[Dance-Pop] Martial Simon & MarzVille – Break My Stride

Martial Simon, a New York-based DJ and producer, has recently collaborated with Soca artist MarzVille, putting a new twist on Matthew Wilder’s classic, “Break My Stride.” This collaboration is a natural step in Martial Simon’s career, which spans over two decades and often includes covers, interpolations, alongside originals and remixes.

A long-standing and popular figure in the dance music scene, he’s having yet another outstanding year in 2023, with millions of streams, showcasing his widespread appeal.

Martial Simon’s journey in the music industry is marked by several successful tracks. His work includes popular songs like “High In July,” “Don’t You Forget About Me,” “Lost,” and “Go Bezerk.” These tracks have collectively garnered over 8 million streams and received airplay on numerous radio stations. His single “Where My Girls At?” achieved the number one spot on the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart and was featured on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems. The man knows the formula for success and isn’t shy about sharing it.

The “Break My Stride” collaboration with MarzVille is an example of Simon’s innovative approach to music. The track is a fusion of electronic music sensabilities and the style of Soca, offering a new take on a well-known song, highlighting both Martial Simon’s and MarzVille’s artistic strengths.

Martial Simon’s career is multi-faceted. From the label, to other business ventures, his personal career, his live events, and beyond. This is a name that carries the weight of professionalism and hard-work along with it. Many could learn from the work-ethic and cleverness that Martial Simon boasts, embodying the analogy of ‘you reap what you sew’ to it’s fullest extent.

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[House] MATRODA – The Funk You Want

2023 has been another banner year for MATRODA, a name that’s become synonymous with energy and innovation in the electronic music scene. His calendar was packed with performances at major festivals like Lollapalooza, Veld Fest, Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, and Splash House. In addition to his hectic touring schedule, MATRODA also runs his own label, Terminal Underground, and continues to release new music.

His latest offering, “The Funk You Want,” released on December 15th, is a collaboration with up-and-coming artist POLOVICH. This track is a blend of MATRODA’s unique style, combining funky vocals, a bass-heavy melody, and tech-house rhythms, showcasing his ability to create fresh and engaging music.

MATRODA’s impact on the electronic music world is significant. He was named the Top 19 producer in the world in 2022 by 1001tracklists.com and has achieved over 100 million streams across various digital platforms. His journey over the past decade is marked by numerous successes and a growing global fanbase.

Originally from Croatia, MATRODA’s music is influenced by a variety of genres and artists, including Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles. His classical training in violin, drums, and keyboard adds depth to his electronic compositions, making his sound distinctive and globally appealing.

Some key moments in MATRODA’s career include remixing SNBRN’s ‘California’ with Chris Lake, which received acclaim from top DJs like Diplo and Calvin Harris. His album ‘THE RED TAPE’ and collaborations like ‘Lose Control’ with Wax Motif have further established his reputation in the industry.

As 2023 draws to a close, MATRODA continues to tour North America and is gearing up for the first Terminal Underground showcase in Los Angeles. His dedication and innovative approach to music make him a standout figure in the digital music era, with a ever-growing presence within the EDM scene.

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[Tech House] Bleu Clair – Boom Boom

Bleu Clair, a renowned tech-house maestro beloved around the world, caps off a bustling year filled with international tours and notable stage appearances with his latest single, “Boom Boom.” After a year of performing at major events like Parookaville Festival and Tomorrowland in 2023, Bleu Clair is setting the stage for even grander plans in 2024.

“Boom Boom,” set for release on Terminal Underground, Matroda’s label, represents a bold step in Bleu Clair’s artistic journey. This track melds his signature tech-house style with a unique Latin twist, a fresh direction for the artist. The single adds a new dimension to his repertoire, featuring Spanish-vocal samples and vibrant basslines, paying tribute to the diverse origins of house music.

With over 70 million streams to his name, Bleu Clair has become a staple in the electronic music scene. His collaborations with artists like Kyle Watson, Matroda, and Martin Garrix (under the Ytram moniker) have significantly shaped his sound and reputation. His presence at festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Ubbi Dubbi, coupled with his music being featured in the FIFA 23 Official Soundtrack, underscores his wide-reaching influence.

Bleu Clair’s career highlights, including “Make You Mine” as Ytram and “Green Light” with AC Slater, showcase his rapid rise in the music world. His latest release, “Boom Boom,” is a stark example of his continuous effort to innovate and explore new soundscapes within tech house. This approach not only cements his status as a leading figure in the house genre but also as a prominent name in the global EDM culture.

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[Electronic] Ex Medias – We Are Ex Medias, Vol. 4

Ex Medias, a well-known artist collective, has released their fourth compilation in their series. This new compilation, consisting of 15 tracks, and, all in all, the team has outdone themselves again in terms of both quality and quantity.

Able Grey, the founder of Ex Medias, opens the album with the track “I Need Your Love” featuring MEDYK. This song sets the tone for the compilation with its emotional depth. Following this, JWILLI presents “It’s Not That Easy,” a drum and bass track with a reflective mood.

The album continues to explore various styles with Free Apollo’s “Everything You Want VIP” and FLYNNINHO’s “TEAR THE CLUB DOWN,” both of which add high energy to the mix. Emurse’s “Parallax” provides a cinematic experience, while DREAMBAY’s “DANCEWITHME!” offers an upbeat melody.

There’s a notable presence of house music in the compilation. Jon Alfaro & Yorii’s “Anxious” and Blk Out’s “Something About You” deliver smooth piano-driven melodies, while Fourth Co.’s “Designed & Engineered” brings a classic house vibe.

Other artists like Djorgiou & PsychE with “Monster” and DJ GOOSE’s “Dark Clouds” contribute tech house and drum and bass tracks to the collection. The compilation concludes with high-energy tracks from Phrequency and HASHBBC, and a final piece by 80/40 titled “Obsessions.”

The compilation demonstrates the collective’s commitment to showcasing a wide range of electronic music styles and the artists’ individual talents. Ex Medias continues to foster a strong community within the electronic music scene, promoting artistic growth and collaboration.

The collective continues to grow year over year, this is true as a whole and for each DJ/producer within the group itself. 2024 is looking like a shining beacon on a hill when it comes to the prospects of this collective. What 1 man can do alone is impressive, but what a team can do is nothing short of god-like – Ex Medias embodies this to a tee.

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Diving into AVANCE’s latest EP, ALIVE IN A COFFIN, it’s clear that we’re dealing with an artist who’s not afraid to push boundaries and dive into the deeper, darker side of electronic music. This EP is less about the individual tracks and more about the journey AVANCE takes us on, a journey that’s as haunting as it is intriguing.

Starting with the EP’s namesake, “ALIVE IN A COFFIN,” it’s a pretty wild ride. AVANCE crafts this atmosphere of tension and suspense, but it’s done in a way that’s almost inviting. It’s spooky, sure, but in a way that makes you want to explore further, to see what’s around the next corner.

Then there’s “MASSACRE.” This track is where AVANCE’s knack for sound design really shines. It’s chaotic, it’s intense, and it feels like a bit of an auditory rollercoaster. It’s the kind of track that makes you appreciate the artistry in electronic music – how sounds can paint a picture or tell a story.

“DEATH OF A SACRED DEER” slows things down a bit. It’s more introspective, with intricate melodies that make you think and rhythms that stick with you long after the song ends. It’s a standout track that shows AVANCE is more than willing to include depth and thoughtfulness in his work.

This is AVANCE showing us his world, and it’s a fascinating one. For fans of electronic music, or anyone who likes their tunes with a side of storytelling, this EP is a must-listen. AVANCE is definitely carving out his niche, and it’s exciting to see where he’ll take us next.

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[Bass] Artifact -SOUL SLAYER

Let’s dive into the world of ARTIFACT’s latest track, “Soul Slayer,” – the Sydney-based artist, known for shaking things up with his unique style, has done it again, and this time, it’s terrifying banger.

“Soul Slayer,” now out on Riddim Network, is the kind of track that grabs you from the first beat. It’s a blend of electrifying energy and intricate soundscapes that ARTIFACT is becoming known for. After the success of “Samurai Spirit” from Subsidia Records, this new release keeps the momentum going, adding another layer to ARTIFACT’s evolving musical journey.

The beauty of “Soul Slayer” lies in its ability to transport you. It’s not just a track; it’s an experience. The way ARTIFACT weaves together his sound design with those catchy moment is something special. It’s the kind of song that’s perfect for blasting in your headphones on a late-night walk or feeling the bass ripple through a crowd at a live show.

ARTIFACT’s been making waves with previous hits like “Extinction” and “Fractions,” and his live shows are something to talk about. But with “Soul Slayer,” it feels like he’s hitting a new stride – a showcase of how a good track can make you feel.

As “Soul Slayer” makes its rounds on streaming platforms, it’s clear that ARTIFACT isn’t just another name in the electronic music world – he’s beyond that.

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[Bass] Kartypartyy & Y3llO – On My Way

“On My Way,” the latest offering from Kartypartyy and Y3llO is something that transcends borders and genres. The track is a remarkable blend of Kartypartyy’s bass-heavy vibes and Y3llO’s genre-defying style. A musical melting pot, where the thumping beats of Bangkok’s underground clubs meet the eclectic sounds of Yangon’s vibrant EDM scene. “On My Way” shows off duo’s ability to harmonize their distinct musical backgrounds into a singular, pulsating experience.

Released under the Barong Family label, a name synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music, “On My Way” stands out for its boldness and originality. It’s not just another track on a playlist – a ride through the highs and lows of bass music, crafted by two innovative artists in the Asian music scene.

What makes “On My Way” so special is its ability to connect with listeners, regardless of their location. It’s a universal language, spoken in the dialect of deep bass and rhythmic moments, inviting everyone to join in on this sonic adventure. As you listen, you can almost feel the energy of Kartypartyy and Y3llO’s shared stages, their mutual passion for music, and the excitement of their fans.

In essence, “On My Way” encapsulates the spirit of camaraderie that defines the bass music scene. With “On My Way,” Kartypartyy and Y3llO have crafted a musical experience that resonates with fans across the globe.

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