[Trance] Tom Colontonio – 7 Years

Tom Colontonio, the celebrated trance DJ and producer, is back with his latest single, “7 Years.” This track marks a beautiful addition to Tom’s catalog, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend modern electronic sounds with the timeless elements of trance music – the man knows how to keep his sound relevant while paying tribute to the golden era of the genre, so to speak.

Released under the label subculture, a subsidiary of Black Hole Recordings, “7 Years” is set to make a splash not only in the space of the trance community but also a wider audience. Tom Colontonio’s commitment to his craft and his unique approach to trance music have solidified his place at the go-to figure within the genre.

“7 Years” comes on the heels of Tom’s successful collaboration with trance maestro John O’Callaghan on “Reality.” With this new release, Tom reaffirms his status as a stand-out in the trance scene. The track goes hard from start to finish, the technicality and ambition being a major highlight of the experience.

Tom’s musical odyssey began at the age of 14. From there, he explored various genres, from rock to classical, but it was the allure of dance music that truly captured his heart. In 1996, he took a significant step by acquiring his first set of turntables, setting him on a path to becoming a trance luminary.

Throughout his career, Tom Colontonio has garnered support from renowned artists like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, and many others. His impressive collaborations span prestigious labels, including Armada, Vandit, Monster Tunes, and Black Hole Recordings.

“7 Years” isn’t just a track; it’s a reflection of Tom Colontonio’s journey, innovation, and the enduring essence of trance music. As always, Tom pushes the boundaries to ensure his sound remains fresh while honoring the genre’s roots. With “7 Years,” he invites us all to join him on his latest sonic adventure.

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[Techno] Nate Mars & Dia Luna – Inside

Longtime collaborators Nate Mars and Dia Luna have officially dropped their multifaceted album called Out Of The City. The techno inspired works are a hypnotic modular adventure hosted by Dia’s alluring performance.

The album pulls from more than just techno, infusing dark pop influences for a standout record that are nothing short of impressive. Nate Mars has ensured more is coming down the pipeline as well. There’s a certain cohesion that oozes from the overall album journey, expressing creative forces that are well in tune with each other and boasting a cohesive nature that connects track-to-track. Explore the expansiveness that this album brings forth, you won’t regret and get to know Nate Mars and Dia Luna if you have the time.

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[Techno] Dea Magna & Eric Sharp – Red Room

LA songstress Dea Magna has joined Eric Sharp for the alluring original “Red Room.” Released on Sirup Music, this techy treat is injects a tasteful energetic boost that engulfs the listeners with its larger than life atmosphere.

“Red Room” is one of those adventurous creations that truly builds from start to finish, taking the listener on a journey instead of the simple copy paste format of many “EDM” songs. Themes and phrases find themselves throughout, but Dea and Eric offer the listener a fun listen from beginning to end.

‘Red Room’ was inspired by dance music culture. We wanted to make a song that evokes the positive and uplifting emotions, that celebrates love and freedom from the mind. ‘Red Room’ is a place full of strobe lights and laser beams, where bass pulses through your body, and you can’t help but dance. Where the feelings that consume you are feelings of peace and happiness. It also in a way honors the return of such spaces into our lives after we lost them for a while.” – Dea Magna

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[Techno/Acid] – Jimmy Pé – Tunnel Vision

Ready to get a little weird with Jimmy Pé? The Slovakian dropped his new single “Tunnel Vision” on his home country’s arm of Universal. The acid-inspired techno heater is all gas no brakes for a fun-filled anthem.

“Tunnel Vision” has that timeless rave sound, one that’s a hit whether it was released 20 years ago, 20 years in the future or now. Armed with a memorable vocal sample, gritty bass and a vibrant attitude, Jimmy’s immaculate production feels like it belongs in a movie – perfectly encapsulating the scene of an iconic underground rave. It’s a great tune that deserves some space in your party playlist!

I found the vocal sample and instantly knew what I had to do with them. The whole process of this song took only two days. I love the feeling when you know from the first moment how it’s supposed to sound. It’s just like a tunnel where you see the light and slowly approach it. That’s how I would describe the process of this song.” – Jimmy Pé

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[Future Rave] Tim Clark – Dream Walk

Veteran DJ and budding producer Tim Clark has returned with his fiery festival single “Dream Walk.” With the growing popularity of future rave subgenre, Tim pulls from the sound as well as his old school style for an immaculate burst of energy that feels classic and new all at once.

“Dream Walk” makes us feel like we’re out at Tomorrowland or throwing back some cocktails at an Ibiza pool party. It’s just one of those fun songs that harkens back to the OG rave days, and while it delivers heavily on nostalgia it also doesn’t feel played out. We’re pretty particular on the more progressive side of things, but this one hits!

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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 155: Drive Time Mix w/ Jeremy Black

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 
Music Ninja Radio
Episode #155: Drive Time Mix w/ Jeremy Black

Soundcloud || iTunes Podcast || Spotify Playlist  || BFF.fm Archive & Tracklist

This episode marks the return of our Drive Time Mix series featuring two hours of house / techno music mixed live. I played some recent favs for the first hour and the multi-talented Jeremy Black took over for the second. Jeremy’s selection was a mix of forward-thinking club tracks inspired by his semi-recent move to Berlin from SF and some of his own original unreleased cuts. If you dig his mix as much as I did, make sure to check out his work as part experimental electronic outfit Awefekt and look out for his solo album which is set to drop at the end of the year. If you’re not familiar with his fantastic former band Apollo Sunshine, give them a spin as well!
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[EDM] Juicy M vs. Subshock & Evangelos – Psyhaus

Juicy M vs. Subshock & Evangelos

Now, the term “EDM” isn’t something we like to use to describe a record as a whole, however if we wrote psytrance and bass house, you might think us crazy. You might think Juicy M and Subshock & Evangelos crazy for making a track that smashes those sounds together, but they did it anyway and it’s a heater.

Released on Spinnin Records, the aptly named “Psyhaus” is basically two tracks in one. At first I thought it was a mash-up, but turns out this original came hot out the studio as is, sewing together two genres you wouldn’t really expect to hear together in this fashion. They took a risk and it worked out because this all out barrage of energy is just the kind of weird, unexpected thing dance music needs right now.

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