[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 154)


Liberate yourself from the week. It’s over, and now another weekend is here, meaning another Friday Party Playlist is too. Edition 154 turns things up quickly thanks to a collaboration between trap heavyweights Flosstradamus and 4B. From there onward we have explosive tracks from Notixx, Juke Ellington, Dirty Monkey, Space Race, Tisoki and more. It’s been a long, grueling week, so we felt the need to bring some especially hot fire. Grab a few drinks, turn up the volume and enjoy tonight. Then, enjoy the rest of your weekend and make it count! Most of all, #danceirresponsibly.

Goshfather & Jinco
Juke Ellington ✖ Drbblz X Tovr
Busta Rhymes
Pass The Courvoisier (Fresco & Hyphee Retwerk)Supported by Jack U
Dirt Monkey & Nathaniel Knows
Major Lazer
Too Original (AKKI X ZEV Remix)
Keith Ape
잊지마 (It G Ma) (Space Race Remix)
Apashe & Sway
Im A Dragon (Jaycen Amour Remix)
Death Note
Tisoki & Fuse
How About It
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[Electronic] Emancipator – Eve II (Odesza Remix)

Eve II (ODESZA Remix)

Those of you who have been fans of Odesza from the start might remember that they toured with fellow Pacific Northwest-native Emancipator three years ago or so. Since that time, both acts have continued to expand on their sounds having broad influences on electronic music in their own ways. Although their styles are distinctly separate, there’s an organic nature to their approaches that are very much in line–in other words, if you dig Odesza you’d also like Emancipator and visa versa.

A week from today, Emancipator will be putting out the remix EP from his stellar 2013 album, Dusk to Dawn–if you haven’t checked out the original yet we’d highly recommend it. Today, Odesza unleashed their contribution to that taking on the glimmering, chilled-out “Eve II.” It’s really the perfect canvas for the talented duo as they utilize its shininess to build out a steady house groove all the while maintaining their always-phenomenal percussive aesthetic.

Give it a listen above and look out for the Dusk to Dawn remixes, due out on July 10th, on Emancipator’s Bandcamp page. In the meantime, you can grab a free download of this gem here.

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[Indie Eletronic] Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Ardency Remix)

Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Ardency Remix)
Empire Of The Sun
We Are The People (Ardency Remix)

Following the success of “Foxfire”, the creative duo Ardency strike once again with another jaw dropper. Reworking Empire of the Sun‘s “We Are The People”, the two musicians definitely worked their magic and put a spin on the popular anthem. The tune is suited with a lo-fi 80’s disco approach fused with a chillwave sound. The original vocals are kept to go with the indie vibe of the track. The addictive touch resembles the sound of Neon Indian while adding an adrenaline-infused bassline to top it off.

Per usual, Ardency outdid themselves with this release. We are very excited to see what other tricks they got up their sleeves. Make sure to grab a free download if you dig the track!

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[NEW] Collarbones – Turning (Flume Remix)

Turning (Flume Remix)

Flume season has arrived–or did it ever actually end? His debut album had a staying power unlike anything we’ve ever seen in electronic music along with his subsequent work with Emoh Instead as What So Not. From a material standpoint, we haven’t heard much new original work from the Australian beat pioneer, save for the phenomenal “Some Minds,” but he’s most certainly not been dormant either.  Since his rapid ascension, he’s been touring pretty much non-stop releasing a few remixes along the way, often premiering them in live sets.

Today, we get one of the remixes he’s been playing out at festivals and it’s an amazing one that we certainly remember from his set at Sasquatch! festival. Taking on “Turning,” a gorgeous tune from Sydney/Adelaide natives Collarbones, Flume creates a massive and beautiful composition that, in the context of his live set, packs an unbelievable emotional power. In recent interviews, Flume’s been talking about how he doesn’t consider his music “EDM” and you can see what he means on atmospheric tracks like this. We can’t wait for more new material but, in the meantime, this beauty will be in heavy rotation.

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[Future Funk/Jazz] Masego x Medasin – The Pink Polo EP


Funk and jazz’s cross-genre transcendence may be more prevalent today than ever. To some degree or another, it can be heard in hip-hop, electronic, indie and just about any other style of music you can think of. If you’re still not convinced in listening to contemporary albums from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, The Social Experiment, Thundercat and Griz, look no further than Masego and Medasin‘s recently released funktasitc Pink Polo EP. On the project, Masego, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, plays sax, sings and produces while Medasin, a master of monster beats, contributes a marked bombastic, atmospheric trap vibe through out.

The resulting combination makes for an incredibly unique and enjoyable listening experience that recalls the greats of both funk and jazz while injecting the sounds of contemporary electronic music. Through out the 8-track project, epic sax solos are mixed in with 808s, heavy drops and James Brown-esque vocals–it’s unlike anything we’ve ever heard before. There’s straight party starters on the project like “Shut up and Groove,” “Bounce,” and “Girls That Dance,” but there’s also supreme jams on songs like “Sunday Vibes” that make us wonder what it might sound like if Thelonius Monk had access to modern day recording equipment.

Masego probably sums up the style of this project best in his Soundcloud description calling it “Traphouse Jazz.” The Pink Polo EP, released through the rapidly rising  Film Noir records, arrives right in time for your sunny 4th of July celebrations. Stream it below and, if you’re digging it as much as us, buy it over at Bandcamp.

Masego x Medasin ~ Shut Up & Groove
Masego x Medasin ~ Bounce
Masego x Medasin ~ TrapScat (Get Loose)
Masego x Medasin ~ Sego Hotline ft. Krs.
Masego x Medasin ~ Throwin Shade
Masego x Medasin ~ Sunday Vibes
Masego x Medasin ~ Girls That Dance
JR Jârris
Love Be Like Ft. Masego (Medasin Remix)
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[House] JRabbit – Give It To Me

Give It To Me

Moving away from his dubstep roots, JRabbit brings us something in the house realm through Thrive Music. “Give It To Me” has the producer bringing his quality sound design to more club-style music. It’s a little on the aggressive side as far as deep/tech goes, but it certainly pulls influence from those sounds. Things start off very upbeat, with a chopped vocal and piano stabs leading the way to the breakdown, where the build subsequently takes over. Eventually, we reach the point of no return and a hard bass pounds away through the speaker, creating a groove that you’d be hard pressed not to move to. We hope to hear more tunes like this from the Cali producer who has already had a lot of success in the bass game.

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[Melodic] Kill Paris ft. Royal – Operate (Illenium Remix)

Kill Paris ft. Royal
Operate (Illenium Remix)

The ninjas love some Kill Paris. We also love Royal, as well as Illenium. All three come together in one thanks to a remix by Illenium of “Operate” from the Galaxies Between Us album. Nick slows things down, but keeps up his melodic tendencies. With each drop, he gives us something different, which keeps things fresh throughout the entire song. The first section focuses on a vocal sequence that is accompanied by a few other patterns that help to fill out the spectrum. Later, we experience a shift to a big sound with soaring synths that energize the listener with nothing but good vibes. The Illenium remix of “Operate” has been released as a free download, which you can snag right here.

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