[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2017 Round #2)

Well hello, there. Come here often? If not then you should. We’re here with something brand spanking new every Tuesday. We promise it will be worth your while.
’Hunck – Little Woman’
’Medicine Boy –

’Gym & Swim Sunrise’
’Erin Rae – Like The First Time’
’J. Hutton – No Complaints,’
’Jack Grace – Nice To Meet You’
’Mountains of the Moon –

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[Future Bass] Sisqo – Thong Song (JCY Remix)

THONG SONG (feat. Sisqo)

Whether you admit it publicly, to yourself, or nobody, you like “Thong Song” by Sisqo. Everyone does. For most it is a guilty pleasure, which is totally cool. Today we have a remix that will hope to bring you out of the shadows and into the light. Thanks to the trio JCY, “Thong Song” lives on in a new form.

Believe it or not, Warner Music Norway put this one out, which has made us fall in love with them even more. This is the first official remix of the song that has been released since the original came out in 1999. Sisqo himself loved this song, prompting new recordings of the lyrics just for this remix. There’s a reason he was so hyped on it: it’s damn good. So get those booties ready, “Thong Song” is back!

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[Future Bass] Klahr & Galavant – Boiling feat. Natali Noor

Boiling (feat. Natali Noor)

Klahr is a gem. Coming off the excellent EP Dreaming Wild, Klahr returns with a single on Axtone called “Boiling” featuring Galavant and Natali Noor. Together these two put together something that is timeless. No matter when this would have came out, past or future, it would still be a huge original.

“Boiling” has only actually been out for a few days, but it’s one of those tracks that upon first listen you realize you won’t need time for it to set in as a classic. That’s just its inherit nature. Natali Noor’s performance put her in upper echelon of our favorite vocalists. She stands out on this to a high degree. For Klahr, we know he can do anything and with this he even took us by surprise with its style and quality, something Galavant certainly contributed to.

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[Future/Trap] Halsey – Now Or Never (Slander Remix)

We didn’t get the Halsey x Slander original we wanted, but the duo has come through with a remix of her song “Now Or Never.” Released as a free download, this track no doubt has been and will be rocked in their sets over the Summer.

With all the remixes coming out, this is one that stands out, not only because of who the remixer is and who they’re remixing, but because it’s a grand musical illustration that is just what the mainstage is looking for. Most producers are bringing out their “big” tracks but sometimes they just don’t quite feel as big as they should. This feels exactly how it should, large and in charge. Stream it today and get your copy before checking out more music in the dojo!

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DENILE – This Will Never Be [TMN Premiere]

This Will Never Be

Let’s kick off the week with a nice little premiere shall we? Actually, rather than small, let’s make it large. This is how it will be with DENILE, whose song “This Will Never Be” has come through steaming up the dojo. Get your oven mitts on, turn up the volume and get ready for your exclusive first listen.

If you like feeling like a master thug, then you’re going to love this track. One of the Beastie Boys’ favorite terms, ill, comes straight to mind when this bassy beast is booming through the speakers. Without thought or hesitation, your trap arms will engage themselves and you’ll start moving. DENILE is a newer face, but one you will soon be recognizing. “This Will Never Be” is out today, so if you like what you hear you can grab a digital download.

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[Indie] Analogue Dear – Alabaster Hands ft. Janna Lagerström

Analogue Dear
Alabaster Hands ft. Janna Lagerström

“Alabaster Dear” may be the most beautiful, quaint song we’ve heard in 2017. Analogue Dear’s collaboration with Janna Lagerström is nothing short of a masterpiece. Within the first thirty seconds, the song pulls at your heart and sets in motion the running tears.

Subtle, moving and blissful, “Alabaster Hands” is a song you truly lose yourself in. Hours could pass as you play this on repeat without a worry in the world. Analogue Dear’s composition is outstanding and Janna’s wordless performance speaks volumes more than most lyrics could. The song is currently available as a free download and will come out with Analogue Dear’s EP, Stories We Tell Ourselves.

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[Music Video] Rad Horror – Sad Boy

Sometimes great things come from new beginnings. For Rad Horror, the step in a different direction has brought some incredible singles from the recent project. Relationships are never easy and when they come to an end they can be really tough, yet inspiring. “Sad Boy” has been inspired by such things.

Rad Horror’s single is a heart-wrenching alternative hit. You can feel the mess of emotions ranging from pain to loneliness, all the down to the motivation to move on. It’s a vast collection of convoluted feelings that are not easily expressible, but Rad Horror not only expressed them well, he did it in musical format to really touch your deepest layers. For the video, some may recognize the classic Warhol inspiration. “Sad Boy” is out now, so you may get a copy on iTunes if you choose.

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