[Event Preview/Playlist] The Underground Music Showcase – Denver, CO

The 17th anniversary of one of Denver’s most storied music events, The Underground Music Showcase, is just around the corner. What began as a one-night performance featuring just four bands, The UMS has steadily exploded into to a four-day music and art festival featuring hundreds of performances. As the time draws nearer to what will no doubt be another incredible weekend pf performances, it’s time to get our readers familiar with this year’s crop of (mostly) burgeoning artists spanning a plethora of genres and sounds. While this recent slate of participating artists is the second wave, we can assuredly expect one more run of performers to be added to this year’s bill, so stay tuned!

This year’s bill features one of the more eclectic, varied lineups we’ve been privy to for a number of years, including a seemingly heavier focus on displaying the myriad talent spread across The Centennial State (that’s Colorado ya yokels). On the top end of things, The UMS features an incredible slate of headlining performances from the likes of Nika Roza Danilova’s influential avant-pop project Zola Jesus,  New Orleans based Benjamin Booker‘s raw brand of blues/boogie/soul/rock, Red Fang‘s primal-yet-refined  stoner-metal, John Jagos’ lofi pop alter-ego and TMN darling Brothertiger, and the smoothly subdued vocal stylings of Esmé Patterson. In addition to the already excellent pallet of headliners, The UMS also will be presenting countless sets from some of our absolute favorite Colorado artists including Flaural, Povi, RUMTUM, Slow Caves & Dragondeer. To get your ears tuned for next month’s festivities, check out our preview playlist below and get your learn on if you haven’t already. Tickets are still on presale, so hop to it and pick up a 4-day pass on the cheap here!

’Benjamin Booker – Violent Shiver’
’Brothertiger – Beyond The Infinite’
’Zola Jesus – Exhumed’
’Esmé Patterson – Green Green’
’Red Fang – Blood Like Cream’
’Slow Caves – Glares’
’Povi – 4am’
’Flaural – Culture Ghost’
’RUMTUM – Coastal Hustle’
’Dragondeer – When I See You’
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[Electronic] The M Machine – We Had It All (Indiginis Remix)

The M Machine
We Had It All (Indiginis Remix) [Premiere]

“We Had It All” by The M Machine just got a fresh new flip. Thanks to Indiginis, we have yet another funk friendly track to share. The bouncy, bubbly take of “We Had It All” is an official release delivered through Mad Zoo. As you might expect from the label’s catalog, this one is a genre-bending gem.

Indiginis really pulled something special off here. The M Machine helped change the face of dance music, so remixing their work and living up to their prestige isn’t an easy task. Despite that, Indiginis went above and beyond, taking “We Had It All” to new heights. There have been countless remixes that have come out this year, but this is among our top. It has that remarkable familiar yet distinct vibe to it. It’s something that is accessible, but not your run of the mill. Jam this one one repeat to end your day nicely.

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AIRWAV – Vivid EP [TMN Premiere]

Enter the dojo for a first listen to AIRWAV‘s Vivid EP. The New York producer just dropped his five track project, which you get to glimpse first here with this premiere. Through and through, Vivid is a titanic expression that doesn’t limit itself to one genre.

AIRWAV’s project has a dynamic edge to it, but future bass takes center stage. Tracks like “The Void” and “Nomads” portray AIRWAV’s future sensibilities, while “Origami” and “Thinkin Bout U” show different side of the producer. All together these tracks take you through different sounds and styles, making it a memorable listening experience from start to finish. It’s an experience you don’t mind doing again and again. Vivid is currently available on digital stores and streaming services, including Spotify.

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[Electronic] Golden Vessel – Shoulders (ft. Elkkle & Mallrat)

Golden Vessel
Shoulders (ft. Elkkle & Mallrat)

Max Byrne, aka Golden Vessel, is yet another talented artists coming from the land down under. Not only does this Brisbane beatmaker have the production talent, but the creative edge that is going to separate him from the rest of the crowd.

“Shoulders” is the most recent work coming from Golden Vessel, out now on all stores thanks to Exist Recordings. The original features Elkkle and Mallrat. With all their abilities combined, “Shoulders” is an absolute treasure. The indie meets electronic style is refreshing, among a host of other positive adjectives. Hear it for yourself today and get a copy for your digital library.

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[Indie] Analogue Dear – Alabaster Hands ft. Janna Lagerström

Analogue Dear
Alabaster Hands ft. Janna Lagerström

“Alabaster Dear” may be the most beautiful, quaint song we’ve heard in 2017. Analogue Dear’s collaboration with Janna Lagerström is nothing short of a masterpiece. Within the first thirty seconds, the song pulls at your heart and sets in motion the running tears.

Subtle, moving and blissful, “Alabaster Hands” is a song you truly lose yourself in. Hours could pass as you play this on repeat without a worry in the world. Analogue Dear’s composition is outstanding and Janna’s wordless performance speaks volumes more than most lyrics could. The song is currently available as a free download and will come out with Analogue Dear’s EP, Stories We Tell Ourselves.

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[Future Bass] JACKAL – Endorphins EP

Over the past several weeks, JACKAL has released two singles to tease fans for his upcoming EP, Endorphins. Through the two releases, we’ve been at the edge of our seats ready for what’s to come and it is finally here. Just as the singles, the entire EP is a free download, however if you’d like to support it then you can do so on digital stores.

Endorphins comes in at four tracks long. JACKAL’s future sound reigns supreme throughout the project, with “Summer In Your Arms” being the most different with its bouncy tropical vibes. With each track JACKAL brings an array of genuine emotions, instead of simply writing seemingly catchy songs that cash in on the hype train. Endorphins will stand as a pillar of where future can go if one puts their heart and soul into it. Sometimes producer’s just miss that mark, but JACKAL hits it four times over.

’With You’
’Summer In Your Arms (feat. Josh Congress)’
’Feel It (feat. Anfa Rose)’
’Little Threads (feat. Foy)’
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[Electronic] Kasbo – Cry / Dance Mix_01

Cry / Dance Mix_01

Kasbo is starting something that you need to pay attention to. If his own releases weren’t enough – even though they are – then you’ll be glad to know he’s got a brand new mix series he’s unraveled. “Cry / Dance” has just launched with its first volume, available for free.

Enjoy just under one hour of music from Kasbo and company. It will showcase his own music, as well as music that inspires him. To kick things off proper, Kasbo has included some unreleased goodies in the mix and this is likely not going to be restricted to this first volume. One of the said unreleased songs is his next release, so there’s that on top of everything else. Take a listen through the mix this weekend and get ready for more! This is just the beginning.

PS, if you’re in the Denver area, DO NOT miss the debut of his live show June 15th.

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