[Future Bass] Taylor Grey – MIAMI feat. Spencer Kane

Taylor Grey
MIAMI ft. Spencer Kane

The young pop prodigy Taylor Grey is back with another single, this time bringing in a bit of a different style from her previous release. This time around Taylor brings a friend to the party, Spencer Kane. Together these two do a modern duet on the future pop single “MIAMI.”

“MIAMI” has the vibe you may expect: fun, light-hearted and party-ready. Summer is almost here and Taylor is ushering it in with a smash hit that has become our favorite song of hers. It’s still got her usual pop flair, but the dance music elements can’t be denied. This could have been a dance track on its own, but with Taylor spear-heading the project, the accessibility of this grows tremendously. It’s one of those tracks that anybody can enjoy, even if someone says they don’t like electronic music.

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[Electronic] The M Machine – We Had It All (Indiginis Remix)

The M Machine
We Had It All (Indiginis Remix) [Premiere]

“We Had It All” by The M Machine just got a fresh new flip. Thanks to Indiginis, we have yet another funk friendly track to share. The bouncy, bubbly take of “We Had It All” is an official release delivered through Mad Zoo. As you might expect from the label’s catalog, this one is a genre-bending gem.

Indiginis really pulled something special off here. The M Machine helped change the face of dance music, so remixing their work and living up to their prestige isn’t an easy task. Despite that, Indiginis went above and beyond, taking “We Had It All” to new heights. There have been countless remixes that have come out this year, but this is among our top. It has that remarkable familiar yet distinct vibe to it. It’s something that is accessible, but not your run of the mill. Jam this one one repeat to end your day nicely.

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[House] Boris Smith – Baby feat. Ryan Konline

Boris Smith
Baby feat. Ryan Konline

“Baby” by Boris Smith and Ryan Konline is just what you need. No matter where you’re at in life, you need “Baby.” This smooth and groovy single was released through Nurvous Records a few weeks ago in three forms, but we’re going to focus in on the full original mix.

Now, if you want the acapella or instrumental, they’re available, but to get the real experience you want both pieces together. “Baby” has this certain nostalgia to it, a certain classic familiarity that isn’t often sought after nowadays. Everything about it is tasteful. It’s minimal style adds to its catchy club sound. Boris and Ryan came together for a hot one that we know you will enjoy.

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AIRWAV – Vivid EP [TMN Premiere]

Enter the dojo for a first listen to AIRWAV‘s Vivid EP. The New York producer just dropped his five track project, which you get to glimpse first here with this premiere. Through and through, Vivid is a titanic expression that doesn’t limit itself to one genre.

AIRWAV’s project has a dynamic edge to it, but future bass takes center stage. Tracks like “The Void” and “Nomads” portray AIRWAV’s future sensibilities, while “Origami” and “Thinkin Bout U” show different side of the producer. All together these tracks take you through different sounds and styles, making it a memorable listening experience from start to finish. It’s an experience you don’t mind doing again and again. Vivid is currently available on digital stores and streaming services, including Spotify.

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[Pop] XY&O – One More Night (Lemonade) + Q&A

One More Night (Lemonade)

There are a lot of songwriters out there and a lot of them write for other people. That was the original plan for XY&O, but after they came up with their signature sound, they couldn’t pass along the goods to other people to perform. They took the project by the horns and didn’t look back.

After launching in 2015, they’ve come out with several releases, the latest being “One More Night (Lemonade)” that comes with their second EP announcement. If you’re just getting familiarized with the trio, this track is a good place to start and if you’re already familiar, well then you know just how talented these three are. Either way, stream the single today as you read through the interview we had with XY&0 in the dojo!

TMN: Can you tell us more about how XY&O came about? How did you three meet each other?

Me and Tudor met at a recording studio in Cardiff Bay. I was working there and Tudor came in to record some tracks. We decided pretty much then and there to try write some songs together. I knew that Nick (guitar) from a band he was in. He had a pretty unique style even then at 17 or whatever he was, so we roped him in.

TMN: Tell us more about Cardiff! How has your hometown influenced your sound?

Cardiff, like most capital cities is a pretty diverse, dynamic and exciting place. Our music is often described as summery, beachy, chilled but Cardiff really is neither of those things particularly. Perhaps the fact that we started working out a small room in Bay area of Cardiff influenced our musics genesis. We spent a lot of time between Cardiff Bay, Penarth and Barry when we wrote our first few songs. They’re all coastal so maybe the beach just unconsciously crept in.

TMN: You guys each come from different music backgrounds. How have your tastes molded into the current sound you have?

Yeah, we all have very different musical backgrounds. Pop music (as broad as that is) is probably the common ground between us so was the natural landing spot for our creativity. Personally, my taste are pretty diverse, my favorite artists are people like John Martyn, Prince and bands like The Cure, Kings of Leon. You probably don’t hear much of that in our music though. Nick is the best instrumentalist among us, he has a wide range too but he’s into more technical music, soul, jazz etc. Tudor is the most millennial for sure. He loves a club banger.

TMN: What was the inspiration behind “One More Night (Lemonade)?”

One More Night is written about the allure of the ‘perceived’ darker side of professional life (or life in general). Why does Louis Theroux make documentaries on sex workers and porn stars? People want to know what the real people are like behind those professions. One More Night is same thing. It’s like a Louis Theroux documentary, but far less entertaining.

TMN: Any tour plans around your ‘Powder Rooms’ EP release this year?

Yeah we do. Hopefully after the summer.

TMN: Ending on a fun note, name your dream collaboration!

Skip: most of mine are sadly dead. It would have been Prince.
Nick: At the minute maybe Anderson .Paak, that could be very interesting

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[Electronic] Golden Vessel – Shoulders (ft. Elkkle & Mallrat)

Golden Vessel
Shoulders (ft. Elkkle & Mallrat)

Max Byrne, aka Golden Vessel, is yet another talented artists coming from the land down under. Not only does this Brisbane beatmaker have the production talent, but the creative edge that is going to separate him from the rest of the crowd.

“Shoulders” is the most recent work coming from Golden Vessel, out now on all stores thanks to Exist Recordings. The original features Elkkle and Mallrat. With all their abilities combined, “Shoulders” is an absolute treasure. The indie meets electronic style is refreshing, among a host of other positive adjectives. Hear it for yourself today and get a copy for your digital library.

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SANiTY – Missed Call [TMN Premiere]

Missed Call (Original Mix)

Ready for some g-house? Because we are. Welcome to the dojo for an exclusive first listen to “Missed Call” by SANiTY. This booming tune was released through G-Mafia Records today and we’ve partnered up to give you first dibs.

“Missed Call” is groovy to say the least. It’s got just the right vibe to get people moving no matter the setting, whether it be house party, warehouse rave or festival. SANiTY has always put out great house music, but his recent venturing into this sound has proven to be quite successful. Look for SANiTY to continue his rise with even more quality records to come. For now, enjoy “Missed Call” and hit up your favorite digital store to get a copy!

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