[House] MOUNT. – Melody feat. Bright Sparks

Melody(ft. Bright Sparks)

Everyone loves a good melody. Ultra Records has released plenty of tracks with memorable ones and now they have a full on track called “Melody” by MOUNT and Bright Sparks. As you would expect from a song with this name, it’s got some catchy melodies that aren’t easy to forget.

“Melody” doesn’t just rely on one single tonal structure to make up its composition. Sometimes when artists focus too much on the melody, that’s all there is, but MOUNT gives us that and more, while Bright Sparks delivers a hot topline that we’ve been singing in the dojo over the weekend since its release date on Friday. Let it takeover your ears and windpipes as it has done to ours and make sure to get a copy of the track if you’d like to support it.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 247)

If you’re reading this, then you have survived another week. Luckily, so have we for many reasons, but one of them being that we get to share with you another batch of free downloads. Another twelve tracks have been gathered over the past several days and put together in one party playlist for you to let loose on. Leave your worries behind, leave the work week in the past and chill out, or party depending on your preference for the next two days. To help you let loose are works from artists like Jackal, Milk N Cooks, dEVOLVE, Hasse de Moor, DISKORD and Meaux Green who has a remix of Britney Spears that just can’t be missed. None of them should be missed really, so run through all twelve of them and enjoy your weekend. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Jackal – Summer In Your Arms (feat. Josh Congress)’
’RVDY – Soulless’
’Taryn Manning – GLTCHLFE (Milk N Cooks Remix)’
’Alon Mor – By Heart’
’dEVOLVE & DJ Nesty “Bring Ya Booty”‘
’ANGELZ – Devils (DEKOVA Flip)’
’Post Malone – Congratulations ft. Quavo (ElezD Remix)’
’Killa (Hasse de Moor FLIP)’
’0ops I did it Again (MEAUX GREEN ‘LOL’ REMIX)’
’Kaaris – ChargĂ© (Alexander Lewis Trombone Flip)’
’DISKORD – War feat. Mikey Ceaser (VIP Mix)’
’Lobo –

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[Event Preview] Joe Goddard (DJ Set) @ Bar Standard – 5/17 – Denver, CO

Fresh off of the release of genre-busting LP Electric Lines (from which you can stream “Lose Your Love” & “Music Is the Answer” below), Hot Chip founding member and all around production kingpin Joe Goddard has kicked off 2017 glowingly, finding himself in the midst of a lengthy run of North American and European performances. Over the next few weeks, Goddard’s schedule is littered with sets across the U.S. including nights in New York City (5/19), Chicago (5/26), and Miami (5/27); and we’re all kinds of perked up to catch the studio wizard in the flesh, especially on the heels of Electric Lines. Back in December we featured the music video for “Lose Your Love”, which is just one of the many bright spots on his latest long player. Goddard flexes his production muscle effortlessly throughout Electric Lines, tackling the structures and sounds of disco, house, pop, R&B & techno head on, and coming out on the other end largely unscathed. If we’re going off of Goddard’s latest release, we can expect an eclectically programmed set filled with many of his contributions to the worlds of dance and electronic music.

Tomorrow night Joe Goddard will man the decks at the intimate Bar Standard in Denver, CO on behalf of our friends at TheHundred Presents, for which you can still get tickets for here. Enjoy our mini preview playlist in anticipation of Goddard’s remaining U.S. tour dates, and for our Denver friends, we’ll see you on the floor.

’Joe Goddard – Lose Your Love (Radio Edit)’
’Joe Goddard – Music Is The Answer’
’Joe Goddard Feat. Mara Carlyle – She Burns’
’Bondax – Giving It All (Joe Goddard Remix)’
’Breach – Everything You Never Had (Joe Goddard Remix)’
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[Electronic] OIJ feat. Gia Koka – Back To The Start Remixes EP

After OIJ‘s release of his single “Back To The Start” with Gia Koka, he and his Epic Amsterdam team wanted to gather together some remixes. They did what they set out to do, commissioning three official remixes from Y.V.E. 48, Joshua J and Paul Hazendonk.

Y.V.E. 48 starts off the remix EP with a laid-back, future tinged flip whose cool vibes will bring a chill to your bones. Joshua J comes through next with his take on “Back To The Start” that shares a similar style to the previous remix, however Joshua takes future to heart and brings the genre out more vibrantly. Lastly, Paul Hazendonk switches everything up by bringing his deep, techy take on OIJ’s original. Enjoy all three today and let us know which take on “Back To The Start” was your favorite!

’OIJ ft. Gia Koka – Back To The Start (Y.V.E. 48 Remix)’
’OIJ ft. Gia Koka – Back To The Start (Joshua J Remix)’
’OIJ ft. Gia Koka – Back To The Start (Paul Hazendonk Remix)’
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[Deep House] Mahmut Orhan Feat. Eneli – Save Me

Ultra Music has incredible artists from all over the globe. They mange to find gems like Turkey’s Mahmut Orhan and swoop them up. Mahmut is a bit of a sensation however, garnering a ton of success and love from fans with his previous works and his latest is likely to satisfy as well. “Save Me” featuring Eneli is what we have for you today.

Acoustically influenced electronic music always has a special place in the dojo, especially if it’s house music. “Save Me” is a just that, a bubbling pop-tinged house record whose unique sound sets it apart from the usual rush of tracks. Mahmut’s instrumental is a treasure, but the same can be said for Eneli whose vocal performance is nothing short of spectacular. “Save Me” is currently available on digital services if you would like a copy.

[Post Edit] Now, the music video is here!

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[Electronic] Chris Schambacher – My World

Chris Schambacher is coming in clutch with three versions of his new song “My World” as well as a remix. Instead of keeping a few edits secret for his live sets, Chris decided it was only right to give fans a chance to grab all three versions he had on his computer. Released through Last Arrival Records, “My World” is a sensational record, no matter which one you choose to play.

The first is the most unique, expressing a sound that is all electronic, but doesn’t really adhere to anything that needs labeling. It’s cool, calm and oh so smooth. Next comes two house versions, with one being a bit more future house and the other having a bit more prog flavor to it. As we said before there is also a remix of “My World” that comes from Glenn Morrison. He continues the four-to-the-floor grind with his take that closes out the EP with some proper vibes.

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[House] Sinden & Hotfire – Twiddle

Sinden & Hotfire

Insomniac Records recently dropped a completely free compilation centered around Sinden. Not only did Sinden curate the compilation, adding friends including R3LL and LO’99, but he had several collaborations on the project. One of those collaborations was on “Twiddle” with the San Diego duo Hotfire.

“Twiddle” is a techy, old-school driven funk machine. The bouncy basslines have groove written all over them. Underground house-heads will hold this dear like the treasure it is, while anybody who jives with some bass and a four-to-the-floor kick pattern will surely be dancing away to this sweet collaboration. We wanted to highlight this single, because it was one of our favorites off the entire compilation, but don’t let that stop you from checking out the whole thing. Like we said before, the entire compilation is released for free, so you can get this and plenty of others goodies for you digital library.

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