[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 248)

If you don’t have Rebecca Black playing in your head, is it really Friday? Whether you’re tortured by the viral song or not, it doesn’t matter, because the calendar says Friday. Friday means Friday Party Playlist. Friday means the weekend is here. With all that, let’s move forward to the music so you can let loose and get rid of the weekly worries that plague you outside Saturday and Sunday. Friday night is the segue into those days and aiding your transition this week are Xan Griffin, Lady Bee, Two Friends, Axel Boy, Luca Lush and many more. With twelve tracks you should be covered for some of your party plans. Don’t forget, all twelve are available as free downloads if you still do that sort of thing. Most importantly, make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

’Xan Griffin – Gemini Ft. WILD’
’Lady Bee – Overdose (feat. Oktavian)’
’Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Two Friends Remix)’
’Billie Eilish – Bellyache (Devault Remix)’
’Axel Boy – Slippin Disks’
’Black Tiger Sex Machine – Face Down ft. Panther (Crystalize Remix)’
’Flux Pavilion – Cut Me Out (JayKode Remix)’
’Styles&Complete – Steph Curry (FREE DOWNLOAD)’
’Stabby – Empire of Swordsmen’
’Porn And Chicken – Krispy Kreme (Original Mix)’
’Flume – Holdin On (Nova Black Remix)’
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[Multi-Genre] QUIX – Heaps Cool EP

QUIX is coming off a highly successful single that seemed to take over the dance music blogosphere with a vengeance. One single wasn’t enough as the producer has come forth with his debut Dim Mak EP called Heaps Cool that is, well, HEAPS COOL. Sorry, there was no way around that one.

Heaps Cool is made up by six tracks including the previously released “Riot Call” that we mentioned before. Throughout the EP, QUIX takes us around the map with differing sounds, hitting future bass, house and some heavy trap that leads the EP. Tracks like “Lucy’s Place” and “Sweet Thing” exude the swagger needed to make a hit within the genre. Not only that, but QUIX manages to infuse his own signature into each track, which is really where the EP’s prestige comes from. Check out all six songs and grab a copy of the EP from digital stores today.

’Four Letter Lie’
’Alpaca (feat. XO Man)’
’Riot Call (feat. Nevve)’
’Lucy’s Place’
’Deep Home (Hold Up)’
’Sweet Thing’
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Nelly x Kelly Rowland – Dilemma (Antra Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Nelly & Kelly Rowland
Dilemma [Antra Remix]

Everyone remembers Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s “Dilemma” collaboration. If somehow you missed it, sorry, you should go listen to it right now. If you stay – or when you come back – you’ll be listening to a version of it from Antra, who enters the dojo for a premiere with his remix of the hit single.

Antra traps out the hip-hop/R&B single with his flip. Melodic and memorable, this remix is coming just in time for the Summer season and don’t be surprised if you hear this in some sets at festivals. It’s got the groove and swagger that a big time remix needs to catch the ears and bodies of large crowds and independent ears alike. Antra made it his own with ease and now you get a first listen to it here. Grab the remix today, as it has been released as a free download!

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[Dubstep] Rekoil – Relentless EP

There’s something about great bass music that connects on all levels. Sure, you can say that the low frequencies rattle the body, but it’s more than that. One such project in the bass realm that we’ve come to love to a high degree, some might say even relentlessly. All puns aside, the project at hand is the Relentless EP from Rekoil.

Whether you believe it or not, this four song EP has been released as a free download for fans old and new. With how good Relentless is, Rekoil is sure to add a whole host of newcomers. His hybrid style is conveyed through each single that brings a slightly different tone and mood each time out. Although it’s hard to choose, the ninja favorites on this are the collaboration with Raiden on “Elevate” and “Bounty Hunter” that has a familiar sample that you may recognize. Relentless has been released for free, however if you would like to donate, the option is available through Bandcamp.

’Elevate feat. Raiden (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
’2 Choices feat. Android No. 23 (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
’Bounty Hunter (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
’A Dandy in Space (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 247)

If you’re reading this, then you have survived another week. Luckily, so have we for many reasons, but one of them being that we get to share with you another batch of free downloads. Another twelve tracks have been gathered over the past several days and put together in one party playlist for you to let loose on. Leave your worries behind, leave the work week in the past and chill out, or party depending on your preference for the next two days. To help you let loose are works from artists like Jackal, Milk N Cooks, dEVOLVE, Hasse de Moor, DISKORD and Meaux Green who has a remix of Britney Spears that just can’t be missed. None of them should be missed really, so run through all twelve of them and enjoy your weekend. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Jackal – Summer In Your Arms (feat. Josh Congress)’
’RVDY – Soulless’
’Taryn Manning – GLTCHLFE (Milk N Cooks Remix)’
’Alon Mor – By Heart’
’dEVOLVE & DJ Nesty “Bring Ya Booty”‘
’ANGELZ – Devils (DEKOVA Flip)’
’Post Malone – Congratulations ft. Quavo (ElezD Remix)’
’Killa (Hasse de Moor FLIP)’
’0ops I did it Again (MEAUX GREEN ‘LOL’ REMIX)’
’Kaaris – ChargĂ© (Alexander Lewis Trombone Flip)’
’DISKORD – War feat. Mikey Ceaser (VIP Mix)’
’Lobo –

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[Trap] The 95ers – Work Hard Play Harder EP

If you’re looking to get your hands on something fresh right out of the oven, then you’ve come to the right place. A brand new project has come about called The 95ers. When Dirty Monkey isn’t cooking up his usual dose of dubstep (and other various genres) and Amp Live isn’t paving his own lane, these two dynamic creators are taking care of this brainchild – which also means Dirt Monkey must live in his studio, because he also has another side project with Jantsen called Soltri.

The 95ers kick things off with a strong first step via the Work Hard Play Harder EP. With five saucy singles, this EP is almost too hot to handle. Trap with various flavors and sounds is what makes up most of the project, with tracks like the introductory “Lean” and “Man On Fire” bringing some much needed flair to the genre. Trap isn’t all we get though, as the duo shift the pace with the break-driven “Jump” that is hype AF. You can get Work Hard Play Harder all for free, which is highly advised.

’Plane Slayers’
’Man On Fire’
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[Trap] Salvatore Ganacci – Talk (Retrohandz Remix)

Salvatore Ganacci
Talk (Retrohandz Remix)

Get your trap arms ready. Retrohandz came through with an extra hot remix of “Talk” by Salvatore Ganacci that just came out on Refune. AS epic as the duo’s mustaches are, this track creeps up on that prestige.

The Italian’s take on “Talk” is both dirty and clean at the same time. The gritty basses will stick themselves in your head, refusing to leave for quite some time. The production from beginning to end, with every little detail being taken care of, is about as crisp as you can get. They really put something cool together and even mixed things up a bit in the middle to add some dimension to the remix. If you want a copy of this and to check out the other remixes on the EP, you can do so through digital services today.

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