[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 243)


It’s Friday night, so pull out whatever it is you need for fun. What you don’t need to bring out is music, because we got you covered there. As always, we’ve collected our favorite free downloads from over the past seven days to give to you. We’ve got some incredible records from the likes of The Hi-Yahs who kick things off for us, as well as 2Tone Disco, one of our favorites in Havok Roth, Creaky Jackals and the one and only CRIZZLY who closes things out with some heavy bass. You’ll find plenty of more talented artists with top quality singles as you jam through the 243rd edition of our Friday Party Playlist. Enjoy all twelve, have a great (and safe) night and most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’The Hi
Yahs – Where Do I Go (Original Mix)’
’Hand That Feeds (Prod. Auralponic X Theevs)’
’2Tone Disco –

’MADEINTYO – Skateboard P (Styles&Complete x Jayceeoh Remix)’
’Flume & Pusha T – Enough (Havok Roth Remix)’
’CAYA – Wobble And Jiggle ( Free Download )’
’PhilZen – Show Me’
’ElezD – Fountain of Faith’
’Steve Void – West LA’
’Creaky Jackals – Square’
’CRIZZLY – Ice On My Grill’
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[Music Video] Lektrique – Shred

Lektrique Shred

Fans of Lektrique may already know this, but the Belgian producer is quite the talented skateboarder. His social media has several videos of him doing some really cool tricks in various places, including inside his mom’s house! Although she probably didn’t appreciate that, what we appreciated was the skate-influenced music video for his single “Shred.”

Created as an homage to his pastime, the song was just calling for a music video. Instead of showing off his skills by doing some combo lines, Lektrique built an Excalibur-esque story around an intriguing looking deck. The short video is a fun addition to a song that is still getting love from his fans, as well as producers like Far Too Loud and DJ BL3ND. Check out the video below and make sure to get a copy of “Shred” if you haven’t yet! PS, fans of Kannibalen Records label mates BTSM may recognize a few faces in the video 😉

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 242)


Thank heavens, the weekend is finally over. Friday is here and it’s time to unwind, or if this is more your style, party! Whichever method you choose for your weekend activities, we’ve got some high quality tunes for you. Every single song here, as usual, are available for free, so if you’re still into getting records for yourself instead of simply streaming, you can grab the ones you want. This week we kick things off with yet another hot one from MEMBA & TITUS, then meet up with acts like Velvo, Hi Five, Dusty Bits, DISKORD, Jackal and many more. We have thirteen singles for you, as well as a special mix from our friend PatrickReza just to give you some extra tunes to enjoy. Most importantly however, is to make sure you #danceirresponsibly.

’MEMBA & TITUS – Pull Up (feat. GIIA)’
’inverness – “Can’t Keep Us” (PRMD DSCVR)’
’Velvo & Zayy – Sober (feat. Nico Blue)’
’Knox Hamilton – Washed Up Together (jimmie remix)’
’Patrick Perfetto – We Gettin Turnt’
’Hi Five & Xonic x Drake – No Pain (VIP)’
’Dusty Bits – Bass Get ‘Em’
’Aire Atlantica – Make You Mine (feat. Ameria)’
’Jackal – Feel It (feat. Anfa Rose)’
’Elonious – Hero You Are ft Kyera’
’Sam Lamar & HEARTS – Bad Boys’
’U4euh –

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[Multi-Genre] Kai Wachi – Demons Remixes EP


It’s not easy taking on official remix duties for Kai Wachi. As one of bass music’s most promising producers, his works are remarkable. However, the people over at Kannibalen Records did a good job of finding some talent that could take on such a challenge. Those talents include Black Tiger Sex Machine, Liquid Stranger, SQUNTO and NuKid.

Let’s break it down nice and simple to get through each remix. First, Black Tiger Sex Machine bring their hard and heavy electro sound to a song deserving of their dark energy. Next comes the veteran Liquid Stranger whose booming basslines will blow your speakers up if you’re not too careful. SQUNTO continues with the halftime count, bringing forth his riddim-centric take on Kai’s original. Lastly, NuKid kicks up a cool house remix that’s got a whole lot of groove. Enjoy them all and make sure to get a copy of the EP!

’Kai Wachi – Demons (Black Tiger Sex Machine Remix)’
’Kai Wachi – Demons (Liquid Stranger Remix)’
’Kai Wachi – Demons (SQUNTO RMX)’
’Kai Wachi – Demons (NuKid Remix)’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 241)


Every time the ninjas gather for the Friday Party Playlist, it’s always a great time. For us it signifies the mark of the weekend and we hope that it has come to mean the same for you. After all, we’ve only been doing it for nearly 250 weeks now. We want you to keep your money to spend on weekend fun, so we’ve gathered our favorite free downloads for you to have while you’re out enjoying your leisure time. The weekend is only 2 days, so you gotta live it up! This time around you will be joined by the likes of Rad Cat, Mickey Valen, Axel Boy, Jameston Thieves, KJ Sawka, Kasbo and more. Stream ’em, download ’em, whatever way you choose to listen, make sure you #danceirresponsibly to ’em.

’Rad Cat – sorry 4 flexing ft. compulsive’
’I.Y.F.F.E x Paul Couture – Call Me’
’Mickey Valen – Wildcard (feat. Feli Ferraro)’
’avery shyra – pause (MAG Remix)’
’Thracian – OTHRSD (Bootleg)’
’Seafret – Blank You Out (Anden Remix)’
’Axel Boy – I’m With U (Feat. Stevyn)’
’Jackal – Gunshot feat.Jammin (Jameston Thieves Remix)’
’KJ Sawka & WB x MB – Very Bad Things’
’Sam Lamar & Holly – Police’
’Prismo – Weakness (Dusty Bits Remix)’
’Kasbo – Found You (Feat. Chelsea Cutler)’
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Gladiator – Bonk ft. Metric Man [TMN Premiere]


Insomniac Records continues to build it’s impressive catalog by adding a project with the duo Gladiator. Their EP is due out on Friday, but we like to give you sneak previews in the dojo when we can. This is why today you are getting a first listen to the single “Bonk” featuring Metric Man.

Get ready for something a bit different with “Bonk.” It’s OG feel, twisted together with subtle nuances taken from jungle, this single has a lot going on. It’s a medley of several sounds that have influenced the duo, brought together with their own signature flair. They’re aiming to bring this one to pop off at festivals, which is a goal we believe they are going to reach quite easily. “Bonk” will be available this Friday alongside another single, both of which will be purchasable at that time. Check out the single below as well as what Gladiator had to say about the tune.

Bonk was a dark, after hours type of record inspired by our love of classic house tunes. Once Metric came on board with his large, booming voice and call to the dance floor, it gave the tune a truly massive feel that made it perfect for the festival stage.
– Gladiator

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 240)


Now that Miami Music Week is over and we’ve had time to recover, we’re back in (somewhat) full swing. This week may have been tough for many, whether it’s because of midterms, recovering, or whatever else you got yourself into, but now it is the weekend. It’s time to relax, or even better: start the party again! This week we were feeling a bit edgy, so we collected some darker and heavier tunes than usual. This doesn’t mean we didn’t give you some lighter party tunes to groove to. This week we have work from dEVOLVE, Parker, Ducky, HAEZER, Crankdat and MUST DIE!, as well as collaborations between Havok Roth x LEViT∆TE and Walshy Fire x Bad Royale x DJ Puffy. That’s not all, as there are a few more singles yet to be mentioned as well as a mix from Aston Shuffle to close things out and give you that extra bit of music you need. Lastly, don’t forget to #danceirresponsible while you’re out tonight!

’Monsters On The Horizon – Whirlpool’
’SLDE (dEVOLVE Remix)’
’Parker – Soup’
’Havok Roth & LEViT∆TE – Burial Grounds’
’Ultimate Rejects – Full Extreme (Walshy Fire x Bad Royale x DJ Puffy Remix)’
’Ducky – I Can Do It Myself’
’Virtual Riot – In My Head feat. PRXZM (Jack Squire Remix)’
’Counterstrike – Missing Channel(HAEZER remix)’
’Mija – Secrets (Crankdat Remix) âš™’
’MUST DIE! – Tactics’
’Jackal – Gunshot ft Jammin (AFK Remix)’
’GLD – armz_’
’Aston Shuffle – March 2017’
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