[Dubstep] Jameston Thieves & Holly – Sailing the Sea of Consequence

Jameston Thieves & Holly
Sailing the Sea of Consequence

Two of bass music’s most unique talents have come together for a musical adventure. “Sailing the Sea of Consequence” is a journey created by Jameston Thieves and Holly, released through Frsh Blood. This hybrid single will be all the heat you need as the weather continues to chill this month.

“Sailing the Sea of Consequence” shows off both producer’s technical aptitude and incredible sound design. What makes this collaboration so great is that each producer feeds off the other in order to create something truly remarkable that they wouldn’t have necessarily done without the other. The song jumps around various sounds so that no point do you ever feel like things are stagnating. It’s a giant ball of bass booming energy and we’re in love with it. Get your copy today.

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[Pop] SHY Martin – Good Together

SHY Martin
Good Together

As a songwriter SHY Martin has hits on her hands, but now she’s stepping out with her own project to take over the game. Her original “Good Together” comes after writing songs for artists like Kygo and The Chainsmokers. Her pop driven sound is well suited for quality radio play.

SHY Martin isn’t looking to be the next teeny bop star adored by sheep around the world, instead she’s looking to become a star with true talent. Her creative abilities have been in the background for some time, but now she’s shining bright as a beacon for other songwriters to come forward and own their work in an independent way. You heard it here, SHY Martin will be doing major things very soon.

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[Electronic] The Range & Jim-E Stack – With You (Yaeji Remix)

Brooklyn based genre-eschewing producer James Hinton, better known as The Range, has stormed through this year on the heels of 2016’s excellent long-player Potential. Hinton’s aural aesthetic has been one steeped in unique textures and reverberations, as he’s primarily built his vocal samples -especially on Potential– around obscure YouTube videos with no more than a few hundred plays at most. The Range’s fluid blend of hip-hop inspired drum foundations, and larger than life synth pulses have always been quite suited towards the remix realm, which is why we’re so excited about his impending Remixes EP out this Friday on Domino. Remixes will be a 4-track affair, with remixes of his Jim-E Stack collaboration “With You” and “New Lots” (from his recent 12” release), as well as one of our favorite singles from 2016 “Florida”.

Today, we’re rolling out 24 year-old South Korean born, New York based DJ, rapper, singer and producer Yaeji‘s intimate reworking of “With You”.  Yaeji’s uniquely subdued blend of house, pop, trap, and rap coalesce perfectly behind Hinton’s glossy stems, creating a softer, more heartfelt take on the original. Not to mention, Yaeji re-recorded all of the vocals using her own voice to lend an even more personal touch to her revision. With such an innate understanding of a multitude of sonics, it’s no wonder she’s been getting coined by some major outlets as ‘House Music’s Most Exciting New Voice’. Check out Yaeji’s remix of “With You” below, and be on the prowl for the rest of The Range’s Remixes EP to unfurl this Friday.

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[R&B/Pop] AU8UST – Hold Me Down

Hold Me Down

You would never guess that AU8UST‘s single “Hold Me Down” was created in a DIY studio in a room at a Motel 6. This poppy R&B treat pays homage to AU8UST’s travels around the world before coming back to his birthplace in Los Angeles.

Not only has AU8UST traveled the world, but he travels through different sounds, bringing together genres with a fluidity that some artists just don’t have. “Hold Me Down” is evidence of his smooth nature, not only mixing pop and R&B, but bringing in heavy influences from electronic music. AU8UST is back in full swing and 2018 should be a magnificent year for this creative talent.

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[Electronic] EMBRZ – Doubt House

Doubt House

There’s no doubt that “Doubt House” by EMBRZ is a great song. Out on digital stores now, this original single sees the Irish producer progress to new heights with his sound.

We wouldn’t judge you for thinking this was going to be a house song, we thought the same thing, but EMBRZ brings us into his signature sound, something he’s been developing since he first released music a few years ago. Since then he’s been gaining quite some speed with incredible records just like “Doubt House.” EMBRZ takes another step in the right direction with his latest and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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[Hip-Hop] Maino – Bag Talk (feat. Dave East & Jaquae)

Bag Talk (feat. Dave East & Jaquae)

Brooklyn’s own Maino dropped a hot one through Litt Music recently called “Bag Talk.” The hip-hop collaboration features Dave East and Jaquae. This medley of emcees delivered a riveting original that is more align with classic than contemporary rap music.

From beginning to end “Bag Talk” is a heater. Great rhymes partnered with a masterful instrumental is a recipe for success and these guys succeeded. Maino and company lean into each others efforts to build a track that magnifies strengths. In working together to really make something special, “Bag Talk” came out as a super strong record that stands out.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2017 Round #2)

Life is all about discovering new things, which is why you have come to the right place. Every Tuesday, start off your morning with a brand new Indie Dojo. Explore the undiscovered talent that makes the internet a treasure to behold. You never know where the musical journey will take you.

’Million Miles
Can’t Get Around A Broken Heart’
’Joan As A Police Woman
Warning Bell’
’Bamboo Smoke
Coloured Lines’
’Diamond Thug – Sweet Return’
’Harry Pane
Here We Stay’
’Corey Kilgannon
The Fighter’
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