[House] Born Dirty – Crazy

Let’s disregard the week and start the fun early with “Crazy” by Born Dirty off Insomniac Records. This party-pumping jam is just what you need to shake off the cobwebs that have been forming on your fun since work/school started on Monday.

“Crazy” is a techno-inspired treat with old-school sounds that will bring you back to the glory days of dance music. It’s pure energy and fun, something that everyone could use a little bit of to get over the last little bit of the week. If you like what you’re hearing as much as us, then go on ahead and grab a copy of the single from digital platforms.

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Saro – Looking (City Father Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Looking (City Father Remix)

Today in the dojo we’ve got some good ol’ breakbeat for you. The Los Angeles producer City Father is making his debut with an official remix of “Looking” by Saro in this premiere. He’s looking to make a big splash and that’s just what could happen with his unique sound.

City Father is bridging the gap between club music you can dance to with music you can sit at home and listen to. It’s a weird dynamic on paper, but in reality it makes for a dynamic listen that allows the listener to take away what they wish from the song. With this remix, the funky industrial grooves are easily dance-able, but the song still has a chill feeling that makes this one good to keep you going throughout the day at the office. No matter where you are, you can enjoy this one. You heard it here first in the dojo!

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FAWKS – afk [TMN Premiere]

afk [OUT NOW]

We have something that will get your blood pumping like mad. No need for coffee this Monday morning, just have a listen to “afk” by FAWKS to get things jump started. Released on Doorn Records today, we’ve got the exclusive first listen for you.

FAWKS goes all out with this riveting single. He fuses genres like electro and trance together for something that is truly incredible. It’s not hard to envision yourself at a warehouse party deep in the night dancing away your worries to this track. It doesn’t let up once it gets started, so get ready for some energy. “afk” is out now, so if you would like to get a copy, head over the the digital store of your choice to get it.

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[Techno] Susan Gittes – Alone

Bishops Bloc Records

One thing nobody wants to feel is alone, unless it’s the “Alone” that Susan Gittes is pushing. Susan is following the music first model, something some of the EDM masked DJs are using as a veil over their manufactured brand. Susan isn’t about gimmicks or brands or anything like that. Instead, she just wants you to enjoy the music.

Enjoy “Alone” you shall. The dark techno treat has been released on Bishop Bloc Records. It’s not hard to imagine yourself in the ravey warehouse in the middle of nowhere while this banger is booming away through your speakers. It lives and breathes the underground sound, a sound that some producers just can’t seem to dial in nowadays. “Alone” is currently available on iTunes with another single for those looking to get this one.

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[House] Will Vance – Days Go By

Will Vance
Days Go By

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself. The same can be said for “Days Go By” which you will be enjoying thoroughly. This smooth Will Vance single was released through THNK TNK Records last week and has been on our playlists ever since.

“Days Go By” is a soothing record whose cosmic sound is a delight to the ears. Will Vance’s minimalist, groovy style makes this song a great one for the clubs, or for anyone looking to find a good track to play while they get some work done, or even simply space out and chill. We’ve already used it for all the purposes above, and now you can too. “Days Go By” is currently available for purchase or stream on digital stores.

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[Techno] Klön – Coil


There is a brand new artist on the scene that goes by Klön. The Melbourne producer kicked off his project with the smooth single “Coil” that showcases his tech-savvy sound. As if there weren’t enough great Australian acts, we get yet another one, but we are hardly upset about it.

“Coil” does everything right. Although it is a lengthy single, as most techno is, it never reaches a point where things get dull. It’s pace and groove keeps your ears entertained and your body in motion. Klön’s songwriting is masterful; the structure of this track was put together with a meticulous precision that is lost in other producers. We don’t usually get too excited over projects like this, but Klön has us all worked up. See if “Coil” tickles your fancy just as it did ours.

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Gareth Emery & Standerwick Release Anticipated Track “Saving Light” For Charity


77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally, & physically. Cyberbullying statistics are rapidly approaching similar numbers, with 43% experiencing cyberbullying…

The anticipation for Gareth Emery and Standerwick’s trance single, “Saving Light” landed for release by Monstercat, has created a lot of commotion since EDC Las Vegas ’16 when Gareth teased it to thousands. The emotional lyrics sung by HAILENE paired with the upbeat tempo of Gareth’s signature trance and dance heavy tempo brings more to the table than just a beautifully built song. “Saving Light” is also bringing the, too close to home, issue of bullying to light with a philanthropic effort.

No more disempowerment. No more prejudice. No more bullying. – Ditch the Label

Until March 1st, 100% of all profits made by both artists and the label via sales and streaming revenue will be donated to the Anti Bullying group Ditch The Label. On top of the proceeds, Monstercat will also be pushing a donation drive to the charity throughout the campaign. To give back visit Monstercat’s call to action page here.

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