[Funk] Goldwash – Malady


Goldwash is one of our favorite new artists. Born Gabe Acheson, Goldwash is a 21-year old composer, singer-songwriter, and producer out of Baltimore. A classical and jazz-trained pianist, Goldwash brings his own unique concoction of existential funk. Having already caught the eye of Jamz Supernova (“Malady” was premiered on BBCR1 on her show) and Roche Musique, Goldwash is poised to introduce his dynamic and cohesive sound to a worldwide audience in 2016. “Malady” is his second single of 2016.

Here’s a few words he had to say about the piece. “Lyrically, ‘Malady’ is about a mutually destructive relationship, about witnessing two friends make mistakes. Overall, I hope the song is the kind where you can happily sing along for a while before realizing that maybe something darker is going on.” This sonic treat is an incredible audible masterpiece. Please don’t sleep on the creator of “Existential Funk”. Enjoy!

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[Electronic Pop] SIVIK – Last Night

Last Night

SIVIK’s new song, “Last Night” is a testament to the Nashville-based artist’s incredible vocal skills and song writing abilities. We’ve seen this artist before with the hits off his last 5-track album, “Spring Collection.” (If you haven’t already, I recommend you check out the album’s big single, “High.”) The EP was absolutely stunning and extremely well received, so I was excited to see new material in the works.

“Last Night” is the first single from a new EP SIVIK is getting ready to release. It will be called, Winter Collection EP and it is set to come out later this month. Take a listen to the stream below and if you would like to support SIVIK consider downloading, “Last Night.” Enjoy!

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[Electronic] Moderat – Reminder


With sub-genres constantly rising and falling, the electronic music landscape sees a constant influx of producers with names exiting the limelight as quickly as they entered. The artists with true longevity are those who make themselves trend-resistant by displaying a musicianship above the rest. Berlin supergroup Moderat‘s debut and sophomore albums, which came out 6 and 3 years ago respectively, have aged phenomenally for exactly that reason. Right on time with that release schedule, the Berlin supergroup (ApparatModeselektor) officially announced their upcoming album III today along with the first single.

“Reminder” presents fans with a new evolution in the Moderat project without losing sight of the minimalist techno vibes that make their music so potent. The track leads with an entrancing percussive loop and the equally hypnotizing vocals of Apparat. Even as additional textures fill out the backdrop, the lyrics remain at the forefront–representing a new exploration for the trio. The emotional and personal nature of the songwriting, dealing with inner turmoil and finding change within oneself, adds a unique depth that crescendos into an eruption of sonic euphoria in the final minute. Vibe out to this one above. Moderat’s III is due out on April 1st via Mute/Monkeytown and is available for pre-order here.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 181)


Every Friday we gather together free downloads that you can take with you into the weekend. This week is no different, as we have another dozen songs that you can either stream or download to listen on your own device. The theme is party, but the aim is to get you to let loose over the weekend as you recharge your batteries for the upcoming Monday. Hence, we have some softer future style tracks, all the way up to some grimy dubstep to finish things off. Records this week come from the likes of Venessa Michaels, Razihel, Crichy Crich, ETC! ETC!, Aylen, Tisoki and more. Many of these artists have been featured by us, either in this playlist, in a solo article, or both. We hope to convert you to fans of these talented artists. As always, have a great weekend and #danceirresponsibly.

Kill Our Way To Heaven (NINE LIVES Remix)
Killing Me Softly (VenessaMichaels X MOONZz Redo)
Razihel & Fareoh
Diplo & Sleepy Tom
Be Right There (Gorilla Bass Remix)
Crichy Crich x King Tutt
SIN$ (prod. by TINCUP)
Lick It (Original Mix)
Vice City X DatPhoria
Midnight (feat. DeLon)
Jungla (Original Mix)
Nap In The Club (Aylen Remix)
Kastra & Buzzmeisters
Bombs Away
China All The Time Ft. Donald Trump
Hold It Down (Tisoki Remix)
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[House] Grey Area – Burning

Grey Area

As a writer for a popular music publication, just a week’s worth of press e-mails can leave your inbox inundated with enough music to spend weeks listening to. Which is why we’ve held a special place on Fridays for those rare slices of carefully crafted dance music for which we’ve personally mined the web for without any outside influence. The latest project to stop us dead in our tracks is the musical synthesis of M/F Denver duo Grey Area who have bubbled out of the ether to bestow upon us some of the most proper house cuts we’ve heard thus far in 2016. Mostly functioning as solo artists, genre-eschewing tastemaker MOSIS (whom our Ninja faithful may have come across more than once) and Denver via Detroit house slayer  DESI (who’s received artist support from house heavyweights MK, Dantiez Saunderson and Anabel Englund), have brought their respective proper house games to another level as a pair.

After already pumping out their first EP on Heart of House, Grey Area’s latest record, “Burning”, dives deep into a pool of classic house influence, but executes it with a slickly polished contemporary edge that has us proper house heads swooning. Shuffled hi-hats, a craftily swung bassline and filtered vocal nuance coalesce straight into an addictively crafted melodic hook; and we’ve not been able to shake “Burning” from our collective psyche since first consumption. It’s Friday though, so we advise you to turn this one up and let Grey Area do the talking themselves. Enjoy “Burning” above.

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[Future/R&B] JAHKOY – Odd Future

Odd Future

“Odd Future” is the latest original track from the Toronto vocalist JAHKOY. Produced by WondaGurl and Nova, this soulful R&B meets future concoction is the wind-down song you need to ease into the weekend. It has that Drake-esque vibe, a sort of mixture of sing-song and rap on top of an airy downtempo beat. For such a minimal production, it actually flows quite lively, and picks up at the end with a more upbeat percussion sequence that really concludes the track decorously.

JAHKOY has been continuously establishing as an act that can make it to the top. The artistry and vision are there, it’s just a matter of time before a ton of people start jumping ship to the JAHKOY ride. UMG Recordings released “Odd Future,” which means that it is up on iTunes for purchase. We got a copy, and we suggest you do too. Lastly, as stated on the artist’s Twitter, we can expect something soon by the name “TEMPTATIONS.” Be on the lookout!

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[Future Bass] THEY. – Motley Crue (AWAY Remix)

Motley Crue (AWAY Remix)

Sometimes when rummaging through Soundcloud, you get a little sullied because of how much mediocre future bass is out there. It’s a tasteful genre that not everyone can nail, but AWAY absolutely crushed it. With a remix of “Motley Crue” by THEY., AWAY managed to show off now only prowess with the genre, but song-writing versatility that few can manage. By the end of it we get a more bass heavy trip hop vibe than future that will just blow your mind. Before that we are met with well-produced composition whose rhythmic structures are that of genius.

Nothing is over the top about this record; everything about it screams quality and tastefulness. Many producers would have simply made two songs out of these drops, instead of making them work in one fully magnificent package. AWAY isn’t taking the easy route, and it will surely pay off if he delivers more top-shelf records like this one. This is the LA artist’s first track on Soundcloud, so we’re really anticipating something special this year from AWAY. After streaming this track on repeat a million times, head over to iTunes for a copy.

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