FOMO – My Love (feat. Aybe) [TMN Premiere]

My Love (feat. Aybe) (Original Mix)

Today is Valentine’s Day if the mass amount of advertising didn’t make you aware already. To honor this holiday we’ve partnered up with Warpaint RecordsFOMO to premiere the single “My Love” with Aybe. Share it with your loved one while you celebrate today. More importantly, take it with you in the future to help show your love on any given day.

“My Love” is an inspiring tune if you don’t happen to fall in the category of people with a significant other. After going through a break-up himself, FOMO ended up finding love again and created this song as a token of gratitude to the realization that there is indeed a soul out there meant for you. Besides being a deeply emotional song, it’s a really amazing tune even if you’re just looking to dance. FOMO and Aybe make quite the pair and we’re glad they came together on this special song. Download it today for free.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2017 Round #3)


Roses are red, violets are blue, we made an indie dojo, and we made it just for you. XOXO
’Gems – X Valentine’
’Parcels – Older’
’Floor Staff – Saviour’
’Stevie Talks – Pollyanna’
’Dan Clews – Mountain’
’Shy Nature – Eyes So Cold (Acoustic)’
’Pi Ja Ma – By The River (demo)’
’St. South – Furthest Thing – (Drake Cover)’
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[R&B] AMiR – Save Me

Save Me

“Save Me” is the first of what we hope are many songs from artist AMiR. As I write this the UK musician has less than 25 followers on Soundcloud, but that is sure to rise given time. “Save Me” will sink in and more projects will come. Then there’s no telling where AMiR will be.

R&B with pop or hip-hop has been a staple on the airwaves for a long time now. “Save Me” fits right into that category, but has a sort of unblemished quality to it. Sometimes R&B can feel a bit forced to sound like something, but the vibes that AMiR puts out are all genuine. As a trend, we’ve noticed song lengths starting to wane, so it’s nice to hear something that’s closer to the four minute mark that doesn’t get dull at any moment. AMiR may just be the hot new ticket in town, so don’t miss out.

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[House] LCAW feat. Dagny – Man In The Moon

LCAW feat. Dagny
Man In The Moon

The Munich music maker LCAW is back with a new single called “Man In The Moon” that features the vocalist Dagny. Released via Ultra/Sony, this smooth house jam is one hell of a song. Together these acts put together a radio-friendly single that is even more friendly to dance crowds across the world.

“Man In The Moon” is an easy listen. The light, poppy vibe it expresses makes for a good Summer time record, but we’re totally cool with getting it early. After all, Spring is on its way and this single will get our minds right for the change of season. Dagny’s performance on the song is a definite highlight, and it runs throughout, instead of simply staying around to accompany the intro and breakdown phases. LCAW’s production on this record is magnificent though. The way it develops from beginning to end makes for a stimulating listen time and time again. This one won’t get old fast. Get your copy of “Man In The Moon” today by heading to the digital service of your choice.

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“Oh shit,” were the first words that came to mind when MALAA’s “BYLINA” was dropped in my inbox. Coming off his upcoming ‘Illegal Mixtape’ Bylina is a Russian term that roughly translates to an epic narrative often kept alive through oral tradition and the track perfectly embeds a vocal narrative and MALAA’s signature G-house sound.

This latest impression keeps a classic element and cascades into, no better way to describe it, a very dark and dirty drop. Elements of cinematic and funk are woven into this house melody giving MALAA fans another poignant taste of the talent that resides on the Confessions label. The vocals work into an agreeable narrative calling House Music “a healer, and something that picks you up when you’re feeling down.” We’re thinking this track is going to make it to the forefront of festival season and if you find MALAA on a lineup make sure to catch him because this track has us moving in our chairs so we can only imagine what it’ll do to us live. Purchase the track and get it on all your favorite streaming sites here.

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[Electronic] Tep No – Is It Too Much That I’m Asking For

Tep No
Is It Too Much That Im Asking For

Ultra Records has a lot of talent on their roster, but one of their hidden gems is Tep No. This producer, singer and songwriter flexes all his talents with his new single “Is It Too Much That I’m Asking For” that was released a couple days ago. With it we get to see just how good Tep No is in all facets of musical creation.

“Is It Too Much That I’m Asking For” is a magical piece of music. The midtempo pace partnered with the laidback vibe fit perfectly together and in adding the sweet topline of Tep No, there’s no way you’re not going to be at least bobbing your head along to this one. The most likely scenario is your whole body will be grooving while you sing the lyrics. It’s always nice to hear producers throw in acoustic sounds into their productions to give a nice natural edge to it. Want a copy? Beatport has you covered.

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[Indie Dance] Monsieur Adi feat. RED – Stay Up Late (Radio Edit)

Monsieur Adi Ft. RED
Stay Up Late (Radio Edit)

Released by Robbins Entertainment, “Stay Up Late” is a fiery record. With a hint of old school flavor, “Stay Up Late” is the creation by Monsieur Adi and RED. Infectious and fun, this is the song you are going to be aching for when you’re out late in the night.

“Stay Up Late” has a lot going on in it. With influences from pop, disco and house, it’s an extremely seductive song whose catchy sound will quickly grab your attention without letting up. It’s not what we’re used to hearing, with many producers looking to break the mold and dive into the future, so it’s nice to hear something that has this classic flare meets new school energy. Monsieur Adi and RED work wondrously together, playing off each other incredibly well without hindrance. “Stay Up Late” is the song you need for your party playlists, so get a copy of it off iTunes and add it today.

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