[Electronic] TATE SEDAR – San Francisco

TATE SEDAR has emerged as a rising electronic artist on the west coast, celebrated for his dynamic fusion of genres and profound narrative storytelling through sound. His journey from an electronic music enthusiast, first introduced through Dance Dance Revolution, to a visionary on the post-EDM frontier, showcases a smooth trajectory of growth, innovation, and a commitment to artistic depth. SEDAR’s collaborations with music industry titans and performances, including the acclaimed 2020 Insomniac Discovery Project: EDC Virtual Rave-a-Thon, all show his dedication to the game and bright future going forward.

Accumulating over 5.7 million plays in 2023, SEDAR’s influence spans globally, with his work featured on leading EDM platforms, marking him as a staple in Insomniac Events’ artist roster. His singles “Heaven” and “Find a Way” have seen distinctive success, while his upbeat remixes, like “Hero” and an edit of Justin Bieber’s “Hold On,” have been well-received for their deep thematic resonance.

post-EDM (n): a progressive style of electronic dance music that draws from sounds of the EDM era (2010-2020) and prior while using analog & digital instrumentation.

The release of “San Francisco” is the next chapter in the journey, encapsulating the essence of his musical origins and the innovative horizon of post-EDM. This track serves as a bridge between SEDAR’s musical roots in the culturally rich city of San Francisco, known for its contributions to rock, funk/soul, and hip-hop, and his exploration into novel sonic territories. “San Francisco” stands as a symbol of SEDAR’s ability to weave together disparate musical threads into a cohesive and catchy post-EDM masterpiece, marking a milestone in his continuous journey of musical and personal evolution.

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[Future Rave] CRISTIAN MARCHI – Con Il Nastro Rosa

Cristian Marchi is back at it again, this time giving Lucio Battisti’s timeless tune “Con Il Nastro Rosa” (With the Pink Ribbon) a cool, fresh spin. Known for his killer instinct for what makes a track hit just right and his knack for crafting remixes that stick, Marchi has been a major name in the electronic music game since the late ’90s. He’s been lighting up dance floors worldwide with his tunes and remixes that just beg you to move.

For his latest , Marchi teamed up with Luis Rodriguez, Paolo Sandrini, and the incredibly talented Massimiliano Ferriani, blending the charm of Battisti’s original with the pulsating energy of the Future Rave genre. It’s a stellar example of how Marchi has a talent for making old classics resonate with today’s vibe.

Alongside staying active with new releases, he’s also out there guiding up and coming talent and making moves in different industries, proving he’s got skills that go way beyond the decks. This latest remix of “Con Il Nastro Rosa” highlights his roots within electronic over decades, as well as showcases the ideal of merging the old with the new, highlighting his pursuit of fresh sounds. As this remix starts to spread, it’s set to enchant listeners and add another chapter to Marchi’s legacy, proving he’s still pushing the limits and going above and beyond the call of duty.

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[Dance-Pop / Electro] The 1975 – Oh Caroline (TATE SEDAR Remix)

TATE SEDAR has released a remix of The 1975’s hit ‘Oh Caroline,’ infusing it with an exquisite blend of electro house, dance-pop elements, and a splash of zest that can be distinctly defined as his own. This reinterpretation elevates the listener into an uplifting, metaphysical realm, completely transforming the original piece into something that stands out as uniquely TATE SEDAR’s creation. The remix’s ability to rejuvenate and offer a new perspective on the familiar tune is down-right refreshing and fun – TATE hit the spot with this one.

A budding dance music DJ/producer that is continually able to rise in the ranks, TATE SEDAR is on a mission to redefine boundaries when it comes to expectations around popular electronic music sounds. His journey includes winning the 2020 Discovery Project: EDC Virtual Rave-a-Thon and performing alongside notable names such as Dada Life, Don Diablo, and Cash Cash. SEDAR’s innovative approach to music often blends elements from the golden era of EDM with both analog and digital instrumentation, drawing inspiration from diverse genres including Motown, disco, and rock.

In 2023, SEDAR’s music reached over 5.7 million plays, proving what he is doing is working – his influence is growing and sound is resonating with more and more of the electronic music community. His tracks have been featured on premier EDM platforms, and he’s a recognized figure in the Insomniac Events artist roster.

Going a bit deeper, TATE’s commitment to adding depth and meaning to electronic music is evident in his remix of “Hero” by Empire’s Terrell Carter and his support for social causes through his music – all of this just scratches the surface on where he’s been and where he’s going.

Raised in San Francisco and educated in London at the Point Blank Music School, SEDAR’s journey into music started early, with a passion ignited by Dance Dance Revolution. Now based in Hollywood, Los Angeles, all signs point to SEDAR being hyper driven to make the best of the future, always in search of the perfect hoodie to accompany his musical explorations along the way.

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[Electronic] Knoir – Only Darkness

Knoir, an electrifying force in Australia’s electronic music scene, is taking the genres of dubstep, trap, and riddim to new heights with his unique blend of sounds. On the horizon is his latest masterpiece, ‘Only Darkness,’the track is all about breaking the mold, featuring slow-burning frequencies that build into a crescendo of pulsating rhythms, futuristic melodies, and deep, resonating bass. ‘Only Darkness’ is an invitation to a journey of self-discovery and introspection, wrapped in the epic world of dubstep and riddim, tinged with heavy distortion.

Beyond just his music, Knoir’s impact resonates throughout the electronic music world. Hailing from Sydney, he has earned nods from music heavyweights like SVDDEN DEATH, Porter Robinson, Joji, G Jones, Subtronics, Jon Casey, and HOL!, to name a few. His musical signature? A potent mix of thunderous basslines, intricate rhythms, and a touch of atmospheric magic, all designed to whisk listeners off to another dimension. Knoir’s relentless push for new sounds sees him blending the intensity of dubstep with the smooth grooves of trap and the futuristic vibes of future bass, ensuring every track is an energy-packed experience. Known for his dynamic live shows, Knoir continues to enchant fans across the globe with his innovative music and captivating performances.

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Rich Delinquent – Here’s To Dystopia EP

Rich Delinquent, an Australian pop phenomenon, has swiftly ascended in the music industry, gaining recognition from leading music platforms such as Euphoria, Elevator, and Earmilk. His distinctive approach, blending cyberpunk themes with an emotronic sound, sets him apart in a crowded field. The release of his EP ‘Here’s To Dystopia’ underscores his innovative vision and artistic ambition.

The EP, featuring standout tracks like “Speak Up ft. Emmy Mack” and “Chica Diablo ft. 12am,” showcases Rich Delinquent’s ability to fuse emotive storytelling with captivating melodies. His collaboration with Emmy Mack on “Speak Up” offers an introspective look at the fallout of a relationship, demonstrating his nuanced understanding of human emotions. “Chica Diablo,” in partnership with 12am, mixes future bass with rave influences, proving his skill in creating tracks that resonate on a visceral level.

His achievements extend beyond individual songs; ‘Here’s To Dystopia’ as a whole is a strong example as to Rich Delinquent’s growing influence in the pop music scene.

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[House] Rd0Dave – What D0 They Want

Rising talent, Rd0Dave, has just unveiled his latest single “What D0 They Want” through Night Moves Music, merging invigorating house rhythms with a distinctive dirty bass sound. This track distinguishes itself with a robust bassline and an engaging sample mix, perfectly suited for the vibrant nightlife scene. Returning to Night Moves Music, Rd0Dave builds on his impressive production history, with his latest being a fitting addition to the catalog.

Following the acclaim of “Y0u Want It” on Beatport’s Best Hype Mainstage list for 2022 and another track acclaimed in the Best Mainstage of 2023, Rd0Dave is set for an even more remarkable year in 2024. With plans for releases on Night Moves Music, Brooklyn Fire, and several noteworthy collaborations, Rd0Dave’s seamless integration of classic electro house with modern flair continues to enchant and expand his audience.

His discography boasts 18 tracks released on labels from around the world – a positive sign that what he is doing is working. His contributions have been acknowledged on prestigious platforms like Tomorrowland’s One World Radio and through collaborations with luminaries like Tommie Sunshine.

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Dave Pollard, also known as Rd0Dave or “Radio Dave,” began his musical expedition at the tender age of two, starting with drumming. His journey has spanned radio, DJing, and producing, with an early introduction to live shows shaping his unique sound. Rd0Dave gained initial acclaim with “Jerk” on Liftoff Recordings, followed by the celebrated “Electr0Buzz” on G-Mafia Records, both tracks adding a different spin to the iconic electro house genre.

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[Electronic] Martial Simon & Narissa – 10 To 5

Martial Simon has yet again captured the essence of modern dance music with his latest release, “10 to 5.” Collaborating with Narissa, known for her hit “Boss Bae” and collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, Simon brings a refreshing and innovative sound to the forefront. This new track follows a series of successful releases in 2023, each surpassing 200K streams on Spotify, showcasing Simon’s growing influence in the industry.

“10 to 5” stands out as a narrative-driven electronic piece, exploring the complexities of modern relationships. It delves into the contrast between initial infatuation and the reality of getting to know someone, a theme that resonates with many in today’s fast-paced dating culture. The track presents a vivid depiction of this classic myth versus reality tale, striking a chord with listeners who have experienced similar romantic journeys.

Simon’s signature energetic style blends seamlessly with Narissa’s smooth vocals, creating a unique fusion that transcends traditional genre boundaries. This collaboration results in a sound that is both innovative and familiar, perfectly balancing deep house and tech house elements. The track is designed to captivate club-goers and electronic music enthusiasts alike, with plenty of components built in to fit snug into DJ sets and be played out on dance floors.

Martial Simon’s career, spanning over two decades, is marked by an impressive array of achievements. His label, GET SET Records, and a catalog of tracks like “High In July” and “Lost” have amassed over 8 million streams. His hit “Where My Girls At?” reached the top of the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart and received airplay on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems. “10 to 5” is a continuation of Simon’s legacy, check out the song for yourself below.

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