The impressive cityscape of New York City has been the backdrop to many stories of dreams, but HARBER’s rise in the world of electronic music tells a tale that’s both new and nostalgic. It’s not just about how impressive one’s sound may be; it’s like an ongoing chat between the vibrant hum of city life and the quiet longings of human hearts.

Consider a track like “Remedy,” created with Alex Jones. It feels like a nighttime view of the city – throbbing and full of life. Then there’s “More Than You” with Lexy Panterra, a song that dared to flirt with Billboard’s charts, or the soulful reflections of “Summer You.” Each piece shows a different side of HARBER’s unique electronic style that’s inspired by urban life.

But what sets him apart from other new artists is where his music is heard. From Bravo TV’s show ‘Summer House’ to Amazon’s ‘Upload’, his music is reaching more and more people. And when you think about his remixes for big names like The Chainsmokers or his collaboration with Khalid & Normani, you can see HARBER’s musical importance.

He’s been featured in Forbes, celebrated by People Magazine, and respected by major players like Swedish House Mafia and Marshmello. HARBER isn’t just making music; he’s creating a lasting mark for himself.

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