[Electronic] Unlike Pluto – Someone New feat. Desi Valentine

Unlike Pluto
Someone New (feat. Desi Valentine)

Not long ago, Monstercat resident Unlike Pluto released an impressive trilogy of originals, so it’s really no surprise that his most recent single continues to portray this artist’s growing talent and diverse range of sound.

The soulful, yet relatable, love ballad features sultry vocals from Desi Valentine, an array of horns, and an intriguing mix of dark and light, airy vibes capable of invoking an emotional energy sure to be felt by the crowd as Unlike Pluto continues his current tour with Seven Lions. The tour is wrapping up so catch them while you can at one of these remaining dates. The track is out now, buy/stream “Someone New” here.

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[Hip Hop] MOORS – King


“There’s a young man named ‘King’, petrified fields smell of evaporated blood, bullet shells as rocks,” begins Keith Stanfield on “King”, the most recent single from Long Angeles duo MOORS. The poetic rapper and actor who co-stars in Donald Glover’s television show “Atlanta” is half of the musical project MOORS. The other half, Hrishikesh Hirway, founder of songwriter’s podcast Song Exploder, supplies the soundscape on King” with a tense, militant-moving beat.

Keith Stanfield told us he finds inspiration in the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe, Langston Hughes, and Johnny Cash. Like these men, Stanfield records his thoughts with adept poetic maneuvering and a split-open, raw delivery. The song deals with distress, disaster and development within the artist’s life, and by proxy strikes a nerve deep within the consciousness of American history.

Stanfield’s internal and double rhymes strike hard and fast. He describes a past where he would “run with the goons subtle and smooth / Untouchable troop / Gutter platoon.” A history of violence left the singer with a plagued mind and vacant soul, and after growing through a history of violence the lines of morality become blurry and even non-existent. The young King asserts the gold within his inner self, which he will continue to manifest and bring forth amidst a harsh reality in which forces of evil are arrayed against him. Among such pressure, “don’t be surprised when I don’t know how to act,” Stanfield asserts. With “nothing to lose” a “thug on the loose” is “bringing a truth back”. The rapper’s literary prowess continues to shine through with double-entendre’s like “fuck a copper we goin’ platinum”. Though the truth of self-empowerment and self-knowledge runs through the lyrics, it’s a dark and at times despairing poetic picture which Stanfield paints on “King”. More than anything else, it’s an honest picture – of his life and the lives of others who struggle through oppression both physical and emotional, whether originating from the penal system or from one’s own harsh memories.

The assertion of self-worth within “King”, the reminder to find the gold inside yourself, is potent and timely. It’s some of the most striking work yet from a group named after the powerful African Muslim empire of the Middle Ages. We look forward to more material from this exceptionally creative pair of artists.

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[Indie] Charge The Atlantic – Something You Feel

Charge The Atlantic
Something You Feel

Something we are really feeling is “Something You Feel,” the new single from Nashville’s Charge The Atlantic. It’s a whole bunch of things that we have come to love, mashed up in one composition, executed to perfection by some magnificently talented musicians.

“Something You Feel” has a bit of everything, taking cues from styles like indie, jazz, alternative, pop and more. It’s not easy to take from so many places and make one cohesive song, but Charge The Atlantic did just that without skipping a beat. Every single second of this song is enjoyable, but more than that, it is a ride you are going to want to take over and over again. It’s peaks and valleys are equally engaging, despite their difference in energy. This push and pull is just one of the many reasons why “Something You Feel” is one of our favorite tunes this month. Get your copy today on iTunes.

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[Experimental] G Jones – Pull Up


Greg Jones aka G Jones has been an undisputed innovator in electronic music for years now, the champion young gladiator in the arena of filthy, hard-edged sound design, with ever-evolving new expressions of the mind-melting, cathartic bass drop. His production pace is also prolific. It seems every time he performs he’s debuting new singles and collabs, and now he’s dropped “Pull Up”, the first single from his upcoming Visions EP.

Jones’ sound has always evolved at a rate which can be hard to follow. Fans barely get accustomed to one incredible style before the artist moves on to his next manifestation, and some of the stylistic innovations he’s made in the past are now passed over in his new productions. “Pull Up”, for example, lacks the head-nod drums (“trap” beats to some) and the long-sustained synth lines of his earlier work. The track starts with an archetypal faux-dance synthesizer that’s soon interrupted by slashes of razor sharp, two-ton heavy snyths, bounced back and force with a Jamaican voice hollering “Pull Up”, and a mash of hi-hats, 8-bit beeps, and huge variety of seemingly random percussive sounds. What has never left, and will continue to define G Jones music for many ears, are the enormous, meticulously-crafted kicks and experimental snare sounds that anchor “Pull Up”.

This new single confirms what many who’ve been attending Greg’s shows for months already know, that the producer is moving into ever more abstract territory, away from clean beats a la Bassnectar, and more towards the fringes of experimental bass music a la EPROM. “Pull Up” comes ahead of Greg’s Visions Tour, which commences in January and will absolutely barnstorm clubs with support from legends like UK bass pioneer Plastician, and The Widdler.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2016 Round #1)

From here on out, we are on the fast track to the end of the year. So if you need a moment to ground yourself, you can stop right here. Listen to an Indie Dojo or two or three. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

’Darling James – God’s Graffiti’
’Coach Bombay – The Rhythm of the Night’
’George Ogilvie – October’
’Runabay – You I Know’
’The Winter Gypsy – Page I’
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Crying Robot – Different Sides (feat. Abi F Jones) [TMN Premiere]


Not much is known about the musical act Crying Robot. What we do know is they have a new single called “Different Sides” featuring Abi Jones. How do we know this? We’re delivering it to you now in this post-Thanksgiving Music Ninja Premiere!

“Different Sides” is an industrious pop meets dance record. It takes the best things from both worlds and combines them together, with Abi Jones laying down one colorful performance. Every note she hits is incredible. The song comes in just under three minutes, which totally isn’t enough, but that’s where the replay button will come in handy. This is a track we don’t mind listening to over and over again. It’s sound and style is perfect for the kickback feel of Winter.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 223)


We hope you stuffed your face and enjoyed Thanksgiving. Now, it’s the weekend, and you get to party all you want, instead of kicking it back with your family. Sure, some of you may have even partied yesterday, but now it’s Friday so the party won’t stop. As we do every week, we collect our favorite free downloads and share them with you. Here we have twelve records, including a closing few with some chilled out vibes to bring your night to a close with ease. Records from this week come from Statik Link, ATLiens, Convex, RIOT, NIGHTOWLS and many more. Stream, download, and enjoy; most of all, #danceirresponsibly.

’Statik Link – Bring Tha Funk Back’
’Wet Paint & Apriskah – Miss You’
’Buku – Freaknik (ATLiens Remix)’
’Kyral x Banko – Every Time’
’Topi – Danger Time’
’Destructo & Wax Motif Feat. Pusha T & Starrah – Catching Plays (CONVEX Remix)’
’Knife Party & Tom Morello – Battle Sirens (RIOT Remix)’
’Bare Noize & JuJu – Thump Therapy’
’Adventure Club Ft ELEA – Dreams (NIGHTOWLS X Fransis Derelle Remix)’
’My Number (Ramzoid Remix)’
’seba yuri – floating 🍃’
’Black Beatles w/ madebyswavy and valleyz’
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