[Graphic Novel] ILLENIUM Presents: Starfall

Exciting times ahead for fans of beats and comics! ILLENIUM, the celebrated DJ and music producer acclaimed for his heartfelt tracks and mesmerizing live shows, is partnering with Z2 Comics for a thrilling venture, “ILLENIUM: Presents Starfall.” Set to drop on November 21, 2023, the novel will be available in standard, deluxe, and a limited super deluxe edition, offering readers a dive into a world where harmony clashes with brutality in a shadowy authoritarian setting.

The tale revolves around Nick, a man trapped in a harsh dystopian reality, serving cruel overseers and addicted to a powerful Substance. Everything shifts with the introduction of Ash, a mysterious character who brings a glimpse of a different universe, filled with stories of phoenixes and fire. To escape the dark world he’s part of, Nick sets out on a journey of self-discovery and unveiling, brought to life by the creative team of Frank Marraffino, Pablo Andrés, Luis Expósito Hernández, and cover artist Emilio Adrias.

Z2 Comics and ILLENIUM make a harmonious duo in this collaboration. ILLENIUM, a GRAMMY Award-nominated artist, is known for his emotive music and captivating performances. Steve Ettinger, Z2’s VP of Marketing, is buzzing about this project, seeing ILLENIUM as the perfect mate for exploring new narrative frontiers.

For ILLENIUM, bringing this graphic novel to life is a dream realized, giving fans a unique peek into his origin story. This project highlights Z2’s commitment to creating engaging narratives at the intersection of music and comics, marking a noteworthy exploration of these interconnected artistic domains.

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[Future Bass] Layto – Five4three2one (Egzod Remix)

Layto’s “Five4three2one” has already carved out a space in our cultural memory—a haunting, mellifluous track. But now, enter Egzod, the Portugal-born, France-raised, and US-based enigma, with a remix that transforms the familiar into the thrillingly uncanny. This isn’t a surprise, given Egzod’s staggering 600 million streams across platforms since 2017. Those aren’t mere numbers; they’re a testament, good-looking accolades that speak to a world enraptured by his vision.

The very name ‘Egzod,’ riffing on the French “Exodus,” encapsulates his promise: a musical journey to a world where technology doesn’t just coexist with nature—it communes with it. A world that’s beyond our grasp yet feels intimately familiar, like a long-forgotten dream. In this rendition of “Five4three2one,” the powerful bass pulsates, the future bass layers intertwine, and the melody, already powerful, now feels cosmic.

But this isn’t just about music—it’s about storytelling. Every Egzod production, imbued with spirituality and profound motifs, is a story of transcendence, an invitation. Not just to dance, but to imagine, to dream, to depart.

In a world that often feels devoid of mystery, Egzod, with this remix, offers us a portal. A chance to lose ourselves, to find ourselves, and to experience a song, not just as a mere tune, but as an odyssey.

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[Electronic] YMIR – The Wild Hunt

The vastly talented producer/vocalist YMIR has had a major career update. Not only has he just released his next original “The Wild Hunt” but he also has officially signed to the Montreal imprint Kannibalen Records. In doing so he joins the likes of Black Tiger Sex Machine, Apashe, Kai Wachi and Dabin.

With “The Wild Hunt” YMIR showcases both his production skills and his riveting vocals in full force. From the sound design to the mix of styles the mysterious creative manages to delight the senses and the soul with his unique concoction. It’s a bit on the experimental side, but it’s a load of fun. Make sure to check out his full catalog if you haven’t yet and if you’re in any cities he’s playing soon with Apashe – don’t miss the show!

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When you trace the lines of Shaquille’s career, it’s clear that his pursuits are not limited to the basketball court. His foray into music, especially with GORILLA WARFARE, is an example of his boundless creativity. The seamless blend of hip-hop influences with the pounding rhythms of dubstep offers listeners an immersive auditory experience, akin to witnessing him overpower an opponent on the hardwood.

DIESEL’s collaboration with some of the most avant-garde artists in the electronic music scene adds layers of complexity to GORILLA WARFARE. Each song becomes a tapestry, with threads of individual genius woven intricately into DIESEL’s expansive musical vision.

The album serves not just as another musical venture for O’Neal but as an auditory chronicle of his multifaceted journey. In GORILLA WARFARE, DIESEL doesn’t just produce bass music; he crafts an epic tale, reminiscent of his larger-than-life presence, both on the court and in the booth.

Listeners should brace themselves for not just an album, but a movement. GORILLA WARFARE is more than music; it’s the roar of a legend echoing through time.

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[Bass] CELO & DIESEL – Warfare

From the sun-kissed coasts of Key West, Florida, emerges CELO—a multi-genre DJ/Producer rapidly marking his territory in the global music scene. Since his 2019 debut, CELO’s distinctive fusion of fresh vibes sprinkled with a glitch of madness has earned him accolades and nods from industry titans. Names such as Marshmello, DJ Snake, Zedd, Slander, and Nghtmre resonate in his list of admirers. The remarkable achievement of having multiple mixes aired on Diplo’s Revolution further cements his growth as a notable talent.

CELO’s vibrant energy has reverberated at iconic festivals, from EDC Las Vegas to Ultra Miami and Hard Summer. This year, the remix of DEORRO’s “Five Hours” with MACHAKI underscored his knack for capturing the pulse of his audience, setting the perfect stage for festival season. His collaboration with DIESEL, a seismic track titled “WARFARE,” is poised for release under the prestigious Monstercat label. As if this isn’t enough, 2023 also saw CELO masterfully remixing Krewella’s “Drive Away” and unveiling his enchanting debut single, “NEVER KNOW” on Dim Mak.

With each release, CELO’s promise of high energy becomes more palpable, hyping him up as a must-experience act. Watch this space; this Florida native is just getting started.

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[Dubstep] Black Tiger Sex Machine – Die A God (ft. Wasiu)

Black Tiger Sex Machine are back and looking to take over 2023 in its entirety. Not only have they released the first single from their upcoming album – PORTALS – but they’ve announced their upcoming tour of the same name that will include their brand new motion capture CGI visuals. Judging from their previous live shows, as well as the single “Die A God” featuring Wasiu, this experience will be one-of-a-kind.

For starters, “Die A God” is a fantastically produced track, kicking off the energy right from the start with Wasiu’s bars heating up an already fire breakbeat. From there, BTSM build into a headbanger’s dream with an explosive drop that has already proven itself live thanks to recent show and festivals

It’s sure to hit even harder with the PORTALS show that debuts later this month at Ultra and will subsequently be brought to some great venues including Red Rocks! If you’re near any of the shows, make sure to get your tickets before it’s too late!

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[Electronic] matphilly & SUBshockers – AMP EP

Projects that are homages to loved ones lost always hit home harder. With matphilly‘s collaboration EP AMP, created alongside SUBshockers, that claim holds true. What began as one song to honor his brother who passed away suddenly in July of 2020, this matphilly EP grew into a five track seasonal release that culminated into the EP.

AMP starts with a cinematic introduction that sets the emotional tone for what’s to come. “All I’m Missing In This…it Makes Me Numb” follows suit, journeying from a heartfelt piano composition into a cathartic explosion of bass. From there matphilly and SUBshockers take you on a sonic adventure through different sounds, styles and emotions that showcase just how much matphilly’s brother meant to them, as he was also a great friend to SUBshockers. Overall, it’s a great project that does justice to its aim.

My brother was an important part of my life and losing him out of nowhere really changed the course of my life and mental health. So much so that I was going to quit music but I know he would want me to keep going, so to pay tribute to him, I chose my closest friends in SUBshockers. He knew my brother as well and we channeled our energy to pay tribute to his life and legacy. This is something I want the world to see who never met my brother and how important he was to so many people. He’s missed dearly and I hope we did him justice in this project.” – matphilly

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