[Progressive House] Dirty South ft. Rudy – Find A Way

Dirty South - Find a Way
Dirty South
Find A Way featuring Rudy

A true OG in the dance music game, Dirty South is undoubtedly among the best in the EDM scene. If you’re a fan of his, you’ve probably heard this famous ID track first premiered during Coachella in Indio a few months back. It’s generated so much hype ever since its premiere, and it has certainly lived up to it.

Released officially via Dirty South’s own label Phazing, “Find A Way” features the soothing vocals by Rudy and a melodic roller coaster ride that would keep your feet off the ground. The enchanting vocals help drive his signature soaring melodies up a few notches, and they all contribute to this track to become yet another festival anthem. Whether you’re driving down the freeway, at the gym, or dancing at a festival, this track will definitely turn up your adrenaline level like no other.

Check out the video by Proximity below and listen for yourself.

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[Video] Grease (The Movie) – One That I Want (Xavier Dunn Cover)

One That I Want (Xavier Dunn Cover)

If you’re of the persuasion that none of the incredible singalongs from 1978 mega-musical Grease could be brought up to a beautiful, contemporary pace, well; we’re here to change that. After the success of his adaptation of A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin Problems” and Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type”, unsigned Australian producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Dunn has stepped up yet again, this time reviving that classic change-of-heart closing scene between John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, “One That I Want” from the aforementioned Grease. Adding orchestral arrangements and slowing the cadence to a breezy stride for his own adaptation, Dunn once again impresses with a vocal-oriented and highly emotive rendition.

But, we don’t just have the tune for you today, as we’ve accompanied Xavier Dunn’s wistful cover with the visual piece as well. A modern twist on an old classic, Dunn’s music video splices together videos of protests and rallies from the 60’s up to the present to solidify his message of non-discriminatory love. With all of the recent breakthroughs we’ve had towards marriage and love equality in the U.S., there still lies a fight waged by millions around the world for basic human rights, and Xavier Dunn’s message couldn’t have come at a more serendipitous time. Stream Xavier Dunn’s “One That I Want” cover above or indulge another one of your senses and check out the official music video below. Happy Friday Ninjas, and peace & love.

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[Indie Dance] Moon Flask – Pixelated

Moon Flask - Pixelated
Moon Flask

Fusing a little bit of disco, some futuristic synths and retro lo-fi vocals, Australian electronic trio Moon Flask is bringing something special to the table with their first ever single “Pixelated”. We can’t really put a genre on it, but the only thing we are certain of is that this tune is a great showcase of the producing genius of the group. The sustained nonchalent vocals are something of an acquired taste that go surprisingly well with the more upbeat approach. It goes through an epic buildup and elevates your emotions in the prolonged outro.

If you enjoyed this as much as we did, make sure to grab a free download before it’s too late and be on the lookout for more tunes from the talented group.

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[House/Chill] Sammy T & Eric David – Come Over

Come Over ft. Sammy T
(Original Mix)

It’s been almost a year since we featured adept Denver house producer Eric David, so when his latest collaborative EP with Denver vocalist Sammy T, Purpose, got an official release yesterday, we had to check it out. Just as we thought, Eric David’s conjured up yet another crafty, technical, and accessible assemblage of club tunes. The standout single for us however was “Come On Over”. Pacing itself with a slow-burning yet head-thumping analog kick-drum , “Come Over” quickly falls in line behind a smooth and intoxicating bassline before Sammy T’s luscious vocal chords weave their way through David’s rolling soundscape. Furthering “Come Over”‘s addictive nature lie sprinkled guitar inflections layed down by Eric David himself, which on top of those other sticky elements result in a tune that truly bridges the sea between live vocal-driven pop and clean club-house. Stream “Come Over” above, be sure to scope out Eric David & Sammy T’s Purpose EP, and purchase the entire collaboration on iTunes here.

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[Future-Bass] COFRESI – Fuk’m

FUK'M Artwork

You know those songs that just throw you off around every bend? Ones that, no matter how many times you listen, you can’t anticipate what’s to come next? Here at The Music Ninja, we live for those songs. They keep us on our toes, and our ears attached from beginning to end. A perfect example of one of these tracks is COFRESI’s new release, “Fuk’m.” Instantly grabbing your attention with a sample found from a skate video, its hooking melody becomes a showcase of COFRESI’s outstanding drumming talent. With an incredibly unique sound, “Fuk’m” is a breath of fresh air that’ll immediately rid you of any stress from those long work days. Check it out above.

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[Deep House] Sapele – Looking At You

Looking At You

Sapele of Sweden is coming out with his EP, The Day, on August 28th. We get an early taste of the project by way of the single “Looking At You.” Soulful R&B meets deep house with this soft-hearted record. With such a subtly strong vocal, we get sucked into the track before the magical instrumental even takes full form. Despite its minimal nature, the production is extremely powerful with only a few elements. It is the perfect track for Dirty Soul Recordings to release, and it has us ninjas at the edge of our seats for what is to come on the rest of the EP. “Looking At You” is just the beginning, but it is an immense first step for The Day.

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Jain – City [TMN PREMIERE]


Every so often, we stumble across an artist that lights our hearts and ears with genuine endearment. Today is one of those days, as we bring you first listen from this quirky, playful and avant-garde French musician.

Jain, where is it you’re from?
You’re a girl from everywhere and other places.

Jain comes through your headphones and speakers all the way from Toulouse, but brings with her a myriad of international influences. After having lived in multiple spots across the globe (Pau, Madagascar, Dubai, Toulouse), this up-and-coming artist’s jet-setting ways bleed through in every note of her music. Today, you’re experiencing “City” which comes off her upcoming EP, Hope.

Releasing officially tomorrow, “City” boasts an undeniably infectious nature complete tribal drumming, upbeat guitar strumming, and impossible-not-to-sing-along-lyrics. It’s pleasantly difficult to describe, something that doesn’t happen all to often. What we can say is – yes, it does have some pop influences, but the structure is anything but, giving a highly engaging experience throughout.

After you’re done giving it a spin, check out “Come,” which is not only making waves through TMN HQ, but on YouTube as well.

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