[Electropop] Jaymes Young – I’ll Be Good

Jaymes Young - I'll Be Good
Jaymes Young
I'll Be Good

Oh dear, the talented Jaymes Young just released his Habits of My Heart EP, and let’s just say our ninja senses are tingling. The LA-based singer-songwriter gave us hearing pleasure from this gem titled “I’ll Be Good,” which is a more stripped down and softer tune compared to his usual electropop style that depends heavily on the bass. Every good EP/album needs that one song that takes it down slow but at the same time, gets to everyone’s emotional core; and this track does just that. The simple beat and his fingerpicking really showcase both his talents to go both hard and soft, but yet accentuates his butter-smooth voice. Hats off to you, Mr Young.

If you like groups like Sir Sly or The Kite String Tangle, grab a copy of his new EP and tell us what you think!

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[Traveling In Space] Official-G – Outer Space

Outer Space (feat Genevieve)

Sometimes, you just stumble upon a group or a song so raw and so new and so unbelievably good you can’t help but share it with everyone you know and then if you work for a music blog like myself, every reader you can possibly get to listen.
He calls himself Official-G and currently has 47 followers on Soundcloud and joined Facebook a good thirteen days ago. But producer Jimmy Ginnopoulos is no stranger to music and alongside Genevieve Schatz, he has recorded an EP in his own apartment in Brooklyn due out later this year. His debut single ‘Outer Space’ is a sexy and sophisticated song that has a certain air about it. With touches of saxophone, bass guitar, and the killer vocals of Genevieve, G shows us why he is a master of his trade. One thing is for sure, G won’t be a secret for much longer.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2014 Round #4)


We aren’t always good with words. We’ve stumbled, stuttered, and shoved our foot in our mouth at least once in our lifetime. To spare the embarrassment, how awesome would it be if we could speak in song? Using other people’s lyrical talent to drive our conversation to something worth listening to. Like sending a love playlist to your secret crush. Throwing in those “freak in the sheets” songs in attempt to trigger their subconsciousness into crushing back….or being really creeped out. How about blasting that super loud “F you” song on your drive home from a job you hate? In love or hate, we’ve all tried to communicate through song. And if you happen to be a loss of words today, you’re in luck. We’re pretty confidant you could piece together a whole day’s conversation in the hundreds of Indie Dojo’s we’ve posted.

Boxed In
Foot Of The Hill
Mating Ritual
Death in the Afternoon
Lets Talk
French Alps
North Arm
Zea and the Copper Children
Drugs & Liquor
Gravel Kings
Left Alone
Hey Rosetta!
Soft Offering (For The Oft Suffering)
Big Tree
Raise The Flag
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[TMN Premiere] The Chainsmokers – Kanye (ALMOND & SAMME REMIX)

The Chainsmokers
Kanye (feat. sirenXX) [ALMOND & SAMME Remix]

Another week, another Chainsmokers post but I promise you this one is well worth your while. “Kanye” has been the self-empowerment song of the summer, and it certainly slaps too. If the original didn’t inspire you enough, it certainly did for Almond & Samme, two upcoming producers who make their Ninja debut tonight. Although this isn’t the first time the two have teamed up, as Yeezus himself would say, this one is God level. With festival season just starting up down south in hotbeds like Australia, Brazil, and the South Pacific, look for this energetic, upbeat edit to pick up some serious steam and support. What may sound like stereotypical progressive house melodies on the surface turns out to be extremely intricate and those vocal chops at the end are something else. Be like Kanye and jam out to this one time.

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Get To Know: Modul Kollektiv [TMN Exclusive Interview]

Modul Kollektiv
Farbenfroh (Original Mix)

German producer Modul Kollektiv released a truly unique piece of deep house this week, in the form of ‘Farbenfroh’. A cleverly intricate piece of music, it was also recently picked up by Holi Festival to use as a promo track, and as a result had a stunning accompanying video. We spoke to the artist behind this release on Dirty Soul Records to learn more about his musical background and taste.

TMN: What is your musical background and how did you get into producing house music?

My first contact with electronic music was back in the 90′s. I got thrilled by Daft Punk & Depeche Mode. Daft Punks ‘Homework’ was one of my first vinyl albums and the beginning of my DJing. Later on I spent a lot of time in music production, which was released under another side project on various different labels like Dim Mak. But I always felt a love of house music and produced house tracks – so new brand Modul Kollektiv was born.

TMN: How does it feel to have your first ever release out on Dirty Soul (an imprint of Be Yourself Music)?

It’s simply indescribably awesome. Be Yourself Music is a legend in the music biz. Dirty Soul seems to be the perfect imprint for my first release.

TMN: The music video for ‘Farbenfroh’ seems only fitting for the summer tech-house track, did you have much involvement in creating the video?

Yeah, I was involved in doing the music video. I had the idea, found a deal with a festival tour promoter and did the raw editing on the video. The video clips were recorded at different Holi Festival tour stops in Austria.

TMN: If you could describe the track in three words for someone who is yet to listen, what would you pick?

Shimmering, synth, house.

TMN: Where do you draw inspiration from when producing or are there any artists you look up to?

Well I do not try to copy anything. I try to define my own soundscape and to create something new, something unique. I love the shimmering & glimmering synths in my productions which actually give the productions a fresh unconsumed attitude.

‘Farbenfroh’ is available to purchase here.  

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[House] Jimmy Le Mac – Down 4 The Ride EP


I stumbled across the debut of EP from Jimmy Le Mac today, upon hearing a premiere of one of the tracks as recommended by a good (and musically alert friend). Le Mac, originally born in the UK and now living in Australia, creates house/bass tunes alongside running Loophole Records with FliP 3K. Upon checking out his SoundCloud profile, it’s clear to see he’s pretty undiscovered at the moment, with just a handful of remix bootlegs to check out. However, this week is his time to present himself on a bigger scale, as Micropope released his “Down 4 The Ride.”

Spanning three tracks in length, just one listen through the full collection gives you the idea that Le Mac is an artist with a lot to give. Working seamlessly through bass, house and even elements of techno, his production consistency stands out. The experimental, space-filled “I’m Down” is in contrast to the title track, which offers a classic House beat with plenty of melodic emphasis. “Do Your Thang” (as the title suggests), is a funk-filled offering, with repeated vocal hooks backing the charging rhythm.

This is an example of all tracks in one collection being as strong as each other – the technical level across “Down 4 The Ride” is seriously good. If you enjoy the tracks below, you can purchase a copy of the EP here. 

Down 4 The Ride (Original Mix)
Do Your Thang (Original Mix)
Im Down (Original Mix)
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[TOP NINJA] 2014 Blog-a-thon Winner Jordan Grammer

We are the Champions

A few weeks back, we had a good, old fashioned blog-a-thon, which spanned an entire weekend. From Friday to Sunday, our writers were pitted against each other, whipping out posts left and right until there were no musical stones unturned. The end result? A shit load of amazing music was shared.

Aside from a cash reward, some TMN merch, and living in blogger infamy, the winner of this contest was also promised a congratulatory post on the site. So, I’d like to take a moment to recognize the greatness that is Jordan Grammer. Facing off against some of the meanest bloggers in the game, this guy cranked out over 40 posts in the span of 72 hours. That’s pretty unbelievable. On top of which, every single post was top-notch, well written, and was on a song released within a month’s time. Even more remarkable was the fact that he cancelled a date just to compete. That’s dedication.

So, congrats Jordan. You’re the champion of the 2014 TMN Summer Blog-a-thon. Enjoy your riches, fame, and space in TMN history.

If you’d like to scope Jordan’s work here on TMN, do so by clicking here.

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