[House] Marsal Ventura – Linda


Whoever Linda is, she had a stunning record made for her. “Linda” by Barcelona’s Marsal Ventura is anything but ordinary. Marsal gives us something we can never forget and in all likelihood, you won’t be forgetting it either – at least, not anytime soon.

“Linda” shares some sounds from the producer’s home country to spice up the house genre like few times before. It’s more than a simple electronic record, Marsal utilizes a handful of things outside the usual digital realm to really make this song something special. Get ready to dance, because “Linda” is here in all her glory. If you would like a copy of the single, you can grab one from Beatport.

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[Future Bass] FRSH KEPT – Tell Me

Tell Me

Today we have something to tell you. Well, a few things, but they all revolve around one thing, a new single by FRSH KEPT that’s been released on Lush Records. The beautiful future bass tune is just the right thing you need to kick off the week properly.

“Tell Me” is a gem that is likely to endure given it’s highly emotive sound. FRSH KEPT grabs your attention quickly with a tasteful introduction featuring riveting piano chords and a vocal topline that is nothing short of magnificent. Although the song follows the genre formula, FRSH KEPT knocked this one out of the park, hitting the bullseye on a target that is getting smaller and smaller as so many producers have their hand at the genre. Give it up to FRSH KEPT to keep things – dare we say – fresh.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 254)

An applause is needed for Friday. Instead of clapping, let’s celebrate with some good ol’ free downloads, shall we? This week we have another batch of twelve records for you to enjoy as you let loose over the weekend. Usually, we have a mix of everything, but it just happens that we did away with any house tracks and are going hard with mostly cut time records. That doesn’t mean we only have trap/dubstep for you, as there are a handful of tunes including Dusty Bits breakbeat masterpiece that shake things up. Other artists you will find here include Two Friends, Ray Volpe, We’re Not Friends, Willy Joy, Party Thieves and more. Stream all twelve, download all twelve and enjoy the 2.5 days that make up your weekend (Friday counts as half, but make it count as a whole by going as hard as humanly possible).

’KYLE ft. Lil Yachty – iSpy (Two Friends Remix)’
’Alexandre – Wit It (Original Mix)’
’Ray Volpe – Spirit Squad (with Krys Talk)’
’Mr. Skeleton & Severet – Get You’
’Gladez – Pull Up’
’We’re Not Friends – Spell Book’
’heRobust & MONXX – Giant Squiddim (Dusty Bits Remix)’
’Willy Joy – CAN U BOUNCE’
’Wells & Party Thieves – Realm’
’Growlz & Holly – Planet X’
’Big N Slim –

’Warez – Fuck That’
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[Electronic] VenessaMichaels – After Hours

After Hours

VenessaMichaels has stepped away from her remixes to surprise us with an original track. “After Hours” was inspired by the manga series of the same name and was created in partnership with Viz Media, the anime website that has bridged the cultural gap between America and Japan.

“After Hours” has the signature Venessa sound, but even with that Venessa manages to bring a bit of a different vibe. She took some influence from the manga series and culture surrounding it, paying homage by way of this track. Many producers and industry figures are huge fans of anime and manga, but rarely do we come across a token like this. Stream it today and get a copy of the song from iTunes.

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[Glitch Hop] Marvel Years – Anywhere You Want To Go

Marvel Years (Official)
Anywhere You Want To Go

It’s been a while since we’ve posted up a glitch track, but we couldn’t pass up this new one from Marvel Years. “Anywhere You Want To Go” is a straight jam. Released as a free download, this single has a whole lot going on in the best way possible.

Each element of the track flows together without any piece butting heads with each other. From the start we get a striking guitar riff that sets the tone perfectly. From the hard rock sound, we then get whisked away into a bluesy introduction that changes up the tone, but still has that hard edge we started with. With the chorus, or drop as some love to say, we get straight to the glitchy gold. Marvel Years stated this track just sort of flowed out of him, which usually happens when an artist puts together some of their best work. Stream it today and grab the DL.

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[Trap/Future] DJ MUSTARD – DON’T BOX ME Vol. 1

DJ Mustard is well known for his memorable hip-hop beats, but that’s not all he’s capable of. It’s pretty obvious given his name that he can DJ, but as far as producing goes, DJ Mustard isn’t just here to make hip-hop. In fact, today we’re sharing with you a remix EP that sees him diving into electronic music.

In all honesty, once you produce hip-hop, making the switch to dance music isn’t all that hard, but writing great electronic music isn’t easy. With DON’T BOX ME Vol. 1, DJ Mustard did just that though with three remixes of tracks by Lil Uzi Vert, Childish Gambino and Khalid. With hints of trap and future, these tracks are anything but your usual DJ Mustard sounds. Stream them today and if you get a chance to check out DJ Mustard live, do it. In all likelihood you’ll be hearing these jams IRL!

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LO’99 – Cabin Flex [Music Ninja Premiere]

Cabin Flex [Free Download]

Today we’ve got something special for you all the way from Sydney. LO’99 was tapped to be a part of the Night Bass Summer Phases 2017 project with “Cabin Flex” that is premiering here and now in the dojo. Not only are we sharing it with you first, but it’s come out as a free download for you to hop on!

“Cabin Flex” abides by the underground sound that Night Bass pushes. It’s club meets rave – we’re talking classic raves – sound pays homage to the history of house while bringing the sounds to modern times for contemporary dance enthusiasts to enjoy. LO’99 has always had a tasteful quality to his music, which shows greatly with this deep, minimal single. Enjoy the first listen today and don’t forget to grab the download.

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