MOHA – A-Side [TMN Premiere]


Featuring eclectic, up and coming artists with prominent potential is the lifeblood around here at TMN. Which is why, when we came across the first single from French-Senegalese artist Moha‘s debut LP FIT, the appropriately titled alt-pop R&B burner “A-Side”, we knew we had to jump all over it and get it into the ears of our readers.

Immediately, Moha’s unique musical fusion of African, French, and US influenced sounds is apparent, riding along elegantly picked guitar and shifting percussion which dive head first into a sea of gently raspy vocal reverberations. They way Moha so effortlessly wraps those gauzy vocals around its tightly wound production is quite consuming. As muted horns unfurl into “A-Side”‘s catchy chorus, it’s quite difficult to not stay stuck throughout its duration. Like his following, which has shunned the typical social media directed aesthetic and outside influence, Moha builds his music organically, layering his own playing on multiple instruments with powerful songwriting to create a sound and album that we are enthusiastically anticipating the release of. Until the full release of FIT, enjoy Moha’s “A-Side” served up fresh as a TMN Premiere above.

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[Pop] DEV – I Only See You When I’m Dreamin’ LP

Just over a month ago on September 8th, the California native DEV released the follow up to her Bittersweet July projects. Since then she’s come out with a few singles and remixes with producers, but now we get a fully fledged LP entitled I Only See You When I’m Dreamin’.

Complete with eleven songs and two short audio clips, this project sees DEV take her signature style to new heights. The introductory single “Have It All” really sets the tone nicely for the rest of the album, with a smooth tone and elements from numerous styles of music that are highlighted throughout the rest of the LP. DEV fluidly delivers a mix of R&B, pop, hip-hop and electronic for a multi-layered expression that is more than a simple collection of records. They all weave together so that I Only See You When I’m Dreamin’ is more of a detailed tale than a normal musical album.

As with any artist that has mega hits in their catalog, people are always going to compare the new those songs, but to do that is unfair. DEV has grown as an artist and although she there’s a similar appeal to her hits, she’s grown as an artist and it shows in her work. She still can shine just as bright with magnificent pop works like “Skinny Dippin'” and the crossover treat “My Way” that are two of our favorites off the LP. Other notable singles include “All I Wanna Do,” “Cloud9” and “Bouncy.” Overall it’s a strong album that will take you by surprise. We recommend you get your copy of I Only See You When I’m Dreamin’ today!

PS, if you get a chance to see DEV live, do it!

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[Indie] Magnus Bechmann – Bruises

Magnus Bechmann

Magnus Bechmann doesn’t really abide by one style. His eclectic sonic mixtures have caught the ears of people around the world and has been hailed by several top media sources as one of the best up and coming acts around. We’d like to throw our hat in the mix and back these statements. Just take his new single “Bruises” as an example of how talented Magnus is.

“Bruises” is a lively, indie/pop blend that goes way beyond even those two genres. It’s an incredibly fun song that is not only a great listen, but also is motivating if you listen to the lyrics and know how it came about. We’ll let Magnus take it away from here. So click play, grab a copy of the single and see just how this one came to fruition.

It is a track about decisions, and the point where you have to decide to go “all in” or “slow down and think about it”. Kinda like the yellow light in a traffic light: either you pedal to the metal, or slow down and wait for the next green. In my case, I thought it was best to speed up, and hope that the speeding ticket won’t be too big.

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[Music Video] Logan Henderson – Bite My Tongue

Logan Henderson‘s single “Bite My Tongue” came out in the middle of September and has since received praise from media, as well as plenty of plays from fans. Although it’s only his second solo single, Logan has quickly established himself with this endeavor. Today we’ve got the music on top of his brand new music video.

For those who are new to “Bite My Tongue” it’s a well done track created in fusing genres like electronic, pop and indie. Logan’s distinct style is clearly evident in this. With the music video we get to see a dark portrayal of the London streets. To be honest it feels more like a full on Hollywood production than a music video, telling a story instead of simply adding a stimulating visual component to a song. It’s very well done. Take a peek below and add this to your Spotify playlist if you haven’t yet!

Bite My Tongue (Explicit) by Logan Henderson on VEVO.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2017 Round #1)

Some days get us good. They knock us down & take every last ounce of energy we own. Unfortunately, we don’t have any magical powers to make everything ok, but we do have a very fine temporary distraction we like to call the Indie Dojo. Find some time to take a listen. It might just be the temporary distraction you need.

Your World’
’Fenne Lily
Three Oh Nine’
’Eustace the Dragon
’We Were Strangers – In The Inbetween’
’Malena Zavala
If It Goes’
’Boy Scouts
St. Francis Fountain’
Soaked Through’
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[Pop] Brooke Williams – Down Easy

Brooke Williams
Down Easy

“Down Easy” by Brooke Williams does just that, goes down easy. It’s one of those songs you can toss on repeat and not think about stopping to move on to another song for quite some time. Released as a free download on Lowly Palace, there’s no sleeping on this gem.

The North Hollywood pop treasure only has a handful of tracks out currently, but “Down Easy” should be enough to show you just how good of an artist she is. The poppy original isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Upon listening you’re taken back by a strong sound that isn’t watered down like many pop tracks. It was surprising to see the genre coming from Lowly Palace who have strong electronic tracks, but you’ll hear just why they couldn’t pass up this one.

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[Music Video] Una Sand – Wanderlust

The move to create stunning lyric videos that goes beyond simple text is a great one. Una Sand follows suit with the video for her single “Wanderlust” that came out through Universal on September 22nd. As you’d imagine, it’s more music than lyric video.

The video’s concept is quite simple, allowing the viewer some degree of entertainment while still being able to retain the lyrics that pop onto the screen. Una finds herself wandering through the city, allowing us to follow her on her calming adventure. “Wanderlust” as a song is a chilled out poppy piece that is exactly what you need for your Fall playlists. Check out the video below and add it to your Spotify today.

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