MOONZz – Aftershock [TMN Premiere]


One thing we all have to look forward to is the release of a new EP from MOONZz. On May 18th, her EP Aftershock drops in full, but today we’ve got you covered early with the premiere of her third single from the project, which just happens to be the title track.

“Aftershock” begins with an intriguing sonic haze that sucks you right into the song. From there MOONZz takes a strong lead with an unforgettable performance, something that’s become the norm for her. With a whole lot of soul she turns up the heat on a rather chill tune, invigorating the listener while the instrumental relieves. It’s an honor to host this incredible record to you first, so enjoy the exclusive listen and get ready for the full Aftershock EP!

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[Electronic] Youngman Goon – Dusty 6

Youngman Goon
Dusty 6

Denver’s own Youngman Goon has come back after nearly a year to follow up with a third single. If you were looking for a vibey chiller to get you through the rest of the week, then you’ve got it in “Dusty 6.” This one is five minutes of pure relaxation.

“Dusty 6” is the ultimate soothing record, pushing forth soundscapes that infiltrate your brain and calm it down with acoustic sentiment. There’s some international undertones with elements taken from world music, specifically from the East. It gives the track an exotic natural tone that contributes to its allure. We’ve only got three tracks from Youngman Goon within the past year and a half, but we’re yearning for more.

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[Synth-Pop/Experimental] John Maus – Running Man

Much to this writer’s delight, we’ve had the chance to shine a welcome light on visionary producer, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist John Maus in these recent months. With an impending long-player, Addendum, due out May 18th; we’ve been offering a few pieces of that one, including “Episode”, in the wake of its buildup. A collection of B-sides and new tunes alike, Addendum features 12 additional recordings from his Screen Memories sessions including this latest offering, “Running Man”.

Sharing an aural aesthetic with the 1987 film of the same name, “Running Man” layers staccato synths atop one another and over glistening pads & shuffled percussion all heavily steeped in reverb-y delay. Maus experimented working with an all-analog batch of synths to create his last two records, literally building every rumbling, squelch and blip from the ground up before turning them into full, cohesive movements; and his uniquely personal touch towards his production methods is felt in every inch of his latest works. In anticipation of Addendum‘s release, Maus will be conducting a Reddit AMA via /r/indieheads on Tuesday, May 5th at 5:00 p.m. Eastern; so for our redditor family, polish those questions up and be ready for tomorrow. Until then, stream “Running Man” below.

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[Electronic] Laarsen – Peace Of Mind

Peace Of Mind

If this week has already started off hectic for you, then you need “Peace Of Mind.” Even if you’re chilling, Laarsen‘s latest is a treat to be treasured. It lives up to its name and will give even the most anxious of minds some comfort.

Beautiful, cerebral and poetic, this instrumental speaks volumes without the need of words, although they do come very subtly. Laarsen manifests a composition that is two and a quarter minutes of pure bliss. It’s one of those songs you wish was longer, but hey, that’s what the replay button is for. Kick back, throw this one on and enjoy your own peace of mind.

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[EDM] LOUDPVCK & KillaGraham – Liar


LOUDPVCK and KillaGraham, both notorious for their incredible trap and bass music, decided to switch it up on their new collab, “Liar.” With a very “Jack Ü” vibe to it, this track has a simple, but unique sound to it that makes the whole thing bang.

After LOUDPVCK split up at the end of 2017, a change was certainly expected to be heard in the music. If you compare this track to any of LOUDPVCK’s recent releases, you can see how different this one is from the rest. Meanwhile, KillaGraham has been really adapting and experimenting with his style in the past year, and it’s been sounding absolutely incredible. I personally love when artists experiment with new influences, and I think it’s definitely working for LOUDPVCK & KillaGraham in this track.

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[Electronic] Dropout – No Scrubs (feat. Wendy Sarmiento) REMIXES EP

The Santa Barbara duo Dropout recently came out with a remix pack for their cover/remix of “No Scrubs.” The name might ring a bell if you’re a a 90’s kid (or older) as it was the illustrious 1999 hit by TLC. Dropout brought it forward into contemporary times alongside singer Wendy Sarmiento and now have some extra takes of the tune.

Dropout enlisted five acts to flip the record. With remixes from Decoy!, FunkShop, Jack Trades, MÖWE and Nector spanning such genres as future bass and both deep and progressive house, this remix EP is full of fun Summer songs that all play with the same vocal. We enjoy all five takes, but to us the MÖWE one sticks out the most. Have a listen for yourself and see which one is your favorite.

’No Scrubs (Decoy! Remix)’
’No Scrubs (FunkShop Remix)’
’No Scrubs(Jack Trades Remix)’
’No Scrubs (MÖWE Remix)’
’No Scrubs (Nector Remix)’
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[Music Video] Son Lux – The Fool You Need

Son Lux, the genre-skirting synthesis of Los Angeles composer Ryan Lott along with the help of New Yorkers, Rafiq Bhatia on guitar and drummer Ian Chang, have stormed into both this year and this writer’s headspace like a symphonic speeding bullet. Coming off of the heels of an excellent 8th album, Brighter Wounds, which saw release in February, the hyper-talented trio has been garnering loads of worthy critical acclaim in the months since; while touring internationally almost constantly since its release.

Recently Son Lux unveiled the visceral visual accompaniment -directed by Jean-Paul Frenay-  from one of Brighter Wounds‘ standout tunes, “The Fool You Need”. The video, which opens with some rather jarring imagery, fits like an unlikely puzzle piece atop Lott’s cleverly fractured drum patterns and aching vocals. When asked about his work, Frenay relayed that he visually interpreted the track to mirror the endless circle of life, love, and death that it so tragically captures. Son Lux will be maintaining their presence on the road, getting ready to kick off a co-headlining tour with indie-pop princess Kimbra come May 12th. Stream the video for “The Fool You Need” below and check out their forthcoming tour dates after the jump.

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