MOHA – A-Side [TMN Premiere]


Featuring eclectic, up and coming artists with prominent potential is the lifeblood around here at TMN. Which is why, when we came across the first single fromĀ French-Senegalese artist Moha‘s debut LP FIT, the appropriately titled alt-pop R&B burner “A-Side”, we knew we had to jump all over it and get it into the ears of our readers.

Immediately, Moha’s unique musical fusion of African, French, and US influenced sounds is apparent, riding along elegantly picked guitar and shifting percussion which dive head first into a sea of gently raspy vocal reverberations. They way Moha so effortlessly wraps those gauzy vocals around its tightly wound production is quite consuming. As muted horns unfurl into “A-Side”‘s catchy chorus, it’s quite difficult to not stay stuck throughout its duration. Like his following, which has shunned the typical social media directed aesthetic and outside influence, Moha builds his music organically, layering his own playing on multiple instruments with powerful songwriting to create a sound and album that we are enthusiastically anticipating the release of. Until the full release of FIT, enjoy Moha’s “A-Side” served up fresh as a TMN Premiere above.

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[Electronic] Rusty Hook feat. Truitt – Relief

Rusty Hook
Relief (feat. Truitt)

It’s been some time since we’ve heard from French artist Rusty Hook. If you’re wondering where he went, he’s been hard at work putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming solo EP Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance. It is exactly for this reason that we are so excited to be presenting his debut single off the project, “Relief” featuring brother/sister duo Truitt.

We were instantly swept off our feet with the soulful vibe of “Relief.” He cooks up a pleasurable recipe that includes just the right proportions of elements from styles like indie, r&b and and electronic. The original’s genre-defying production is balanced by the comforting vocals of Truitt and coalesce for a hook that will easily stick with you. Like what you hear with “Relief?” Then make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the November release of Rusty Hook’s EP.

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[R&B/Soul] Darci – Life


“Life” by Darci is a melting pot of hip-hop, R&B and soul. Its creation, according to the description taken from Soundcloud, stemmed from Darci getting kicked off a yacht. Let the haters hate Darci says, because all they do is motivate. This track is for both the haters and the lovers of Darci.

Darci delivers a slow-burner track, one that is undoubtedly hot, but keeps up an ethereal, mellow vibe throughout. Fall has just begun and tracks like this are starting to come out, but they’re not all going to be as good as this one. “Life” not only blends the aforementioned genres fluidly, but is a song that exemplifies a true underground nature while also being something accessible to radio listeners. It’s certainly something you’ll want to grab a copy of.

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[R&B/Soul] Kendall Morgan – Undertow

Kendall Morgan
Undertow (Prod. Llamabeats)

Let Kendall Morgan take you into the weekend with the mega chiller “Undertow” that just came out. The independent Nashville starlet has seduced us with her soulful original and we’ve got this one in repeat in the dojo.

“Undertow” is a smooth mix of soul and contemporary R&B, in a nutshell. However, what makes this song so special is the subtle nuances it has from other genres, mostly taken from electronic music. In utilizing things like subtle wobbles and spacey synths, it juxtaposes and otherworldly feel with a down to Earth sound. The producer Llamabeats really did something unique with the instrumental, but when it comes down to it the highlight is Kendall’s performance. Together they make quite a team and “Undertow” is a magnificent piece of music.

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[R&B/Soul] Little Monarch – No Matter What (starRo Remix)

Little Monarch
No Matter What (starRo Remix)

We’re fairly confident that no matter what you will like this starRO remix. Little Monarch’s single “No Matter What” got a smooth makeover from the Los Angeles resident. His soulful R&B remix is just the perfect thing you need to help get you to the weekend and celebrate properly.

Let’s dive into the track by stating simply that starRO just nailed it, 100%. Instead of focusing on the energy the original had, starRO slowed things down and got a bit more groovy with his take. The original’s material is instantly recognizable, but even for those who love Little Monarch’s version, they’ll be blown away by this one. Have a listen and stay sexy.

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[R&B/Soul] Moods – Truth Feat. Beau Nox

Truth Feat. Beau Nox

Let’s get sexy with “Truth.” The Moods single features Beau Nox and has been released by Boogie Angst. This soulful original will touch you to your core, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself purchasing the song from a digital platform.

“Truth” is the definition of a slow jam. Beau soars on this single with the performance of a lifetime while Moods gets as smooth as possible on the instrumental. No matter if you’re coming from the electronic world or R&B, this is a respectable record with songwriting that will melt your heart. You better get your feels ready for this one if you haven’t.

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[R&B/Soul] Jay Watts – Single Friends

Jersey’s Jay Watts gets as smooth as you can get with his newest single. “Single Friends” was produced by Reefa and 12Keyz. Together these three acts put together something you won’t forget.

Jay Watts takes center stage on this minimal masterpiece. Anybody who’s been into the hip-hop/R&B/soul swing as of the past couple of years will certainly find this one appealing, but even if you haven’t, this is just a good song no matter what. You feel the soul and that’s what connects you when it enters your ears. You can’t help but to love it and sing along.

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