Back in November of 2022 Isaiah Brown released his debut album DREAMERBOY to a fantastic response by his fans and media alike. Continuing on that journey, Isaiah has expanded the music with video counterparts, most recently for the song “Please Be The One.”

The hip-hop meets R&B track was a standout on the LP, one that fans surely will be singing loud during Isaiah’s upcoming GENESIS tour. It’s one of our favorites from his album and the music video does it justice with its minimalist tone. It’s a fun visual with a laidback style that fits the vibe of the song. It’s not quite hot enough for the beach in most places, but let Isaiah take you there with this project!

When we open our hearts up to the fullest capacity of the world and people around us, we discover the depths of our own existence and the power of positivity. Let us embrace one another as one collective consciousness, all striving towards a better tomorrow, for our children and our children’s children. One Earth and One Love under the power of God, The Universe, and Our Creator/Mother Nature.” – Isaiah Brown

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