El Dusty – TLC feat. DJ Blass [TMN Premiere]


EDC Mexico is having more than just the festival. As a part of the experience, the people over at Insomniac have put together the festival compilation, featuring a multitude of talented artists from the lineup. One of the songs on the project, “TLC,” is by El Dusty and DJ Blass. Instead of waiting for the full compilation to be out, we partnered up with them on giving you a first listen through this premiere.

“TLC” is a Latin flavored house record that is sure to go off well with the massive crowds down in Mexico. The deep, groovy style makes this one perfect for clubs, but it’s got enough energy and power to satisfy all the ravers in the festival atmosphere. It’s nice to hear something a bit different, but given the festival we’re focusing on, it’s a perfect match. The full EDC Mexico compilation will be out on February 17th, with works from the likes of Kayzo, UNIIQU3, G-Buck, Happy Colors and more.

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[Contest] Win 2 VIP Tickets to BUKU Music + Art Project & Hang with Ekali


The Big Easy. The Crescent City. Nawlins. New Oar-leans. Whatever you call it, you know that it stands upon a few strongly-planted pillars–good food, good music, and good times. We’ve had some epic moments down in New Orleans, which is why we’re beyond stoked to be heading to BUKU Music + Art project. As if one of the best party cities in the world wasn’t enough, this epic 2-day festival just added some rather unnecessary icing onto that Creole cake.

Our excitement is obvious, but we’re not here to talk about that. No, no. We’re here to get you excited. How do we plan to do that? Well, it’s pretty simple. We’re offering up two, two-day VIP 2-Day Passes tickets to one of our can’t miss festivals this year, PLUS a chance to hang with one of our favorite performing artists at said festival. That’s right. One lucky winner will be taking a friend down to Louisiana with a couple of free ticket and some epic hang time with the one and only Ekali.


So, what do you have to do to enter? It’s pretty fricken’ easy. Just check out these instructions below:

1) “Like” us (The Music Ninja) on facebook here:

2) “Like” the BUKU on facebook:

3) “Like” the Ekali on facebook:

4) Comment below this post with why you deserve to win. Maybe you just went through an epic break up? Maybe you hold the record for most shrimp eaten in a single sitting? Fill us in! We want to know.

More details
– Winner will receive 2 VIP 2-Day Passes
– You have to be 18+ to enter.
– Winner will be chosen on March 3rd at 12:00 EST and notified via Facebook
– You must come correct with some wicked dance moves all weekend long.

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[Deep House] Truth x Lies – City Lights

Truth x Lies
City Lights

Everybody loves a free download. When that free download is of an exceptional song, it makes things even better. Today we share with you the zero-cost single “City Lights” by Truth x Lies, who released the tune through TropiKult.

“City Lights” is a dashing house record whose smooth bassline and topline work together to create mere musical magic. If you’re looking for your dance anthem for the upcoming weekend, then you have it here. Truth x Lies show here why they are undeniably some of the freshest deep house producers you’ll find around the globe. From their base in New York City they’ve cooked up some hot beats in the past, but this one may be the hottest one. There’s no reason not to grab it. A must listen, a must have, “City Lights” is shining bright among the house records currently coming out.

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Strange Familia – Ms. Badblood [TMN Premiere]

Strange Familia
Ms. Badblood

Get ready to get funky with “Ms. Badblood.” The new single from the Utah songsters Strange Familia can be first heard right here, right now in this Music Ninja Premiere. This dynamic creation is not your average song, as it hits all the right notes for fans of many differing genres.

“Ms. Badblood” satisfies your disco needs, your guilty pleasure for pop, as well as your taste for some electronic sounds. It’s been a while since Strange Familia have put out a tune, so it’s nice to hear them come back with something so incredible. Not only are we getting this single debut, but it comes with the knowledge that the band will be bringing a full length album in the Spring. If the rest of the album is anything like this, these Salt Lake City boys have something special on their hands. Stream “Ms. Badblood” today and be on the lookout for any other singles coming out before the album drops.

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[Trap] Ryden – Murderer


Ryden is back. Every time she comes out with something, our eyes and ears are at the ready. Today she kicks up an interesting tune for the holiday called “Murderer” that is anything but your average V-Day song. In fact, she’s deemed it an “anti-love” song, paying it forward to people in need of their own individual breakthroughs.

With Ryden, you can always expect true art. Her creations are filled with her own experiences in life, something some creators aren’t too open about doing; or if they do, they water things down a bit to fit the mold they are going for. Ryden and especially “Murderer” aren’t watered down a bit. With this single we get to see her usual orchestral influenced sound that is quite striking in contrast to a lot of work coming out today. She is an artist paving her own way and that’s something we can respect. Get “Murderer” today on the digital service of your choosing.

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[Future Bass] ILIVEHERE. – Coming Home

Coming Home

The good people over at bitbird dropped a hot one today. ILIVEHERE. came out with the heavenly single “Coming Home” to give fans something to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. The blissful feeling this song exudes is akin to the same feeling you get when you come home to the one you love.

As you would imagine, “Coming Home” is one of those songs that takes a hold of your heart – and your ears – and doesn’t let go. A great song has strong emotions; this one is more than a great song. The celestial synths feel as though they are overtaking you, encompassing your existence and fueling your mind and body with raw sentiments of warmth and comfort. It’s the perfect song to cuddle up next to your significant other with tonight as the sun goes down. Don’t take them for granted and don’t do the same for “Coming Home.” Download it today.

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[Indie] Least Of Creatures – Candlelight

Least Of Creatures

Seattle’s Least Of Creatures makes his Heroic Recordings debut with the single “Candlelight.” With it we get a sincere record that speaks to the soul. “Candlelight” has just been released today and by the end of this post, you’ll be wanting to grab this one online.

Sometimes when creators try and bring all the feels they can into a track, it feels a bit forced. “Candlelight” is an all natural expression that will leave a lasting impression on listeners of all demographics. Least Of Creatures isn’t your average songwriter, as we get a sense that his sound can go several ways in the future. We look forward to hearing just which ways it goes. Check out “Candlelight” today and see what the artist had to say about the song himself below.

I’m not sure if it’s distinctive but it’s honest and for the most part exactly how I intended it to be. The track is soft and emotional with a touch of illegibility. I’d like an explanation point of interest to pop above listeners heads and intrigue in my future projects.
– Least Of Creatures

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