[EP Review] NVDES – La Nvdité Vol. 2

This High
D.Y.T (Do Your Thing) feat. REMMI
Amsterdam In My Mind
Where Is Your Mind

As a much anticipated follow-up to Vol. 1 released this summer, music collective NVDES has released the sequel La Nvdité Vol. 2 today. De-facto frontman Josh Ocean enlists the help of his musically talented friends once again to produce yet another energy and emotion packed EP. NVDES continues to deliver on their mission of soul-baring creative expression.

Volume 2 takes a decidedly more experimental approach than pop-heavy Volume 1. There’s a bit of everything on this latest EP, but you begin to hear some new musical inspirations come through on this production.

On first track “This High”, the EP kicks off with the familiar post-punk, distorted guitar twangs you’ve come to associate with NVDES. If you keep listening, Ocean and crew lace in some ethereal, almost spiritual crooning. By the end of the song, you’re left with a trappy banger. Quite the musical journey on this track.

Another standout is lead single “D.Y.T.”, a fun, minimalistic dance tune that we featured previously here on TMN. NVDES draws on the help of talented vocalist Remmi for this tune. The following track, “Everyday”, shows a soulful side of NVDES that we haven’t quite seen before. Alongside a distinctly retro sampling/production style, this track introduces a new funky side to the lost love that Ocean so often enjoys writing songs about.

On the whole, Vol. 2 makes it evident that Ocean is delving deeper into certain aspects of his creative repertoire, going beyond the pop-punk electro sound that NVDES initially became known for. Leaning on heavier and darker beats, and lacing in funk and soul elements, NVDES makes an unexpected yet welcome musical pivot, while staying true to their roots of free-flowing, unstructured musical exploration. 

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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 94: Hazy Jawnts & House Experiments

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode #94: Hazy Jawnts & House Experiments

Soundcloud || Spotify Playlist  || BFF.fm Archive & Tracklist

This week’s selection is inspired by the music that accompanied some recent travels. The show kicks off with some laid back, soulful vibes but quickly kicks up into hip-hop and future beats. The majority of the lineup, though, is comprised of some trippy, experimental house tracks that have been in heavy rotation. I also shouted out BFF.fm’s end of year fundraiser and an upcoming benefit show in SF where I’ll be DJing. – ash.

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[Multi-Genre] JEANIE – Disturbance EP

The bass-booming beatsmith JEANIE has come through with her biggest project to date. The Disturbance EP comes in at four tracks in length as the Brooklyn talent shows off just where she can take her creative abilities.

Disturbance dives into multiple soundscapes including trap, dubstep and electro, especially in regards to the niche of sounds like Gesaffelstein and Rezz. Her bass influence is prevalent throughout the EP, but she closes things out with a more vibey single to shake things up and express something different. JEANIE didn’t simply throw together tracks unknowingly, instead she delivered a calculated project to take the next step in her career. Want a copy? Get yours today.

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[Electronic] Shmuck The Loyal – HISTRIONICS EP

Shmuck The Loyal has been putting out a solid amount of work in the past few weeks, with his recent EP being the biggest project. The four track HISTRiONICS EP sees the Nashville producer continuing to progress on an iconic, hypnotic signature sound.

HISTRiONICS is the second EP from Shmuck and features his previously released single “Slipping.” The EP starts out with the Kiya Lacey collaboration on “Tempt” that exudes a dark, psychedelic sound. The rest of the project follows suit, but shifts Shmuck’s style through different avenues to add depth from start to finish. Overall it’s an EP that you’re going to want to jam through a few times at least!

’Shmuck the Loyal – Tempt ft. Kiya Lacey’
’Shmuck the Loyal – Slipping’
’Shmuck the Loyal – Adapt’
’Shmuck the Loyal – Endure’
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[Electronic] Said The Sky & FRND – Faded

Said The Sky & FRND

Two of our favorite music men have come together for a magical collaboration. “Faded” sees Said The Sky and FRND mix their unique styles for a timeless tune.

“Faded” is one of those collaboration that brings the best of both worlds, playfully building off each other’s strengths instead of simply throwing each other’s sounds together carelessly. Beautiful, full of emotion and a respect for musicality, this single has all you could ask for. Said The Sky and FRND comes as a sweet surprise that may just be the track that makes our week. “Faded” just dropped today and is currently available on digital formats. You’re going to want this one.

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[Music Video] Sean Turk ft. Jessame – Lemonade

Aurally sip on some “Lemonade” straight from Sean Turk‘s studio. Not only do we have the collaborative single with Jessame to share with you, but Sean went ahead and launched this release with a stylish music video.

With “Lemonade” we get Sean’s signature Bedroom Bass style blended with hip-hop for a radio-accessible original. The crossover sound is something you’d expect to hear in the Summer time, but don’t be surprised if you hear this one still being jammed. In regards to the video, it’s a simple concept that is shot and executed well. Together the audiovisual project is a nice treat that will help get you through the week with a smile on your face. “Lemonade” is available on digital platforms today.

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[Music Video] OYO – Powerless ft. TEMPLE

OYO‘s single “Powerless” featuring TEMPLE is a wonderful portrayal of modern dance music. It’s not something that is a straightforward copy and paste record, instead it shows off different sides for a dynamic listen that never gets old.

“Powerless” by itself is enough, but OYO has come through with a music video to augment the project. In it we follow a young girl dancing through the frames, changing settings as time elapses for a simple, yet captivating visual piece. It will make you feel anything but powerless. Want a copy of the single? Get it today.

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