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[Electronic] Breakup – Roads To Rome (Ji Nilsson Remix)

Roads To Rome (Ji Nilsson Remix)

Taking the chance to shine with a new remix this week is Swedish singer/songwriter Ji Nilsson, who presents her dynamic and irresistible rework of Breakup’s ‘Roads To Rome.’

Already proving a popular release from Universal Sweden and Svenska Inspelningar, this track has been given a summery gloss by the talented Nilsson, who adds a driving R&B beat and complements the already glorious vocals with gliding piano chords. This remix will certainly strike a chord with festival revellers this season, and it pays brilliant homage to Breakup’s prior production.

If this one has got you bobbing away, (as it has us), you can stream it here.


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Show Me

Since premiering “Show Me” two months ago, we’ve been anxiously awaiting more music from this up-and-coming Orlando artist. Unfortunately, we’re still a ways off from hearing “Be Honest,” so we’re giving you the next best thing: an in-depth interview.

Take a few minutes off from whatever it is you’re up to and get to know the intriguing R.LUM.R

What does the name R.LUM.R (pronounced ar-luhm-ar) derive from? 

R.LUM.R is the representation of everything I am at his point.

To be brief about it, it’s a combination of my first and middle name. Growing up, I was always made to be ashamed of myself about being who I wanted to be and liking what I liked, so I hid it all. It was for a multitude of reasons, and for the sake of brevity I won’t get specific, but it can mostly be boiled down to pressure to be “blacker” and the insidious effects that has on one’s psyche, but I did what I was told, and whatever I thought a person like me was supposed to do.

My middle name, Lamar, was just one I never really felt attached to. So I hid that.

Getting my starts in music, I played acoustic and released and performed music as a singer-songwriter for a long time, which started basically because of my limited resources, and I kept going because of the positive ways I was affecting the world around me through that medium, but there’s always been another part of me that wanted to explore the stuff I’m exploring now, but never had the bravery or resources.

So in the process of evolving into this music, I wanted to do something that pulled from my past and exposed all those things, but created a clear focus on the future. Reggie, my first name, is in the first R, and with it being at the beginning of R.LUM.R, it’s the past, and the music I created that got me here. Though I’m evolving, I don’t want to abandon where I came from.
LUM is part of Lamar (my middle name) and represents the parts of myself I’d always hidden, and the present time. It means to me that I can take that stuff from back then and wear it proudly, turning it into positives. It’s also the center of the idea right now, so it’s fitting for it to be sitting where it is visually.

The last R is the future and the person I can be, coexisting with the person i’ve always been. Lamar ends with an “r”, and Reggie starts with an “r”, so it’s like bringing the ideas of the past and the present together, but in the future.
I hope that wasn’t too convoluted. lol
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[New Wave] Mirror Talk – Some Boys

Mirror Talk
Some Boys

We don’t know about you ninjas, but once that clock hits 5 pm on a Friday, we feel like we’re king of the world…at least until the weekend ends. There’s almost nothing better in the world than heading home on a Friday, with no more work to worry about, while listening to some great music.

If there was a song that perfectly described the feeling above, it would be Mirror Talk‘s new original, “Some Boys.” The track teleports you straight back into the 80s – boombox, mixtape,denim jacket and all – making you feel like you’re in The Breakfast Club throwing your fist in the air. “Some Boys” is the second release off of their forthcoming 1997 EP, and on the track, the LA-based quartet stays true to their synth-heavy, ballad-esque style. Frontman Court Alexander’s soulful croons shine through the powerful synth ballad and stunning melodic hook. 1997 is slated to be released on May 19th via Yellow Year Records, so be sure to check out Mirror Talk’s upcoming EP and check out “Some Boys” above!

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[House] Beyoncé, With You – Partition (Remix)

Beyoncé, With You.
Partition (Remix)

The ZHU trend is in full force. The masked dance virtuoso made his break into music with the mantra of letting his music speak for himself. Now, it seems that many have tried to implement the same scheme into their artist projects, but the ideology only works if the music sticks. The newest to jump on the enigmatic train is a producer named With You and his remix of Beyonce’s “Partition” absolutely caught our ears to see what he was all about.

With You places the international pop superstar amidst an addictive house environment that he then throws in a set of sexy French murmurs to beef up the passion. When it comes to the bassline, With You jacks up the throb to really pulsate through your ears and into your core. With all the deep house being pumped out, it sometimes can get cloudy, but With You’s newest remix truly puts itself in the top tier of rising names. It’s up for free download so be sure to snag this one.

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[House] Felix Jaehn – Ain’t Nobody (The Rooftop Boys Remix)

Felix Jaehn
Ain't Nobody (The Rooftop Boys Remix) [Radio Edit]

The Rooftop Boys have been on a tear since they graced the dance music world with their first remix of Yeezy’s “Bound 2″ nine months ago. Their blend of tropical and future house elements are incomparable and really separate them from other producers trying to find their own niche in both genres. Just before festivals begin to kick off and summer is in full force, The Rooftop Boys have injected a fiery stimulant into Felix Jaehn’s revamp of Chaka Khan’s 80s hit “Ain’t Nobody.”

Jasmine Thompson is on vocals at the tender age of 14, but her voice is well beyond her youthful years with its mature complexity. The Rooftop Boys tend to her gracefulness with their boisterous melodies, but give it that extra edginess with a pounding, future house bass. Ultimately, its clear that the NYC duo should trademark their sound because it is truly an admirable one. Check it out below and add it to your growing summer playlist.

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[Get Pumped] Mysteryland USA 2015 Pre-Fesitval Playlist


This year will mark the second year of Mysteryland’s extension over to American soil after the festival broke ground last year on the legendary ground of Bethel Woods, NY – the same site where Woodstock took place in 1969. During its inaugural year, Mysteryland boasted a lineup headlined by Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Nicky Romero, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Moby, and many more along with showing the world that their line up would be one of the most diverse to date. Outside the bass heavy “The Boat,” Vinyl Only stage, and underground-drenched Spiegeltent, Mysteryland made it known that their festival was more than just music but a culture and arts festival as well. Just weeks away from the kick off of round two, their lineup for 2015 illustrates that Mysteryland USA intends to make this year their biggest on yet and just catalog another testament to their evolving perception of the electronic dance music landscape.

We’re already getting our logistics in place and bags packed to make the trek into the upper section of the state of New York with Memorial Day quickly approaching on the calendar, and to be honest, its incredibly difficult to say where we will be spending our time at the festival due to the breadth of talent across all stages. The underground’s most revered pioneers – Maceo Plex, Josh Wink, and Richie Hawtin – will be opening the Campus Circus on Friday along with A-Trak, GTA, and Tropakillaz, which is a tenacious opening lineup. For Saturday, Empire of the Sun, Kygo, and Porter Robinson earn the headlining duties, but with Madeon and Robin Schulz warming up the Main Stage, it is sure to be one for the books. On the last day, Diplo and Dillon Francis – two of the biggest clowns in dance music – will be the spectacles for everyone to end the night with. For those looking to stray from the main stage, the beauty of Mysteryland’s lineup this year is that everyone is bound to find somewhere and something they like whether they’ve heard of them before or not.

Like I said before, we haven’t even begun to plan out where to go because of the schedule conflicts that are about to arise with all the incredible talent at this year’s festival. Outside of the festival’s talent, its going to be a weekend of creative expression, self-discovery, and meeting new festival friends that we honestly can’t wait for. To get yourself in the Mysteryland mindset, check out the TMN Mysteryland USA playlist we have crafted to get yourself even more excited for your Memorial Day this year at the Bethel Woods farm. We pieced together an encompassing playlist featuring Porter Robinson, Maceo Plex, Griz, Anna Lunoe, and more to give you a full picture and precursor to what is about to occur at Mysteryland USA. Also, if you’re looking for last minute tickets, grab them here before the festival begins on May 22nd.

The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)
Runaway (U & I) (Dillon Francis Remix)
Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix)
Something New (Robin Schulz Remix)
Pray For Love (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
A Fine Way To Die (feat. Orlando Napier)
Last Chance To Dance (Goldroom Remix)
Dreams (Psychemagik Crystal Vision Remix)
The M Machine
Just Like
Anna Lunoe
All Out (Main Mix)
Falling Short (JackLNDN Remix)
Theres No Love
Another Man (Original Mix)
Cool ft. Roy English (Sweater Beats Remix)
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Heard But Not Seen – Documentary + Soundtrack Playlist [TMN CO-Premiere]


Just last week, we gave you a sneak peek at the upcoming EDM documentary Heard But Not Seen, which promised dance music lovers an inside look at the many different professions that work towards making incredible experiences for fans. Here we are on hump day, in early May, and we finally get to share the full film with you.

Co-premiering here today on TMN, this documentary is particularily important to us, as we’re one of the 11 interviewees who were asked to speak about our involvement with the industry. Even despite our involvement though, it’s still an incredibly engaging, intriguing, and worthwhile watch. Filmmakers Doug Bogan and Mike Koziel really outdid themselves, providing a timeless classic for dance fans around the globe.

Take a 1/2 hour to watch, then head over to our friends at Cadence & Cause. They’re Co-Premiering this with us today, and they’re also raising money to help provide clean drinking water to those in need.

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