[Electronic] Midoca & badXchannels – I’m Sorry I’m Gone

Midoca & badXchannels
I'm Sorry I'm Gone [Lowly Palace]

Midoca has been killing it lately with superb videos – and of course with great music. We’ve generally seen him roll the solo route, but now we’ve got a collaboration with badXchannels on our hands. Released through Lowly Palace as his label debut, “I’m Sorry I’m Gone” is an indie electronic gem that sees both talents bring their A game. It’s a beautifully dark record that you can’t help but to play over and over again. Another incredible record in the books for these two. Add it to your library today!

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[Electronic] Alex Lustig – If You Wanna / Sunrise

It seems that talents who’ve generally stayed behind the scenes are coming to light on their own. The same can be said for Alex Lustig who’s worked with the likes of French Montana, Baka Not Nice, Young Thug, Dizzy Wright, and Machine Gun Kelly. Now he’s further stepping out on his own and we have two new tracks to show for it.

His double release contains, firstly, the chilled out “If You Wanna” that has all the right vibes for a laidback Summer jam; although this one is surely a hit no matter the time of year. Secondly we have the song “Sunrise” that perfectly embodies the sentiment of seeing our giant star come rising out of the horizon. Together these tracks serve as a reminder of just what Alex Lustig can do solo: craft memorable, unique hits. Get your copy of them today.

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[TMN Premiere] Loveclub – Stuck


Hardly anything gets our proverbial Music Ninja blood pumping quite like unveiling brand new artists yet unheard to the rest of the world. Such is the case with today’s TMN Premiere coming from L.A. based, Canadian Indie-Pop project, Loveclub. Loveclub’s aural aesthetic is one bending 80’s synth kits & sensibilities around sharp songwriting, and contemporary pop arrangements for a sound uniquely his, yet utterly relatable.

The first single to see light from Loveclub is “Stuck”. Fusing tinny kick-drums, aerated pads and perfectly popping snare stabs, Loveclub buoys the lovely instrumentation with a flitting vocal track that shapes the tune’s emotional identity; landing somewhere between indie-pop and (wink, wink) PBR&B. About the tune, the debuting artist shared: “’Stuck’ is about putting it all out there and realizing that sometimes it doesn’t work out.” Something surely most of our listeners can associate with. We’re prognosticating a strong finish to 2018 from the budding synth-pop style-bender that is Loveclub, and you can be sure we’ll be revealing more pieces to his unraveling puzzle as they are released. Until then, stream Loveclub’s premiere single “Stuck” above.

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[Festival Preview/Playlist] The Underground Music Showcase 2018 – Denver, CO – 7/27-7/29

The 18th anniversary of one of Denver’s most storied music events, The Underground Music Showcase, is rapidly encroaching, bringing with it perhaps its heaviest-hitting lineup ever. What began as a one-night performance featuring just four bands, The UMS has steadily exploded into to a three-day music and arts festival featuring hundreds of performances. As the time draws nearer to what will no doubt be another incredible weekend of performances, this year taking place from July 27th – July 29th, it’s time to get our readers familiar with this year’s crop of highly established headliners and burgeoning local & national artists, spanning a plethora of genres and sounds.

Dotting the top end of this year’s addition of The Underground Music Showcase are more than a few TMN regulars. Among this year’s biggest highlights are the smooth indie-disco stylings of L.A. electronic duo Classixx, the infectious ciphers of B.J. the Chicago Kid, Deezie Brown & legendary hip-hop troupe Digable Planets, a healthy smattering of established indie acts including Greta Kline’s Frankie Cosmos project, ParallelephantsDeerhunter & Mothers, scuzzy rock sets from Alvvays, White Denim & Superchunk; not to mention the most eclectic handling of local talent we get to hear year after year including sets from olorado’s own CRL CRRLL, Aaron Bordas, Slow Caves, Bud Bronson & The Goodtimers and loads more.

Right now, special one-day GA tickets can be found for $40 over on their homepage with weekend passes for just $75. We’ll see you there in full force on July 27th, but until then, get in the UMS swing of things by streaming our playlist below.

’Alvvays – Party Police’
’Classixx – All You’re Waiting For’
’BJ the Chicago Kid – Smokin’ and Ridin’ (Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Problem)’
’Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened’
’Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick (Cool like Dat)’
’Frankie Cosmos – “Sinister”‘
’Overcoats – Hold Me Close’
’Mothers – Blame Kit’
’Cloud Cult – Where It Starts’
’Gang Gang Dance – Glass Jar’
’Superchunk – Hello Hawk’
’Parallelephants – Reason Don’t Define’
’White Denim – Get Back To Love’
’Night Beats – Outta Mind’
’Jeff the Brotherhood – Black Cherry Pie’
’Deezie Brown – Sheepskin / Shayne’
’Aaron Bordas – As We Are (OriginalMix)’
’Bud Bronson & The Goodtimers – Cars’
’Slow Caves – Poser’
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[Trance] Submersive – Interdimensional Exploration EP

You’d be hard pressed to find a whole lot of trance in our archives, but every so often something comes through and catches our ear. The Los Angeles producer Submersive has done it yet again though, this time with his Interdimensional Exploration EP.

Complete with three tracks, including a collaboration with INFINX, the Interdimensional Exploration EP is an energetic dive into cosmic soundscapes and riveting rhythms. It genuinely feels like space rave music; it’s not hard imagining any of these singles in a sci-fi thriller. Like we said before, trance doesn’t usually find its way into the dojo but Submersive has the special touch. Grab his EP today.

’SUBMERSIVE – Rise Of The Machines (Original Mix)’
’SUBMERSIVE – The Covenant (Original Mix)’
’SUBMERSIVE & INFINX – Society (Original Mix)’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2018 Round #3)

Just like life, the Indie Dojo is full of surprises. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Unlike life, the Indie Dojo allows you to skip though the bad and repeat the good. Sounds like the Indie Dojo wins today.
’Country Line Runner – Hard To Find’
’Arvoau – Islands’
’Caamp – Misty’
’BLACKPAW – Chasing Blue’
’Ralph Castelli – Shot Down’
’James Lloyd Smith – A Postcard’
’Ben Stitt – Fade’
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 65]

With the World Cup Final airing earlier this morning, chances are you either came out disappointed or ecstatic with the end results of today’s thrilling match. But don’t worry, no matter you’re mood, we’ve got just the music to match. If you were let down, well, we’ve got plenty of somber tunes to match your poor disposition. On the contrary, if you’re too tired from all the celebrations, we’ve also got some relaxing tracks to help whisk you away to bed peacefully. So, without further ado, dim the lights down and press play below–you know you want to. As always, feel free to follow us on SoundCloud and Spotify to make sure you get notified when our playlists go live!

Playlist Links:

SoundCloud || Spotify || Spotify Archive

Natty Reeves – Your Mind
Anajah – 24hrs
Tora – Wouldn’t Be The Same (feat. Keelan Mak)
Ayelle – Mad
Icarus Moth – Don’t w/ Mothica
BUNGALOW – Loving It
Brandon Banks – ivy + bliss
ZEN WAVY – Trust Me Imma Fly Away
gregor the blue – Blue Delving
Stevan – Babies
Tropics – Come Home
Dolly Ave – Birds
Pip Millett – Love The Things You Do
okvsho – Cariño (feat. Sreya)
Nakala ~ Rotation
Brooke Aulani – Out Loud
Ruchir – Only U Ft. Croosh
TYuS – Fantasy
sans – jus wanna love u babe
James Vickery – Got To Be You (feat. Mikill Pane)
WESLEE – Giving It Up
Space Monk – enlighten mint (GOD SLAM IT! 7/20)
Peter CottonTale – Forever Always (ft. Chance The Rapper, Rex Orange County, Daniel Caesar)
JSPH – Reasons
WALLACE – Frame by Frame
Leo Pastel – Woah (feat. Muwosi) (prod. luna.)
Bobby Earth – Gnarly
Mzwaa – I Got It
Zoe Nash – Lovebug
Jessica Domingo – Say
Charley Coin – Here on the Ground (prod Charley Coin)
Kehlani – Honey (jmac edit)
Extremely Bad Man – Up With The Birdies
Seramic – Strange Magic
Goss – These Days. I Don’t Know (Rework)
Sofasound – Radiant Glow Feat. Nick Anthony
BRII – JamieBoy Vibes Pt. 2
Barrett Marshall – Think About You
jay cass – I’m yours
SWV – Youre The One (Jeftuz Remix)
Beyonce + The Neptunes = Crazy In Love
Leuca & Mike Green – Right Now
Kevin Holliday – colgate
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