[Event] Meduza and James Hype – Our House

In the heart of nightlife hotspots like London, Ibiza, and Milan, there’s a fresh wind blowing, calling us back to the origins of club culture. Our House, that tight-knit ensemble of Meduza and James Hype, seems to be onto something significant, highlighting a ubiquitous habit that’s inching us away from the true essence of house music.

With techno’s early days rooted in the intimate dance floors of Detroit, the scene emphasized raw connection — a dialogue between DJ and dancer, every beat a shared heartbeat. Yet, with smartphones becoming an integral part of the nightlife, the bridge between the music and the audience seems interrupted. Our House sheds light on why a rethink might be necessary:

  1. Living in the Now: The magic of clubbing has always been about immersion. If we’re too engrossed in capturing moments, are we truly experiencing them? The euphoria, the spontaneity, the rhythm – they’re all felt, not filmed.
  2. Club Etiquette: Clubbing’s golden rule? Respect. Filming without a nod can intrude on that personal space everyone’s entitled to when lost in music.
  3. Artists’ Viewpoint: Remember the days when DJs connected with the crowd through beats and eye contact? The artists of Our House sure do. They yearn for that tangible connection, rather than a sea of screens.
  4. Experience Over Exposure: The quality of memories doesn’t lie in the quantity of videos we capture but in the depth of the experiences we dive into.

So, what’s Our House’s remedy?

  • Spreading Awareness: By fostering conversations around mindful clubbing at their shows, they hope attendees might think twice before hitting ‘record’.
  • Reimagining Event Protocols: Emphasizing the essence of the present, they advocate for enjoying the event first-hand, letting official documentations be the memory keepers.
  • Relying on Community: By drawing in artists and attendees alike, they aim to nurture a self-regulating ethos where genuine experiences trump digital memories.

And the first steps? Three big nights are on the horizon: Our House ADE on 20th October 2023, Our House Radius Chicago on 30th December, and Our House Echostage Chicago on 31st December 2023. Here’s to rediscovering the soul of clubbing, as Our House leads the charge back to where it all began.

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[Event] Kemistry Nightclub

In the eclectic and ever-vibrant South Florida nightlife, Kemistry is set to emerge not just as a new venue but as the new epicenter for dance culture, where the community comes to immerse themselves in an experience crafted for the senses. It’s a space that’s less about who is playing and more about the collective vibe that every visitor brings to the dance floor.

At Kemistry, the ethos is simple: experience first. Here, 130,000 watts of RCF sound system power isn’t just a number—it’s a guarantee that every beat will be felt in the bones, every melody will resonate within. The sophisticated arrangement of RCF HDL 50 line array tops and dual 18-inch 9006 sub cabinets doesn’t just play music; it breathes life into the very air of the venue.

But what’s a beat without a pulse? The visuals at Kemistry are set to stun. Think a 4K video wall that bends reality, Kvant lasers that sketch dreams into the dark, and a network of Chauvet lights that drench the night in color. It’s not just a backdrop; it’s an ever-shifting painting that keeps time with the music.

Then there’s the flavor of the place, from the themed uniforms styled by In the Night Designs to the specialty cocktails that could rival the main stage for their inventiveness. And with the tactile presence of Marcy Minx’s custom art, even the walls pulse with the beat.

Kemistry’s doors swing open from Wednesday to Saturday, from the first note at 10 PM to the last echo at 4 AM. And for those who prefer their beats served with sunshine, the upcoming brunches promise to extend the rhythm into daylight.

It’s a different kind of venue—where the nights are tailored not just to the tracks played, but to the experiences created. It’s a tribute to the culture of EDM, inviting everyone to be part of the melody that will define South Florida’s nights.

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[Dubstep] Black Tiger Sex Machine – Die A God (ft. Wasiu)

Black Tiger Sex Machine are back and looking to take over 2023 in its entirety. Not only have they released the first single from their upcoming album – PORTALS – but they’ve announced their upcoming tour of the same name that will include their brand new motion capture CGI visuals. Judging from their previous live shows, as well as the single “Die A God” featuring Wasiu, this experience will be one-of-a-kind.

For starters, “Die A God” is a fantastically produced track, kicking off the energy right from the start with Wasiu’s bars heating up an already fire breakbeat. From there, BTSM build into a headbanger’s dream with an explosive drop that has already proven itself live thanks to recent show and festivals

It’s sure to hit even harder with the PORTALS show that debuts later this month at Ultra and will subsequently be brought to some great venues including Red Rocks! If you’re near any of the shows, make sure to get your tickets before it’s too late!

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[Trap/Future] Danny Olson – Club Cinema EP

The cinematic maestro Danny Olson has recently dropped his biggest EP to date. Featuring the next chapter of his ever-evolving orchestral signature, the Club Cinema EP features five singles created in collaboration with vocalists including Vo Williams, David Frank and Daemon.

Together these cunning creatives put together a masterful record that is just aching to be in Hollywood’s next big action trailer. Danny is no stranger to sync success, but with songs like “Dreamer” and “Don’t Wake Me Up” he’s surely going to add a few more commercial spots to his belt. His ability to express emotion at such a high level, while still offering up energetic songs that would crush in a live setting is astonishing.

Experience Club Cinema for yourself and for anyone in the LA area, Danny Olson is debuting his live show at Catch One this Friday 4/29! RSVP now and tickets are free as long as you show up before ten. With artists like TEEZ showing support, you’ll want to be there early anyway.

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[Indie Alternative] Little Dume’s “Human” Leads Global Citizen’s #VAXBECAUSE Campaign

Malibu’s Little Dume (the band, not the beach) is making waves with their latest alternative anthem “Human.” Not only is this record leading a charge toward the debut album as a quartet, but it’s also principal in Global Citizen‘s international #VAXBECAUSE campaign whose aim is to raise awareness about vaccine equity.

“Human” is a smash hit all around and is deserving of such an illustrious partnership for a great cause. In this day and age, if you’ve got a great song and a meaningful yet fun AR filter challenge, you can cover a lot of digital ground. Armed with such, Global Citizen is taking a stand in a major way, especially given the fact that on May 8th they’ll be going live for their Concert to Reunite the World. Hosted by Selena Gomez, this massive show will feature performances by Foo Fighters, Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Vedder, J Balvin and more.

Check out “Human” below and make sure to join in on the #VAXBECAUSE challenge on Instagram!

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[Denver Event] The Underground Music Showcase 2019

Rapidly approaching, from July 26th through the 28thDenver’s preeminent indie music festival, The Underground Music Showcase has announced its lineup for 2019. After updating its format last year, and adding a plethora of new stages and venues, which now totals four outdoor main stages and over 20 indoor venues, The UMS looks to once again take the city by the reigns for one amazing weekend in late July. Dotting the top of this year’s bill are the likes of Empress Of, Honne, Chicano Batman, Black Mountain, Tuxedo, Earthgang, and Still Woozy for a certifiably heavy hitting slate of headliners; but as always, the talent buyers for the UMS have flexed their mid-card and local muscles just as hard.

Additional national support includes Yves Tumor, DRAMA, LEIKELI47, Y La Bamba, Miya Frolick, Gardens & Villa, Tessa Violet, Spooky Mansion, Greyhounds, Dressy Bessy, DBUK, Kainalu, Clavvs, Rapperchicks, Rich Jones, Divino Niño, Parallelephants, Deezie Brown, and Garrett T Capps. Coming out of Colorado, we’re getting perked up for the much buzzed about set from synth-pop duo xOxford (pronounced Oxford) who will be making their live debut at the festival, as well as Mile High stalwarts including Falcon Punch, YASI, Andy Immerman, Nasty Nachos, Bud Bronson & The Goodtimers, DeCollage, Milky.WAV, and loads more.

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As always, we will be out in full force during the hot, end-of-july weekend, so be on the lookout for your Ninja fam! Stream the official UMS 2019 playlist below, get your weekend passes for just $50, and single day tickets for the 2019 Underground Music Showcase here.

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[Festival Preview] Mayan Heart Festival -Tikal, Guatamala – 12/20 – 12/23

The first annual Mayan Heart Festival is set to take place this December (20th-23rd) for the Winter Solstice at the Tikal Pyramids at Guatemala, with artists ranging from Desert Dwellers and Kaminanda to soothing sounds from the likes of Deya Dova and Liquid Bloom.

I couldn’t think of a better reason to pack up for Christmas and spend it abroad, enjoying a soulfully curated line up, hotel after parties, workshops, yoga, and a fire ceremony with the local Mayan natives that have been practicing it for millennia. Ahead of our trip, I sat down with Amaya, the founder of this one-of-a-kind festival.

TMN: Amaya, so happy to be talking with you about this unique festival I have heard so much about. I would like to dive into the obvious question, what will people expect for a festival experience at such a unique location as the Tikal Pyramids in Guatemala? Where will the stage production and musicians be?

A: IT IS HARD TO DESCRIBE MAGIC! We are working on creating an experience for the Main Event On the Solstice/Full Moon of December 21st which is the Maya Fire Ceremony. There, you will NOT see multi-million dollar technology, million watt sound systems or robotic lights!! People who are present on December 21st in Tikal will experience the highest of all technologies, the technologies which built the pyramids which “modern” science can’t figure out to this day how it was done!! You will experience The MAYA technology. On December 21st we have a very special alignment which is the Solstice with a full Moon and an alignment of the Star System Pleyades with the Earth. This combination along with our open hearts and intention will open the door for anyone to significantly affect their future and that of the planet.

TMN: With so much intention behind an event like this, what type of audience do you expect? Will there be a large electronic music crowd, or more of a yogi and Burning Man-centric audience?

A: This event will bring the Bird Tribes, the Rainbow Warriors and as we will see, these are peoples from every corner of the planet and all walks of life. We have already people coming from Austria, Brazil, France, Colombia, Costa Rica, Portugal, Australia, Canada, Africa, among other places.

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