[Music Video] Kllo – Potential

Melbourne-native cousins Simon Lam and Chloe Kaul have often been featured here on The Music Ninja, under the artist name of Kllo. They’ve returned today with their first single release since their acclaimed 2017 album Backwater, which firmly cemented their sound and identity as artists. With nothing left to prove, Lam and Kaul take some creative liberties and experiment a bit more on latest single, titled “Potential”.

“Potential” interlaces Kaul’s characteristically dreamy vocals with moody piano chords, said to have been conceived in a green room while on tour one day. You see a little bit more R&B influence come through on this track, representative of the duo’s desire to expand beyond the sonic persona that they established for themselves in 2017. The emotional track laments the loss of a love that just couldn’t work out. It comes with an accompanying music video, check it out below:

If you liked what you heard, Kllo will be kicking off a tour at the end of the month, making stops in the States before heading off to Europe. Tour dates and a ticket link are available below. Continue reading

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The Indigo Project – As Always [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

The Indigo Project
As Always

Coming hot off a string of successful shows, including Live at Leeds, Yorkshire-based The Indigo Project have something to tide fans over until their next tour.

“As Always,” their first single of 2018, has been making waves for the past month or so, leading the way to cheering fans across the UK this spring. Anthemic in nature, it sizzles with eccentric guitar work, equal parts booming and splashy percussion, and a delightfully raucous chorus. It’s energetic and infectious — the type of tune you can picture yourself screaming at the top of your lungs in a rowdy, humid venue.

The accompanying video, which we’re premiering here today, showcases a Day in the Life-style story, interspersed with live-action shots of Joe Spink (Frontman), Oliver Barry (guitar), Alex Crow (bass), Tony Francis (guitar) and Jack Manktelow (drums). It’s the perfect visualization, according to the band:

A teenage tale of love and loss, “As Always” is about knowing that someone will always come back to you even if it really isn’t good for you

Check out the music video below, then head over and support these lads online.

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[Music Video] Midoca – The Feeling Is Gone

One of the more intriguing artists we’ve had our eyes and ears on as of late has been Midoca. With his music and videos he’s ensnared us in his creative web and we’re not looking to escape anytime soon.

His latest release is the indie electronic crossover “The Feeling Is Gone” that is sure to conjure up some heavy emotions despite its name. This record is almost therapeutic in tone, but in a cathartic way of letting something meaningful go. With the music video it does a wonderful job of translating that tone over to the visual medium. It’s a simple idea set upon awesome landscapes that pull you in. Yet again Midoca has stricken us with his talents.

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[Music Video] Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez – Unarmed

The New York creative Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez came out with a project recently we meant to share with you before today. Better late than never though! Her single “Unarmed” has been accompanied by a music video and together they will aid you in getting over the hump for this week!

Raina’s soulful single will leave you defenseless – her infectious voice will tear apart your guard and leave you bare to soak up the emotional sounds. The simple video is as engaging as the record, showcasing a unique set of images that culminate into a dance in nature. Overall, solid project all around! Enjoy.

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[Music Video] A&G, Luvi – 2 Much

A&G X Luvi
2 Much

“2 Much” by A&G and Luvi is helping to usher in the warmer weather that will eventually lead into Summer. The tropical tune has just the right vibe for any beach gatherings or pool parties. Even if you don’t find yourself in that atmosphere, “2 Much” will transport you there.

“2 Much” is a poppy, Moombah inspired original with a vocal performance that is hard to forget. Not only did A&G / Luvi drop the track, but they’ve come through with a dance heavy music video to enhance the “2 Much” experience. Watch and listen for yourself and bust out your own dance moves. “2 Much” is currently available online for those wanting a copy.

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Platonick Dive – Maple [TMN Video Premiere]

To kick off Tuesday we’re going retro with a new project from the Italian group Platonick Dive. They have graced the dojo with the premiere of the music video for the single “Maple” from their upcoming LP Social Habits that comes out on April 20th.

“Maple” as a track is a cerebral dive into mesmerizing soundscapes and lush textures. Platonick Dive really keyed in on a classic, yet new-school sound. With the video they continued with the nostalgic tone, utilizing noisily filtered images that make you feel like you are watching a dark, cryptic VHS. The whole project is incredible and we’re happy to be the first to present it to you. Lastly, you can pre-order Social Habits today from iTunes!

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[Music Video] Midoca – Something In The Way

The up and coming creator Midoca out of LA has just released a music video for his new single “Something In The Way” that just might clear a path for him to the top. With this emotive musical/visual package Midoca offers up his most tantalizing project to date in honor of one of the greatest bands of all time, Nirvana.

“Something In The Way” in its audio form is a brooding, cerebral phantasm of shadowy tones and textures. It’s gloomy mood infiltrates your body and gives you chilled, lasting goosebumps. The video does much of the same, pushing mystifying imagery into your eyeballs that stick to the screen as though they were glued. Overall the video is very simple, but sometimes – including this time – there’s extraordinary power in its minimalism. If you’re looking to get a copy of “Something In The Way” then head on over to the digital platform of your choice.

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