[Music Video] David Frank – Don’t Miss A Moment

The fresh talent David Frank is back with one of the most inspiring songs of the year so far. “Don’t Miss A Moment” is an incredibly catchy blend of folk, indie and pop that has that intangible “anthem” feeling. That term can get thrown around a lot, even in the dojo, but this song has GOT IT.

David Frank continues to astonish with his incredible voice and dynamic production that enters a whole new echelon with “Don’t Miss A Moment.” Not only do we get the song, but David is back on his music video game for this one. It’s a bit more humorous than the song at face value, but adds a nice dimension to the single. And, you can just tell it was fun to make. Check it out below and make sure to add the song to your Summer playlists!!

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[Pop] Aliana Lohan – Armor

Aliana Lohan takes another step closer to her upcoming EP with the empowering original “Armor.” With her previous two singles the NYC songstress infused some strong dance pop influence while here she goes a bit more commercial while keeping things engaging and emotional.

Sorry fellas, but this one is mainly for the ladies although anyone and everyone can certainly get down to it. “Armor” despite its poppy attitude actually implores some depth of soul with Aliana’s powerful voice shifting dynamic between the various styles that make up this fresh record. If you haven’t checked out her other singles, make sure to do so too!

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[Dance-Pop] Harber – Remedy (feat. Alex Jones)

The impressive cityscape of New York City has been the backdrop to many stories of dreams, but HARBER’s rise in the world of electronic music tells a tale that’s both new and nostalgic. It’s not just about how impressive one’s sound may be; it’s like an ongoing chat between the vibrant hum of city life and the quiet longings of human hearts.

Consider a track like “Remedy,” created with Alex Jones. It feels like a nighttime view of the city – throbbing and full of life. Then there’s “More Than You” with Lexy Panterra, a song that dared to flirt with Billboard’s charts, or the soulful reflections of “Summer You.” Each piece shows a different side of HARBER’s unique electronic style that’s inspired by urban life.

But what sets him apart from other new artists is where his music is heard. From Bravo TV’s show ‘Summer House’ to Amazon’s ‘Upload’, his music is reaching more and more people. And when you think about his remixes for big names like The Chainsmokers or his collaboration with Khalid & Normani, you can see HARBER’s musical importance.

He’s been featured in Forbes, celebrated by People Magazine, and respected by major players like Swedish House Mafia and Marshmello. HARBER isn’t just making music; he’s creating a lasting mark for himself.

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[Pop] Aliana Lohan – All Around Me

Aliana Lohan returns with an 80’s inspired gem called “All Around Me.” The energetic love song follows up her dance-friendly original “Already Home” that was released at the end of last year. Both tracks showcase a strong evolution of Aliana’s infectious sound.

“All Around Me” feels alluring and sexy while maintaining its captivating essence from start to finish. Aliana’s powerful performance is a bright contrast to the darkened production that gives this song an almost brooding dance pop feel. The single is an excellent addition to her growing catalog, one that feels like it restarted with her song “Without You” that’s approaching one million Spotify streams.

Expect more music as she moves towards her EP release!

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[Music Video] Isaiah Brown – Please Be The One

Back in November of 2022 Isaiah Brown released his debut album DREAMERBOY to a fantastic response by his fans and media alike. Continuing on that journey, Isaiah has expanded the music with video counterparts, most recently for the song “Please Be The One.”

The hip-hop meets R&B track was a standout on the LP, one that fans surely will be singing loud during Isaiah’s upcoming GENESIS tour. It’s one of our favorites from his album and the music video does it justice with its minimalist tone. It’s a fun visual with a laidback style that fits the vibe of the song. It’s not quite hot enough for the beach in most places, but let Isaiah take you there with this project!

When we open our hearts up to the fullest capacity of the world and people around us, we discover the depths of our own existence and the power of positivity. Let us embrace one another as one collective consciousness, all striving towards a better tomorrow, for our children and our children’s children. One Earth and One Love under the power of God, The Universe, and Our Creator/Mother Nature.” – Isaiah Brown

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[Indie/Pop] fknsyd – Taste.test Mixtape

One of electronic music’s most promising topliners in fknsyd has stepped out on her own with the debut solo mixtape Taste.test. Having worked with Rezz, Slander, RL Grime and many more, dance fans already know her chops when it comes to creating, but now we get the full breadth of her talents and artistic direction thanks to a beautiful 9-track project.

Taste.test invites the listener into a world of chill soundscapes blending indie, pop, R&B and more for an experience anybody can sink their existence into. There’s a common message throughout tying the song’s together through a cohesive thread that showcases just what this project means to fknsyd as she heroically embarks on her solo journey. It’s a well crafted, strong first step and we hope to hear more from her!

Taste.test is a compilation of songs I made over the last year or two. With my personal music I do everything myself, and I don’t feel overly confident about most of the skills involved in that process. As much as I’d like to only share things I feel completely satisfied with, I don’t think it needs to be that serious, and I realize whatever that standard is for me will be ever-changing. It doesn’t make me happy to stockpile a bunch of music. I admire people who share their art, so to me this is a step in the direction of feeling more comfortable doing that.” – fknsyd

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[Pop] Aliana Lohan – Already Home

With so many of us at the heart of holiday season, we’re at home with family. Music might be blasting, a movie might be on, but we’re together regardless. To celebrate that time together, Aliana Lohan has dropped her original “Already Home” at the same time that her and her sister’s Netflix film Falling For Christmas continues to takeover screens across the world.

“Already Home” is a poppy, dance-friendly jam that will even have your grandparents on their feet and dancing during holiday parties. Aliana took a step in a different direction from her more soulful single “Without You” that was also featured in the Netflix film. This new direction is fun, energetic and completely infectious. It also comes with the news that there’s more music from Aliana to come… EP maybe!?

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