[Music Video] Boy Bjorn – Gunpoint

Let Boy Bjorn whisk you away with his new project “Gunpoint.” For a track with such a name, you wouldn’t think you’d get something so relaxed and laid-back as you do with this original. Not only do we have the song to share, but we have an emotional music video as well. Boy Bjorn put together a striking video with a dark ambiance about it that makes for quite the viewing. Muted colors plague the visuals which set the tone nicely with the ominous song playing in the back. Overall both the song and video are superb. Some of you might already be familiar with Boy Bjorn too as he is Brian from Foreign Fields!

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[Music Video] Mistah F.A.B – Dear Mr. President

Here in the dojo we don’t often get political, but sometimes something just needs to be said. Granted, we don’t have to say anything personally, because Mistah F.A.B has already stated what’s needed to be expressed already. His single “Dear Mr. President” is a sonic letter to the head of state written by the Bay Area emcee from not just he, but the oppressed and overlooked individuals that Stanley is representing. It’s a powerful message that we just had to share and we hope it hits you deep enough that you pass the message along.

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GoldFish – Talk To Me [TMN Video Premiere]

Today we have a very special premiere for you from the Cape Town to San Diego duo GoldFish. Their single “Talk To Me” has been released by Armada on the group’s album Late Night People just a handful of days ago. To celebrate we’re giving you an exclusive first look at the single’s music video!

Don’t expect just any old music video as this visual component is being put together with an incredible house record. To make sure there was no chance for an underwhelming project, veteran animator Mike Scott from Disney and Nickelodeon was tapped for yet another video for GoldFish. He created a funky story with animation that will bring out your inner child. The song/video partnership is one of the most unique projects we’ve seen this year and we hope you enjoy your exclusive first viewing in this premiere!

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[Music Video] Logan Henderson – Bite My Tongue

Logan Henderson‘s single “Bite My Tongue” came out in the middle of September and has since received praise from media, as well as plenty of plays from fans. Although it’s only his second solo single, Logan has quickly established himself with this endeavor. Today we’ve got the music on top of his brand new music video.

For those who are new to “Bite My Tongue” it’s a well done track created in fusing genres like electronic, pop and indie. Logan’s distinct style is clearly evident in this. With the music video we get to see a dark portrayal of the London streets. To be honest it feels more like a full on Hollywood production than a music video, telling a story instead of simply adding a stimulating visual component to a song. It’s very well done. Take a peek below and add this to your Spotify playlist if you haven’t yet!

Bite My Tongue (Explicit) by Logan Henderson on VEVO.

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[Music Video] Una Sand – Wanderlust

The move to create stunning lyric videos that goes beyond simple text is a great one. Una Sand follows suit with the video for her single “Wanderlust” that came out through Universal on September 22nd. As you’d imagine, it’s more music than lyric video.

The video’s concept is quite simple, allowing the viewer some degree of entertainment while still being able to retain the lyrics that pop onto the screen. Una finds herself wandering through the city, allowing us to follow her on her calming adventure. “Wanderlust” as a song is a chilled out poppy piece that is exactly what you need for your Fall playlists. Check out the video below and add it to your Spotify today.

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Charlotte Black – All Over You [TMN Premiere]

Charlotte Black is about to be all over your playlists. Her new single “All Over You” is being premiered here in the dojo with her music video. Together they’ll get you familiarized with the young London songstress who just this year has jump started her career.

“All Over You” is a dembow heavy pop track with a a seductive vocal performance from Charlotte. It’s a slow burner but it keeps up the heat nicely throughout. With the video, we see Charlotte front and center moving between scenes in various locations including a wicked pool and the beach. It’s an entertaining counterpart to a great song. Enjoy them both in exclusively in the dojo!

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[Music Video] Novaspace feat. Alina Eremia – Out of My Mind

If you’re like most people, you’re not listening to the calendar that says Fall is here. For all intents and purposes, it’s still Summer, so we’ve got a Summer track for you. “Out Of My Mind” by Novaspace and Alina Eremia is just what you need to keep the season going. Not only do we have the song, but we have a sunny music video for it too!

“Out Of My Mind” is a bright future pop single, pushing vocal chops together with airy synth structures. Alina’s performance on this is spectacular and has a certain edge to it that makes it stick out. Novaspace did a number on this one. As fun as the track is, the music video is even funner. Both share a simplicity to them that makes them go down smooth.

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