[Electronic] Midoca & badXchannels – I’m Sorry I’m Gone

Midoca & badXchannels
I'm Sorry I'm Gone [Lowly Palace]

Midoca has been killing it lately with superb videos – and of course with great music. We’ve generally seen him roll the solo route, but now we’ve got a collaboration with badXchannels on our hands. Released through Lowly Palace as his label debut, “I’m Sorry I’m Gone” is an indie electronic gem that sees both talents bring their A game. It’s a beautifully dark record that you can’t help but to play over and over again. Another incredible record in the books for these two. Add it to your library today!

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[Electronic] Alex Lustig – If You Wanna / Sunrise

It seems that talents who’ve generally stayed behind the scenes are coming to light on their own. The same can be said for Alex Lustig who’s worked with the likes of French Montana, Baka Not Nice, Young Thug, Dizzy Wright, and Machine Gun Kelly. Now he’s further stepping out on his own and we have two new tracks to show for it.

His double release contains, firstly, the chilled out “If You Wanna” that has all the right vibes for a laidback Summer jam; although this one is surely a hit no matter the time of year. Secondly we have the song “Sunrise” that perfectly embodies the sentiment of seeing our giant star come rising out of the horizon. Together these tracks serve as a reminder of just what Alex Lustig can do solo: craft memorable, unique hits. Get your copy of them today.

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[TMN Premiere] Loveclub – Stuck


Hardly anything gets our proverbial Music Ninja blood pumping quite like unveiling brand new artists yet unheard to the rest of the world. Such is the case with today’s TMN Premiere coming from L.A. based, Canadian Indie-Pop project, Loveclub. Loveclub’s aural aesthetic is one bending 80’s synth kits & sensibilities around sharp songwriting, and contemporary pop arrangements for a sound uniquely his, yet utterly relatable.

The first single to see light from Loveclub is “Stuck”. Fusing tinny kick-drums, aerated pads and perfectly popping snare stabs, Loveclub buoys the lovely instrumentation with a flitting vocal track that shapes the tune’s emotional identity; landing somewhere between indie-pop and (wink, wink) PBR&B. About the tune, the debuting artist shared: “’Stuck’ is about putting it all out there and realizing that sometimes it doesn’t work out.” Something surely most of our listeners can associate with. We’re prognosticating a strong finish to 2018 from the budding synth-pop style-bender that is Loveclub, and you can be sure we’ll be revealing more pieces to his unraveling puzzle as they are released. Until then, stream Loveclub’s premiere single “Stuck” above.

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[Festival Preview/Playlist] The Underground Music Showcase 2018 – Denver, CO – 7/27-7/29

The 18th anniversary of one of Denver’s most storied music events, The Underground Music Showcase, is rapidly encroaching, bringing with it perhaps its heaviest-hitting lineup ever. What began as a one-night performance featuring just four bands, The UMS has steadily exploded into to a three-day music and arts festival featuring hundreds of performances. As the time draws nearer to what will no doubt be another incredible weekend of performances, this year taking place from July 27th – July 29th, it’s time to get our readers familiar with this year’s crop of highly established headliners and burgeoning local & national artists, spanning a plethora of genres and sounds.

Dotting the top end of this year’s addition of The Underground Music Showcase are more than a few TMN regulars. Among this year’s biggest highlights are the smooth indie-disco stylings of L.A. electronic duo Classixx, the infectious ciphers of B.J. the Chicago Kid, Deezie Brown & legendary hip-hop troupe Digable Planets, a healthy smattering of established indie acts including Greta Kline’s Frankie Cosmos project, ParallelephantsDeerhunter & Mothers, scuzzy rock sets from Alvvays, White Denim & Superchunk; not to mention the most eclectic handling of local talent we get to hear year after year including sets from olorado’s own CRL CRRLL, Aaron Bordas, Slow Caves, Bud Bronson & The Goodtimers and loads more.

Right now, special one-day GA tickets can be found for $40 over on their homepage with weekend passes for just $75. We’ll see you there in full force on July 27th, but until then, get in the UMS swing of things by streaming our playlist below.

’Alvvays – Party Police’
’Classixx – All You’re Waiting For’
’BJ the Chicago Kid – Smokin’ and Ridin’ (Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Problem)’
’Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened’
’Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick (Cool like Dat)’
’Frankie Cosmos – “Sinister”‘
’Overcoats – Hold Me Close’
’Mothers – Blame Kit’
’Cloud Cult – Where It Starts’
’Gang Gang Dance – Glass Jar’
’Superchunk – Hello Hawk’
’Parallelephants – Reason Don’t Define’
’White Denim – Get Back To Love’
’Night Beats – Outta Mind’
’Jeff the Brotherhood – Black Cherry Pie’
’Deezie Brown – Sheepskin / Shayne’
’Aaron Bordas – As We Are (OriginalMix)’
’Bud Bronson & The Goodtimers – Cars’
’Slow Caves – Poser’
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[Electro] I am Sid – The Dancing Plague EP

Mmmmm, we love a good concept EP. Too bad I am Sid didn’t just settle for good, as his EP, The Dancing Plague, is a feat of electro few have managed to come close to. Inspired by some interesting events in history, most notably in the 1500’s where individuals went manic in a dancing fit and ended up dying. Gnarly stuff – but just the kind of crazy thing that inspires some incredible art.

In four tracks I am Sid captures the creepy, dark tone of the fatal events. Through gut-wrenching basslines and some powerful composition packed with raw melodies and haunting soundscapes, The Dancing Plague is one of the most powerful projects we’ve heard this year. It’s focused, dynamic and magnificently engaging – putting you right in the mix of the mania. The Dancing Plague is a must have. Period.

’I am Sid – Sydenham’s Chorea’
’I am Sid – Aachen 1374’
’I am Sid – Mass Psychogenic Illness’
’I am Sid – Strasbourg 1518’
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[Event Review] Stars – Bluebird Theatre – Denver, CO

’Stars – Asleep (Smiths Cover)’

Even writing this, it’s hard to believe that Canadian synth-pop stalwarts (and quasi Broken Social Scene offshoot) Stars are nearing their twentieth year in existence. Once supplying some of this writer’s favorite sugary sweet, heartfelt pop tunes, Stars have managed to carve out one of the most endeared fan bases in any stretch of music, and last week, your Ninja faithful were privy to another stirring performance from our Northern friends. Stars, who are touring on the heels of 2017’s excellent There Is No Love in Fluorescent Light, and a pair of exciting singles to pace the first half of 2018, trotted out to rapturous applause before diving straight into aforementioned LP’s lead single “Flourescent Light”.

Read the rest of our review, and check out a few pictures from the evening after the jump!  Continue reading

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[TMN Interview/Music Video] Møme – Møments I

Music and travel have always been two hugely-important, intertwined pieces of my live. They’ve both served as sources of personal enrichment through discovery– whether it’s through the discovery of a cool new song, or through experiencing the world through different perspectives. I’ve always derived such joy in the new and unexplored, and I’ve found that music and world travel are both equally expansive and bountiful reservoirs in this regard.

Sharing new music with those from another part of the world is basically double-dipping when it comes to these pleasures. In this vein, I had the chance to catch up with French artist Møme about his recent project, Møments I. This latest project from the French multi-instrumentalist and producer derives its inspiration from the lush volcanic landscapes of Bali. Møments I magically encapsulates the ambient, serene nature of the tropical island. With polished guitar licks and soulful lyrical infusions, Møme creates a special vibe that’ll have you wishing you were in Bali right this moment. In Møme I saw a kindred spirit, inspired by the beauty and vibrance of the sunny surf town I had visited just over a year ago. Møments I is a two-single mini-EP, comprised of the tracks “Canggu” and “When We Ride”.

The project comes with some stunning visuals; a live performance filmed in the shadow of the mighty volcano Mount Batur. You can give it a watch below, and learn more about the man and the process behind Møments I after the jump.

TMN: So travel seems to be a source of inspiration for you when it comes to creating music. What is it that first made you want to start traveling the world?

Møme: Well I guess that I was living in the same town, with the same people for too long and needed a big change in my life. Traveling is going out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, meeting new people, sometimes speaking another language. There is excitement, fear and I wanted to experience all of that. It also a great thing to get inspiration and then compose. And I started traveling at the same time as writing my first album “Panorama”.

TMN: Seeing new parts of the world has always sort of kept me grounded. Learning from new cultures has been an enlightening and rewarding experience. It’s also made me more appreciative of home, here in San Francisco. What’s your own personal relationship with travel? What has it done for your music?

Møme: Haha yes, I totally understand the “home feeling”. When I started traveling, it was more “personal”, for myself, like a desire for new experiences, a desire to discover. Now I travel for shows and to share my music. I go overseas every month, it’s exciting but I don’t have the same time for personal trips. It’s way more intensive and I also appreciate coming back home. I live in the South of France, where everything is quiet and where sun shines all year long. I need a peaceful lifestyle when I’m not on tour. And for music, traveling offered me the possibilities to discover talents, featurings that I’m now working with. I’ve composed more for international vocalists than for French ones!

TMN: Travel aside, where do you call home these days?

Møme: The French Riviera is home but Indonesia has been like a “home away from home” the past 6 months. It has the weather that I love, good surf, good food, extremely nice people and I have often said to myself “should I move there for real?”.

TMN: I also had the pleasure of visiting Canggu last year; what an amazing town. Idyllic paradise full of amazing people and good vibes. What’d you think of Canggu and Bali?

Møme: I only discovered Bali last year. It was for my honeymoon and the trip we planned was supposed to be very chill. But I don’t know what happened there, I immediately started to compose! I was so inspired by the local sounds, instruments, by everything that was surrounding us! I was supposed to visit Bali from North to South and East to West but last October, we received messages from our embassy because of a volcano threat and had to shorten our trip. Canggu is where we spent most of our time. It is very quiet, the food can be very authentic as well as super healthy and the surf is good! It is where I stayed last month to finalize my two tracks from Møment I (Canggu and When We Ride) and film a video clip.

TMN: So thisMøments project is going to be a three-part project, with the first highlighting your experiences in Bali. What can we expect from Møments II and III?

Møme: It will be very spontaneous! I’m now in South America and will be visiting again soon the USA and Canada. It may be possible that one of these destinations will be the inspirations for Møment II. And for Møment III, it will be a bit later, probably end of this year. I’m still hesitating in between a hot or cold destination for this one!

TMN: I’m a big fun of the funky guitar grooves on “When we Ride”. It seems like that retro, dance-y feel is really big in the French music scene these days. Who would you call your biggest musical influences?

Møme: Yes it is! French are a bit retro sometimes 😉 Wow, my influences are not all electronic actually. I’m a huge fan of Tom Misch from the UK, and I’ve been a huge fan of Flume few years ago. Now I like a lot r’n’b songs and voices like Jorja Smith for instance.

TMN: If you could perform with any other artist (historic or current), who would it be?

Møme: Probably Mura Masa! I’ve been listening to him for a while but he is getting more and more attention in France now! We played at the same festival in Paris last week.

TMN: Where is next on your list of travel destinations?

Møme: Today I’m in México, flying to Cancun then back in France for two shows. I’ll go back home beginning of July for literally two days and then, I’ll be flying to Canada (Montreal and Quebec) for festivals. Finally I go back to Los Angeles, my second home away from home after Bali! And after all of these trips I have Belgium, New Caledonia, probably again Mexico and Belize this year. Some are for fun, some are for work!

I have to say I really have been enjoying the music coming out of France these days. As touched upon in the interview, the French these days have been adeptly bringing back retro-chic elements, interlacing them flawlessly with soul, funk, and modern electronic influences. Between artists like Møme, Jean Tonique, Polo & Pan, and FKJ (who also created a track inspired by paradisiacal Canggu), there’s a lot to be gained by opening up your musical tastes to that part of the world.

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