Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 65]

With the World Cup Final airing earlier this morning, chances are you either came out disappointed or ecstatic with the end results of today’s thrilling match. But don’t worry, no matter you’re mood, we’ve got just the music to match. If you were let down, well, we’ve got plenty of somber tunes to match your poor disposition. On the contrary, if you’re too tired from all the celebrations, we’ve also got some relaxing tracks to help whisk you away to bed peacefully. So, without further ado, dim the lights down and press play below–you know you want to. As always, feel free to follow us on SoundCloud and Spotify to make sure you get notified when our playlists go live!

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Natty Reeves – Your Mind
Anajah – 24hrs
Tora – Wouldn’t Be The Same (feat. Keelan Mak)
Ayelle – Mad
Icarus Moth – Don’t w/ Mothica
BUNGALOW – Loving It
Brandon Banks – ivy + bliss
ZEN WAVY – Trust Me Imma Fly Away
gregor the blue – Blue Delving
Stevan – Babies
Tropics – Come Home
Dolly Ave – Birds
Pip Millett – Love The Things You Do
okvsho – Cariño (feat. Sreya)
Nakala ~ Rotation
Brooke Aulani – Out Loud
Ruchir – Only U Ft. Croosh
TYuS – Fantasy
sans – jus wanna love u babe
James Vickery – Got To Be You (feat. Mikill Pane)
WESLEE – Giving It Up
Space Monk – enlighten mint (GOD SLAM IT! 7/20)
Peter CottonTale – Forever Always (ft. Chance The Rapper, Rex Orange County, Daniel Caesar)
JSPH – Reasons
WALLACE – Frame by Frame
Leo Pastel – Woah (feat. Muwosi) (prod. luna.)
Bobby Earth – Gnarly
Mzwaa – I Got It
Zoe Nash – Lovebug
Jessica Domingo – Say
Charley Coin – Here on the Ground (prod Charley Coin)
Kehlani – Honey (jmac edit)
Extremely Bad Man – Up With The Birdies
Seramic – Strange Magic
Goss – These Days. I Don’t Know (Rework)
Sofasound – Radiant Glow Feat. Nick Anthony
BRII – JamieBoy Vibes Pt. 2
Barrett Marshall – Think About You
jay cass – I’m yours
SWV – Youre The One (Jeftuz Remix)
Beyonce + The Neptunes = Crazy In Love
Leuca & Mike Green – Right Now
Kevin Holliday – colgate
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2018 Round #2)

Out of the millions and millions of songs floating around in the interwebs, here’s a few chosen ones for your listening pleasure. And don’t you fret, there’s a lot more where these came from.
’Sam Evian – Where Did You Go?’
’Tyson Kelly – Girl, You’re So Money’
’Famous Yesterday – Make You’
’Elias Abid – Wayside’
’Sean Olson – Yellow Birds’
’Neil Frances – these days’
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[Electro] I am Sid – The Dancing Plague EP

Mmmmm, we love a good concept EP. Too bad I am Sid didn’t just settle for good, as his EP, The Dancing Plague, is a feat of electro few have managed to come close to. Inspired by some interesting events in history, most notably in the 1500’s where individuals went manic in a dancing fit and ended up dying. Gnarly stuff – but just the kind of crazy thing that inspires some incredible art.

In four tracks I am Sid captures the creepy, dark tone of the fatal events. Through gut-wrenching basslines and some powerful composition packed with raw melodies and haunting soundscapes, The Dancing Plague is one of the most powerful projects we’ve heard this year. It’s focused, dynamic and magnificently engaging – putting you right in the mix of the mania. The Dancing Plague is a must have. Period.

’I am Sid – Sydenham’s Chorea’
’I am Sid – Aachen 1374’
’I am Sid – Mass Psychogenic Illness’
’I am Sid – Strasbourg 1518’
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[Music Video] Boston Bun – Spread Love (Paddington) feat. DVNO

Paddington is a classic character in children’s literature. Many of us grew up reading about his exploits all over and subsequently watching them on the big screen – although, I personally missed the feature. However, the Paddington love runs deep and the same can be said for Boston Bun whose single “Spread Love (Paddington)” plays off the bear’s legend.

Featuring DVNO, “Spread Love (Paddington) is an extremely uplifting deep house cut that is about as catchy as it gets. The same thing goes for the music video that is wild, crazy and all about fun love. Because Paddington is replaced, the wacky factor is multiplied tenfold. All in all this package of song/video is one of the more entertaining we’ve come across and you’ll likely agree. Enjoy!

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[Music Video] Lucas & Steve x Brandy – I Could Be Wrong

I could be wrong, but if you’re around our ages (pretty much, millennials here in the dojo), then you remember Brandy. The esteemed Grammy winning singer and brother of Ray J has had an amazing career in the mainstream world, but now she’s jumped into dance music via a feature on “I Could Be Wrong” by Lucas & Steve.

The Netherlands duo landed a big one with “I Could Be Wrong” on Spinnin’ Records & Big Beat. The progressive laced record is a Summer time house jam that will give you some nostalgia. Not only has the song come, but a music video as well. It’s a fun, playful visual that toys with California cliches – the beach, skateboarding etc. – in a way that is simple, yet engaging. It has us wanting to dance in the sand underneath the California sunshine.

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[House] Redlight – So Nice feat. Asabe

The British beatsmith Redlight has plenty of hits on his hands. Thanks to his collaboration with Asabe on “So Nice” he’s added another to his impressive catalog. Released on Insomniac Records, “So Nice” is just the after party track you’ve been looking for this festival season.

The industrious, yet deep original shares a classic vibe, which should come as no surprise given the veteran producer behind it. Redlight’s become a timeless figure, pushing out tracks that are good no matter what release date is pinned on it. “So Nice” feels a bit retro, however it implements a few newer characteristics to give it a nice modern edge. Overall, it’s a solid record that you need to add to your digital library.

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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 64]

Yes, we know, we know, we’re a teensy bit late with this week’s Sunday Night Soul (no excuses this time, but things happen). Although we are a little behind schedule this week, we still hope you’ll enjoy the selection we have for you below. For those ninjas who are still awake, there’s a good mix of old and familiar names alike that we’re sure you’ll find hit all the right notes. Since it is late, we’ll let you dive right in without any further delays. As always, make sure to follow us on Spotify and SoundCloud to keep up with our playlists when they go live!

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Baegod – Honest
Daniel Ferreira – While I Sleep
LondonRebels – Unchained (Feat. BluGarden)
geia – i dont know you (ft/prod. Daniel the guy)
rin – cory + topanga
DOGLAND – Be Wit’ You
Webb Park – z o o m i n ‘
Appleby… – Young Lost Love (prod. Elias Abid)
Yore – Knew Better
Frank Leone – SUNDAY NIGHT (feat. Teardrop Estates)
satchy – When You’re Gone
Phabo ~ Apple Juice & Henny (prod. DreamChild, Nick Pacoli , CLBRTY)
Juniper – Star Child
tesia – come kick it
Julian Skiboat – Whiskey
Brett Miller – Red Water (feat. SAZE, Don)
Phil McClain – Saturday
Laura Roy – Temporary
laxcity – Changing (feat. Lani Rose)
Tom Norton – Dial Tone
Fallow – Unsettled (feat. Shilpa)
jäde – Cliché (prod. Rolla & schumi1)
HIGH HØØPS – Can I Get Love?
Moonchild – Change Your Mind (GREGarious x Urban Heat Island Edit)
Good Intent – GIRLS (Prod. Good Intent)
sylo nozra – omw
Javier Santiago – Yesterday feat. Proper
yungatita – 7 Weeks & 3 Days
Radical One – ANSIEDAD
Daniel Caesar – Get You (Coastal Conversion)
Teyana Taylor – Issues/Hold On (Alexander Lewis x Daju Remix)
Cassie – me&u (Greybox Remix)
SG Lewis x Clairo – Better
Karsen – UTOPIA
Marie Dahlstrom – Bring Me Back
LVTHER – Time Well Spent (feat. Ayelle)
July 7 – Delirious (Prod. by July 7)
Pain – Boo’d Up (T
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