[Indie] Melis – Love Song Idea

Love Song Idea

A fresh face has come to us for the first time. Melis is making her world-wide debut with the single “Love Song Idea,” a song we are lucky to have for several reasons. One reason we’re lucky is because this song is amazing and the second reason is because according to the Melis herself, her hard drive broke and this file was the only one left for this track.

“Love Song Idea” is an unfiltered expression surrounding deep feelings of the heart. Soft-spoken and true to the complexities of human nature, Melis delivers a memorable performance of incredible lyrics that will pierce the soul. For this just being a song idea, it’s one hell of an idea. We can’t wait to hear what else Melis has coming; she surely isn’t stopping with this one song. Stream it today and stay tuned for more.

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[Electronic] DROELOE – See Through Me

See Through Me

It’s Wednesday afternoon and all that we can think about is the minute the clock strikes 6, so we can bolt out of the office and hit those happy hour deals, or snuggle under the covers of our beds. But, why not eradicate that stigma we so often apply to the work week and look at it in a positive light? For us music lovers every day – whether it’s a miserable Monday or a “Friday fun day” – means new tunes, and at TMN it’s our passion to mine for the best-of-the-best and the freshest-of-the-fresh in music.

Selecting the most fitting songs for our listeners can get pretty difficult with all of the incredible music that’s out there, but electronic duo DROELOE made it almost too easy for us after we took a listen to their latest. “See Through Me” is a beautiful fusion of edginess and etherealness. Provoking intrigue from the very start with airy echoes and jagged synths, the single culminates with a spectacular explosion of rich melodies and harmonies that are paired perfectly with crisp percussion. DROELOE has us at hello through the release of “See Through Me,” while reminding us bloggers why we love digging for music so damn much.

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[Indie] DVWEZ – The Life

The Life

“The Life” is here thanks to DVWEZ, the Florida songstress that’s coming up strong. Her dark, R&B original has seduced us with its infectious sound, one that is right up the alley of anybody looking for something with a shadowed hue to it.

DVWEZ gives us something that’s a bit different from the usual R&B sound. It takes more of an indie stance with intoxicating melodies and driving soundscapes that show more of a love for the underground than the mainstream. In giving her own take on things, DVWEZ stands out as someone to be not only noticed, but revered. “The Life” is a magnificent piece of music that your ears need to hear. Hence why we’re sharing it with you today!

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[House] Bobby Nourmand – D U S T


One of the coolest cats around goes by the name of Bobby Nourmand. We were lucky enough to catch him in Miami and chat a bit and he told us he had something coming soon… And now that something is here. His single “D U S T” dropped today as a free download.

Bobby keeps things very chill with this deep cut that samples the great Moby. Although the song leans heavily on a relaxed, cosmic sound, Bobby still infuses a steady groove crowds can connect to. With shows on the horizon like the illustrious Tomorrowland, that groove is going to come in handy. Bobby has always been a unique producer pushing his own brand of house, one that stays true to the roots while taking things a step forward. Take in “D U S T” today and keep at the ready for more from Bobby Nourmand.

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[Electronic] Kendl – For Her

For Her

To tease fans for his upcoming EP, Colours, Kendl went ahead and released “For Her” off the project early. Even if nobody else is – which is 100% not the case – all of us ninjas are ready for the EP as this single has us at the edge of our seats with our ears perked up.

“For Her” is an intimate house record that’s almost too chill to even be labeled as anything but electronic. Everything about it is subtle, but in those subtleties lies a remarkable beauty that is easy to connect to. It’s one of those songs that you simply lose yourself in. It’s not until the end of the record that the composition gets a bit more colorful and complex. “For Her” is not something you’re going to want to miss a second of. If you’re digging it like us, get a copy from iTunes today.

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sumthin sumthin – Hollow [TMN Premiere]

Sumthin Sumthin

If you’re ready for something extra hot, you’ve came to the right place. Today in the dojo we present to you a first listen to sumthin sumthin‘s new single “Hollow” from the Afterglow EP. The Los Angeles producer partnered up with Quality Goods Records for the EP, but Music Ninja for the premiere. Get ready, this one is steamin’ right out of the oven.

“Hollow” is beyond fantastic. It comes out of left-field with enough swagger to melt the entire bass scene in an instant. With so many producers trying to be like other producers, it’s extremely refreshing to hear someone doing something different – and even a bit weird in the best way possible. sumthin sumthin has a catalog that is impressive, yet small, but he’s growing it in a big way with this EP and specifically with “Hollow.” Enjoy the single early, as the full EP isn’t out until the 28th; however you can get your copy through digital services.

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[Electronic] Astrocolor – Push Too Hard (feat. Fox Glove)

Push Too Hard (feat. Fox Glove)

The best music often comes with an elusive sound. A new release by the Canadian band Astrocolor bends rock, soul, electronic and so many other genres into something wonderful. An emotional vocal performance from Fox Glove brings an Erykah Badu influence while the instrumental jams and analogue synth have elements of Tycho or Boards of Canada.  They’re still relatively underground and building up their online presence but Astrocolor’s fresh modern sound points to big things down the line. “Push Too Hard”  is the lead single on a new 7-track album. It’s a solid listen from start to finish so be sure to head over and check out the full album if you like it.

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