[Music Video] Hoody Time – The New Everything

Hoody Time is living the dream. After relocating to Los Angeles, the emcee relocated once more to Middle Earth aka New Zealand. Since he started out he’s been one of our favorite hip-hoppers and he’s not fallen off yet and we don’t see that happening any time soon.

Last year he released several singles, one of which was “The New Everything” that now has a music video. We’ve got that for you here today. Contrasting between a classy, refined visual tone and a bright, colorful one, this video plays with the eyes in a unique way without going over-the-top. It’s actually quite simple, following Hoody Time on a stroll as he delivers the heat. If you’d like a copy of “The New Everything” then you can grab it from iTunes today.

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[Music Video] Rayven Justice – Why Me

Sometimes a radio-centric R&B track comes along that we just can’t get out of our heads. “Why Me” is the latest one and it comes to the dojo from Rayven Justice. Not only do we get his female-friendly single, but we get a cool little music video to expand the project.

Hailing from Oakland, Rayven’s got a style that can bring him out of the Bay Area and into the starlight with world-wide recognition. The playful, tasteful nature of his music and video echoes the underground nature of his hometown’s music scene, while also allowing himself room to peak outside his own territory. It’s a sound that is highly accessible and although it’s not something completely new, the sound is fresh and exciting. It’s nice to hear something dope from a new name that can make a break for the top. Check out the video below and get a copy of “Why Me” from iTunes today.

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[Deep House] Mahmut Orhan Feat. Eneli – Save Me

Ultra Music has incredible artists from all over the globe. They mange to find gems like Turkey’s Mahmut Orhan and swoop them up. Mahmut is a bit of a sensation however, garnering a ton of success and love from fans with his previous works and his latest is likely to satisfy as well. “Save Me” featuring Eneli is what we have for you today.

Acoustically influenced electronic music always has a special place in the dojo, especially if it’s house music. “Save Me” is a just that, a bubbling pop-tinged house record whose unique sound sets it apart from the usual rush of tracks. Mahmut’s instrumental is a treasure, but the same can be said for Eneli whose vocal performance is nothing short of spectacular. “Save Me” is currently available on digital services if you would like a copy.

[Post Edit] Now, the music video is here!

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[Music Video] Vargas & Lagola – Dolores (The Awakening)

We love music videos that are created by individuals who aren’t trying too hard for something. Over-the-top videos seem to becoming a staple in electronic music, but Vargas & Lagola don’t seem to care. That’s totally fine with us as the music video for their song “Dolores (The Awakening)” is beautifully stunning and just about as simple as you can get.

If the duo were going for a classy, but stylish music video, then they nailed it. They rely on the beauty of nature, in particular flowers, to entertain the viewer. That is, until they make a surprising switch to a different set of home video images that definitely isn’t what you expect, but it fits. The energetic song whisks you through these images, disregarding any expectations you have. It’s a ride and you’re just along for it. Want a copy of the track? It’s out on digital services today.

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[Music Video] ATLiens – Alchemy

The trap lords known as ATLiens have a new single out, along with a mystifying music video for it. Their bass-booming single “Alchemy” is colossal, with just the right vibe to take over sets this festival season. Released independently, “Alchemy” is something labels missed out on, but you don’t have to. It’s here in full with a visual component that is highly entertaining.

A lot of dance music videos that come out now go for the shock and awe factor. That’s totally fine, but it all feels too similar. With ATLiens we get something different, but it still excites the viewer without being over-done. Tasteful and intriguing, this music video is incredible from start to finish, moving through a story with some interesting characters. The entire project and all its little details are done very well, showing that ATLiens can do it all on their own, no need for a label.

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Henri PFR – Flames [TMN Premiere]

Everyone loves emojis, except for some old people who can’t seem to figure them out. In today’s premiere of Henri PFR‘s music video for “Flames” we get a barrage of emojis in a simple, yet cool animation. Released through Sony Music, this single lives up to it’s name as it is certainly a hot one.

However, since the song abides by the future bass sound, cool might be a better word to describe it. Regardless of what wording we choose, just know “Flames” is a great record. The music video works as a lyric video, but instead of words, the lyrics play out in emojis. It’s a playful video that we ninjas have had the honor of hosting for you in this premiere. Enjoy the first viewing and make sure to grab a copy of “Flames” from digital stores today.

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JX RIDERS – Hiccup (Feat. Sisterwife) [TMN Premiere]

Two names you may be familiar with are the Grammy winning Dave Audé and the Lady Gaga collaborator Martin Kierszenbaum. Their work separately has given them world-wide recognition and now they have come together for the project JX RIDERS. We’ve welcomed them to the dojo to premiere their brand new single AND music video of “Hiccup” featuring Sisterwife.

As you can tell from “Hiccup” these artists know how to put together a hit. Catchy doesn’t begin to describe how memorable “Hiccup” is. The poppy, deep house driven record is just what the duo need to bring their project the recognition each producer has on their own. With the animated music video, it’s equally as indelible with its striking, colorful imagery. Enjoy a first glimpse and listen to “Hiccup” here in the dojo and if you like what you are hearing, then you can grab a copy from iTunes.

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