[Music Video] WDL – Cashmere


Music videos with a truly cinematic nature always stand out. WDL’s “Cashmere” video is just that. With great cinematography and a heart-wrenching tale, this music video will surely play with your emotions to a high degree, especially if you have been cheated on in the past.

Before we dive right into the music video, let’s start with the song. “Cashmere” is a soft, but passionate cry. It expresses complex emotions that play out in visual form through the video. This is anything but a straightforward video. From beginning to end you’ll be at the edge of your seat and things only get better as time passes. The imagery is profound and the symbolism through those images is equally powerful. You’re going to want to watch this one a few times to pick up every little detail, but you won’t have any problem in doing so.

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Cayman Cline – That Man [TMN Video Premiere]

Cayman Cline

Cayman Cline is a name that will quickly rise to the top of your hip-hop radar. He’s paving his own way with his own sound, as dark as it is, tapping into purely raw emotions that fans worldwide will be able to connect to. Although dreary, Cayman’s introspective tone is inspirational at heart. Just take the song and video for “That Man” by the half Native American, half Mexican rapper as evidence. Get your first look and listen here in the dojo with this Music Ninja Premiere.

You would think after watching a grim video where we basically only see one person at night in tune with a downtempo song whose lyrics don’t exactly incite the best of emotions, you’d feel isolated. The strange thing is Cayman is able to provide comfort in those feelings through his rhymes and potent attitude. He conveys, not only in song but video form, a distinct type of loneliness that is highly relatable. The video feels very intimate, like you’re getting to see into a world of another person, which is exactly what Cayman does with his project. He pulls you out from your seat and plants you somewhere else, a new place, a new state of mind. Watch the video below and make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Cayman Cline.

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[Music Video] Avery Shyra – Say Hello

Avery Shyra

Denver emcee Avery Shyra just came out with a new single called “Say Hello” that is partnered by a music video. Instead of filming in the vast landscape around his hometown, he flew out to LA to capture the bright sunshine on the beautiful coastline.

“Say Hello” is a radio-friendly hip-hop jam that fits right in line with one of the few directions that rap is going. Despite that, Avery keeps things fresh with his own spin on things. For the music video, it’s incredibly well done on the beaches of Southern California, showcasing the life behind the lyrics. It’s quite minimal, but you don’t need much if you know how to put together a great video, which is just what we have on our hands. Check the music video out below while you ache for the coming Summer months!

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[Video] Point Blank Educates On History Of Techno


Over the past several years, the dance music producer has taken hold as the new rock star. People were jumping at the opportunity to enter into producing music as its ease of access allowed for many who previously were unable, to now begin creating. Some of those people went to schools to learn, or perused through tutorials online. One of the best institutions who partake in both types of classes is Point Blank.

Voted as the best electronic music school, Point Blank is a staple in the electronic music education system. They are a go to source for nearly everything, including the history of dance music. They recently put out part one of their video series in regards to techno. In it James Wiltshire goes over the history of the genre, as well as some sound design techniques to get people started in creating techno.

This video is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Point Blank’s catalog is concerned. With a seemingly infinite amount of online materials, as well as locations in Los Angeles and London, Point Blank has what you need whether you’re a beginner, an expert, or just someone who is looking to learn some interesting things about dance music.

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LACEI – Sufferer [TMN Video Premiere]


Ready for the first viewing of the new music video from LACEI? You better be because we’ve got you covered with the premiere of “Sufferer,” the Los Angeles duo’s single. “Sufferer” comes off the group’s previously released EP, 11:11, that was released on October 20th, 2016.

LACEI are recognized for their indietronica sound and engaging live show. Within the music video, you get a real sense and understanding of just why that is. The visually striking music video has a simple concept, yet in execution it is quite profound. In expanding “Sufferer” the duo showed their range in creativity, while paying homage to a style of video that they knew as youngsters. It has that old-school edge to it that many act’s don’t dare try to replicate in their own way. Check it out below, along with a short quote from the band talking about the video.

We and director Andrew Choi, created a visual that showcases the live energy of the band as well as conveys the storyline through interpretive dance.

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[Music Video] Stalgia – Bdy


Our friends over at Crooked Paintings have a ton of great stuff going on. One of their acts, Stalgia, is a big part of that. The group’s latest single “Bdy” was released back in November, but February has seen the unveiling of a fantastic music video.

“Bdy” is easily one of our favorite music videos. It’s visually striking with a concept that is down to Earth. A lot of music videos nowadays can be quite perplexing and it’s their provocative nature that shakes things up in the viewer, but with Stalgia’s video we get a captivating set of images that doesn’t prey on listeners with shock. It’s a simple, artistic video to go along with a song that is just as beautiful as its counterpart. View the video below and if you haven’t copped the single, head over to iTunes to add it to your library.

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Gareth Emery & Standerwick Release Anticipated Track “Saving Light” For Charity


77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally, & physically. Cyberbullying statistics are rapidly approaching similar numbers, with 43% experiencing cyberbullying…

The anticipation for Gareth Emery and Standerwick’s trance single, “Saving Light” landed for release by Monstercat, has created a lot of commotion since EDC Las Vegas ’16 when Gareth teased it to thousands. The emotional lyrics sung by HAILENE paired with the upbeat tempo of Gareth’s signature trance and dance heavy tempo brings more to the table than just a beautifully built song. “Saving Light” is also bringing the, too close to home, issue of bullying to light with a philanthropic effort.

No more disempowerment. No more prejudice. No more bullying. – Ditch the Label

Until March 1st, 100% of all profits made by both artists and the label via sales and streaming revenue will be donated to the Anti Bullying group Ditch The Label. On top of the proceeds, Monstercat will also be pushing a donation drive to the charity throughout the campaign. To give back visit Monstercat’s call to action page here.

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