[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 230)


You’re seeing politics everywhere, but it’s Friday; it’s time to relax, or party. We’re going to choose party. This week’s playlist will help you turn up and trump all that is going on in American politics. Puns help, but music helps more. As usual, we collected our favorite free downloads from the past week and there are plenty of them. High quality tunes in this batch of a dozen come from the legendary GRiZMATiK, LUMBERJVCK, Luca Lush, Jack LNDN, Havok Roth and more. From future funk, to hybrid to deep house and beyond, we’ve got a bit of everything for you here today. All good songs from great people. Don’t miss out on any of them. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’GRiZMATiK – As We Proceed’
’LUMBERJVCK – LITM (feat. Kat Nestel)’
’Notixx – Turn It Up A Notch’
’I.Y.F.F.E x Thai – So High (Sex Room Remix)’
’Can’t Roll With Us’
’Jack LNDN – Bittersweet Emotion ft. Josh Tobias’
’Marcus James – Enemy ft. Kyle Stibbs’
’Who Cares & BigSammyZ – Dope’
’Lemi Vice & Action Jackson – Tell You That (Big_Once VIP)’
’Baauer – Sow (Havok Roth & Pierce Remix)’
’The Chainsmokers – Paris (Decadon Remix)’
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[Multi-Genre] Bad Royale – We’re All We Need EP


There are a ton of producers who are all talk about having no limits when it comes to genres. Most of that is just talk, as those same producers pretty much keep within arms reach of a certain sound. Bad Royale actually lives it. They’ve already proven what they could do with the harder styles of dance music time and time again, but now they flip the switch to bring something entirely new.

Their new EP, We’re All We Need, dropped today in partnership with Anjunabeats and Mad Decent. You’re probably wondering how the hell those two fit together, but it will all make sense after you listen to the three singles that make up the project. As it has been in the past, Bad Royale enlist collaborators including Ruby Chase, Kim Nain and Flipo.

“Blue Sky Action” introduces us to the new sonic territory, where Bad Royale slow things down for an extremely ethereal, vibe-ridden record. It’s not what we may be used to, but it’s just as dope as what we are used to. Next comes the title track, a more upbeat, poppy tune that is absolutely perfect for radio stations all across the globe. “Fly To New York” is more along the lines of what we expect from Bad Royale, but it still has its own fresh flash and flare. We’re All We Need is a must have, plain and simple. Grab your copy today.

’Bad Royale – Blue Sky Action (feat. Ruby Chase)’
’Bad Royale – We’re All We Need (feat. Kim Nain)’
’Bad Royale – Fly To New York (feat. Flipo)’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 227)


First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukkah to holiday celebrators. With Christmas this Sunday, we wanted to give you all we could in this week’s edition of the Friday Party Playlist. Within it, you get a whole lot more than the twelve usual tracks. Sure, you get songs from the likes of Breathe Carolina, Choppa Dunks, Twofold, Tha Trickaz, YOOKiE, Dubloadz and more, but you also get multiple records from Kastra and Aylen, who have short mixes of some song packs. Lastly, Carter Cruise dishes out a nostalgic mix for all to enjoy. As usual, everything is downloadable for free. No need to spend anymore money, treat yourself to these free presents today! Most importantly, make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

’The Chainsmokers – Setting Fires Feat. XYLØ (Ronin & Olmos Remix)’
’VALENTINE – Her (Shhh Remix)’
’Aylen – Dippin Dots VIP’
’Breathe Carolina & Olly James – Talisman’
’Kastra XMAS 2016 Bootleg Pack (11 Tracks – Free Download)’
’Choppa Dunks & Luke Da Duke – Bakaton’
’Twofold & Holly – Novella’
’Erotic Cafe’ x reaken – Saturate’
’Tha Trickaz ✖ Dope DOD – Drop’
’Dubloadz x Spag Heddy – Rotten Tomatoes (Free Download! Merry Cucksmas!)’
’Prismatic – Downfall’
’Throwback Mix Vol. 1 (90’s & 2000’s Jams)’
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[Electronic/Pop] London Future – Don’t Stop feat. Jem Cooke

London Future- Dont stop
London Future
Don't Stop (feat. Jem Cooke)

As 2016 begins to wrap up blogs are releasing their “Artists to watch in 2017,” and while there are many deserving names among these lists, London Future is one artist that should be included. “Don’t Stop,” released on ULTRA Records, features the soothing and billowy vocals of Jem Cooke, builds into a climactic dance laden drop and slowly exits via a simplified guitar pluck melody showcasing Jem’s soulful voice.

London Future has become a sought after producer throughout the years in his hometown Caribbean Islands, Trinidad and Tobago through his artful ability to bring Soca, a genre of Caribbean music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the 70’s, to the forefront of mainstream music. He’s caught the attention of names such as Jillionaire from Major Lazer and Diplo and scored a release on the Mad Decent imprint, Jeffrees in 2013. We’re excited to see what London Future brings in 2017 and suggest keeping this multi platinum record producer on your radar.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 225)


As we move closer to the end of the year, artists are trying to get one more track out. This rush to wrap up brings out a ton of great records and because it is Christmas time, a lot of those releases are free. Good thing is we have collected some of our favorites for you from this past week. There were so many that we had to include an extra one, so instead of the usual twelve, you’re getting thirteen this week. Party on with works from Sean Turk, SKULS, Venessa Michaels, Reid Speed, Juicy M and many more. Stream them all, download the ones you dig, and enjoy the weekend. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Phil Good – Sleeping In (Sean Turk Remix)’
’Gud – U Want Me (SKULS RIP)’
’Toot It And Boot It (VenessaMichaels Remix)’
’Steve James – Renaissance Ft. Clairity (Villms Remix)’
’Kayzo – Born Again (Callie Reiff Remix)’
’The News (Reid Speed Remix)’
’Gramatik – Satoshi Nakamoto (Psymbionic Remix) ft. Adrian Lau & ProbCause’
’Frida Harnesk – Toca’s Miracle (Kastra Remix)’
’Revolt – You Want Me’
’Juicy M – Maracana’
’Tucker Kreway – 12 Hunna Gigabyte’
’Holly ✖ Smookie Illson – Bad Beez’
’Head (Drug Money Remix)’
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[Multi-Genre] Buku – No Dramas EP


Is it just us or is Spinnin’ Records making some moves away from their usual grind? Take Buku‘s new EP, No Dramas, for instance. The Pittsburgh bass producer put out a four track project through the label, and it is certainly not what you would expect to be in Spinnin’ Records’ catalog.

“Terminal” opens the EP in a manner that you would expect to come from a song released by this label. It’s a cool single, but things really turn up when “No Dramas” comes next with its heavier sound. “Front To Back” keeps up the half-time groove but shifts the sound to a whole new territory. Lastly, “I Can” comes with its dirty trap sound. Overall, No Dramas is a diverse EP that is strong from start to finish. It makes it even better that you can download it for free. That’s right, now you have no reason not to get it for yourself.

’Buku – Terminal’
’Buku – No Dramas’
’Buku – Front To Back’
’Buku – I Can’
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dEVOLVE ft. OYE!!! & Devastator – Bad Man [TMN Premiere]

Bad Man(feat. OYE!!! & Devastator)

It’s no surprise that some quality jungle terror made its way out of Florida. “Bad Man” made its way out of Florida via dEVOLVE and landed right here in the dojo for a Music Ninja Premiere.

“Bad Man” is not only the work of dEVOLVE, as collaborators on the single include OYE!!! and Devastator. Together these three acts spawned a beastly record that will turn up the heat, despite the weather trying to do otherwise. dEVOLVE and company dished out a fun record that is aimed right at the festival target, hitting the bulls-eye directly on the nose. Jungle terror often doesn’t get the credit it deserves for being a palatable sub-genre, but its power to get us dancing is indisputable. On top of that, “Bad Man” is an exceptional one. It’s also out as a free download, so there’s that.

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