[Electronic] HXV – Separation EP

Atlanta’s HXV is making some big moves. With his EP, Separation, HXV sets the stage for the rest of his career. It’s a defining moment, one that is being marked with not just a simple single, but three packed into a meaningful project that takes things in a new direction. Each song has been released as a free download, in exchange for a Spotify follow which is nothing compared to what you get in return.

This EP marks the first steps in a longer story I’m trying to tell. My goal is to define what HXV is and sounds like once and for all. I went back and pulled from my inspirations and been writing music that’s electronic in nature and rooted in trap elements but has textures of shoegaze, metal, and dark wave. This EP is about leaving what’s familiar and pushing off into the unknown, embracing the fear and the discomfort of trying new things.”

The EP starts out with “Where Do We Go From Here,” a dark, mystifying record that embodies the exact emotions HXV had before making the changes that he did. Next comes “Into Oblivion,” a sonic black hole that you can’t escape, but luckily, you don’t want to. It’s a one of a kind song that may be our favorite on the EP, however “Crossing The Threshold” rivals it. The last single takes things a different direction, showcasing a more calm sound that closes the Separation out perfectly.

Those moments, those steps that you take into the unknown where you are finding yourself and where you fit into the world that’s the art. The music is the artifact, the ashes of the art itself. The art is the process. When all this is done and all the elements are out this will become the definitive guide for HXV.

’Where Do We Go From Here’
’Into Oblivion’
’Crossing The Threshold’
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[Electronic] Ken Loi – Hollow (feat. Liv Miraldi)

Ken Loi
Hollow (feat. Liv Miraldi)

Arkade Records had a hot one come out this month from Oakland California’s Ken Loi. His single “Hollow” features the lovely Liv Miraldi whose performance will hook you in tight. Together these two made a future-filled jam that we can’t get out of our heads.

Ken Loi’s masterful blending of genres makes this song what it is. By himself it would be great track, but with the addition of Liv Miraldi this song goes from great to stupendous. It feels familiar, yet the style is fresh to the ears. Arkade has always put out great records, but this one is one of our favorites from both their camp and Ken’s. If you’d like a copy of “Hollow” you can swoop it from iTunes today.

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JNTHN STEIN – Everything Is a Drug [TMN Premiere]

Everything Is a Drug

One thing that a lot of people need to realize, is anything can be a drug. Whether it’s the gym, cheeseburgers, music, books or what have you, these things can have a profound effect on people. One person who – we would guess – agrees with that is JNTHN STEIN, whose single “Everything Is A Drug” is here today in the dojo.

The thoughtful, intriguing talent met up with us ninjas yet again after our enlightening interview with him to give you a first listen to his new song. “Everything Is A Drug” is a magical record that exemplifies a true mastery of music. JNTHN respects the creative process and that’s something you can hear in this cool record. It starts out quite chill but as things progress the production gets a bit more playful and energetic. It’s just a great song and we’re honored to have the pleasure of giving you the first listen to it today!

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[Electronic] Demicat – OREDOROK EP

One word: OREDOROK. What is it? Well first, it’s the name of the new EP from Seoul producer Demicat and second it (basically) means forever in Korean. This five track project is going to be one of the best things you’ve listened to this week, if not the best.

Demicat gives us a taste of flavors from the East while dishing up a diverse array of sounds. He touches future bass, trap and beyond with his works on OREDOROK, a project that may truly live up to its name. All five singles are timeless and unique, showcasing the new heights that electronic music can reach if producers hone in. It’s CRAZY that this would be released as a free download, but it is, however if you want to do the right thing and support this project, you can do so through digital stores.

’Spirit Moves’
’LIGHT (feat. Neon Bunny)’
’BLUE (feat. DUVV)’
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[Electronic] DROELOE – See Through Me

See Through Me

It’s Wednesday afternoon and all that we can think about is the minute the clock strikes 6, so we can bolt out of the office and hit those happy hour deals, or snuggle under the covers of our beds. But, why not eradicate that stigma we so often apply to the work week and look at it in a positive light? For us music lovers every day – whether it’s a miserable Monday or a “Friday fun day” – means new tunes, and at TMN it’s our passion to mine for the best-of-the-best and the freshest-of-the-fresh in music.

Selecting the most fitting songs for our listeners can get pretty difficult with all of the incredible music that’s out there, but electronic duo DROELOE made it almost too easy for us after we took a listen to their latest. “See Through Me” is a beautiful fusion of edginess and etherealness. Provoking intrigue from the very start with airy echoes and jagged synths, the single culminates with a spectacular explosion of rich melodies and harmonies that are paired perfectly with crisp percussion. DROELOE has us at hello through the release of “See Through Me,” while reminding us bloggers why we love digging for music so damn much.

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[Electronic] Kendl – For Her

For Her

To tease fans for his upcoming EP, Colours, Kendl went ahead and released “For Her” off the project early. Even if nobody else is – which is 100% not the case – all of us ninjas are ready for the EP as this single has us at the edge of our seats with our ears perked up.

“For Her” is an intimate house record that’s almost too chill to even be labeled as anything but electronic. Everything about it is subtle, but in those subtleties lies a remarkable beauty that is easy to connect to. It’s one of those songs that you simply lose yourself in. It’s not until the end of the record that the composition gets a bit more colorful and complex. “For Her” is not something you’re going to want to miss a second of. If you’re digging it like us, get a copy from iTunes today.

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sumthin sumthin – Hollow [TMN Premiere]

Sumthin Sumthin

If you’re ready for something extra hot, you’ve came to the right place. Today in the dojo we present to you a first listen to sumthin sumthin‘s new single “Hollow” from the Afterglow EP. The Los Angeles producer partnered up with Quality Goods Records for the EP, but Music Ninja for the premiere. Get ready, this one is steamin’ right out of the oven.

“Hollow” is beyond fantastic. It comes out of left-field with enough swagger to melt the entire bass scene in an instant. With so many producers trying to be like other producers, it’s extremely refreshing to hear someone doing something different – and even a bit weird in the best way possible. sumthin sumthin has a catalog that is impressive, yet small, but he’s growing it in a big way with this EP and specifically with “Hollow.” Enjoy the single early, as the full EP isn’t out until the 28th; however you can get your copy through digital services.

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