Meadowlark – Family Tree (ROOMS Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Family Tree (ROOMS Remix)

Alright. I’m looking for my heady ninjas right now. If your idea of a solid weekend night is skipping the crowds, sippin’ on some high-end hooch, maybe partaking in a delightful strain of Sativa, and relaxing the night away at home, I have just the track for you.

Ditch the downtown crowds and get lost in the latest offering from Miami Based Record Label/Fashion House Bribery Corporation. This slice of their Sophomore compilation boasts work from one of our favorite up-and-coming artists, LA-based ROOMS.

In this new rendition of the gorgeous, piano-driven, vocal gem “Family Tree,” ROOMS has spun up a encapsulating soundscape while still expertly connecting us to what we loved from Meadowlark’s original piece. The vocals are still as haunting as ever, coupled with instrumental aspects from before, they’re just chopped up, twisted around, and laid out with an engaging tempo that should have you hooked throughout.

If you’re feeling this tune, we highly recommend heading over and downloading the full compilation via BitTorrent.

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[Indie/Electronic] Autumn In June – MAGENTA LP

The ever so talented Autumn In June has an album out. If that doesn’t excite you, the only reason for it would be that you don’t know AIJ. If that’s the case, today we enlighten you and if you’re already familiar, then the MAGENTA LP will just increase your love for the LA musician.

Released independently, MAGENTA totals in twelve songs with no collaborators listed. It’s all Autumn In June and it’s all incredible. You don’t see a lot of independents releasing albums these days, and when they do a lot of the time things don’t feel entirely cohesive. That’s not the case with MAGENTA as each song plays off the others to create a full fledged aural picture that is dynamic and beautiful. It’s a project you don’t break up into singles, it’s one you just click play on and experience.

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[Indie/Electronic] Stalgia – Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

If Stalgia isn’t on your radar, then take your radar and restart it with Stalgia at the top. The LA duo has only been around with this project for less than a year, but they’ve already managed to turn heads and sway listeners all across the world.

“Spirit Animal” is their latest single, a soothing indie meets electronic expression inspired by a lullaby from one of the member’s childhood. There is a certain hypnotic vibe to this song that echoes the essence of a lullaby. It whisks you away out of this world into a relaxed state where the worries of the world cannot reach you. “Spirit Animal” is a special record, so don’t be stingy and keep this one for yourself; rather, share it around with your friends and family so they don’t make the mistake of sleeping on Stalgia.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2017 Round #4)

A little bit folk, a little bit pop, a little bit rock, a little bit roll. You never know what’s in the Indie Dojos bag of surprises, which might even be the best part. Go ahead, grab at it. We’ll let you throw the ones you don’t like back.

’Crooked Colours
’Common Deer – Settle Down’
’Lauran Hibberd – I Don’t Like It When You Smile’
’Shoa Jean Sim
’Aidan & the Wild
Up From The Ashes’
’keilan creech – honey waits’
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[Electronic] Autumn In June – Almost Home

Autumn In June
Almost Home

One of LA’s rising tastemakers, Autumn In June, has grabbed a lot of attention over the past year. With many reviews praising the forward thinking, pop-infused sound, it’s all culminated with his new 12-track album,Magenta.’ There are many standout songs from high-energy hits to more emotional cuts. But I think this track “Almost Home” is the hidden gem on the record. Give it a listen and if you like it head over here to explore the full album.

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[Indie Pop] Melis – Flower


Half Czech, half Turkish singer/songwriter Melis is giving us a sneak peek of her debut EP Parallels with the release of “Flower”, an emotionally-driven indie track that is dedicated to her father. You might recognize her voice from songwriter duo IYES, which has a more electronic and futuristic sound.

Melis explains that how “Flowers” holds a special place in her heart and leaves behind the powerful message – that if you’re going through a tough time in your life, remember to never give up and remain hopeful because dark times will not last forever. Her soothing vocals bring out the vulnerability hidden deep down, and the lyrics speak volumes about the poignant journey she went through.

If you like the talented Melis, be sure to check out the most recent music video of her track “Love Song Idea” below.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2017 Round #3)

It’s here! The official week of summa, summa, summatime! And their ain’t no better way than to celebrate with a super fresh Indie Dojo. Enjoy, friends. Enjoy.

’Mosss – Here If You Want (Pale Blue)’
’BC unidos – Bicycle (feat. Shungudzo)’
’Moses Gun Collective – Spook City’
’The Last Dinosaur –

’Angharad Drake –

’Rathbone – This Heart of Mine (Acoustic)’
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