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[House] ANATTA & Fred Paci & HONÜ – Steam Rollin’

The minimal master ANATTA has teamed up with Fred Paci and HONÜ for the hot new single “Steam Rollin’.” This absolutely groovy original doesn’t need many layers to do a lot of damage. ANATTA and crew hone in on a few key elements for an intimate anthem that you can’t help but to vibe to.

The trumpet is nothing short of sexy and leads a strong production that’s as mesmerizing as it is catchy. Released on Hungarian Hot Wax, this record is a gem that will be your playlist’s secret weapon.

Steam Rollin’ was a straight jam! We made this beat in one night and knew Fred was the guy to lay down some trumpet right away. Steam Rollin’ came together very nicely and we are glad it is finally seeing the light of day!” – ANATTA

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[Future Rave] Tim Clark – Dream Walk

Veteran DJ and budding producer Tim Clark has returned with his fiery festival single “Dream Walk.” With the growing popularity of future rave subgenre, Tim pulls from the sound as well as his old school style for an immaculate burst of energy that feels classic and new all at once.

“Dream Walk” makes us feel like we’re out at Tomorrowland or throwing back some cocktails at an Ibiza pool party. It’s just one of those fun songs that harkens back to the OG rave days, and while it delivers heavily on nostalgia it also doesn’t feel played out. We’re pretty particular on the more progressive side of things, but this one hits!

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[Dubstep] Stoned Level x Izzy Vadim – Shinobi

Montreal is undoubtedly one of the bass capitals of the world, if not THE bass capital. Two of its best up and coming dubstep producers in Stoned Level and Izzy Vadim have joined forces for the monstrous “Shinobi.” The hard-hitting original sees both producers return to Kannibalen Records following Stoned Level’s official BTSM remix and Izzy’s SWAMP EP.

“Shinobi” is packed to the brim with absolutely thrilling energy that is embodied by larger-than-life guitar riffs and its explosive sound design. Gritty and certainly heavy as hell, “Shinobi” is a must add to your workout, gaming or just all out raging playlists. It’s a fantastic single that shows just how alive the underground bass scene is!

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[House] Marcus James x David Frank – Euphoria

The newly Toronto relocated producer Marcus James has followed up his hit RUNN collab “Good Enough” with the chilled out “Euphoria.” With his EP looming just around the corner on Physical Presents Marcus James has been delivering singles with his David Frank featured gem being the latest.

“Euphoria” showcases a bit of a different sound from Marcus although it still has his house signatures. However with David Frank at his side he focuses less on his usual style that is a bit more bubbly and bouncy with a hint of his pop punk upbringing. Here he drops a radio hit that still has good energy and a great groove to it, but the songwriting is a bit more focused and polished. Overall it’s another fantastic record from Marcus James that was deserved of its support by mint canada on Spotify.

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[Rock] Little Dume Drop 2nd LP Single + Shwayze Collab

Little Dume continue to march towards their debut LP with the release of their second LP single “Angel In My City.” This song follows up from their energetic hit “Lose My Head” that dropped back in July. With the new song the Malibu band shift sonic gears for a more chill and emotional piece of music.

“Angel In My City” wasn’t the only new release the band has as they were featured on Shwayze’s album for the incredibly catchy song “Someday” that will for sure find its way in our end of the year favorites. Both songs are completely different in style, yet showcase Little Dume’s impeccable versatility as a band. If you don’t have your eyes and ears on Little Dume already, you better soon or you’ll be left behind when they blow the f#&% up!

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[House] Motez – Get It Done (feat. Scruffizer)

Motez and Scruffizer certainly got it done when they sat down to create their magnificent original “Get It Done.” Released last month on Sweat It Out, this track has since grown to become one of our favorite house tracks of the year without a doubt.

“Get It Done” has something intriguingly mischievous about it that we can’t help to shake. The driving bassline and industrial influence makes this a dark musical rabbit hole that you willingly dive headfirst into again and again. It’s catchy – but not in your typical pop way that happens with a lot of house music. Motez has had some incredible songs in the past, but this one stands out as one of his most prolific.

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[House] Besomorph x The Tech Thieves – In My Dreams

Earlier in the year Besomorph dropped one of our favorite songs of the year in “So Low” but now he’s back with The Tech Thieves for a new original. “In My Dreams” is vastly different from “So Low” in that it follows the house half of Besomorph’s catalog.

“In My Dreams” is without question a club anthem. With the weather here getting colder, events are shifting away from the festival atmosphere and although this song would crush in that setting, there’s something distinctly underground about this song. Besomorph and The Tech Thieves have conjured a beautiful record that we hope you make some room for in your playlists!

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