[Music Video] Julie Bergan – If You Love Me (feat. Tunji Ige)

If there’s one thing you should know we love in the dojo, it would be Julie Bergan. Everyone has a soft spot for good pop music, even if they won’t admit it to themselves, and Julie’s got the best brand of it out there. Time and time again she’s wooed us with great tracks and she’s done it again with her song “If You Love Me” featuring Tunji Ige.

“If You Love Me” just dropped on streaming services and there is a music video for it to get your mouth-watering for the full release. Part of Julie’s appeal is that her music isn’t just the usual lifeless teen garbage that gets slapped in your ear a million times until you kind of sort of like it. From the get go it has depth and a dynamic tone that sets it apart from everything else. The same goes for this new single. It follows a more traditional pop structure than some of her other works, but still remains a pillar standing tall. With the music video, we’re just going to let you dive right in and get the full experience.

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[R&B/Pop] Nylo – Time Changes Everything


There is a reason that Nylo has been endorsed by the likes of Nas, ZHU, G-Eazy and more. She’s talented, like more than your average. The singer/songwriter/producer has a new track out that will show you just why she’s received praise from such high individuals. “Time Changes Everything” is that track, out now on independently popular.

Inspired by saddening events in her life, Nylo’s deep emotions are easily accessible through her magnificent performance. “Time Changes Everything” is Nylo’s own brand of R&B, with pop sensibilities, but not POP enough to be branded that. It certainly does pop though, as anything packed with this much raw emotion will do. Nylo is a true artist and now it’s her turn to shine all on her own. If you like “Time Changes Everything” as much as we do, we suggest you get a copy from iTunes.

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[Indie Dance] LCAW – Nobody Else But You

Nobody Else But You

“Nobody Else But You” is the newest single from Germany’s LCAW. Thanks to Ultra Records this indie dance treat has come to the world, so if you’re into it we suggest you support it on digital services. Trust us, you’re going to want to after you listen.

LCAW takes inspiration from his childhood on this, expressing the precious innocence and wonder of being young, untouched by the pains of age and adulthood. “Nobody Else But You” has a face that is a bit groovy and upbeat, but is more than just a nice song to listen to. It’s a song that will bring you back to a more pure time and raise within you feelings that have been lost as time has passed. Stream it today and don’t forget to get a copy!

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[Indie/Electronic] Autumn In June – MAGENTA LP

The ever so talented Autumn In June has an album out. If that doesn’t excite you, the only reason for it would be that you don’t know AIJ. If that’s the case, today we enlighten you and if you’re already familiar, then the MAGENTA LP will just increase your love for the LA musician.

Released independently, MAGENTA totals in twelve songs with no collaborators listed. It’s all Autumn In June and it’s all incredible. You don’t see a lot of independents releasing albums these days, and when they do a lot of the time things don’t feel entirely cohesive. That’s not the case with MAGENTA as each song plays off the others to create a full fledged aural picture that is dynamic and beautiful. It’s a project you don’t break up into singles, it’s one you just click play on and experience.

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[Future Bass] SLANDER – Superhuman feat. Eric Leva

Not sure what it is about this festival season but SLANDER is bringing out all the stops. After the release of their Halsey remix just a couple of weeks ago, they’re back with an original work. “Superhuman” featuring Eric Leva has come through the Monstercat pipeline.

“Superhuman” lives up to the name, as well as the context of its release through one of the most popular dance music labels of all time. The track sees the duo branching further into the future bass sound, one that’s a bit less hype-focused than a lot of their works. They bring the feels on this, showing even more range. If you would like a copy of the track, get it on the digital service of your choosing today.

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[Ghoul Pop] Soul Bandit – 3-4-9

If there’s one aspect of an artist that electronic music fans love, it’s a mysterious producer known only to the world through their Soundcloud tracks and elusive social media posting. For those of you who aren’t already in-tune with today’s offering, we’re, of course, bringing you a taste of LA-based artist Soul Bandit.

In just over a month, Soul Bandit has been quietly releasing new music with two singles out on her Soundcloud, and listed below, for your listening pleasures. A quick recap of both songs shows the ability to capture a wide variety of electronic music palettes. Her internet debut “Mad Prophet” is a warm, electropop-like production that makes you immediately want to jump on that beach trip this weekend, while her second single, “Afraid” offers listeners a dreamer’s out-of-body, listening experience.

Her latest release, “3-4-9”, opens with a darker, dystopian tone. Post-apocalyptic and bleak, Soul Bandit drops her introduction off with a break-beat rhythm, driven with a heavy 808-kick and eerie bells and claps. A mesmerizingly, despondent vocal chimes in to give the tune a fuller experience as it chants an inexplicable mantra over and over again. Compared to her other two productions, Soul Bandit focuses more on percussion elements; crisp hats, meaty claps, and steady, pulsating kick that will leave you in an empty awe when you the song start to fade out and ending.

3-4-9 isn’t a typical track for me. I grew up speaking 3 languages (Russian at home, Hebrew and English at school). So to me 3-4-9 was meant to be a bizarre, dark, nonsensical, dance track that’s a tribute to how strange it is growing up in a cultural cauldron. My sound choices for this track and for the majority of my others tend to be a bit jarring and even unsettling at times, but they’re representative of the unpredictabilities and oddities of life and death.
’3 4 9’
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HAMi Stops By The Dojo To Talk Bass Music, Skateboarding & 40oz Cult [TMN Interview]


Most producers were something before they were making money as a music producer. Most weren’t professional skateboarders, but for HAMi that was the case. Before heading up 40oz Cult with Dack Janiels and Wenzday and making bass-heavy hits, HAMi was shredding along as an official member of Emerica. Now instead of traveling the world with a board, he’s taken up traveling with some new equipment.

HAMi stopped by the dojo just before the release of his new song, a collaboration with UZZI called “Go Hard” that lives up to its name. We got to talking about his past as a skateboarder, the parallels between the skating and dance music scenes, as well as how he made the switch from one to the other. Enjoy listening to “Go Hard” while you read through HAMi’s in-depth responses. When you’re done, grab “Go Hard” for free!

TMN: How did you end up making the move from professional skating to making music?

Let’s start by saying I grew up in Las Vegas, my skater friends and I would spin vinyl when it was too hot to skate outside. I also had a few friends who were older and they would go to these warehouse parties, sadly at the time I was too young to go but still tagged along. I remember sneaking into these parties by hopping barbed wire fences, so that was the beginning. Fast forward to 2009, I was on a “Emerica” Skate tour called “The Wild Ride”, we rode motorcycles across the states, camping, skating, etc, long story short, I crashed my bike going 50mph and broke my clavicle and shattered my scapula along with a head injury and a tons of other random scrapes and bruises. I was now bedridden for 2 months.

After that, I had to go through physical therapy for an additional 8 weeks. Around this time I pick up my first laptop, I always knew skating wouldn’t last forever so at this point I came to realize I needed a new passion. Music has always been a major part of my life, even before skating, so with that being said I knew music would keep me the happiest and passionate overall for the rest of my life. I didn’t know that at the time, so I just continued to pursue skateboarding. During that time I also was trying to develop a sound as a musician on the side, playing guitar writing hooks and verses. Once I had that down I needed a way to record it, so I started using “garageband” to record my song, and out of necessity I learned how to build a drum beat.

It wasn’t until 2011-12 when I was gifted an All-Access pass to Coachella, and I witnessed Caspa and Skrillex, mind you I had no idea what dubstep was at this time but all I kept thinking was these people are killing their sets, and that was when my life changed. I became obsessed with all forms of Dance Music diving as deep as I couple possibly go, primarily drawn to the raw energy that Dubstep carried naturally. From there all I did was funnel my passion for skating into my music.

TMN: Can you tell us a little about 40oz Cult and who else is involved?

So 40oz Cult issa CULT! Dack Janiels, Wenzday, and myself are the forces behind the scene. Its an open format Collective/ Label/ Clothing brand (comprised of professional skaters, artist, graphic designers, filmers, photographers), with a background in skateboarding. We go about treating the CULT like a traditional skate company, we are a in-house family and friends operated organization. Honestly it’s for all the people out there that choose to be the oddball, people that choose to make moves when people say it’s a bad idea, for the individual that follows their gut.

TMN: Your collab with UZZI just dropped, how did that come to fruition?

So, we both just had releases on the Buygore Fresh Blood Vol. 2 and during the anticipation to the release we had a super thread that we would all coordinate post and what not. I just reached out to everyone involved and passed around my music, and the UZZI boys (Melo and Geoff) were equally as enthused as I was to get a collab going, and from there on out it flowed easy. S/O UZZI! Go check them out they’re definitely a force to be reconned with!

TMN: Who are some other artists you would want to collaborate with?

This is a tricky question only because there are so many amazing artists I would love to collab with! Skrillex, Datsik, Excision, Borgore, Getter, Flux Pavillion, CASPA, RUSKO, 12th planet, Ghastly, NGHTMRE, Funtcase, Protohype, The Frim, Barely Alive, Virtual Riot, Dubloadz, Trollphace, P0gman, Bloodthinnerz, Yakz, Svdden Death, Half Empty, Uber, Subtronics just to name a few.

TMN: Are there any parallels between dance music culture and skating culture?

Yes, most definitely they are both a pool of talented Individuals that chose to do something out of the norm. They have taken a chance to pursue their passion, and by doing so pushing the craft into places no one could ever foresee. I speak for everyone, not just the artists, but the promoters, managers, agents, TM‘S, pyro guys, sound guys, any and everyone involved.

TMN: What do you see coming in the near future for dance music?

So in my opinion dance music is just really getting started, I’m really proud and excited to see what come out in the next 5 years, now that there’s an influx of really intelligent and creative people that have access to unlimited amount of information. History has a tendency to repeats itself, but in this case, the sky’s the limit!

TMN: What’s to come from HAMi this Summer and Fall?

So currently I’ve been in the studio non-stop! I have 6 unreleased bangers that I plan to release this year… Not including collabs with Yakz, Cosma, Goldplate, Swage and Dack Janiels!!

First up is my latest single “Draco” which is dropping on July 11th, 2017 via Bigtooth Records. Keep your eyes and ears open for that one! Catch me in LA as well! I will be playing in July, date is TBD but I promise you it’s going to be LIT! Stay tune for upcoming tour dates in your area!

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