Celebrated for his intricate blend of genres, ROBY has consistently impressed both critics and audiences alike. His style marked by deep emotional resonance and finely textured melodies, received commendation from the electronic music legend deadmau5, who praised ROBY’s work as “soundtrack fire.” Following his debut at the high-energy Here & Now event in NYC, where he presented his vocal anthems “Leave Me Behind” and “Plasma Glass,” ROBY has been lauded for creating music that stands out for its originality and authenticity.

Continuing on this trajectory, ROBY introduces “mayday,” a chill house track from his forthcoming album “through the mud,” set to release on July 5th. This track pairs his signature haunting vocals with a serene yet slightly uneasy melody, reflecting the thematic undercurrents of the song’s title. “mayday” invites listeners into an introspective journey, bridging the energetic diversity of his previous EP “vividity” with the contemplative depth anticipated in his new album.

This single showcases ROBY’s skillful songwriting but also highlights his ability to convey profound emotions through a sophisticated musical arrangement, further establishing his place in the music industry as a versatile and exceptional artist.

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