[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 130: Earl & J.I.D

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Music Ninja Radio
Episode #130: Earl & JID

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This week’s episode was heavily focused on two amazing hip-hop albums that dropped last week: Earl Sweatshirt‘s lo-fi and emotionally devastating Some Rap Songs and J.I.D‘s cinematic flow clinic DiCaprio 2. Other highlights include a chillwave-tinted jam from Mk.gee, Chance the Rapper‘s best song in a long time, an entrancing cut from Overmono and Loods delivering his signature dreamy sound for Shall Not Fade‘s 3 Years of Service compilation.

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[Electronic] Donna Missal – Keep Lying (Sapphire Adizes Remix)

Donna Missal
Keep Lying (Sapphire Adizes Remix)

Sapphire Adizes returns with another big remix. For those unfamiliar, he is a saxophonist, producer, and singer-songwriter who draws on his background in classical and jazz to create symphonic electronic tracks rich with experimental textures, ethereal vocals, and powerful sax and piano performances. This time around he stepped it up a notch and flipped Donna Missal‘s record “Keep Lying,”

The up and coming musician proves himself to be someone to keep your eye on in the future with this detailed and powerful Donna Missal remix. Stay tuned for new music, this is only his second release to date so I assume he is sitting on a ton of more music!

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HighSchool Jacob – Nobody But You [TMN PREMIERE]

HighSchool Jacob
Nobody But You

LA-based HighSchool Jacob has been making some waves as of late, releasing a handful of tracks in only a few months time. It’s not hard to understand the magnetism to this curious alt-pop act. His style is truly unique, which is getting increasingly more difficult to say anymore.

“Nobody But You” is a testament to his talents, and the most recent release that grabbed my attention. Lead in by soft, humming synths, and a warm, treated vocal, this fresh single doesn’t take long to build up intrigue. A vocal harmony wanders in next, brought in tandem with some spattered percussion, building to a big, beautiful, choppy lead synth. The eventual crescendo is powerful, spiraling upwards with an intense, passionately sung lyrics.

When I wrote this song, I wanted to experiment with unusual sounds (such as the sound of my mouse clicking) to provide an intimate and vulnerable atmosphere, and it was when I reached the chorus however that I discovered I wanted to express the other side of those intimate emotions with an energetic and big expression of that previously mentioned desperation. – HighSchool Jacob

The end result is something oddly nostalgic, though inevitably difficult to cite why. It just feels familiar. My best explanation? I don’t have one. Just sit back and drink it in.

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[Electronic] Sleep Thieves ‘Fortress’ EP

Described as the definition of ‘disco noir’, Dublin-dwelling trio Sleep Thieves  release their new EP Fortress.

 They tell it best by sharing, “We’ve been recording for the last few years, playing the odd show to try some songs out live. We’ve ended up with a massive amount of material all with varying vibes. This is probably due to being in a perpetual state of studio flux. The boom is back in Dublin, this generally means art is out and upmarket hip bars and coffee places are in. We’re in our fourth studio in the last two years. Just when we get settled and get into a groove we get moved on by the landlord and our studio is gutted and becomes a Karaoke bar, Office space, Starbucks.

We’ve now started to nest in a new studio outside the city with a different atmosphere. So what does all this mean to this release you probably ask? Well, we realized upon reflection that we’re a band that draws a lot from the atmosphere and the environment we record in and thus we’ve ended up with 4 different sets of songs recorded in each place. Fortress EP is a collection of songs drawing from each, beginning life in the first studio and evolving as our transient existence bounced us from home to home.  These songs are a snapshot of how time, surroundings, upheaval and change can sculpt the creative process in unexpected yet welcome ways.

Releasing this EP as a sonic collection of this time marks the end of this period of transience with a more permanent home sourced.  If your home is said to be your castle, we’re (finally) making our new studio our Fortress.”

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[Electronic] Chris Siegel – I Can’t feat. lulunah

Chris Siegel
I Can't feat. lulunah

Milwaukee’s musical mage Chris Siegel partnered up with Madison’s lulunah for a new vibey treat your ears will be huffing down over and over again. You can stream it here, or if you’re still into this sort of thing – download it for free.

“I Can’t” is more than simply a hit song. The two creatives work together in stride to deliver an enjoyable sonic adventure that blends together a sad realization with a promising sentiment. The spirited instrumental at times can be somewhat somber, fitting in line with the direction of the vocals – performed sensationally by lulunah – but at others gives a sense of optimism. For anybody that’s been in a relationship (sorry any Forever Aloners out there), this should hit near home.

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[Indie/Electronic] Midoca – When You’re Around I Become Myself

When You're Around I Become Myself

Midoca has quickly become an artist to keep your eyes glued on. Simply keeping them peeled is not enough to appreciate this indie sensation. With a string of quality, interesting records this year, he continues that thread with “When You’re Around I Become Myself.”

“When You’re Around I Become Myself” is a passionate slow jam that inches along like a flow of delectable musical molasses. It oozes with Midoca’s tender, yet complex emotions that play together with ease. Midoca has a style all his own and its on full display with this gem. Get your copy of it today.

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[Electronic] SLATIN feat. Carla Monroe – Apple Juice

Hailing from two very diverse backgrounds, Russian and Spanish, DJ/Producer Ruslan Slatin, aka SLATIN, releases “Apple Juice,” featuring UK vocalist Carla Monroe. As SLATIN, puts it, this one is the first in a series of what he calls “Modular House” tunes. Sharing that the “idea is to integrate modular synthesis in a way no one did before.” Utilizing influences from techno and house music and flipping them into a fusion of hybrid analog-digital tracks that appeals to lots of different listeners.  “Apple Juice” is out now and you can stream below!

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