[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 243)


It’s Friday night, so pull out whatever it is you need for fun. What you don’t need to bring out is music, because we got you covered there. As always, we’ve collected our favorite free downloads from over the past seven days to give to you. We’ve got some incredible records from the likes of The Hi-Yahs who kick things off for us, as well as 2Tone Disco, one of our favorites in Havok Roth, Creaky Jackals and the one and only CRIZZLY who closes things out with some heavy bass. You’ll find plenty of more talented artists with top quality singles as you jam through the 243rd edition of our Friday Party Playlist. Enjoy all twelve, have a great (and safe) night and most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’The Hi
Yahs – Where Do I Go (Original Mix)’
’Hand That Feeds (Prod. Auralponic X Theevs)’
’2Tone Disco –

’MADEINTYO – Skateboard P (Styles&Complete x Jayceeoh Remix)’
’Flume & Pusha T – Enough (Havok Roth Remix)’
’CAYA – Wobble And Jiggle ( Free Download )’
’PhilZen – Show Me’
’ElezD – Fountain of Faith’
’Steve Void – West LA’
’Creaky Jackals – Square’
’CRIZZLY – Ice On My Grill’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 242)


Thank heavens, the weekend is finally over. Friday is here and it’s time to unwind, or if this is more your style, party! Whichever method you choose for your weekend activities, we’ve got some high quality tunes for you. Every single song here, as usual, are available for free, so if you’re still into getting records for yourself instead of simply streaming, you can grab the ones you want. This week we kick things off with yet another hot one from MEMBA & TITUS, then meet up with acts like Velvo, Hi Five, Dusty Bits, DISKORD, Jackal and many more. We have thirteen singles for you, as well as a special mix from our friend PatrickReza just to give you some extra tunes to enjoy. Most importantly however, is to make sure you #danceirresponsibly.

’MEMBA & TITUS – Pull Up (feat. GIIA)’
’inverness – “Can’t Keep Us” (PRMD DSCVR)’
’Velvo & Zayy – Sober (feat. Nico Blue)’
’Knox Hamilton – Washed Up Together (jimmie remix)’
’Patrick Perfetto – We Gettin Turnt’
’Hi Five & Xonic x Drake – No Pain (VIP)’
’Dusty Bits – Bass Get ‘Em’
’Aire Atlantica – Make You Mine (feat. Ameria)’
’Jackal – Feel It (feat. Anfa Rose)’
’Elonious – Hero You Are ft Kyera’
’Sam Lamar & HEARTS – Bad Boys’
’U4euh –

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[Future Bass] EGZOD Drops Two Heaters B2B


France to Florida producer EGZOD didn’t just drop one single, he dropped two. The first came through No Copyright Sounds for free, while the second through our friends at Uprise Music as a free download as well. Both reside in the future bass arena, but each have their own feel that’s different from the other.

We’ll take a look at “Paper Crowns” first, a pop-infused record that features the vocalist Leo The Kind. Both artists work together to create something that is memorable and fresh. With “Celestial” the sound shifts to a more forwardly uplifting vibe that has a bigger vibe to it. It feels celestial, as though the experience it gives is all around you. Like we said before, both songs were released for free, but if you feel like showing your support to this talented producer, go on to a digital store and buy copies.

’Egzod – Paper Crowns (feat. Leo The Kind)’
’Egzod & Aotu – Celestial’
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[Trap/Future] ISAAC LEE – I DON’T MIND

isaac lee (1)

We wouldn’t mind if Isaac Lee came out with a new song every week. This dude is the real deal. Today he dropped a dope new single through 20XX called “I Don’t Mind.” We’re going to go ahead and just tell you now to get a copy of the single from iTunes. You must have it.

“I Don’t Mind” is a dark, seductive single that moves between two genres without any problem. Isaac Lee doesn’t care that Summer is here, he’s bringing a haunting, overcast vibe that we just can’t get enough of; we’ve had this jam on repeat since we first hit play. It will wrap itself around you and it doesn’t let go easily. When people say a song is “big” it has a certain type of quality to it that makes it feel like it is overtaking you from all angles and that’s just what “I Don’t Mind” does. It’s a hell of tune that – like we said before – is a must have.

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[Music Video] Feder – Back For More feat. Daecolm


Warner Music’s successful release of “Back For More” from Feder has prompted the creation of a music video. With it we get a set of seaside images to accompany the collaboration with Daecolm, who makes a cameo in the video. As you would expect from a major label signee, the video is quite incredible, looking more like a short film than a music video.

If you’re wondering where this beautiful piece of art was filmed, look no further than Sicily. The landscape and story are both assets that will pull on your heart, not to mention the song at the head of the pack. Everything about this project is packed with strong emotions that no doubt conjure up feelings in anybody who lays their eyes and ears on it. If nothing else, you’ll groove to the song and be amazed by the scenery. But, there’s more to it than that, so enjoy. If you haven’t gotten a copy of the song yet, do so today through digital stores.

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[Future/Trap] DJ Snake – Here Comes The Night (NGHTMRE Remix)


A few days ago DJ Snake dropped a mega remix pack for the single “Here Comes The Night.” Among the remixers was one of our good friends, the one and only NGHTMRE. As you may expect, his flip of the hit single is a masterpiece.

NGHTMRE didn’t go the easy route in taking on the original. Instead of looping the drop back, each section is completely different, showing off the producer’s songwriting ability and creative fortitude, as the styles aren’t exactly the same. They fit together and because NGHTMRE was at the helm, the flow was spotless. We won’t spoil anything further, just know you are in for a treat. After you check out NGHTMRE’s remix, go on ahead and check out our other favorite flip from Crankdat.

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[Future Bass] OTR – Already Gone feat. Kelsie Rimmer

Already Gone (feat. Kelsie Rimmer)

Cincinatti’s OTR just dropped a hot one. Luckily “Already Gone” isn’t going anywhere. This fun future original was created alongside help from the Australian vocalist Kelsie Rimmer who deserves a standing ovation for her awesome performance on this one.

“Already Gone” is what most producers set out to make when they wanna pin down this style. The thing is they just don’t do it like OTR. It’s hard to stand out among so many talented creators who are pushing future bass, but OTR gives us some compelling evidence as to why those three letters need to be near the top of your list. With “Already Gone” we get something that isn’t just playable a few times and then it’s stowed away; rather, it’s something that you’ll be abusing the repeat function with. Check it out today and grab a copy from iTunes.

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