Nelly x Kelly Rowland – Dilemma (Antra Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Nelly & Kelly Rowland
Dilemma [Antra Remix]

Everyone remembers Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s “Dilemma” collaboration. If somehow you missed it, sorry, you should go listen to it right now. If you stay – or when you come back – you’ll be listening to a version of it from Antra, who enters the dojo for a premiere with his remix of the hit single.

Antra traps out the hip-hop/R&B single with his flip. Melodic and memorable, this remix is coming just in time for the Summer season and don’t be surprised if you hear this in some sets at festivals. It’s got the groove and swagger that a big time remix needs to catch the ears and bodies of large crowds and independent ears alike. Antra made it his own with ease and now you get a first listen to it here. Grab the remix today, as it has been released as a free download!

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[House] ASDEK – Shivers EP

House heads gather, we’ve got a slick EP for you. Shivers comes to us through Uprise Music, but was created by the Paris duo ASDEK. Their two track project is deep, dark and as satisfying as could be. It’s also been released for free.

“Shivers” could have been a single on it’s on, but we’re glad we got the b-side with it, because it is hardly a b-side. Before we get to that we have the title track, a brooding hypnotic treat that lives up to its name. Just check your skin after listening. Secondly we have “Midnight.” This tune is equally is dark as the previous, but has a certain mystifying quality to it that pulls you in as its bass booms against your ear drum. Both tracks would be worth a charge, but they come to you freely, so grab them both!

’ASDEK – Shivers’
’ASDEK – Midnight’
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[Music Video] Charge The Atlantic – I Know You’d Be There

Charge The Atlantic is back. Since the boys performed their song “I Know You’d Be There” with IPA beer bottles, they put together another video for the single. This time around it’s an official music video that is equally as cool as their previous.

The thing we love about Charge The Atlantic is their laid-back vibe and humility; they let the music speak for itself. You’re probably wondering how the music speaks for itself when a video is involved, but we’re getting to that. The video itself plays well off the music, playing up a fun tone while not going overboard. It was all filmed within a neighborhood setting, with no added fluff to catch your attention. The wavy, reggae-tinged tune and it’s visual counterpart are just two examples of why this band NEEDS to be at the top of your radar.

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Joey Dale & Anthony Dircson feat. Kennedy Ihaka – Taking Me Home [TMN Premiere]

Step right into the dojo for another first listen in this Music Ninja Premiere. This time around we have a host of artists including Joey Dale, Anthony Dircson and Kennedy Ihaka who put together “Taking Me Home” that we have for you today. Thanks to Sony Music, we’re all getting a sneak peak before the song’s full release tomorrow.

Joey and Anthony birthed a lively future bass single, with light-hearted tones that are perfect for the changing season. As we move toward the warm weather, we have this gem to look forward to in our Summer playlists. Every playlist needs a fun track with a strong vocal and that’s what “Taking Me Home” is. Kennedy’s performance on the record is magnificent. It’s a voice we’d like to hear on some more electronic collaborations. All in all, “Taking Me Home” will light up your day and ease you into the coming weekend.

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[Dubstep] Rekoil – Relentless EP

There’s something about great bass music that connects on all levels. Sure, you can say that the low frequencies rattle the body, but it’s more than that. One such project in the bass realm that we’ve come to love to a high degree, some might say even relentlessly. All puns aside, the project at hand is the Relentless EP from Rekoil.

Whether you believe it or not, this four song EP has been released as a free download for fans old and new. With how good Relentless is, Rekoil is sure to add a whole host of newcomers. His hybrid style is conveyed through each single that brings a slightly different tone and mood each time out. Although it’s hard to choose, the ninja favorites on this are the collaboration with Raiden on “Elevate” and “Bounty Hunter” that has a familiar sample that you may recognize. Relentless has been released for free, however if you would like to donate, the option is available through Bandcamp.

’Elevate feat. Raiden (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
’2 Choices feat. Android No. 23 (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
’Bounty Hunter (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
’A Dandy in Space (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
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[Electronic] Statik Link – Carpe Momentum LP

Statik Link teased his album with a music video for the single “We Came To Party” that we previously covered. You knew Carpe Momentum was coming, but now it is here in full.

As the case a lot of the time with future funk projects, the length of collaborators is lengthy. A lot of love and heart goes into these projects, as well as live instruments and vocal performances. So is the case for Carpe Momentum which is packed with nine songs total. Statik keeps it funky throughout, but broadens his range hitting genres like house, twerk and beyond. It’s a thorough project, with plenty of hits that can’t be missed. If you want to support the project, you can do so via iTunes.

’Carpe Momentum’
’This Is Me, Now. Feat Dominique’
’Actin’ Rude Feat Mane Course, Chuck Bedlam’
’Soul Sisters Feat Savanah Jaine’
’It’s A Sure Funkin’ Thang’
’Stay Awhile Feat Loup Rouge’
’We Came To Party’
’Desirable Feat Lapse, Chuck Bedlam’
’Wait For You Feat 3pm, MopTop’
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[Electronic] Magna – Tombs EP

Sometimes all it takes is one song or project for a producer to jump high up onto our radar. That just happened with the Tombs EP from Philly’s own Magna. This four track EP has been released through SUPERDEAD and sports a variety of sounds that shows some uncanny creative abilities by Magna.

Let’s take Tombs one step at a time. First we get “Skin.” This introductory tune slowly leads us into the madness with a seductive introduction. After that we reach the dark depths of Magna’s bass. With the title track, the bass continues, this time in a dub format with grizzly growls and raging synths. Next comes “Let Go” which shares a similar vibe to “Skin” and then “Run” closes out the EP. We’re just gonna say two things about it: DRUM, BASS; you get the idea. If you sleep on Tombs, then you fail, because this EP is available as a free download.

’Magna – Skin’
’Magna – Tombs’
’Magna – Let Go’
’Magna – Run’
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