[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 197)


Another week has gone by and we’ve reached most people’s favorite day of the week, Friday. This Friday is special in particular because it kicks off Memorial Day Weekend. Before you all head out and get your party on, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite free downloads from the week that will be perfect for both your traveling, and your partying. This week we collected twelve tracks from some incredibly talented producers including JKRS, Rich James, Wildfellaz, Subsurge, Krumm and more. From future to techno to hybrid trap, we’ve got you covered with just a handful of the best freebies we could find. Check them all out, stream or download them, but most importantly, stay safe; but don’t forget to #danceirresponsibly.

’Needed Me (JKRS Remix)’
’L.A LOVE (LA LA) Fergie – (Maestro Harrell Remix)’
’Simon Hardy – On Top (Original Mix)’
’Rich James – Show Me Love’
’Star Falcon – Dark As Hell (FREE DOWNLOAD)’
’5 & A Dime – Loud (Original Mix)’
’Nathaniel Knows x Ditta & Dumont – Body Drop ( Free Download )’
’DJ Snake – Middle (Wildfellaz Remix)’
’Subsurge & Deafkulture – Mamba’
’Krumm & Zeeroks – On Her Back’
’HØPSTEADY – Bottle Swipin”
’SHARPS – Feelin’ It’
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AWAL – 4K Mix [TMN Exclusive]

4K MIX [Powered by The Music Ninja]

To celebrate 4,000 followers on Soundcloud, AWAL partnered with us for something special. Alex Walsh, otherwise known by his previously mentioned stage name, has put out a free hour long mix for his old, and new fans to enjoy.

After kicking things off with quite an epic Star Wars introduction, we get hit after hit with records from the likes of Skrillex, Meaux Green, Convex, RL Grime and of course, AWAL. He even throws a few unreleased records in the mix to tease what he has up his sleeve for the future. If you’re a basshead, then you are going to like what this mix has to offer, and if you like some trapstyle vibes as well, then you won’t get much better than this exclusive mixtape. AWAL is in the early stages of a fruitful career in music if he can keep up his momentum. The production and mixing skills are there, so it’s just a matter of time before more fans hop on board. Check out the full mix, download it, but most importantly make sure to follow AWAL.

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[Trap] TastyTreat – Wayward EP

Tasty Treat

Ever since we heard TastyTreat were releasing an EP on Buygore, we have been extremely excited. We were teased with the collaborative single, “My Crew” with Malcom Anthony, and now our fiendish appetite for more has been satisfied by the other two records.

If you didn’t catch “My Crew” when we posted it previously, don’t fret, as we have it for you below. All you need to know about that one is that it is hotter than a fevered volcano. But before you get to “My Crew” you have to go through “Ascension” which is just as hot, or even hotter. “Ascension” has some ravishing bass sounds that are going to melt your ears, and get your body grooving. It’s not just a banger, it’s a dance-able hit record that has immense depth and energy. To close the EP, TastyTreat delivered their collaboration with YLTI and Gino Diggs called “Struggle.” The only struggle you’ll enter into with this one is trying not to throw this one on repeat. Hip-Hop is an influence that the duo has in their tracks, but here they were able to go full hip-hop and smash it. The Wayward EP is more than we even hoped for, and we hope it satisfies you as much as it did us. If it did, head on over to Beatport for a copy.

’TastyTreat – Ascension’
’TastyTreat – My Crew Ft. Malcolm Anthony’
’TastyTreat – Struggle Ft. Gino Driggs & YLTI’
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[Future/Trap] DEVAULT – Right With You / Closer EP

Right WIth you
’Devault – Right With You’
’Devault – Closer’

DEVAULT has been absolutely destroying the remix game. Few up and coming producers can touch the stuff he has been putting out. With that said, we’ve been desiring some originals from him, and now we have not one, but two original works.

DEVAULT dropped two singles through Trap Nation that, for all intents and purposes, are an EP. The double single release is made up of “Right With You” and “Closer.” Each track shows off the producer’s prowess in the hybrid future game. Both singles share a familiar, glorious tone that feels larger than life. “Right With You” has a bit more groove and pop to it, making it a bit more accessible, but “Closer” is an undeniably powerful track. These two singles are a one, two punch knockout that has more force than you’d even expect from a talent like DEVAULT. Stream them now, and then when you’re done, head over to iTunes to get both records.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 196)


Are you ready for some moombahton? How about some heavy hybrid? We have both of those and more in this week’s Friday Party Playlist. As usual, we have collected some of our favorite free downloads from the week that also happen to pack a punch in the pre-game and party atmospheres that you will find yourself in this weekend. Even if you’re not out with some friends at a social gathering, that doesn’t mean you can’t party by yourself with these twelve tracks. Some of our favorite artists including Fight Clvb, 8Er$, and Eliminate can be found here, along with many other talented artists. Check out each release, download the ones you like, and make sure to #danceirresponsibly this weekend.

’Kapo – Crush feat. Varona’
’FIGHT CLVB, Mysto & Pizzi – Tribali’
’DropTalk – Basic Sense’
’Krumm & Treovr – Killa Botz’
’Apashe – Tank Girls feat. Zitaa (8Er$ Remix)’
’Nitti Gritti – Get Down’
’Eliminate & Wild Boyz! – Make America Turnt Again (Original Mix)’
’Allen French – Fiendin’ (Original Mix)’
’Autoerotique – AUH (Atom Pushers & 5ynk Remix)’
’Contrvbvnd X Fransis Derelle – Switch’
’As We Spoke feat. Dan Corn – Battlefield (Original Mix)’
’Pegboard Nerds & Grabbitz – All Alone(Benasis Remix)’
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[Hybrid/Trap] Goja – Mosh Pit

Mosh Pit

WOLV Records is quickly becoming a go-to place for great music. Dyro’s imprint is just over a year old, but its catalog is already stocked with tons of goodies, and that list continues to grow. Their latest release was a single called “Mosh Pit” by the Italian duo Goja.

With festival season underway, mosh pits are in abundance, so Goja’s single has come just at the right time. Its sound borders between dubstep and trap, bringing together elements of both into one festival crushing production. There’s a certain groove to it that head-banging bass lovers will appreciate to their core. Although its name would imply over-the-top energy, the song’s tone isn’t as provocative as you might think, but because this song’s sound design and groove are top quality you don’t really mind. Mosh pits are still going to form around this jam, and parties will be taken up a notch. Goja really put together a solid single with this one, which is why we went ahead and bought it. We’re thinking you are going to do the same.

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[Multi-Genre] Bad Royale – Immutable Timeline EP

Bad Royale

Bad Royale stands out above most acts for several reasons. One is their combined personalities that turn heads, and another is their music that get heads banging. Their unique style is unrivaled, and they continue to put out records that increase in quality each time out. The most recent outing was with Mad Decent via their EP Immutable Timeline.

Immutable Timeline is another five track project that is jam packed with the boys’ Caribbean bass sound. The really cool thing about them is no matter where they take the sound, whether it’s through trap like with “Dutty Heart” or moombahton with “All We Need Is Love,” is that they kill it time and time again without delivering anything with a hint of stale. There are few acts that can crank out records at the Bad Royale pace, and their are even fewer who can put out only fire tracks. The Immutable Timeline EP is another example of their prestige within the music scene as a whole. They didn’t put this one together alone, as is usually the case since they work with collaborators. This time around they created magic with IAmStylez, Konshens, Suit of Black and their buds Bunji Garlin and Richie Loop. Head on over to iTunes to get your copy of the EP. It’s worth every penny.

’Bad Royale – The Royale Anthem (feat. Richie Loop)’
’Bad Royale – Dutty Heart (feat. IAmStylezMusic)’
’Bad Royale – All We Need Is Love (feat. Konshens)’
’Bad Royale – Bun It Up (feat. Bunji Garlin)’
’Bad Royale – Suit Of Black (feat. Suit Of Black)’
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