LA songstress Dea Magna has joined Eric Sharp for the alluring original “Red Room.” Released on Sirup Music, this techy treat is injects a tasteful energetic boost that engulfs the listeners with its larger than life atmosphere.

“Red Room” is one of those adventurous creations that truly builds from start to finish, taking the listener on a journey instead of the simple copy paste format of many “EDM” songs. Themes and phrases find themselves throughout, but Dea and Eric offer the listener a fun listen from beginning to end.

‘Red Room’ was inspired by dance music culture. We wanted to make a song that evokes the positive and uplifting emotions, that celebrates love and freedom from the mind. ‘Red Room’ is a place full of strobe lights and laser beams, where bass pulses through your body, and you can’t help but dance. Where the feelings that consume you are feelings of peace and happiness. It also in a way honors the return of such spaces into our lives after we lost them for a while.” – Dea Magna

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