[Electronic] Wilsonn – Saturn Return

Saturn Return

Wilsonn‘s new single “Saturn Return” was released via Australian record label Upside Music a few weeks ago and shows a new side to the sound of the singer/songwriter based from down under.

The production on this single is a lot more hefty compared to the older releases by Wilsonn thanks to the dynamic use of sythensizers and a perfectly placed string section. As always, Wilsonn’s vocal takes lead and steals the show however. Overall, it’s another great single from one of the more underrated artists you’re going to find.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2018 Round #3)

We know your not here to read the little blurb that comes before the Indie Dojo. So we’ll keep it short. Push play & enjoy.
’Alex Di Leo – All My Life’
’Faix – Loved Love’
’Sail By Summer – Low Tide Exit’
’Kwamie Liv – New Boo’
’Paige Stark – Albatross’
’Dori Valentine – Chlorine’
’James Ollier – Glory Days’
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[Electronic] 10Digits – Rebirth LP

Toronto’s 10Digits has been steadily gaining steam, while stealthily unveiling his next album, Rebirth. The ten track album is a diverse dive into the funky mind of 10Digits whose music has captivated us before – and now again with even more power.

Rebirth has a bunch of collaborators making it a team project overall with 10Digits manning the helm. Throughout the project 10Digits leans on urban genres like R&B, hip-hop and funk while implementing trails of other styles on top. Each single stands on its own while tying the project at large together in a special way. It’s a fun, chill listen through and through. Rebirth is definitely one of the better albums of the year, so share it around!

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[Trap] Eskei83 – Make The Record Skip

Make The Record Skip

Although Eskei83 is hailed as one of the best DJ’s in the world, he’s highly underrated in the greater EDM community. As a producer, he’s ace and on the decks he shreds like few others – let’s get this German some US festival bookings eh?

Recently Eskei dropped his original single “Make The Record Skip” on his label, Crispy Crust Records. With its classic undertones, trappy vibe and just enough future flare to give it some edge, this single is all hype. It’ll get even the most reserved individuals on their feet and dancing. Let this one get you fired up for the weekend… even though it’s only Monday. Add it to your library today.

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[R&B/Pop] R.LUM.R – With My Words

With My Words

R.LUM.R has so much going for him. With a performance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, numerous top tier support features including Rolling Stone, Billboard and Complex and several hits that just won’t quit, R.LUM.R is on his way to being a household name.

The Nashville living Floridan recently dropped his single “With My Words” and it’s Reggie at his best. He blends a few genres to perfection while singing away with his alluring voice as usual. With so much steam and this sweet, poppy R&B cut on his hands, it’s only a matter of time before R.LUM.R is a mainstream sensation.

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[Drum & Bass] Feint – Empathy Box

Empathy Box

The Rotterdam label Korsakov Music recently came out with an album, The Korsakov Compilations Vol. 1, that piqued our interest. One of the tracks on the project comes from a name that excites us every time it enters our ears: Feint.

The drum and bass master has done it again with his single “Empathy Box.” The melodic beauty is one of Feint’s most memorable. He keeps things simple and you can tell he had a good time making this track. Drum and bass doesn’t always tickle our fancy, however when the music is this good, it’s hard not to want to share with y’all. Enjoy the single and don’t forget to check out the rest of the compilation.

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If you’ve been following WHIPPED CREAM, then you know she’s been killing it lately. However, there come definitive points in an artists career where they hit that next echelon and the Vancouver producer is undergoing that transition right now.

Her latest record “BLOOD” is one of the many various reasons as to why things are on the up and up. The absolutely gritty style is not something new for the producer, but she’s been really hitting her stride on some next level $#!+ and this is Deadbeats release is evidence of that. It’s unrelenting, abrasive in the best ways and it belongs in your digital library. Add it today.

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