[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 251)

It’s the Friday of EDC, so we’re going to turn up with some amazing tracks that may just be hotter than the Las Vegas desert. Everyone, no matter if you’re out in Nevada or not, stay hydrated as the heatwave rolls in. While you do that, enjoy some amazing tunes from some of our favorite producers. Tracks this week come to us from Oshi, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Yntendo, Tiesto x KSHMR, Brillz and a super hot one from Decadon to close things out. As usual, all twelve are available for free, so grab copies of the ones you love. Enjoy the weekend, stay safe and #danceirresponsibly.

’HtPkt & Ninski (ft. Daniel Landers) “Set It Free” (PRMD DSCVR)’
’Plvtinum – If You’re Gonna Leave’
’Oshi – heal you (ft. courtney bennett)’
’JEANIE – Doomsday’
’Black Tiger Sex Machine – Rezorecta VIP’
’Yntendo – Got Some’
’The Last Gunslinger –

’Tiësto & KSHMR Feat. Talay Riley – Harder’
’Munchi – Bek Den Bo Block’
’Lil Uzi Vert – XO TOUR Llif3 (CYBRPNK HACKS IT)’
’21 Savage – Red Opps (Brillz & 2Scoops Remix)’
’Savoy and Bright Lights – The Wolf (Decadon Remix)’
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[Trap] I.Y.F.F.E x DJ Sydney – Stress

I.Y.F.F.E x DJ Sydney
Stress (Original Mix)

This is the only “Stress” you need. I.Y.F.F.E x DJ Sydney‘s collaboration is a major trap tune, released as a free download. It’s not something you’ll want to sleep on, so turn your speakers up and get ready for some heat.

“Stress” is a song that develops from beginning to end, something that a lot of trap producers don’t always seem to do. With that, this collaboration is has multiple facets and it keeps you on your toes as things progress. One thing that sticks out with this track is the vocal. It leads most the track until the end where they flip the script and deliver something entirely new. Check it out and make sure to grab the download before you head out!

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[Future/Trap] Halsey – Now Or Never (Slander Remix)

We didn’t get the Halsey x Slander original we wanted, but the duo has come through with a remix of her song “Now Or Never.” Released as a free download, this track no doubt has been and will be rocked in their sets over the Summer.

With all the remixes coming out, this is one that stands out, not only because of who the remixer is and who they’re remixing, but because it’s a grand musical illustration that is just what the mainstage is looking for. Most producers are bringing out their “big” tracks but sometimes they just don’t quite feel as big as they should. This feels exactly how it should, large and in charge. Stream it today and get your copy before checking out more music in the dojo!

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DENILE – This Will Never Be [TMN Premiere]

This Will Never Be

Let’s kick off the week with a nice little premiere shall we? Actually, rather than small, let’s make it large. This is how it will be with DENILE, whose song “This Will Never Be” has come through steaming up the dojo. Get your oven mitts on, turn up the volume and get ready for your exclusive first listen.

If you like feeling like a master thug, then you’re going to love this track. One of the Beastie Boys’ favorite terms, ill, comes straight to mind when this bassy beast is booming through the speakers. Without thought or hesitation, your trap arms will engage themselves and you’ll start moving. DENILE is a newer face, but one you will soon be recognizing. “This Will Never Be” is out today, so if you like what you hear you can grab a digital download.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 250)

Take a nice big deep breathe. We’re at our 250th volume of our Friday Party Playlist. Over the years it has been lead by various writers, each bring a host of free downloads each week to give you for the weekend. Now, I will admit, each week we’re paranoid we double counted a volume, or miscounted in some way, but regardless if that’s true or not, we’re celebrating 250 now with a bang! Usually we bring a dozen songs, but we’ve got a couple of extra goodies for you. This week works come from Ashdown, Phiilo, WHIPPED CREAM, CRAY, Varien, TWO OWLS, Apashe and more! Get them while they’re hot and have a great weekend.

’VNDL – Deserve It ft Kyle Goldstein’
’Ashdown – Looking Back’
’Phiilo – Keep On’
’Teknicolor – Tonga’
’TOBYNOH – Change (feat. Ovcoco With Steel)’
’Fabian Mazur – Sun Goes Down (ReauBeau Remix)’
’Rae Sremmurd – Swang (WHIPPED CREAM Re
’Tomboy (CRAY Remix)’
’Savoy x Bright Lights – The Wolf (Varien Remix)’
’DJ Susan – Sender (Original Mix)’
’ADTR – Have Faith In Me (TWO OWLS Remix)🦉🦉’
’Pierce – Ducati’
’Apashe – Day Dream Feat. Splitbreed (Krimer Remix)’
’Dodge & Fuski – Comeback (Apashe Remix)’
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[Trap] SCRVP – Helix


SCRVP goes ham on his latest original. Hard as a motherf….. well you get the picture. It’s not the energy that SCRVP brings, but the raw tone he expresses with the single that makes it so incredible. MMXVAC released “Helix” to the world, so if you’d like a copy you can visit digital stores.

“Helix” is a menacing melodic composition whose minimal nature adds to its memorability. It comes in at just over three minutes with the majority of that time being spent with some unique samples pounding away at your ear drum. You feel their presence with each attack as they pierce through the speakers. Ominous phrases encompass the chorus, dividing into the intro, middle and end of the track to mix up the soundscape. Overall “Helix” is what one might call “dope af.”

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[Trap] Matoma & MAGIC! – Girl At Coachella Feat. D.R.A.M. (Crankdat Remix)

Matoma & MAGIC!
Girl At Coachella Ft. D.R.A.M. (Crankdat Remix) ⚙

If you follow our Friday Party playlist, then you’re well aware of how Crankdat likes to turn things up. He’s been one of the best remixers of the past several years, grabbing some of the hottest tracks and making them even hotter. He’s just done that again with his official remix for Matoma and MAGIC!’s “Girl At Coachella” featuring D.R.A.M..

With this remix, we get a heavy dose of hybrid bass. Crankdat straddles the line between trap and dubstep with his savage re-imagining of the soft-skinned pop single. Now, “Girl At Coachella” has an edge it never would have gotten from the original creators. Want a copy of his remix? Get it on the digital store of your choice today. Crankdat will soon be releasing his first solo original single as well, so prepare yourself for that however you need to.

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