[Deep-House] Dirty Secretz Ft. Rebe – Trippin’

Dirty Secretz Ft. Rebe
Trippin' (Original Mix) [Whartone Records]

Let’s be serious for a moment. Fridays are for dancing. For many of us, after a long week at work or in class, Friday’s arrival signals the chance to blow off some accumulated steam on the dancefloor of your choice, no doubt fueled with a little bit of liquid confidence, or whatever it is you kids are getting into these days. So to shift into that weekend state of mind, we like to bring out only the choicest of dance cuts for your listening pleasure. Falling in line with that ethos, we’ve got the latest single to drop from Richie Atkins’ Dirty Secretz project, “Trippin'”, which features the murkily soulful vocals of Rebe. “Trippin'” frames itself around the classic sense of house, with a simple, driving grand piano pattern and punchy four/four kick, but the tune really picks up steam with a perfectly swung rolling bassline that sits atop everything just wonderfully. Originally a bootleg of Jill Scott’s classic “It’s Love”, Dirty Secretz tapped Rebe to re-sing those lovely vocal chops and completely re-imagine the tune as a deeper and more seductive piece of house music.

“Trippin'” sees release via Sonny Wharton’s flagship label Whartone Records today, so hop to it and snag a copy on Traxsource here.  We’ll be over here groovin’.

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Solomon Grey – Choir To The Wild [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


If you haven’t fallen in love with Solomon Grey yet, it’s only a matter of time. Their latest EP Selected Features dropped earlier this month, and it’s been garnering support from publications across the globe. Amongst many reasons for the fawning adoration of both critics and fans alike, is the fact that this London-based duo Joe Wilson and Tom Kingston can’t be placed into a neatly wrapped, genre-specific label.

A testament to that versatility can be found in a deep listening session through Selected Features, which showcases elements of larger-than-life, cinematic soundscapes, obscure hip hop vibes, and soulful grooves. Even though you won’t find it on the EP, “Choir to the Wild” had us enamored on first listen truly capturing the Solomon Grey’s genre-melding style.

That oh-so-gorgeous song not only highlights the stunning vocal harmonies between these two, but also the ability to encapsulate listeners with understated, and uncomplicated instrumentation. And, we’re admittedly giddy to showcase that, as we bring you an intimate look at their show at Sofar London on May 27th, 2015. Take a look below, but be warned – you’ll be helplessly lost for a few, brief minutes.

If you find yourself in London on November 11th, we strongly suggest you catch this duo live. Click here to pick up some tickets, before it’s too late.

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Shoffy X Theodor- Ride [TMN Premiere]

Shoffy x Theodor

Even though it may be Friday, we still have to wake up and do the same routine as Monday. But when you have the weekend to look forward to, it makes the day seem a little more endurable. Now let’s add Shoffy and Theodor’s new collaboration to the mix.

The slow-burning groove, “Ride,” is a musical parallel of walking outside with the sun shining, clouds are nearly non-existent, air is crisp, and soaking it’s beauty and serenity in with a deep breath of the fresh air. The downtempo production floods every single sense with tranquility as it brims with lush organ flourishes and wavy rhythms that are laced with ethereal percussion.

Shoffy’s sultry voice and lyrics set a scene of romance that transitions from the daytime innocent kiss at a picnic to the nighttime intimacy of a bedroom lit by only the light of candles. Rejuvenate yourself with a listen of “Ride” and watch as placidity begins to takes over.

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[Album Stream] Favored Nations – The Great Unknown


We’ve been steadily supplying you Ninjas with bits of globe-spanning super electronic group Favored Nations’ looming LP, The Great Unknown, in the form of singles “Always” and “I Can See You” and as the LP sees the light of day today, we thought it was a perfect time to let our inquisitive readership get their full share. Quite the lengthy release, totaling a whopping 18 tracks, The Great Unknown more than satiates our listening passion for Favored Nations’ unique yet highly accessible sound. So, let’s start Friday with the complete vision of Morgan Phalen, James Curd and Surahn “Sid” Sidhu’s epic album project The Great Unknown below.

Purchase The Great Unknown on iTunes here, and for registered Spotify users, enjoy the full album stream below.

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[Chill Trap] Charlie Puth & Kehlani – Hotline Bling (DATHAN Flip)

Charlie Puth & Kehlani - Hotling Bling (DATHAN Flip)
Hotline Bling
Charlie Puth x Kehlani (DATHAN Flip)

Check out this bootleg of “Hotline Bling” by the talented DATHAN. The bay area-based producer takes a stab at Charlie Puth and Kehlani‘s cover of the track, and totally elevated it into a fun and upbeat version. It’s always interesting seeing the evolution and different takes on the Drizzy track, as it goes from the original cha cha remix, to Charlie and Kehlani’s emotional cover, and now to this chill trap hotness. With the use of heavy synths and discrete vocal samples, Dathan’s flip is as good as it gets. It’s the perfect dance track to show your friends if they’re looking for some variation of the popular original.

Dathan is definitely coming out with more stuff in the near future, so stay tuned til his next feature.

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Ciaran Lavery – Shame [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Ciaran Lavery

Another week has come and gone, and we’re once again looking ahead to a few days doing the things we love, with the ones we love. Some may choose to head out for a night on the town, some may choose to stay in, drink and book in hand, and spend a quiet night at home. For those of you who align with the latter, we have quite the tune for you.

Despite some eye-opening statistics, a lot of you might not be familiar with Aghagallon-based Ciaran Lavery. Little did you know, this uber-talented singer/songwriter has racked up millions of plays on Spotify, and was dubbed as a “Next Hype” by Zane Lowe of BBC Radio one, of course, before he left.

Today, we’re bringing you an intimate look at “Shame,” which showcases Lavery’s heartfelt lyrics and understated guitar work with a lovely section of strings. While the studio recording doesn’t include the strings you’ll see in the video below, it does add an illustrious depth to the already breathtaking track.

Truly singing from the inside out, Lavery’s vocals are sure to hook you in after first listen. If you’re lucky enough to run into this quickly rising musician, make sure to take a moment to tell him what you think. You might just give him a new insight into his own works.

Once I’ve let someone in to hear them, they aren’t my songs anymore. People come up to me and say the strangest things like, ‘This song meant a lot to me’, or they tell me what they think the song is about. And maybe it’s not, but their version is usually better than mine, so I usually agree with them.

Before watching the video below, make sure to scan this list of upcoming shows to see if you can catch any of them. If you can, we highly recommend doing so.

10/16 Glasgow – Nice N Sleazy
10/17 Newcastle Upon Tyne – The Cluny 2
10/18 Leeds Games Room – Brudenell Social Club
10/19 Nottingham – Rescue Rooms
10/20 Birmingham – The Kitchen Garden Cafe
10/21 London – The Islington
10/22 Brighton – The Hope & Ruin
10/23 Bristol – The Louisiana
10/24 Cardiff – Four Bars at Dempsey’s
10/25 Manchester – Castle Hotel

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[Electronic] Day One – Eon

Day One
Eon Ft. Isabel Higuero (Full Edit)

Genres in electronic will rise and fall in popularity over the years, but the musical gems which will stand the test of time are the productions that evoke something more profound beyond the physical sound itself. Whether it’s triggering a deep memory, or a vivid scene that you may not have ever seen before, it’s the story that flows from the sonic wavelengths that ultimately determines the lasting impacting that a track will have for its listeners.

What is so striking about Day One’s lead single from his upcoming Serenity EP is just how quickly those sentiments are awoken within moments of hearing the wondrous interweaving of astral soundscape and lush piano melody. The detail behind the artwork is generally a strong indication of the power of the aural narrative that is about to be told, and there could be nothing more fitting for ‘Eon’ than the glorious image of galactic exploration portrayed above. With clear intentions to depict the beginning of a journey into the stars, every element of this track has been painstakingly layered to accentuate the complete experience of adventure into the unknown. Add to that the stunning vocal accompaniment of Isabel Higuero’s handcrafted lyrics, and the senses suddenly become engaged at their most internal points, reaching down into the soul and creating a feeling unique to this arrangement of sound.

It’s the potency of that sentience that reflects the beauty of what these artists have been able to achieve here, and defines the quality that ensures ‘Eon’ will last for as long as its name suggests.

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