Hi-Fi Cali – Soulmates [TMN PREMIERE]

Hi Fi Cali

TMN is stoked to give you all a first look at electropop duo Hi-Fi Cali’s latest single, “Soulmates.” A direct off-shoot of Chris Bartel’s previous project Bora York, the Minneapolis duo brings us a smooth, downtempo disco track with this release that’ll get you snaking your head to a synth-driven rhythm, funky guitar riff, and finessed bass. After all that action, about half way through the song you’ll get a treat of some ambient butterfly effect tones that’ll take you up and away.

While the highly pleasing falsetto vocals on this track are a close second, our favorite thing about this tune has got to be the way that Hi-Fi Cali creates a perfect symphony of retro synths throughout, all building upon one another with patience and purpose.

This tune is absolutely perfect for fans of electropop favorites Chromeo, Bag Raiders, Holy Ghost!, and even Toro y Moi. Let’s hope their hot sound can get them through those cold winters in Minnesota. Don’t freeze please—we want to hear more.

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[Denver Giveaway] TMN Presents: Brothertiger w/ Sunboy @ Lost Lake – 11/20

Beyond The Infinite + Denver Ticket Giveaway!

It’s no secret around the TMN squad that Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and producer John Jagos and his Brothertiger project have captured a large piece of our hearts over the years. For the past few months, Brothertiger has been dropping a smattering of excellent singles in the lead-up to his third full-length LP, Out of Touch, and to accompany that impending album, the Brothertiger team is smack in the middle of a North American tour. Needless to say, our needle is red-lining with anticipation as this Friday we’ve teamed up with our friends at Lost Lake Lounge and Radio 1190 to present this Friday’s tour stop in beautiful Denver, CO. If you haven’t been following our coverage of Brothertiger in the past few months, do yourself a favor and become acquainted with “Beyond the Infinite” (from the player above), “Wake” and his latest remix of ONANON’s “Drifting” to get up to speed. For fans of any corner of alt, pop and everything between, Brothertiger should without a doubt be one of your go-to acts for consistent production prowess. Brothertiger’s carefully thought-out, art-house R&B disguised in reverb-heavy pop structuring has long since become one of our favorite musical aesthetics in recent memory, and we’re absolutely ecstatic to have him headlining one of our favorite intimate venues in the Mile High City. Rounding out the bill is Denver’s Sunboy, representing one of our favorite independent creative collectives, Moon Magnet Studios. Sunboy’s unparalleled sound blends heavy electronics, delicate analog instrumentation, and intoxicating vocals that sound somewhere between Kevin Barnes and Soft Bulletin era Wayne Coyne; and after getting to catch the four-piece’s recent supporting slot for Gardens & Villa, they’ve quickly become filed under our ‘artists to watch’ tab for 2016. Make sure to get there early for this one Ninjas!

If you haven’t caught on yet, we love giving our readers a chance to come groove with us at every ‘TMN Presents’ showcase, so we’re giving away not one, but TWO pairs of tickets for this Friday’s show. Entering our contest is as always, beyond easy. Just “like” The Music Ninja on FB, click on this post header if you’re still on the TMN front page, then comment below with your favorite Brothertiger song, and boom, that’s it! And of course we want as many people as possible to come dance with us, so for our friends looking to secure their spot, tickets are only $10.00 and can be purchased at the link here as well.

There are a few rules, of course:
– The event is 16+ Be sure to tell all of your friends to increase chance of winning!
– You are responsible for your own transportation.
– You must bring a valid form of ID to pick up your tickets at the Larimer Lounge door.

Check out our preview mini-playlist, start commenting below and best of luck ninjas!

Beyond The Infinite
Brothertiger X Rose Quartz
Pleasure & Pain
Lovers (Modern Rework)
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[Electronic] Imad Royal – Troubles

Imad Royal

With a recent signing to Nice Life, Imad Royal, formerly known as Royal, knows exactly what he wants to accomplish. “Troubles” is the second original that followed up his impressive Cycles project from the beginning of this year, and the tune bolsters his trademark mesh of pop and electronic into a short, but sweet package. Stuttering and strong synths sliver beside his massive drum work, which you may notice is similar to his side project with SoySauce, and his foray in utilizing his own vocals has become one of the most prominent features of his releases. Imad Royal continues to intrigue, and his journey with Nice Life is set to be exceptional.

His sights are set on the future, his loyalty goes unquestioned, and he prides himself on his friends and the accomplishments they’ve managed to capitalize on together in his lyrics on “Troubles.” It makes a lot of sense, as he has worked with quite a few auspicious artists up to this point in his career, and has even been involved in producing a Panic! At The Disco song. Needless to say, 2015 has been Imad Royal’s year, and “Troubles” gives us a thrilling glimpse into this new chapter that he’s opening up.

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[Electro-Pop] Limbic Void – The Doghouse (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

Limbic Void
The Doghouse (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

Norwegian producer Limbic Void and Danish vocalist Iben Bjørg Anton are a spectacular team. Artists with smaller followings continue to provide a myriad of songs that shape a community of forward thinking style and structure, and these two have devised a glistening electronic pop marvel titled “The Doghouse” that substantiates this exact point. Iben Bjørg Anton’s voice carries a resemblance to Lana Del Rey, albeit with a considerably less bleak delivery and approach. It’s here where the tune finds its footing, and the weight of the brooding production by Limbic Void crashes around her voice with grit and gusto. Alternative and electronic pop cover an expansive spectrum, and this cold, calculated sector of it obtained a significant new addition with “The Doghouse.”

Limbic Void has already been producing for a couple of years, which is evident of his SoundCloud history, and his refined construction of this song speaks volumes to his capabilities and potential. We were lucky enough to have this sent to us yesterday, and it’s been in heavy rotation since. If you catch yourself enjoying it, be sure to explore the sunnier side of his work by listening to the insanely catchy Grandstander, where he even provides his own vocals. With all that being said, be sure to show Limbic Void any support you can and enjoy the tune above!

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[Electronica/Space-Pop] Phoebe Gorry – Done This Before (NTEIBINT Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Phoebe Gorry
Done This Before (NTEIBINT Remix)

Burgeoning London singer/songwriter Phoebe Gorry rather took us by surprise in the best of ways with her debut single, “Done This Before”. With under 400 Facebook fans and 100 Soundcloud followers at the time of this article’s inception, Phoebe Gorry’s measured and sophisticated vocal reverberations carry with them the weight and maturity of an artist who’s already spent years cutting their teeth, yet “Done This Before” remains the first of her tunes to get snapped up by a tastemaking label. And good thing that the label in question here happens to be one of our favorites -U.K. based dance & electronic imprint Love & Other Records– as of course their house full of heavyweight dance producers were bound to take Gorry’s debut to another level.

First on official remix duties for the rising songstress is Greek disco powerhouse NTEIBINT, who lends his airy touch by elegantly reconstructing a slow burning groover out of Phoebe Gorry’s original Jazz & Folk inflected pop single. On his revision, NTEIBINT fixes “Done This Before” with a steadily lurching synth line that builds into a lush crescendo throughout the tune before diving all the way into a disco tinged sea. NTEIBINT’s revision was no doubt made for late nights and disco lights, and he’s deftly managed to simultaneously pull Gorry’s lovely incantations to the forefront while re-texturizing the entire soundscape. We’ve not been able to shake this one and are thrilled to rbing it to you first in the form of a TMN Premiere. Stream NTEIBINT’s “Done This Before” remix above.

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[House/Indie-Dance] YACHT – Ringtone (Joe Goddard Remix)

Ringtone (Joe Goddard Remix)

Perhaps one of the most multifaceted studio blokes around the music industry today, Joe Goddard seems to carry a certain gravitas whenever his name is attached to anything. Known most primarily as one of the chief architects behind the almighty Hot Chip, and co-founder of Greco-Roman Records (the same label which housed debut releases from the likes of Disclosure & TEED), Joe Goddard has carved out quite the tastemaking assemblage of fans through those avenues; but his high profile remix work as a solo artist has always been just as intoxicating of an earworm for this writer as well.

Last month, the L.A. based ‘band, business and belief system’ otherwise known as the future-pop sweethearts of James Murphy’s legendary DFA imprint, YACHT, presented us with “Ringtone”, the third single to be released from their concept-bending LP I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler -which by the way may be running one of the most creative preview campaigns we’ve ever seen– and like a lot of their pop infused catalog, was one of those tunes just begging for the remix treatment. From the moment we first heard Joe Goddard would be taking on official remix duties, our little Ninja hearts couldn’t help but skip a beat as we prepared for something special. And oh, how he delivered. Goddard seamlessly folds YACHT’s recorded “ringtone” and notification sound bites into a uniform indie-dance anthem fueled by Goddard’s slick, hand-keyed basslines and synth progressions. Honestly, we could go all day about this one, but we’ll let Mr. Joe G. tell you in his own words instead: “I love YACHT; I think their music and their live performances are mesmerising, and they are just plain good people. For this release, I wanted to make an old-fashioned Chicago banger as if the Eurythmics were remixed by DJ Pierre.” He certainly hit the nail on the head with that statement, but why don’t you just check out Joe Goddard’s “Ringtone” remix for yourself above.

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[Synth Pop] Grimes – Kill V. Maim

Kill V. Maim

Canadian singer, songwriter, producer, music video director, and record producer Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes, has been working on her latest release for quite a while. Anyone who follows Grimes knows that she’s been influenced and motivated by quintessential pop for most of her career, citing people like Mariah as her major inspirations. While her previous releases have been primarily infused with her insidiously experimental electronic flare, her latest album release Art Angels finally epitomizes the pop product she’s been working towards, and she absolutely nailed the aesthetic in her track “Kill V. Maim.”

This song packs the kind of punch that belongs in the official soundtrack to a fierce cheerleader’s escapades taking out crime while defying any and all gender stereotypes—a theme that Grimes touches on in many of her interviews and songs. Complete with word-spelling and hi-yahs, “Kill V. Maim” has a powerful beat and lyric structure that’ll make anyone want to take on the world, and has convinced us that that is exactly Grimes’s plan. Seriously, this girl can do anything.

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