This dude continues to blow us away with every new release, and he’s proved that yet again with a Cashy Cat bootleg that stands apart from all the rest.

Branchez is another artist who has made a name for himself with remixes that have catapulted themselves into the million-view count and into festival sets all over the globe. His latest take on Alesso’s big single ‘Heroes’ is certain to share a similar destiny, but it’s won its way on TMN and into this playlist with a chill trap breakdown and vocal control executed to perfection. We’re also keeping a close eye on the talented Jerry Folk, and his most recent funky concoction is a fresh spin on an RnB classic. As the sampling from the famous Sergeant Doakes quote suggests, this is one surprisingly catchy jam that you’ll need on repeat for a few more times to come. It’s only been a minute since our last shout-out to jackLNDN, but this time it’s a bumpin’ new original which has got us under his spell once again. Blending a bouncy house beat with deep vibes makes for one formidable combo, and it’s one that is sure to cause waves and finally score him the recognition he deserves. You know we’ll be the first to advocate it.

We love a solid edition of funk anytime we can get it, but the feelings go way beyond what we’ve got time to write about. Make sure to dive down into the entire list and soak it all up. Peace out.

Manic Focus and GRiZ
Life Goes On
How I Feel
On My Mind
Cloud Cruise
Cashmere Cat
Rice Rain (ABSRDST Bootleg)
Heroes (Branchez Remix)
Baby Bash
Suga Suga (Jerry Folk Remix)
Dont Forget
The Griswolds
Beware The Dog (Autograf Remix)
Savanna (Keljet Remix)
Tobtok ft. Hoodlem
Jam Couché
Coucherona (Original Mix)
Get Down (Beerlover Edition)
The Notorious B.I.G.
Skys The Limit (Beerlover Edition)
J Tropic X Alyss
Its Only feat. Zyra (Free n Losh Remix)
If You Leave Me Now
Tom Misch & Carmody
Paper Planes
Oh Wonder
Body Gold (Delusion Remix)
Willow Beats
Stay (feat. Dive Deep)
Sigur Rós
Sæglópur (Austins Fault Edit)
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