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[Bass] STUCA – Resurgence EP

The Southern California bass prodigy STUCA has begun the year in stellar stride thanks to his 3-track Resurgence EP. Released on Kannibalen Records, the project further establishes STUCA as one of bass music’s most promising producers who aren’t afraid to showcase a diversified palate.

“Sabre” was the lead single from the EP and starts off the project with an explosive barrage of bass that focuses a bit more on sound design and vibe rather than melodic structures. It makes for a whopping headbanger-friendly record that has proven itself as a success on dancefloors since early 2023. “Get Down” sees STUCA take on breakbeat for an even more dance-friendly tune. Closing out Resurgence is the hybrid heater “WKA” that just might be the favorite for us here in the dojo. They’re all fire though, so enjoy!

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[Drum & Bass] YMIR x Skylark – Fatal Faith

“Fatal Faith” is the latest single from Montreal’s prodigal creative YMIR who teamed up with France’s equally impressive Skylark. Together they have created one of our favorite drum & bass tracks of the year – one that balances heavy emotions with even heavier bass.

The whole song leading to the drop feels like a beautifully crafted neo-classical anthem, which one might not think really sets the tone for an aggressive drum & bass record, but the two talented producers fluidly format their production so that when opposites collide it’s a perfect concoction. It’s a really unique tune that will get your tears flowing and your body going.

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[Trance] Tom Colontonio – 7 Years

Tom Colontonio, the celebrated trance DJ and producer, is back with his latest single, “7 Years.” This track marks a beautiful addition to Tom’s catalog, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend modern electronic sounds with the timeless elements of trance music – the man knows how to keep his sound relevant while paying tribute to the golden era of the genre, so to speak.

Released under the label subculture, a subsidiary of Black Hole Recordings, “7 Years” is set to make a splash not only in the space of the trance community but also a wider audience. Tom Colontonio’s commitment to his craft and his unique approach to trance music have solidified his place at the go-to figure within the genre.

“7 Years” comes on the heels of Tom’s successful collaboration with trance maestro John O’Callaghan on “Reality.” With this new release, Tom reaffirms his status as a stand-out in the trance scene. The track goes hard from start to finish, the technicality and ambition being a major highlight of the experience.

Tom’s musical odyssey began at the age of 14. From there, he explored various genres, from rock to classical, but it was the allure of dance music that truly captured his heart. In 1996, he took a significant step by acquiring his first set of turntables, setting him on a path to becoming a trance luminary.

Throughout his career, Tom Colontonio has garnered support from renowned artists like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, and many others. His impressive collaborations span prestigious labels, including Armada, Vandit, Monster Tunes, and Black Hole Recordings.

“7 Years” isn’t just a track; it’s a reflection of Tom Colontonio’s journey, innovation, and the enduring essence of trance music. As always, Tom pushes the boundaries to ensure his sound remains fresh while honoring the genre’s roots. With “7 Years,” he invites us all to join him on his latest sonic adventure.

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[Graphic Novel] ILLENIUM Presents: Starfall

Exciting times ahead for fans of beats and comics! ILLENIUM, the celebrated DJ and music producer acclaimed for his heartfelt tracks and mesmerizing live shows, is partnering with Z2 Comics for a thrilling venture, “ILLENIUM: Presents Starfall.” Set to drop on November 21, 2023, the novel will be available in standard, deluxe, and a limited super deluxe edition, offering readers a dive into a world where harmony clashes with brutality in a shadowy authoritarian setting.

The tale revolves around Nick, a man trapped in a harsh dystopian reality, serving cruel overseers and addicted to a powerful Substance. Everything shifts with the introduction of Ash, a mysterious character who brings a glimpse of a different universe, filled with stories of phoenixes and fire. To escape the dark world he’s part of, Nick sets out on a journey of self-discovery and unveiling, brought to life by the creative team of Frank Marraffino, Pablo Andrés, Luis Expósito Hernández, and cover artist Emilio Adrias.

Z2 Comics and ILLENIUM make a harmonious duo in this collaboration. ILLENIUM, a GRAMMY Award-nominated artist, is known for his emotive music and captivating performances. Steve Ettinger, Z2’s VP of Marketing, is buzzing about this project, seeing ILLENIUM as the perfect mate for exploring new narrative frontiers.

For ILLENIUM, bringing this graphic novel to life is a dream realized, giving fans a unique peek into his origin story. This project highlights Z2’s commitment to creating engaging narratives at the intersection of music and comics, marking a noteworthy exploration of these interconnected artistic domains.

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[Indie-Electronic] Guy Horne – Broken Before

Meet Guy Horne, hailing from Manchester, a city that’s given us legends like The Stone Roses & Oasis. This Autumn, amidst the cozy vibes and pumpkin-spiced everything, “Broken Before” will be upon us, the latest release from quickly-growing talent Guy Horne.

Music-wise, the guy’s on fire. “Broken Before,” produced with the uber-talented Ed Graves and Grammy-ace Oli Jacobs, is just a glimpse of what he’s cooking up. He’s rocked out on BBC Introducing, teamed up with top-tier producers, and there’s even some chatter about a drum and bass remix with DNMO.

“Broken Before” is more than just a upbeat experience. It’s raw, touching on the tender spots left by past relationships. Inspired by memories with an ex who shared his love for songwriting, this single will hit you right in the feels.

Now, while Oasis might sing about wanting to “Live Forever,” Guy’s been making waves both in and out of the studio. Besides being dubbed the Young Property Personality of the year, he’s been all about making a change, raising a cool $1 billion for Affordable Housing in the UK.

So, as the leaves fall and this single hits the airwaves, sit back, relax, and tune in. Guy Horne, the ‘new British Indie Pop’ voice, is about to become more widespread than anticipated.

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[Electro-House] Dainjazone – Power [Music Video]

Dainjazone’s latest hit “Power,” featuring the dynamic FlyGirl Tee, you are immediately whisked away to sun-soaked beaches and vibrant club atmospheres. Dainjazone, celebrated for rocking the decks alongside the sensational duo LMFAO, has released a vivid music video for this song, adding yet another accolade to his multi-faceted career. Far from being just visual spectacle, this video embodies the eclectic sounds and infectious energy that define Dainjazone’s musical style.

The music video for “Power” is a bold portrayal of confidence, power, and the embrace of beauty. It features FlyGirl Tee masterfully owning her verses and Dainjazone delivering a set that sets the crowd in motion. With its slick editing and colorful scenes of individuals unapologetically expressing themselves, the video creates a visual rhythm that etches into the memory. It paints a vibrant picture of Dainjazone’s music — a concoction of energetic vibes and diverse melodies that linger in your mind long after you’ve left the dance floor.

Dainjazone’s adeptness at reading the crowd and crafting a versatile mix of house, hip-hop, pop, and classics ensures an unforgettable night for all. Given the keys to top venues like The Grand and Mémoire in Boston, HQ in Atlantic City, and Shrine in Connecticut, night after night, it’s evident that Dainjazone possesses a unique vibe that keeps the dance floors alive and pulsating.

Be apart of the movement and see the music video for yourself below. Dainjazone is entering a whole new chapter in his career, with plenty more to come in terms of originality and content to connect to.

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[House] Thomas Xavier – Pharaoh’s Alchemist LP

If you’ve got your ear to the ground in the Midwest US house scene, there’s a name that’s probably been on repeat: Thomas Xavier. This guy’s got the rhythm, the flair, and, let’s just say it, the guts to shake up the house music game.

Over just three short years, Thomas has been mixing it up with some big names, spinning decks side by side with the best of the best. He’s provided live performance support to over 30 big names like Ghastly, Nostalgix & Moksi, and SNBRN. And if you’ve been to one of those “Pharaoh’s Chamber” gigs, you’ll know the kind of magic this dude brings.

In 2022, he stepped it up by launching Pharaoh Phonix. But it’s not just any label; it’s his brainchild, his ode to blending the echoes of ancient tunes with infectious house. The numbers speak for themselves – 52 tracks, 20 artists, and a cool 3 million streams.

2023 is all about Pharaoh’s Alchemist, and trust me, it’s a treat for the ears. Merging Bass House, G-House, and Tech House, it’s an album that feels both fresh and timeless. Tunes like “Monsta” give you a kick of hip-hop, while “Be Like VR” throws you into the deep end with Xavier’s newest project, Khuphu. Think dubstep with a sprinkle of UK Grime vibes.

As 2023 rolls on, there’s one thing I’m sure of: Thomas Xavier isn’t just here to play; he’s here to stay.

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