[House] GKC Union – California

GKC Union

“California” is the debut single from the New York duo GKC Union. They honored the great state all the way from the East coast with their intriguing original. It’s not what you’d expect from a track with the name it has, but it’s a great song altogether.

The track has a sort of spacey edge to it that has me thinking NorCal instantly. Despite that, it shares elements that you may associate with SoCal, a more clubby, deep sound with subtle vocals that feel a bit beachy. “California” is a grand state, one of the United States’ biggest, and taking on a song for such a state isn’t easy, but GKC Union give us a great production that isn’t your typical tune.

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Havoc & Lawn, Anderblast – Genesi [TMN Premiere]

Get your dancing shoes on, we’ve got a treat for you in the dojo. Havoc & Lawn alongside Anderblast created “Genesi” that will be released on SIZE Records. Together the duos join us in the dojo to premiere the song early.

“Genesi” is a club-friendly house record that has a classic sound to it. They no doubt take influence from the early warehouse rave days of dance music, but they also infuse a newer vibe that brings the style forward to contemporary times. With the best of both worlds, “Genesi” is a beast that we couldn’t pass up on. Have an early listen and make sure to grab a copy tomorrow when the song is out in full.

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[House] HONKA, Alex Alexander – Back Home

HONKA, Alex Alexander
Back Home

“Back Home” brings house music back to its home. Its home is a place where good music reigns supreme. No hype, no BS. HONKA and Alex Alexander put together a song that already sounds like a classic. Timeless music lives on forever and this is a piece of music that could do that.

Together these producers managed to create something catchy in all the right ways. They don’t ever come close to being cheesy, or refining things to a point to where they’re lifeless. In fact, things are just the opposite as this single has all the life you could want in a dance track. Surely it will get you up and dancing. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of it today from digital stores or add it to your playlists.

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[House] Izzy Bizu – White Tiger (Cat Carpenters Remix)

White Tiger (Cat Carpenters Remix)

“White Tiger” by Izzy Bizu is a beautiful song. It’s also a fun song, but it recently got turned up by the duo Cat Carpenters with an official remix. Somehow, they made it even funner to listen to.

By adding in their house sound, they made this one club-ready in every way possible. The vocal was already about as memorable as it could get, getting people to sing along in an instant, but the girls went ahead and implemented an infectious groove that takes this one to new heights. This remix is currently available on digital stores for those of you who want to get your boogie on to an amazing flip.

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Hardwell & Austin Mahone – Creatures Of The Night (Charming Horses Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Hardwell’s collaboration on “Creatures Of The Night” with Austin Mahone has had a whole album’s worth of remixes for it. One of those remixes comes to us from the solo producer Charming Horses. We welcome you to the dojo for an exclusive first listen to his deep take in this premiere!

Charming Horses went all out club friendly with this joyous deep house cut. Of course, he kept the stunning vocal around and implemented his own sound into the mix. It was nice to hear “Creatures Of The Night” come into a house form. Despite it’s popularity and praise in its original future format, we just might love this flip more. It’s fun, catchy and incredibly dance-floor ready. Enjoy your first listen here in the dojo.

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[House] Habstrakt & Jace Mek – I Wanna

Habstrakt & Jace Mek
I Wanna

Two of house music’s best came together for a major release on Confession. The bass beast Habstrakt and the iconic prodigy Jace Mek came out hot as usual with their collaboration on “I Wanna” that had us excited as could be when we heard it was coming.

“I Wanna” is, plainly stated, groovy AF. Deep, delicious and straight up dank, this collaboration is just the dark Summer track that we’ve been needing. Everyone has been keeping things bright and shiny, but that just won’t fly with these two. They flipped the script and gave us something we can take into the colder seasons to warm us up. A classic rave track in every sense, “I Wanna” is all you could want. Get your copy on digital stores today.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 257)

Today is the day where we give you more than a handful of free downloads so you can save your money for whatever it is you want to spend money on this weekend. Taking a trip? Going on a bender from bar to bar? Taking your significant other out to a nice dinner and movie? Whatever you’re planning on doing, don’t plan on spending money on music here. Instead, stream and download all twelve of these hits from talented producers like Goldplate, Paperwings, Halogen, B-Sides x SWAGE, LEViT∆TE, BONE N SKIN and many more. All together we have a wide variety of tracks from the softer side of dance music all the way to the headbaning bass side. Whatever you like, you’ll get to take away something from here. Click play and have a wonderful weekend from all the ninjas!

’Ghastly – We Might Fall Ft. Matthew Koma (Goldplate Remix)’
’Slander – Superhuman feat. Eric Leva (Paperwings Remix)’
’Aevvo –

’Mia Vaile & James Mercy – Wildfire’
’SCRVP & Secret Sauce – Give It All (Feat. Kyle Woodcock)’
’Halogen – Can’t Resist Ft. Adriana Gomez & lub x tpf’
Sides & SWAGE – On The Floor’
’LEViT∆TE – Lay Waste’
’Apashe – Jimmy Shake feat. 740 Boyz & Dose (Bone N Skin Remix)’
’p0gman – Purple Ft Mikey Ceaser’
’Kowta – Freaky’
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