[Indie] DVWEZ – The Life

The Life

“The Life” is here thanks to DVWEZ, the Florida songstress that’s coming up strong. Her dark, R&B original has seduced us with its infectious sound, one that is right up the alley of anybody looking for something with a shadowed hue to it.

DVWEZ gives us something that’s a bit different from the usual R&B sound. It takes more of an indie stance with intoxicating melodies and driving soundscapes that show more of a love for the underground than the mainstream. In giving her own take on things, DVWEZ stands out as someone to be not only noticed, but revered. “The Life” is a magnificent piece of music that your ears need to hear. Hence why we’re sharing it with you today!

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[R&B] Ronin & Xavier White – Sudden Change

Ronin & Xavier White
Sudden Change

Ronin and Xavier White return for yet another single together. Their track “Sudden Change” was released today through Lush Records, one of New York’s greatest independent labels. Speaking of New York, the two artists who put this one together happen to both be some of New York’s top underground talents.

“Sudden Change” is a sexy tune. We know just how good these two creators are together, but they took things to a whole new place with this one. It’s got that future pop meets R&B sound that not many can pin down like these two have done. With so much music sounding like people are trying too hard for something, it’s nice to hear a genuinely good record that feels that it came about organically. They weren’t trying to be anybody but themselves, which is something we can always count on from each contributor. Stream “Sudden Change” today and grab the free download.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2017 Round #4)


Maybe fate brought you here. Maybe you are a regular. Whichever way the wind blew, the Indie Dojo welcomes you.
’James Gillespie – What You Do’
’Two Day Down – Stranger’
’J Appiah – Run’
’Drew Vigolsang
’Brahny – Auburn’
’Ida Wenøe – Lyla’
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[R&B] AMiR – Save Me

Save Me

“Save Me” is the first of what we hope are many songs from artist AMiR. As I write this the UK musician has less than 25 followers on Soundcloud, but that is sure to rise given time. “Save Me” will sink in and more projects will come. Then there’s no telling where AMiR will be.

R&B with pop or hip-hop has been a staple on the airwaves for a long time now. “Save Me” fits right into that category, but has a sort of unblemished quality to it. Sometimes R&B can feel a bit forced to sound like something, but the vibes that AMiR puts out are all genuine. As a trend, we’ve noticed song lengths starting to wane, so it’s nice to hear something that’s closer to the four minute mark that doesn’t get dull at any moment. AMiR may just be the hot new ticket in town, so don’t miss out.

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[EP Review] Sonder releases emotional and minimalist project, “Into”


Sonder – Lovely
Too Fast
Baldwin Park

The triumvirate of Atu, Dpat, and Brent Faiyaz have spent the better part of the 2010’s coming into form and finding their signature styles. As some of the more prominent, talented producers in the experimental hip hop / R&B realm, Dpat and Atu both gained a fair amount of recognition among the initiated in 2013. Vocalist Faiyaz made his splash in early 2015, steadily gaining popularity since. Upon signing their allegiances with the Soulection family, both producers released dazzling, emotional projects – both still land favorably on the ever changing bulls-eye of quality music.

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[R&B/Soul] LIOHN – Over U

Over U

All the tracks we post, we love. Some tracks really stick out though, and one of those we have for you currently. “Over U” by LIOHN is one of those songs that enters your ears and proceeds to take over your entire being. Even if you’re not someone who is going through the hardships the song presents, it still strikes just the right chords.

“OVER U” has been on repeat since we first clicked play. Soft, seductive and sweet, this single does everything right. The vocal performance is as good as it gets and the instrumental alone is enough to be a hit. Together, they work in tandem to bring us one of our favorite songs of 2017. From the start, you’re entranced, and at the end, you just want it all over again. Stream the song today and grab your copy of it through the digital service of your choice.

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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 70: New Year, New Vibes

artworks-000195689243-uj5hic-originalMusic Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode 70: New Year, New Vibes

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This week we were ambushed by quality music across genres and, in this episode we share just a few of our favorite discoveries mixed in with some slightly older cuts you may have forgotten about. Oh, and also, brand new music from Jamiroquai! Continue reading

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