Get To Know Needs No Sleep With New Track + Q&A [TMN Interview]

If you like house music, then you need to know Needs No Sleep. Just as his name says, he will keep you up all night with his energetic tracks that have received support from the likes of Afrojack, Dyro and Tommy Trash. Mitch Thomas, otherwise known as Needs No Sleep, is one of those producer’s on the brink of taking things to the next level, one that will put him in front of the biggest crowds available.

Needs No Sleep recently came out with a new single called “Who Can Do” before he came to the dojo to answer several questions about the project and himself. Over the course of our talk, Needs No Sleep covered topics like the new track, the scene in Australia and what’s to come next. Enjoy “Who Can Do” while you enlighten yourself with NNS and get ready for more goodies soon from this talented producer.

TMN: Thanks for joining us, Needs No Sleep! Congrats on your new track. How did the idea for this one come about?

NNS: I started with the vocal hook of the track, ‘Who Can Do What I Do’ which I recorded with my own vocal in my studio. I then played around and added some FX to it to have it sounding how it is now. After that I made the drop, and then a buildup and breakdown to go with it.

TMN: What would you say is the most ‘Needs No Sleep’ element of this track?

NNS: The heavy bassline groove is a clear indication that it’s a ‘Needs No Sleep’ track!

TMN: Can you tell us a little about how you began making music?

Having previously worked under another alias, I’ve been producing music for about 6 years. It’s given me the time to really hone my craft and sound which is part of the reason for the new ‘Needs No Sleep’ alias.

TMN: What’s the scene like in Aus? Does the music go down a treat?

NNS: The scene is great, as are the people in it. Great environment to nurture collaborations and receive feedback when needed

TMN: So tell us a bit about the process of making your work. Did you find that inspiration just flows as soon as you hit the studio?

NNS: One of the most important things that I live by is that you cannot force creativity, forced music will never be as good as music that comes naturally from an idea. Whenever I find I have inspiration for something, I will try and jump in the studio straight away to capture the idea that I have in my head. If that’s not possible then I will make a voice memo of it in my phone to then re visit it when I am in the studio later.

TMN: You’ve teamed up with Vicious Recordings in the past. How did you end up working with the team?

After the success of “Get Faded” and how well that was received, we decided to team up again for “Who Can Do.” I know the guys as we both live in the same city so we’ve had a great working relationship.

TMN: What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you while gigging?

NNS: You wouldn’t believe the half of it – also NSFW, haha

TMN: What’s next for Needs No Sleep?

NNS: After this release on Vicious I’m teaming up with Sebastian Bronk for a collaboration called “Trashed” which will be released on New York Label Uprise Music.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 251)

It’s the Friday of EDC, so we’re going to turn up with some amazing tracks that may just be hotter than the Las Vegas desert. Everyone, no matter if you’re out in Nevada or not, stay hydrated as the heatwave rolls in. While you do that, enjoy some amazing tunes from some of our favorite producers. Tracks this week come to us from Oshi, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Yntendo, Tiesto x KSHMR, Brillz and a super hot one from Decadon to close things out. As usual, all twelve are available for free, so grab copies of the ones you love. Enjoy the weekend, stay safe and #danceirresponsibly.

’HtPkt & Ninski (ft. Daniel Landers) “Set It Free” (PRMD DSCVR)’
’Plvtinum – If You’re Gonna Leave’
’Oshi – heal you (ft. courtney bennett)’
’JEANIE – Doomsday’
’Black Tiger Sex Machine – Rezorecta VIP’
’Yntendo – Got Some’
’The Last Gunslinger –

’Tiësto & KSHMR Feat. Talay Riley – Harder’
’Munchi – Bek Den Bo Block’
’Lil Uzi Vert – XO TOUR Llif3 (CYBRPNK HACKS IT)’
’21 Savage – Red Opps (Brillz & 2Scoops Remix)’
’Savoy and Bright Lights – The Wolf (Decadon Remix)’
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[House] Boris Smith – Baby feat. Ryan Konline

Boris Smith
Baby feat. Ryan Konline

“Baby” by Boris Smith and Ryan Konline is just what you need. No matter where you’re at in life, you need “Baby.” This smooth and groovy single was released through Nurvous Records a few weeks ago in three forms, but we’re going to focus in on the full original mix.

Now, if you want the acapella or instrumental, they’re available, but to get the real experience you want both pieces together. “Baby” has this certain nostalgia to it, a certain classic familiarity that isn’t often sought after nowadays. Everything about it is tasteful. It’s minimal style adds to its catchy club sound. Boris and Ryan came together for a hot one that we know you will enjoy.

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SANiTY – Missed Call [TMN Premiere]

Missed Call (Original Mix)

Ready for some g-house? Because we are. Welcome to the dojo for an exclusive first listen to “Missed Call” by SANiTY. This booming tune was released through G-Mafia Records today and we’ve partnered up to give you first dibs.

“Missed Call” is groovy to say the least. It’s got just the right vibe to get people moving no matter the setting, whether it be house party, warehouse rave or festival. SANiTY has always put out great house music, but his recent venturing into this sound has proven to be quite successful. Look for SANiTY to continue his rise with even more quality records to come. For now, enjoy “Missed Call” and hit up your favorite digital store to get a copy!

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[House] Jace Mek – Hesitate

Jace Mek
Hesitate (Original Mix)

Don’t ever “Hesitate” when Jace Mek releases a new song. Instantly click play and go to wherever you need to get a copy. Luckily, this time around the track happens to be a free download.

“Hesitate” has Jace Mek strike an optimal balance between his weird (but oh so amazing) signature style with commercial accessibility. It’s very much the Jace Mek sound, but it has an even brighter spark than tracks before it. The young producer continues to take steps forward with his talents, showing a maturity with his sound that is beyond his years. Rumor has it you may be able to see him at EDC Las Vegas this year, but you’re just going to have to go to find out if that’s true or not.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 249)

Do like to read me yap every Friday or do you just want the music? Regardless of your answer, I have words to write, but in all honesty you can skip them. We all know it’s Friday since we’ve been yearning for it since last Friday ended. You’d find out who made it on this week’s playlist if you skipped ahead, but if you wanna wet your lips with a little tease, we’ll have you know that producers like Shaan, HPNTK, Rad Cat, Basstrick, k?d x Varien and Jessica Audiffred can be found. As always, every track here is available as a free download if you still are collecting mp3s. If not, simply stream them below. Enjoy the weekend and make sure to #danceirresponsibly!

’Lost Kings Ft. Tinashe – Quit You (Shaan Remix)’
’AWAY – Sleepwalker (feat. London Thor)’
’HPNTK – Paper’
’future – mask off (rad cat remix)’
’BODY (Kameo & dEVOLVE Remix)’
’Hvnnibvl – On & On’
’Basstrick – Tinker Hatfield’
’ANGELZ – Devils (NuKid Remix)’
’k?d X Varien – Catherine’
’INF1N1TE – Alone’
’Doctor P – Going Gorillas (Jessica Audiffred Remix)’
’Peekabu – Ruthless (Free Download)’
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Rui – Feel Alright [TMN Premiere]

Feel Alright (Radio Edit)

Enter the dojo with Portugal born, Netherlands raised Rui. Musically speaking, Wall Recordings is his home and together we’ve partnered with them for the premiere of “Feel Alright” that comes out in full tomorrow. Rui and company wanted to give you a sneak listen to the record in its entirety, so here we go.

“Feel Alright” sports a deep, but beachy sound that is about as appropriate as you can get for this time of year. Bubbly basslines and spirited vocals keep the energy up for crowds to get their dance on. Rui always manages to keep a fun sound and that’s just what “Feel Alright” has. It will make you feel more than alright with its upbeat attitude. As mentioned previously, the song is out in full tomorrow for those looking to add it to their digital libraries. For now, enjoy the exclusive stream!

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