[Minimal House] Anenon – Once


A friend of the LA-based super label Friends of Friends, Anenon, has released a new track this week that’s got our ears perked. Anenon released two singles this week, one of them being “Once.” As the name would not suggest we found it incredibly difficult to listen to this song a single time.

It’s integrative and so satisfying to listen to. The first thing you hear when the track starts is some free jazz drumming—namely fluttering symbols. In fact we think the percussion is what really makes this track. The artistry in the speed and articulation of the pads and the live symbols (or at least live-sounding) blur the lines between drum sampling and live drumming. Pair that with the Leon Vynehall sounding synths that slide you to and fro and you’ve got a masterful electronic release.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 182)


Thankfully, it’s the weekend. Moreover, some of us will have Monday off thanks to President’s Day, which means you can extend your Valentine’s Day another 24 hours if you have a partner. If you are single, just means another day of partying, or relaxation. Whatever you choose to do with your time, we’ve got you covered with some great records of all styles. Whether you need a love song, or just some straight up fist-pumping beats, this week’s installment has it. As usual, we start off with a little warm-up session from artists like Arman Cekin, Wildfellaz, and Boombox Cartel; then from there we move to some harder records from 5 & A Dime, NIGHTOWLS, Tommie Sunshine and more. Stream the tracks, or download them all for free. The choice is yours! Most importantly, don’t forget to #danceirresponsibly.

Arman Cekin & Larcy
Rihanna & Drake
Work (Emma & Shaun Cover) (Wildfellaz & Arman Cekin Remix)
Testament (feat. Grant Genske & Willdabeast)
Boombox Cartel
Dancing With Fire (ft. Stalking Gia)
Statik Link
Black Lotus (Original Mix)
DJ Snake
Propaganda (5 & A Dime Remix)
On Fire ft. Maribelle (/ˈlo͞osid/ Remix)
SUS (Original Mix)
The Chainsmokers
New York City (Tommie Sunshine & APAX Remix)
Tongue Tied
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[Future] Louis Futon – Wasted On You (feat. ROZES)

Louis Futon
Wasted On You (feat. ROZES)

Louis Futon was unofficially the remix king of 2015, crafting some of our favorite renditions of songs from Gallant, Phony Ppl, G-Eazy, and ODESZA, among others. Returning with his first release of the new year, the gifted producer takes all that he learned from those experiences and teams up with fellow Philadelphia native ROZES to create one of his most impressive original masterpieces to date in “Wasted On You.” Despite the dismissive nature of its lyrics, the sensationally vibrant single is guaranteed to lift your spirits, no matter your mood.

The track is the eighth release through ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, of which the duo had this to say about the unique collaboration:

We’ve always been a fan of Louis Futon because of his incredible ability to excel in any genre he produces and this track is no exception. With vocals by the very talented ROZES, “Wasted On You” is a euphoric anthem that fuses distorted synths, airy vocals and pulsing percussion work.

Kick your weekend off the right way by streaming the tune above, and if you like it (we know you will), make sure to support the artist and grab a copy from iTunes as well.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta – 2/11 – 2/14


As we continue along into 2016, we’re excited to bring you more opportunities to check out our favorite club. As you probably already know, we’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta for over three years now. We know you’ve had some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Get there before 9PM on Sundays.
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

See you on the dance floor.

Herobust - 2/11

Skurt Reynolds
Netsky - 2/12
Work It Out Feat. Digital Farm Animals
Superstar Saturdays - 2/13
Tale of Us - 2/14
Swept (Tale Of Us Remix)
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[Indie] Alfred Hall – Safe & Sound (Radio Mix)

unnamed (13)
Alfred Hall Music
Safe & Sound (2016 Radio Mix)

As soon as the calendar flips over to the new year, we’re anxiously awaiting tracks that will encapsulate the masses throughout the year. They may be those legendary festival-worthy dance tracks that get our feet and hips itching for a shot at the dance floor. They may be those memorable indie tunes that give us inescapable lyrics that cross our lips for the duration of the year, and beyond. “Safe and Sound” falls somewhere in the middle, giving listeners a reason to kick back, or boogie, all while dreaming of sunny days, grassy fields, and the enveloping music that’s right around the bend.

Hailing from Norway, Alfred Hall is made up of Hans Tomas, an engineering undergrad, and Bjørn Tveit, a medical student. After deciding to form the band in the summer of ’09, they’ve since grabbed the attention of A&Rs, signed to Sony Norway, received a nomination for Scandanavia’s Best Music Video, and a nomination for Best Pop Album at the Norweigan Grammys. Now, they’re ready to take on the rest of the world, and this tune is going to lead them there.

“Safe & Sound” is simply radiant, lifting listeners up with a warming sense of wonderment. Set to the luscious backdrop of beachy drums, playful guitars, and whimsical whistling, it casually latches on, demanding you to bear a toothy grin, shake your hips, and sing along. Speaking of singing along, it won’t take you long to catch on. We’re a few listens through, and we’re already belting out each lyric, line by line.

Per usual, we’re going to highly recommend you like these guys on Facebook today. Aside from being in the know when their EP drops on March 26th, you’ll also be able to one-up your friends when they eventually catch onto them.

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[Future] Boombox Cartel – Dancing With Fire (ft. Stalking Gia)

Boombox Cartel - Dancing With Fire (feat. Stalking Gia)
Boombox Cartel
Dancing With Fire (ft. Stalking Gia)

Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina, known together as Boombox Cartel, once again wowed us with their latest release. Pairing with alternative pop singer Stalking Gia, the duo has created a track that slightly differs from their usual trap sound. “Dancing With Fire” has a combination of trap elements in the buildup and a burst of soaring synths in the hook. Their use of infectious melodies and catchy sounds will definitely make you fall in love with the track after your first listen. The second drop also features their signature electro synthline that just takes its authenticity to a whole ‘nother level.

Safe to say these guys just keep getting better and better at making hits. If you dig “DWF”, make sure to grab it for free here, or on their Soundcloud page.

Tour Dates:
March Australian and NZ Tour:
Fri 4th – The MET, Brisbane
Sat 5th – Ambar Nightclub, Perth
Wed 9th – Argyle House, Newcastle
Thur 10th – Back Bar, Hamilton (NZ)
Fri 11th – Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Sat 12th – The Helm, Sunshine Coast
Sun 13th – Trapped, Adelaide

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[Synth-pop] Astronomyy – The Secret

Astronomyy - The Secret
The Secret

Following the success of “Don’t Need U” and “Nothing On My Mind”, 26-year-old Astronomyy is back with another giant hit. Titled “The Secret”, this synth-pop tune is set to be one of his biggest tracks to date. A catchy retro bassline immediately grabs our attention, while his vocals outline an infectious melody. The song tells a story of the feeling you get when your loved one has chosen someone else over you, and the contemplation of your competition. It’s one of those tunes that will get stuck in your head for a long time because of how personal it speaks to you.

One of our favorite British singer/producers is starting off 2016 strong with this release. Definitely keep an eye out for Astronomyy in the near future for more special tunes.

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