[Hip-Hop] Dio – Arrival EP

Dio is here with his EP, Arrival. Complete with four tracks, this hip-hop EP has come hot out of the oven from the Litt Music headquarters. No, I wasn’t being cheesy and saying “THIS MUSIC IS LIT,” but in actuality, this EP is pretty lit.

Arrival is an intimate project, with short songs that pack a punch you wouldn’t expect coming from their time length. It’s not all about length, as the saying goes. Dio brings heat every time out on top of some high quality beatwork. This is just the type of fire you’d expect coming from Litt Music. They keep it real and so does Dio, which is why they are a perfect match. Dive into this one and enjoy.

’Dio – Shift Moves’
’Dio – Hate’
’Dio – Dreamer’
’Dio – Thank You’
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[Electronic] Record Record presents: Filet Mignon 5

Very few things this year will be as grand as Filet Mignon 5 from Record Record. Not only is it a massive compilation with a total of sixteen tracks, but it’s out as a free download. No gate, no bull, just free music from the French label.

For fans of music with identity, this is a treasure chest full of jewels. There isn’t a single bad song on this project, which is tough to come by even when someone is putting out an EP. Filet Mignon 5 is so much more than that with works from Acaer, Born Dirty, Aazar and so many more. If you sleep on this one, you’re only hurting yourself. Record Record pulled out all the stops when curating this LP.

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[House] Will K – Guamo

Get ready for some proper electro house from Will K. His track “Guamo” has been released through Kaskade’s imprint Arkade and made its way into the dojo with its highly energetic sound. Just in time for Summer, this one is all for the festival stages where everyone loses their $#!+.

“Guamo” has some jungle terror influence peaking out giving it a wild feel in the best way possible. It pulls at your animalistic instincts and calls for you to go all out primal with your dance moves. Will K has something really cool on his hands with this one as electro like this doesn’t come by like it used to. Cherish this one and add it to your party playlist!

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[Electronic] Madalen Duke – Gucci Store (Mickey Valen Remix)

Madalen Duke
Gucci Store (Mickey Valen Remix)

“Gucci Store” by Madalen Duke is a one-of-a-kind track. It would make sense that an equally as unique remix of it would come along. We have Mickey Valen to thank for that and whoever chose to commission him for an official flip.

Mickey Valen keeps a similar tone to his remix, but in turning up the hip-hop edge, we gave a hardened take on the song. It still has the poppy elements that the original does, paying homage to them in his own way, but in taking things a bit of a different direction he made it his own. This is essentially how to put together a perfect remix. We instantly recognize the song, but are positively taken back by its new form. Throw this one on repeat and thank us later.

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[Trap] it’s different x Forever M.C. – No Hands (feat. blackbear & MAX)

it's different x Forever M.C.
No Hands (feat. blackbear & MAX)

“No Hands” is something you cannot pass up. Having no hands would be one (terrible) thing, but this is the opposite. The major collaboration between it’s different, Forever M.C., blackbear and MAX is all you could have dreamed of and more.

This single has everything going for it. Top notch vocals, high quality song writing and production, as well as some guitar riffs from telykast that will melt your heart. Even the most bashful of individuals will be getting hype to “No Hands” as it is easily one of the biggest singles of the season. And did we mention it is a free download? You’re welcome.

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[Electronic] AT LAST – Summertime EP

It’s the Summer, so it would make sense for someone to come out with an EP called Summertime. The someone who did that is AT LAST out of New York City. This independently released EP was put out a couple weeks ago, so it is currently up for grabs on digital stores. Where it will end up is your digital library.

Summertime is complete with three original singles taking from synth pop and moombah. “This Low” kicks things off with a vibrant display of musicality that has a whole lot to offer your Summer festivities. Next comes the moombah inspired title track that brings 8-bit sounds together with a dembow beat. “G.M.A.C.” closes out the project with a heavenly vocal performance that will stick in your mind long after you’re done playing this EP. Throw it on repeat, grab a copy; most importantly, enjoy.

’This Low’
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Benjah Ninjah – Tippin’ EP [TMN Premiere]

Given our ninja status, it would make sense for us to deliver an exclusive first listen from Benjah Ninjah. His EP Tippin’ is here in full, available as a free download if you’re not willing to support the project. After listening, you’ll be glad to purchase it.

Tippin’ comes in at three tracks long, plus an instrumental of one of the singles. Benjah’s trippy electronic sound is just the left-field release this Summer has been in need of. Each track shares its own space within the project, expressing different styles. “Clairvoyance” even recruits Dylano for some bars on the hip-hop original. Together they form one rock-solid EP that you get first in the dojo thanks to We Got This Music.

’Benjah Ninjah – Represent’
’Benjah Ninjah – Clockwork’
’Benjah Ninjah – Clairvoyance (Feat. Dylano)’
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