[Indie] LARCY Released Two Heartfelt Singles This Month


It’s always a pleasure to get a solid release from an artist you like. It’s even better when they drop two back to back within a month. That’s what happened with LARCY this month. Instead of simply dropping the audio for her song “Thinkin’, Drinkin'” she decided to also give fans a chance to hear “Gotta Pretend.”

As always, these two tracks are deeply personal and emotional. That’s how she’s always connected to fans and that’s what she’ll continue to do into the future. With “Thinkin’, Drinkin'” we get a soft, soulful single that we previously got a helping of with her music video for it. Next, LARCY dropped her heartfelt, piano-driven original “Gotta Pretend.” Make sure you have some tissues nearby, because this one might flood the tear tunnels. The first song is available on iTunes, but the second is only available to stream; however, there are talks of an EP in the future. Stay tuned…

’Thinkin, Drinkin’
’Gotta Pretend’
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[Synth-Wave] Pr0files – Money


The Los Angeles based synthesis of Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum, known more widely under their stage moniker Pr0files, have returned with their first, darkly-tinged piece of synth-pop to pace 2017, “Money”. While it’s unfortunately been a bit of a lengthy gap since we last checked in with the genre-busting pair, “Money” has us once again ready to devour their every aural sentiment.

Coming off of their debut LP Jurassic Technologie last year, Pr0files are clearly keeping their warranted buzz afloat. Anchored by a slickly dark & synthetic, shoegaze-y backbone bolstered by Pardini’s sonorous yet fitting reverberations; Pr0files create a simultaneously gloomy and uplifting 3:00 minutes of music. On “Money”, Pardini speaks to the duo’s arduous journey as a truly independent project, creating a sort of weighty anthem for those who have experienced those sky-high peaks and deep valleys associated with committing to your art (“I took a xanax in a milkshake just to get me through that day”); while Sternbaum’s seemingly effortless, full production sblimely rounds out “Money”‘s vocal-centric aesthetic. Needless to say, we’ve got our ears perked up towards Pr0files as they unveil more layers to their 2017 iteration and will be right there with them every step of the way. Stream “Money” above.
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2017 Round #3)


Monday is over. Tuesday is here which means there’s a brand new Indie Dojo for your listening ear(s).
’Arlie – Big Fat Mouth’
’Husky – Ghost’
’Doc Robinson – I’m Not Gone’
’The Teskey Brothers – Pain And Misery’
’Mimi Gilbert – Become With Me’
’Isobel Anderson – Flint Shingle’
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[Indie/Electronic] Wilsonn – Thankful

Wilsonn Mixtape

Every time I turn around another dope artist is popping their head out of Australia. Wilsonn is the most recent artist welcomed to the dojo, alongside his single “Thankful.” Fans of soul will be head over heals for this creator whose touching sound is more than a simple listening experience.

“Thankful” really makes you feel just that, thankful. It’s an intimate single with powerful lyrics and soundscapes that provide a figurative hug of warmth that you can’t resist. Wilsonn’s vocal is one that will stay in our hearts and minds for quite a long time to come. Although it’s Summer and the “jams” are being brought out like there’s no tomorrow, it’s nice to hear something soothing like this one. Take some time, appreciate “Thankful” and do the same for those things you hold dear around you.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2017 Round #2)


Got a case of “the I have no idea what to listen to” blues? Well, you’ve landed yourself on the right page friend. Enjoy an Indie Dojo on us.

’Tipling Rock – A Side / B Side’
’Know Fortune – Help Myself’
’Lex Low – Build Me Up’
’Black Fly – I Don’t Know’
’Antony Left – Evil’
’Drew JH York – How Do I Know?’
’Tasha – Naive by The Kooks (cover)’
’Sydney Robinson –

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[Music Video] Stolen Jars – Long New York

Stolen Jars

“Long New York” comes to us from the New Jersey band Stolen Jars through their glint EP. The soft-spoken single was a highlight among an EP that was filled with lovable tracks. Even more lovable is the adventurous music video for the tune.

Perfectly encapsulating the light, playful vibe of the song, the music video does everything right to be a great visual fit. Good videos are not new to the band, who recently released an animation for their single “Eliot” which was amazing. With that and this video, a certain nostalgia is built into their work, one that is an echo of the worry free times of childhood. Despite the uplifting tone, there lurks the reality of time and memory, both of which can fade. Enjoy the music video below and make sure to keep up with Stolen Jars as their entire EP will be put into visual form!

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[Electronic/Indie] OddKidOut – Full Circle EP


The Full Circle EP from OddKidOut is more than a simple collection of six singles. It’s a declaration, a beacon of light coming straight from Philly, the birthplace of Neo-soul; a place that hasn’t paid enough attention lately to it’s musical child. OddKidOut’s goal with this project was to push the neo-soul sound to new heights from his and the genre’s home.

Full Circle is a smooth soiree of sounds that move fluidly between each other. Although OddKidOut and producer 1403 were aiming at neo-soul, they don’t exclusively stay within the genre, bringing different moods and textures to the table with each song. Favorites that we’ve been playing out in the dojo are “Angel Dust” and “Wonderfull” but “30,000 Feet” and “Blush” are quite seductive as well. Like what you are hearing? Get a copy of Full Circle off iTunes today.

Our mindset on the EP was to create music that was true to us. We didn’t want to create something that everyone has already heard before. Drawing on inspirations from space, the sea, and many more, we were able to effectively create a project that had influences from a plethora of concepts.

’Thoughts (Intro) (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’30,000 Feet (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Angel Dust (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Blush (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Wonderfull (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Back to the Sea (Exit) (OddKidOut + 1403)’
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