[Hybrid] Ray Volpe – Reality


On September 5th, Ray Volpe will be releasing his EP Reality. Luckily, you don’t have to sit and wait until that date with nothing to show for it. Ray’s dropped the title track and if you pre-order the EP on iTunes, you’ll instantly get a copy of the song.

Ray goes all out hybrid with song, bringing trap and dubstep together in epic fashion. “Reality” also sees the producer jump back into the driver seat as the vocalist on the project, which is something he’s increasingly done over the past year or so. The top notch sound design is the highlight for us on this one though. Ray’s always managed to keep his technical skills at the top of the game and they’ve gotten him where he’s at today alongside his talent for emotional songwriting.

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[Indie/Electronic] Stalgia – Talk To My Skin

Talk To My Skin

As far as indie duos go, Stalgia is at the top of our list. They haven’t put out a bad song yet, or even a mediocre one. Their latest lands itself in either the awesome or incredible category. “Talk To My Skin” will give you goosebumps all over your body from start to finish.

The first few bars are almost haunting, but in an inviting way that lures you in, then the vocal hits and you’re whisked away. Stalgia has you in their clutches, but you don’t mind. This subtle, yet beautiful track is absolutely heavenly, with a progression that couldn’t have been written better. Things build from beginning to end, taking you on a journey. It’s more than just a song and you WILL feel it.

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[R&B] Blest Jones – For You (feat. Micah)

Blest Jones
For You (feat. Micah)

Let’s dive right into a Summer R&B jam from Blest Jones and Micah, shall we? Thanks to Lush Records, this fresh tune has come into the fold as a free download, so there’s no sleeping on this one. In his Lush debut, Blest brought the heat.

“For You” is a dynamic single in that it takes you through some different moods throughout the song, but centers in upon a vacation-friendly vibe. A mix of poppy R&B goes along with some hip-hop nuances makes this one single that everybody can love. Blest and Micah weren’t playing around when they were cooking this one up. “For You” would be well worth the purchase price, but luckily they’re celebrating Blest’s debut with a freebie. Thank them, share it around.

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[Music Video] Ekoh feat. Almost Normal – Daudrie

Las Vegas rapper Ekoh has put out an emotional new single called “Daudrie” alongside Almost Normal. Not only do we get a song, but also a video, both based on the Netflix documentary Audrie and Daisy. Hence the name that had us confused at first.

With a topic such as sexual assault, it’s not easy to pull off something that sounds so genuine and stays true to victims involved. Ekoh does justice to the cause with a heart-dropping project that doesn’t miss a beat on any front, aural or visual. Artists are often not standing for things anymore, unless it will help their social marketing and look like they care, but Ekoh’s true intentions shine through a wonderful project. He took it as seriously as he could and it shows.

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SIRMA – To Love (Remixes) [TMN Premiere]

Today us ninjas have a special premiere for you from SIRMA. The Turkish songstress tapped a handful of producers to remix some of her tracks for the To Love (Remixes) project and we have them for you exclusively here.

Four remixes in total make up the project with works from Instant Karma, Salt Cathedral, Mallow and Pretty Sister. With some house, a mix of future and some work that can’t be pinned down to a genre, this remix EP was done right. Not only do you get a fresh mix of sounds, but you get some quality cuts that aren’t cop-out remixes. SIRMA and company curated this one nicely and it shows. The result is one magical EP that you get first listen to in the dojo!

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[Electro] Phenatiks – House Music

House Music

“House Music” by Phenatiks is just that. Granted, it does dip heavily into the electro style, so don’t expect everything to be all bright and shiny. Instead think dark and dirty like you would find in an underground rave, but like a real rave, not the candy-coated concerts that DJ is throwing nowadays.

Phenatiks bring a deep cut that will slice deep into your night. It’s just the right kind of party track that will give you that second or third wind you need depending on how late the night is. With a bassline that will knock you out, “House Music” is a certified banger. We don’t generally pull that inflated term out of our bag of vocab, but there’s no way around it with this heater. Did we also mention it’s a free download? Because it is.

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[House] HONKA, Alex Alexander – Back Home

HONKA, Alex Alexander
Back Home

“Back Home” brings house music back to its home. Its home is a place where good music reigns supreme. No hype, no BS. HONKA and Alex Alexander put together a song that already sounds like a classic. Timeless music lives on forever and this is a piece of music that could do that.

Together these producers managed to create something catchy in all the right ways. They don’t ever come close to being cheesy, or refining things to a point to where they’re lifeless. In fact, things are just the opposite as this single has all the life you could want in a dance track. Surely it will get you up and dancing. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of it today from digital stores or add it to your playlists.

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