[Electro House] PatrickReza & WOMP! – Rabbit Hole

PatrickReza & WOMP!
Rabbit Hole

We’re proud to share with you that PatrickReza returns with his new single “Rabbit Hole” alongside WOMP! This limited time free download is a must have – even if you’re not into downloading files anymore, your digital library or playlist will be much better off with this one inside it.

“Rabbit Hole” pushes a bass-driven house sound, one that is pure energy perfect for all the festivals that are upcoming. From the sound design to the structure to all the finite details, this record has it all going for it. Once you get near the end, they turn up the heat even further, which isn’t something you’d think could happen from how this record is already. But somehow they manage and it is FIRE!

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[Electronic/Pop] PRXZM – Queen Of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts

The duo PRXZM return to the Lowly Palace imprint with their original single “Queen of Hearts.” This retro-inspired tune hits all the right notes and will be your go-to choice for when you’re in need of some good vibes.

Lowly Palaces drops a ton of different styles and we’re glad to see them go this route in taking on such a swell song from the talented PRXZM. “Queen of Hearts” quickly captures your attention with the vocal chops that lead into the rest of the riveting record. It feels like a classic dance track, but it just came out. This timeless feel is exactly why we’re in love with it.

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[Trap] Bad Royale – Hot Steppa (feat. Future Fambo)

It’s been a while since Bad Royale dropped something as hard as “Hot Steppa” with Future Fambo. They’ve dropped top quality tracks, but going this heavy isn’t something we’ve heard from them in recent times. It’s good to see them back at it with this Dim Mak release.

“Hot Steppa” keeps with the group’s Caribbean sound, but they just take it in a bit of a different direction infusing hybrid trap elements into the mix. This dirty foray doesn’t derail the song, rather it gives it some depth and unique direction. Starting from a more dancehall style and moving things to the borders of dubstep is quite a nice touch that only these bad boys could pull off.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2018 Round #2)

When you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your played out music collection, remember the Indie dojo, where the indie flows like wine, every Tuesday, past and present.
’Dayglow – Can I Call You Tonight?’
’Toma – Estranged’
’Fuzzy Sun – Want Love’
’The Undercover Dream Lovers – I Don’t Know Your Name’
’Paul Cherry – Your Letter’
’Diamond Cafe – What’s Inside’
’The Hollow Men – City Lights’
’Bryde – Peace (Acoustic)’
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[Electronic] LMBO – Dysphoria


The duo LMBO dropped their second single recently and we couldn’t be more hyped. “Dysphoria” is a certified gem pushing the midtempo electro sound together with cuts of soul and pop. Best of all, it’s been released as a free download by ILLICIT.

LMBO’s first single “Fake It” was nothing like “Dysphoria” but both are equally as dope. This flexing of creative ability is something that will pay dividends in the long run for these two talented individuals. “Dysphoria” boasts some solid energy, most specifically with the unforgettable bassline in the chorus. There’s plenty of more elements that make this what it is, so you’ll just have to dig in and enjoy the details!

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[Pop] Dan Bravo, Nakala, PVCIFY – Reminds Me

Dan Bravo, Nakala, PVCIFY
Reminds Me

A trifecta of talent has come together to give us the memorable single “Reminds Me.” Dan Bravo, Nakala and PVCIFY brought together a host of sounds to form their dynamic original whose pop sound could take this one to the radio airwaves.

“Reminds Me” isn’t just a straight up pop record as it pushes R&B and electronic flavors through for a song that is anything but flat. There’s nuance to every piece of this minimalist work. Not only is it a great track to listen to, but if you’re someone who actually digests lyrics, then you’ll be taken in by what Nakala has to say in this. “Reminds Me” is something a lot of us out there can connect to!

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[Music Video] SOKOL – Russian Doll

“Russian Doll” is the latest single from producer/composer SOKOL. With the cinematic, ethereal single comes a music video that is equally as touching. Together they work to stimulate the senses in a unique way. The song’s calm, but impactful sound is reminiscent in the music video’s character, one that juxtaposes black and white imagery with bursts of color. It’s a project that is more than meets the eye – and ear – so have at this one and pick apart the details. If you’re looking for a copy, “Russian Doll” is available on digital platforms today.

The song is about how people deal with pain and emotions and how we react to them. In a world of instant access and information overload our senses are becoming dull. The only way to re-access one’s emotional state and deal with pain is to turn into oneself.

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