[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 299)

Ever since the week started, we’ve been looking forward to this day. Friday is finally here and we’ve got a dozen huge records for you to hear from some of our favorite producers. All twelve are available for free downloads if you’re still into collecting files! Even if not, you’ll be streaming goodies from the likes of Jayceeoh, 1788-L, Birthdayy Partyy, BIJOU, KJ Sawka, PatrickReza and many more. We jump right into the party tunes and keep the heat going all night long until we end with a little segue for you to end your festivities with. Enjoy all twelve and share ’em with your amigos!

’Jayceeoh & HVRCRFT – All I See (feat. Veela)’
L – C Y B E R S P A C E’
’Bassnectar – Bass Head (Birthdayy Partyy Flip)’
’BIJOU & Gerry Gonza – Take A Hit’
’KJ Sawka x Noya – Rising Sun’
’Sam Lamar – Laserz’
’Pixel Terror – SUBMERGE’
’Goodnight Kiss – Better Days (PatrickReza Remix)’
’Terravita X Chime X Akylla – Go Higher’
’Rawtek & Juyen Sebulba – Rock High ft. Keno (Teknicolor Flip)’
’3lau – Walk Away (Parker Bootleg)’
’Bells and Robes – Jackal and the Moon’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2018 Round #2)

Finding fresh, new quality jams is like diggin’ for gold. Sometimes you gotta dig through all the dirt before you find the buried treasure. Luckily, we’ve got our prospector hats on and are ready to dig, dig, dig for your Indie Dojo listening pleasure.
’Far Caspian – Holding On’
’Bad with Phones – Needles’
’Trudy & The Romance – Is There A Place I Can Go’
’Gold Star – Chinatown’
’Alexander Biggs – Car Ride’
’Sirens of Lesbos – We’ll Be Fine’
’Party of the Sun – Acapulco’
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 61]

This week saw the release of two incredible projects from the likes of Jorja Smith and Kids See Ghosts. If you’re anything like us, then your ears have been glued to these albums all weekend long–which also means you likely may have overlooked some other incredible gems that just surfaced. No need to worry though, as we’ve got you covered with an incredible selection of soulful tracks below. As always, you can also find our playlists on SoundCloud and Spotify, so make sure to follow us to get regular weekly updates.

Playlist Links:

SoundCloud || Spotify || Spotify Archive

Rad Hatter – Dangerous w/ still haze
Kadhja Bonet – Delphine
lulunah – Not The Same(prod. Strehlow)
michelle – natsumeku
Ayelle x Alex Lustig – Body
griff – Spaceship (ft. Lexi the Lexiconist)
Tierra Whack – Flea Market
Jessica Domingo – Outline
Khalid, H.E.R. – This Way
Sinead Harnett – Body (Acoustic)
Vancouver Sleep Clinic & Drew Love – Closure (Acoustic)
diveliner — 2 hearts
VILLETTE – Money (prod. Troy Samuela)
Saya – Vertigo (Interlude)
Jorja Smith – On Your Own
Full Crate – A Storm On A Summers Day Ft. Gaidaa
Mack Keane – Scorpio
Ash – Lover Friend
ChrisLee – Found Her
Nikon – Right Now
Deverano – Jean (feat. AV)
SuperShaiyen – Let Me Know
ForteBowie – loveliesrmx
THEY. – Pops
Allen Ritter – Temporary (No Love)
Zaia – Judas (Prod. Blumajic)
MOLI – Didn’t Mean to
rx Soul – I Was on a Trip (feat. The Kount)
ZENDR – Could Be
tiffi 🌺 – remedy (tiffi x city girl)
GREGarious – Sticks & Stones (feat. Akacia)
LimRinse – How It Goes
Masego – Lady Lady
Devin Tracy x Evil Needle – Give it Back
yù yī – PEACHES (ft. Ellen)
Kali Uchis – After The Storm (Pete Rock Remix) (feat. Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins)
Radiant Children – Life’s A Bitch
benny mayne – say my name
Ruchir – Love Me Ft. JThaMC
Andrew Luce – GET AWAY (feat. Indica & Sophie Meiers)
Roy Woods — Snow White
Jay Stones – Wand
Silk Cinema – NO MORE
Louis Futon – Kevin’s Heart Ft. Bellah, BXRBER & Armani White
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2018 Round #1)

Ain’t no such thing as June Gloom when you got a brand new Indie Dojo at your fingertips.
’Frills – She’s Got Love’
’Human Resources – West Coast’
’Cautious Clay – Smoke’
’Con Davison – Somebody Else’
’Nightshifts – Trouble’
’Teme – bj.sadsong’
’Ella Grace – Here We Are Again’
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 60]

As another weekend flies by, we’re here to help you hit pause and slow things down to reflect a bit. It’s hard to believe we’ve been keeping this Sunday Night Soul revival going 10 weeks strong already, but we hope you’ve enjoyed the ride just as much as we have so far. If you’re curious to check out some of our previous offerings from this year, you might want to poke around our 2018 archive on Spotify at the link below. You can also follow us on SoundCloud and Spotify to get weekly updates directly in your feed as the playlist goes live.

Playlist Links:

SoundCloud || Spotify || Spotify Archive

Ian Ewing – Willow (ft. Yasmeena)
Chloe Lilac – acne
Tom Bailey — Patriarch
Elyah – Lost Love (feat. Josh Rubin)
Wednesday – Rendezvous (Prod. by ENT)
ward wills – sweet mirage (ft. FAWNA)
Marcella – Occupied ft. Jords
emma kiel – THINKING TOO MUCH (prod. jennejenne)
Madson Project. – I Just Wanna Smile (prod. Masked Man)
cresce – WINE (prod. by cresce & custody)
Vada – Meant to Be (produced by j.robb)
PUP – Stay With U(W/Ripley)
Clairo – Hello? (feat. Rejjie Snow)
Nick Hakim – Vincent Tyler
jhon myquale – The Jones, The Jane Ft. Matt James
James Vickery – Until Morning
Guthrie Galileo – Wishes
Jerome Thomas & Warren Xclnce – Take The Risk
baccyard – STRANGER
Tera Kòrá – pistols w/ Paul Mond
Ojerime – Moisturise
Sara Diamond – Fool (Prod. by Brody Gillman)
BLAISE – Only Talking
J.O.Y – 547 (prod. by HEARTBRK)
Eric Bellinger – Hours
TYuS – City Of Rose
PLANET GIZA – Attention
Charlie Puth – Done For Me (ft. Kehlani)(soulecist Remix)
No2zcat X Sutt. – Falling (ft. Hyungsun)
salute – Skin (f. THE DIAMONDS ARE BLACK!)
K, Le Maestro – why you watchin’ me? w/ Claire Reneé
Devin Morrison — That’s All
Kelsey Vaz – Change Directions (Ft. Keats The Geek)
Simone – Think About Girls Sometimes
Liv Lovelle – Special
Rozie – Brown Sugar
Moods – Get To Know You Feat. Pip Millett
HYPERCOLOR – Luv The Way (feat. Myca)
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 298)

If you’ve been joining us in the dojo every week, then you know what today means. It’s Friday, which marks the beginning of the weekend – and for us that means delivering twelve free downloads for you that us ninjas have collected over the week. Not only do we have the usual batch of a dozen, but we’ve come through with an EDC mix straight from our friends Wenzday and HAMi to give you a heap of extra music. Other than them, you can find works from the likes of Porn And Chicken, LUCA LUSH, Matroda, Habstrakt, Apashe, 1788-L and many more. Get your party pants on people, it’s Friday.

’Willis Nillis – Boo!’
’Element The City – You (ft. Khamari)’
’Farrah – Follow’
’Cardi B – Bickenhead (Porn And Chicken Remix)’
’LUCA LUSH – Vermilion’
’Matroda x Childish Gambino – This Is America (VIP Edit)’
’Habstrakt – Vibin’
’Kendrick Lamar – Humble (Skrillex Remix) (Apashe Edit)’
’Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever ( 1 7 8 8 – L / R E M I X )’
’Lucchii – Vigilante (TOP $HELF Remix)’
’Habstrakt – Vibin (Superwet Edit) FREE DOWNLOAD’
’Part Native & PIERCE – Venge’
’Wenzday B2B HAMi @ EDC 2018 Wasted Art Car’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2018 Round #4)

Looking for some new jams to freshen up your indie collection? Well, we think you’ve come to the right place, friends. Enjoy the indie freshness of the Indie Dojo on us.
’Laureline – I Love You’
’Alfred Hall – Since I Saw You’
’Macajey – Journeys’
’Gaspar Sanz – Watch You Go’
’Fool Child – Dance On Your Own’
’Young Gun Silver Fox – Just a Man’
’Juan Solorzano – Should’ve Been You’
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