[Multi-Genre] Tiigers – Belial/Takedown

The Italian duo Tiigers recently dropped two heaters through MA Music. Their ferocious A/B side project is good step in the right direction and happens to be one their debut EP. Coming off a free download a couple months ago, this is the duo’s first official release.

“Belial” comes in as the A-side track, pushing forth a hybrid bass sound mixing trap with heavier elements of dubstep. It really showcases where Tiigers can go with their sound. “Takedown” shifts the sound a bit to the house realm, delivering an electro single. Although the song takes you through another sound, it centers upon the electro style that brought so many into dance music. Stream both today and grab a copy of the EP from digital stores.

’Tiigers – Belial’
’Tiigers – Takedown’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 263)

The weekend is here. Let’s repeat that and just soak it in for all its glory – THE WEEKEND IS HERE. Friday marks the beginning of the fun for most, but even if you’ve got work or homework over the weekend, we can still help you out. No matter what your plans are, you’re going to need some music to either help you get through, or help turn up your weekend experience. This week, as we do every week, a dozen free downloads have been collected from all across the web – aka Soundcloud – for you to enjoy. This week we’ve got hits from Kasum, El Speaker, JETSET, LEViT∆TE, VALENTINE, Sippy, AFK and many more. All together these tracks should serve you well over the next couple of days. Have fun, stay safe!

’Kasum – Burned Bridges’
’El Speaker & Peacemakers – Enough ft. Sara Di Caro’
’JETSET – Rain (feat. osotyt)’
’LEViT∆TE & Macntaj – War Ready’
’Can’t Stop It – Crasty & Kim’
’Lefti – Low Light’
’Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd – Lust For Life (VALENTINE & Rob Araujo Remix)’
’Emmit Fenn Ft. Yuna – Modern Flame (miƶu Remix)’
’Guardian – SIPPY & HVWKS’
’We Might Fall (AFK x Jetset Remix)’
’Hoobs – Numerology’
’Kings of Leon – Use Somebody (Patrick Perfetto Remix)’
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Kompany & G-Rex Drop Collab & 10 Production Tips [TMN Interview]

Kompany & G-REX

If you’ve got the sauce, there should be no downfall. The only exception to this comes from Kompany and G-Rex whose newest single “Downfall” has been released as a free download. Not only have they delivered a whopping bass beast, but they entered the dojo for a little something extra.

As two of bass music’s most promising up and comers, they’ve put in the time and diligence to get where they are today. Their rise can be attributed to amazing works like “Downfall” but those tracks come from honing in the skills at home or in the studio. That’s why we sat down with them to get five production tips from each of the boys. While you enjoy their boisterous hit, read through their advice and get to work on your next hit!

1. Find your sound. Experiment with your own style of synthesis or resampling techniques and really drive that home so you have something recognizable to your songs.

2. Take time to dial in your drums. Even one small adjustment to your hi-hats/kick and snare can change the energy of your entire track.

3. Find the weakest point in your production and spend a whole entire month or so focusing strictly on that.

4. Be patient with your releases! Build a catalog of impressive music to pitch to your favorite labels. Make it all cohesive if possible.

5. Put in the hours. There are no shortcuts and if you put in every free hour you have into production you will grow at an exceptionally fast rate.

1. Don’t Sleep on your DAWs native plugin. Having tons and tons of VSTs is awesome but most of the time the presets in your DAWs native plugins can do the same thing. Just become aware of what they all do and how they can be used.

2. Make your own sample pack to use. Making your own sample pack with your go-to samples will speed up your work flow and help you continue to build on your sound.

3. Keep your sample library organized. This will also help when with workflow and speed of production. Proper labeling will help with searching in your Daw when your looking for that perfect sample.

4. Experiment. There really is no rules when it comes to producing. Never box yourself in. The more time you invest experimenting the more you will learn about your production style and will eventually fall into production routines that will end up leading to your “sound.”

5. Have your palette ready going into writing. I have sat down countless times excited to write something new and just haven’t known where to start or end up with just a loop. It is a lot easier to start with a painters perspective. get some samples, presets, and vocal ideas that fit the vibe/idea of what you want to write, throw them in your DAW, and start arranging them into a full song.

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Cardi B – Bodak Yellow (Deux Twins Remix) [TMN Premiere]

DEUX Twins
Bodak Yell0w (DEUX Twins Remix)

We’re proud to have Deux Twins back in the dojo with the premiere of their new remix. Not only are we offering you a first listen to the song, but we’re sharing a free download of the flip on top of that! What’s the remix you may ask? Well if you didn’t notice from the article title the sisters switched up “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B.

Deux Twins keep the overall hip-hop vibe of the original while adding in some of their own dance-driven elements. As two party-popping DJs, they know what gets people on their feet and this remix will certainly do that. It’s not jam-packed to the brim with too much energy, instead focusing on creating a groove that people can connect to. Their melodic take on the original is a memorable flip among a mass of bootlegs that have been coming out. Enjoy the premiere and don’t forget to download the track for free!

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GiovanFish & Oceans – Don’t Tell Me [TMN Premiere]

GiovanFish & Oceans
Don't Tell Me

Let’s end the day with an exclusive first listen, shall we? The premiere of “Don’t Tell Me” by GiovanFish & Oceans is what we’ve got for you in the dojo today. Not only do we have the song to share, but we have a free download of it for you as well.

“Don’t Tell Me” is a hybrid delight. At first we dive into a future bass sound that could stand on its own as a song, but the two acts didn’t stop there and take the easy route. Instead, they progress the sound to a completely new arena by trapping things out. Essentially you’re getting two good songs in one with this. Stream it today and make sure to grab the free download before you head out for Taco Tuesday.

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[Electronic] Parker – Spark

Spark [NEST HQ Premiere]

Parker has a lot going on. By a lot we mean a brand new single, an upcoming EP and a Fall tour. The single is “Spark” which happens to be the name of his upcoming EP, as well as his tour. This will be Parker’s first tour, so it’s not something you’ll want to miss. Neither is his new single!

“Spark” is distinctly a Parker track. The introduction sets an upbeat, vibrant scene that the drop shatters with dirty bass. It’s not your typical dubstep/trapstyle bass, instead Parker implements his own unique sounds to make something lasting. Parker’s strength is that he has a true identity in his work, a character that breathes through each track. This one is no different and we’ll bet the EP is just as lively. Get your copy of “Spark” today and make sure to check out his tour stops in case he will be coming near you!

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[Dubstep] Ray Volpe – Reality EP

Ray Volpe is charging forward through 2017 with a brand new EP entitled Reality. Complete with four tracks, including the previously released title track some of you may have heard, this EP sees Ray bringing his sound to new heights and territories.

It begins with the hybrid bass “Reality” then moves onward to “Waiting,” a dirty dub single that you can tell Ray really had some fun with. Next comes “Mind Games” which continues with the style of the previous track, but brings a bit of a different flavor to the sound. Lastly, Ray goes future bass with the vibey original “Hunt Me Down” that he sings over as well. All in all it’s a fantastic EP that you can grab on digital stores today.

’Mind Games’
’Hunt Me Down’
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