[Electronic] Comet Blue – Shooting Star

Comet Blue
Shooting Star

Comet Blue is coming in burning hot with the original single “Shooting Star.” Despite the act coming in hot, the Epic Amsterdam release is one chilled out crossover record.

“Shooting Star” brings influence from house, pop and indie dance. She’s been pushing some really great records over the course of the past year, with some people calling for her to takeover Kygo’s place at the top of the chill house sub-genre. She’s certainly got what it takes to make it in the industry, as her musical skills are out of this world. She continues to astonish us with her work that seems only to be getting better and better. Until next time, enjoy one of our favorites of hers, “Shooting Star.”

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[Electronic] Gladkill – After Death EP


Gladkill is not your average music producer. He’s been releasing tunes for several years now, and now has two albums out after releasing After Death. With eleven tracks, Gladkill does more than just entertain a listener with music; he tells a vibrant story through his work.

The After Death LP is all Gladkill, say for vocal contributions by Erica Dee on the ethereal single “Feel So.” Ethereal doesn’t just pertain to that one single, as it is a stylistic motif that is found throughout the producer’s project. He maintains his own style while bouncing between genres, which is not an easy thing to do. He pulls it off with grace and conviction, exemplifying to others that he is not only a musician, but an artist. We loved it, Foundations Recordings loved (and released) it. We’re confident it will tickle your fancy. If so, download it through Bandcamp!

’Dawn Into Night (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Not Perfect (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’By My Side (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Feel So (ft. Erica Dee) (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Nights Out (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Codeine Eyes (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Check the Pulse (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Death (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Chapels (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Stay Dead (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
’Flowers for a Funeral (After Death LP OUT NOW)’
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black – Music For a Cause Vol. 2 [TMN Premiere]


The black collective is back with volume two of their charity compilations series. Again they partner with the good people of Cadence & Cause, this time around to benefit the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Recently the hospital started a brand new interactive music therapy program, and that is just where the donations are headed.

On volume two we get another eight tracks from the incredibly talented, underrated producers in the collective. Bass music lovers will enjoy the variety of styles on this EP that contains everything from hybrid trap, to dubstep, to whatever it is you want to call “Let It Breathe.” Each artist, including ESQ, Sunday Service, TEMPEST, and TOP $HELF, just nailed it with their work. There’s not a single song on this project that lacks quality or style. All of the ninjas are honored to be premiering this compilation to you. Stream the tracks below, and head over to the campaign’s page to donate and grab the album.

’ESQ – Single’
’Revazz – Focal Point’
‘Tempest – Sippin’
’Sunday Service – Underground’
’WILLY P – Arcadia’
’Patches X Sampson X ESQ – Let It Breathe’
’TOP $HELF – Paid’
’LXXK – Creeper’
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[Pop] Mark Johns – Molino

Mark Johns

From Next Wave and Moving Castle to Skrillex’s OWSLA imprint, Mark Johns has covered a lot of ground since her first cover over a year ago. She’s been featured on some outstanding tracks with artists such as Alexander Lewis and Bearson previously, and now we’re finally getting the first taste of her upcoming EP, Molino. You may notice an abrupt change in tone from Mark Johns’ earlier releases, and it’s definitely intentional. She addressed this in her recent interview with Rolling Stone, where she stated:

I wrote “Molino” out of frustration more than anything. I was like, “Well, this is all taking so long, and I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m so scared. How do I feel about all of this? I’m a songwriter, I should be able to write about it.” So from that song, I kind of made that shift.

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed in an entirely new city, and this song expands on that difficult (but also exciting) change in scenery. You’re constantly meeting someone new and exploring an unfamiliar space while working on making a home for yourself. Even among all of this, this song chronicles the part of the journey that shows you can be still alone in a city full of people, but there’s always going to be the opportunity to make something great with the people you do end up meeting. Mark Johns has certainly done that, and there’s no doubt she will continue to do so. Be sure to listen to “Before You” from the Molino EP also and look out for the full project on October 28th.

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[Music Video] Madden – Alive


Warner Music has a new face on their roster. That face belongs to Madden. Here we’re not talking about the NFL legend, but rather a blossoming Norwegian producer who has been taking over Spotify with his single “Alive.”

“Alive” has garnered six and a half million plays on Spotify, and now there is a music video to accompany the popular single. The track is incredible, and the music video is undoubtedly stunning with immense visuals of nature. The star of the music video is Frederik Evensen, a snowboarder/surfer that knows a thing or two about living life to the fullest. By the end of this music video, you’re going to have an craving to leave on an adventure in Lofoten, Norway, where this music video was shot. We can’t blame you, we’re aching to hit it up ourselves.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 217)


Who’s ready to party? If you’re not, you better get ready, because it is finally Friday. Enter the dojo to collect some epic free downloads that we have gathered for you over this past week. Although we post music daily, we always want to give you something special to kick off the weekend, which is where the playlist comes in. Download the freebies, or simply take us with you and stream. No matter what, you’ll enjoy all these high-quality tracks all the same. This week, we have records from artists like Kids Want Techno, Loosid, Mr. Collipark, Jantsen, graves and many more. Check out all twelve while you let loose over the weekend. Recharge those batteries for next week, but most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Alive (Kids Want Techno Remix)’
’Bobby – Nourmand – D E E P in N Y (feat. D.O.C. & Goodmorning)’
’BROHUG – Hostage’
’Neon Steve & Basement Freaks – I Think A
Butt U’
’Loosid – Chaos’
’STRANGER X SWAGE – Droppin The Heat’
’NIGHTOWLS – Touch the Stars Ft. Fabian James’
’Riot Ten – Strapped’
’Space Race x Mr. Collipark x Mac Attack – Clique (feat. Fatman Scoop)’
’Wooli & Jantsen – DayDream’
’Jantsen & LUZCID – Submarine’
’graves & King Tadashi – Falkor the Luck Dragon’
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[Event Review] TMN Gets Transformational at Symbiosis Gathering


When we finally drove over the Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur, we were only riding on a couple of hours of sleep. My business partner and I were already sixteen hours in for the long trek from the Arizona desert to Northern California’s lush Symbiosis Festival. When we finally made it to the gate a few hours later I found myself surrounded by waves of exuberantly dressed people of all shapes and sizes; I couldn’t help but feel like an outsider looking in.

This was my first transformational festival, but definitely not my first transformational experience. Fifteen months earlier I was living and teaching my way through Asia. I’ve meditated with Tibetan monks in Dhramshala, India and trekked through the Himalayas in Nepal. I mean, what could Symbiosis really offer me that was new I found myself wondering.

Yet, when I finally broke through the line and got my wristband, I began to notice; it was like driving into a dream. Not just one dream, but a patchwork of other people’s dreams.

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