[Music Video] Rad Horror – Sad Boy

Sometimes great things come from new beginnings. For Rad Horror, the step in a different direction has brought some incredible singles from the recent project. Relationships are never easy and when they come to an end they can be really tough, yet inspiring. “Sad Boy” has been inspired by such things.

Rad Horror’s single is a heart-wrenching alternative hit. You can feel the mess of emotions ranging from pain to loneliness, all the down to the motivation to move on. It’s a vast collection of convoluted feelings that are not easily expressible, but Rad Horror not only expressed them well, he did it in musical format to really touch your deepest layers. For the video, some may recognize the classic Warhol inspiration. “Sad Boy” is out now, so you may get a copy on iTunes if you choose.

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[Music Video] KenKode – The Primordial Soup

Enter the darkness by diving into “The Primordial Soup” of KenKode. KenKode comes out of one of our favorite duo’s, Cyberpunkers, to deliver new music under a completely different style. The project just launched with a debut single and music video that are sure to turn some heads.

“The Primordial Soup” has been concocted with ingredients from synthwave, lo-fi and pretty much anything dark meets experimental. It’s a striking blend of sounds that some are just flat out not going to be able to handle, but that is the point with experimental music. It’s probing the outskirts of the ocean of genres. With KenKode’s music video, we get a similar mood in the visual format with images shaking up our brain just as the music does.

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[Music Video] Karl Phillips & The Rejects – Plastic Gangsta

Sit down, strap in and get ready for one wild ride. Although it’s hip-hop at heart, “Plastic Gangsta” by Karl Phillips & The Rejects is more than meets the eye. Who would have thought ska and rap could go well together? These guys did and they didn’t stop at those two genres when blending their mix together.

“Plastic Gangsta” was played on BBC Radio 1, which goes to show where you can end up even if you stick your middle finger up to convention. Today we have not just the song for you, but the music video that sees Karl and company going about the town. It’s a straightforward music video that adds a bit of fun to the already exciting song. Check it out today and let this be a reminder that you’re probably not as gangster as you imagine.

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[Music Video] HUKO – Bind (feat. Cozy)

It’s rare that I find a a music video that truly catches my curiosity. However, HUKO recently released a peculiar visual project for their recent house hit in Europe, “Blind” ft. Cozy that promises to pull your interest. The video, directed by Greg Kozo features a man with an egg-shaped head roaming around a luxurious modern house filled with beautiful people. Panoramic shots, humorous scenes, riveting romance, and an unexpected ending make this video stand out from the rest. Standing in support of the track’s feel-good synths and catchy vocal hook, this piece does an excellent job of ushering in summer’s uplifting energy. Check out the video here and enjoy!

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[Music Video] Charge The Atlantic – I Know You’d Be There

Charge The Atlantic is back. Since the boys performed their song “I Know You’d Be There” with IPA beer bottles, they put together another video for the single. This time around it’s an official music video that is equally as cool as their previous.

The thing we love about Charge The Atlantic is their laid-back vibe and humility; they let the music speak for itself. You’re probably wondering how the music speaks for itself when a video is involved, but we’re getting to that. The video itself plays well off the music, playing up a fun tone while not going overboard. It was all filmed within a neighborhood setting, with no added fluff to catch your attention. The wavy, reggae-tinged tune and it’s visual counterpart are just two examples of why this band NEEDS to be at the top of your radar.

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[Music Video] Hoody Time – The New Everything

Hoody Time is living the dream. After relocating to Los Angeles, the emcee relocated once more to Middle Earth aka New Zealand. Since he started out he’s been one of our favorite hip-hoppers and he’s not fallen off yet and we don’t see that happening any time soon.

Last year he released several singles, one of which was “The New Everything” that now has a music video. We’ve got that for you here today. Contrasting between a classy, refined visual tone and a bright, colorful one, this video plays with the eyes in a unique way without going over-the-top. It’s actually quite simple, following Hoody Time on a stroll as he delivers the heat. If you’d like a copy of “The New Everything” then you can grab it from iTunes today.

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[Music Video] Rayven Justice – Why Me

Sometimes a radio-centric R&B track comes along that we just can’t get out of our heads. “Why Me” is the latest one and it comes to the dojo from Rayven Justice. Not only do we get his female-friendly single, but we get a cool little music video to expand the project.

Hailing from Oakland, Rayven’s got a style that can bring him out of the Bay Area and into the starlight with world-wide recognition. The playful, tasteful nature of his music and video echoes the underground nature of his hometown’s music scene, while also allowing himself room to peak outside his own territory. It’s a sound that is highly accessible and although it’s not something completely new, the sound is fresh and exciting. It’s nice to hear something dope from a new name that can make a break for the top. Check out the video below and get a copy of “Why Me” from iTunes today.

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