[Trap] Alexander Lewis – Clockwise feat. Nick Row

Alexander Lewis
Clockwise feat. Nick Row

Chances are high that you’ll be playing Alexander Lewis‘ new single “Clockwise” around the clock. In collaboration with Nick Row this trap/hip-hop hit has everything going for it from top to bottom.

Even if you’re exclusively a hip-hop or dance music fan, you’re going to like this one. It’s a musical black hole that sucks you in no matter what you do. From start to finish its heat, heat and more heat. It never lets up with its power, engaging your ears like few tracks can do. Alexander Lewis enlisted Nick Row to bring his bars to the mix which did not disappoint. Together they made “Clockwise” one of our favorite tracks of 2018 so far.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 284)

Let us rejoice, Friday is here. With Friday comes the Party Playlist, a batch of a dozen free downloads that us ninjas have gathered over the course of the last seven days. This week is no different as we’ve collected works from William Black, Flapo, Tony Romera, NuKid, RIOT, HAMI and many more, including something extra special from A Boy & A Girl that we close things out with. All together you should have what you need to get the party started tonight. Even if you’re just going to take things easy, this playlist will do you some good. No matter your plans, enjoy!

’William Black – Daydreamer ft. AMIDY’
’Tundran – Every Wave (Flapo Remix)’
’Tony Romera – Hold Up’
’Birthdayy Partyy – House Partyy (Original Mix)’
’NuKid – Hustlin”
’DISKORD – Want U (Fransis Derelle Remix)’
’Vini Vici – The Tribe (RIOT Remix)’
’Pixel Terror – Game Over’
’Hami – Get Fukd’
’TLZMN – Storm’
’The Boys & Girls Club – DJ Edit Pack Vol. I’
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SMASHA – TightRope [TMN Premiere]


Quality Goods Records is known for pushing the envelope. Like, actually pushing it, not just saying they are. Part of their mission to expand the borders of bass music and give rise to upcoming talent consists of their compilations. Two have come through and now they’re on their third, set to be released on February 16th. A day ahead of release we’ve got an exclusive stream for you of SMASHA‘s single on the project called “TightRope.”

The DC producer went in on this one. Upon first listening there was no way we could pass on premiering this one in the dojo. “TightRope” is a hybrid heater whose rhythms are going to melt your brain and have it leaking out of your head onto the floor. It’s so clean and yet so dirty. SMASHA’s got something special on his hands here and we hope to hear more from him soon! Enjoy the exclusive stream and make sure to pre-save the compilation on Spotify!

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[Electronic] Conrad Clifton – Kylo

Conrad Clifton

Conrad Clifton is back with his new original “Kylo” on Infinity Pool Recordings. He’s coming off his tech-inspired house original with this darker, trap creation. Just as he’s done many times in the past, this original is slightly off kilter, a sound that isn’t what everyone else is pushing.

“Kylo” was created in honor of Kylo Ren of Star Wars and once that fact becomes known you understand why the song has a shadowed, mystifying quality to it. It’s the modern march for his First Order. Conrad continues to impress us with quality records that aren’t the norm which have established him as a need-to-know producer in most circles. “Kylo” is currently available on digital formats if you’re looking to add it to your digital library.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 283)

Do you still grab free downloads? Whether you do or don’t is pretty irrelevant because we’ve got streams and downloads for you here today as we do every Friday. Twelve of our favorite freebies are recapped here with this week’s coming from some recognizable talents. ËMMË kicks things off with a big original while artists like inverness, Modern Machines, Notixx, Dubloadz and more follow with their own gems and jams. As usual, we get the pre-game going with a few more jammy ones then we turn up the heat until the party is in full force. Friday is finally here again. Let’s let loose.

’ËMMË – Good Love’
’Lauv – Paris in the Rain (inverness Remix)’
’DISKORD – Want U (Orkid Remix)’
’Midnight (Original Mix)’
’Krewella & Yellowclaw – New World ( Modern Machines Remix )’
’Phat Loud – Phat Beat’
’Toni Braxton – Unbreak My Heart (Elephunk Remix)’
’Notixx – Rollin Deep’
’Badrapper & NXSTY – Swisher’
’Dubloadz – SALT’
’Sem – Youth’
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[Multi-Genre] Michael White – Diamonds EP

Michael White is a need to know name if you don’t know it already. The Spaniard has been killing it over the years with his ferocious sound that isn’t contained within a single genre. Just take his newest release as evidence of that. Diamonds dropped on Firepower Records and is stacked with four hard-nosed hits.

First Michael starts things off with the heavy and unforgiving “Diamonds In My Mouth.” Then we’re hit with his collab “Make The Hit” with GARABATTO that comes with its hip-hop groove. “Moves” shifts things up further with its electro heat. Lastly, Diamonds is closed out with a Rob Gasser collab that sounds like a few songs jammed into one in the best way possible, fusing styles like few producers can pull off. All together, this project is a must have, so add it to your digital library today!

’Michael White – Diamonds In My Mouth’
’Michael White & GARABATTO – Make The Hit’
’Michael White – Moves’
’Michael White & Rob Gasser – Pleasure’
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[Electronic] Very Yes – Collide

Very Yes

We’ve got a new act on the block that just came out with a debut single. Very Yes has come through with “Collide” showcasing a fusion of genres from electronic to hip-hop and beyond. We’re excited for this new project to unfold, but let’s dig into the debut.

“Collide” shows a mastery that some producers can’t seem to tackle in several years. There’s so much good stuff going on with this one it’s hard to find a place to start. Straight off the bat there’s a bevy of sounds hitting you, each one securing your attention with a death grip. It sucks you in right away and from then on you just bask in the journey it takes you on. Stay tuned for more to come from Very Yes and make sure to grab a copy of “Collide” online.

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