The Pendletons – Funk Forever EP [TMN Premiere]

It’s not quite the weekend yet, but The Pendletons out of San Francisco have come through the dojo to help get you there in style. Their EP, Funk Forever, is getting exclusively scooped early right here! Complete with five original tracks and a remix, you’ll be grooving into Friday with ease.

Funk Forever delves into various sounds including funk (obviously), jazz, soul and more. There’s a certain level of nostalgia that the group was able to harness, paying homage to older disco records that influenced their sound. From the first note until the last, The Pendletons capture your attention and body with lively grooves, emotive melodies and so much more. It’s a hell of an EP that is well worth getting a copy of. If you’re looking to do so, Bandcamp has you covered.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2018 Round #5)

Eh, Tuesday. The day after Monday. OR BETTER YET, the magical day after Monday that comes with a brand new Indie Dojo every week. Amiright?
’The Caracals – In the Dark’
’Willie Breed – Ride On’
’Peter Bradley Adams – Who Else Could I Be’
’Small Hours – Shoe Box’
’Big Fox – The Fight’
’Nick Shattuck – Cliffside’
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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 107: Groovy Pop + Boom Bap + Electronic Bliss

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode 107: Groovy Pop + Boom Bap + Electronic Bliss

Soundcloud || Spotify Playlist  || Archive & Tracklist

After a themed episode and a week off, i had way too much music for this episode. I decided to focus on a couple artists I’ve seen live recently, several quality new hip-hop releases and some pretty electronic beats. My favs from this episode include revisiting a classic Talib Kweli cut, a groovy new single from Still Woozy, Black Milk’s smooth bars, Ross From Friends‘ stellar Brainfeeder debut and Four Tet‘s gorgeous Bicep remix. – Ash

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#TMNMailbag #5: Gold Koa – Little Lost

Gold Koa
Little Lost

Next up in our #TMNMaibag series is the debut track from three-piece act Gold Koa. Other than a brief email with a Spotify and Soundcloud link, I don’t have a ton of background information to share with you. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find any on your own. But, that doesn’t really matter, now does it? It’s all about the music, especially when we’re talking about a #TMNMailbag submission.

“Little Lost” is a gorgeous, shimmering number from this brand new act. Endearing lyrics are the driving force throughout, making a strong emotional connection from the get-go. Instrumentals are lovely, to boot, offering up a warm, sunshine-y soundscape. It’s hard not to smile, so don’t fight it. Just grin and take advantage of all those warm ‘n fuzzies from Gold Koa.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2018 Round #3)

Finding brand new music worthy of listening to can be a full time job. And who has time for that? Well, we do and we’re more than happy to share all our findings with you in pretty little weekly Indie Dojo to enjoy while working at your full time job.
’Kios – Be Loved’
’All the Luck In the World – Landmarks’
’Brodet – Until The Morning’
’Bonny Doon – A Lotta Things’
’Magpie – Archie Langley’
’San Simon – Bombs’
’Ben Reneer – Orange Avenue’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2018 Round #2)

When your days are long and full of adulting, who has the time to sit down and search for a bunch of new music? It’s rough, we know, which is why we are here for you. We find all the indie goodins’ so you don’t have to. The only thing we ask of you is to listen with open ears. We promise no adulting involved.
’The Morning Yells – She Got Time’
’Gareth Thomas – Weird Fever’
’N A D I N E – Ultra Pink’
’Terra Naomi – Nothing To Hide’
’Mantaray –

’The Racer – Skeptic (Acoustic)’
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[Indie] gabriel black – jump (feat. Sofi de la Torre)

gabriel black
jump (feat. Sofi de la Torre)

For anybody who loves music, Cloudkid should be a name that’s familiar to you. The esteemed Youtube channel has made the move to expand into a label and have put forth a lovable release from gabriel black called “jump” that features Sofi de la Torre.

On his Soundcloud, gabriel says he hopes that we “fuck with it” and his wish has come to fruition. We’re all about “jump” and its chilled out sound. The subtle guitar licks and the dreamy vocals lure us away from reality and take us off to a relaxing place away from worry. For those of you looking to grab a copy of “jump” or add it to your playlist, the song is available on digital platforms. Furthermore, Cloudkid created an app around the song to augment your “jump” experience.

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