[Electronic] Jai Wolf – Like It’s Over (feat. MNDR)

Jai Wolf
Like It's Over feat. MNDR

The rise of Jai Wolf continues. His debut EP, Kindred Spirits, has finally been announced, and today marks the first sampling of this highly anticipated project with “Like It’s Over”. The Moving Castle and Foreign Family Collective member truly has fine-tuned his sound into a genuine and organic exploration of emotive lyrics delivered by impressive features and a penchant for catharsis that is masterfully built within his ethereal production. MNDR provides a resounding vigor that expertly complements the thrilling instrumentation and elevates the song to a completely new level while, at the same time. showcasing her impressive range. Needless to say, if you weren’t planning on getting emotional any time soon, that’s probably about to change.

Jai Wolf creates music that gives you hope. He’s done it previously, and he’ll continue to do it with Kindred Spirits. Even as we navigate through difficult times, songs such as “Like It’s Over” provide us with an opportunity for an unbridled feeling that everything truly can be alright, which is tough to come by some days. Thank you for that, Jai Wolf.

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[Electronic Soul] SRNO – Stay Sane (ft. Naaz)

Stay Sane (ft. Naaz)

“Stay Sane” is the latest release from Majestic Casual, and it perfectly encapsulates the type of material we’ve grown to know and enjoy from the label. SRNO continues his streak of notable releases with this appetizing balance of R&B and electronic influence that tactfully shares the spotlight with Naaz‘s magnificent voice. It’s the sort of song that pairs wonderfully with brisk fall weather, and watching the leaves fall while the seasons shift just makes sense while it’s playing. All of you Galimatias and Alina Baraz fans out there will definitely resonate with this one, as the piano-centric production bolsters Naaz’s vocals into an enticing and lush tune that honestly wouldn’t feel out of place if it was on Urban Flora. Find yourself some time on a slow evening to enjoy “Stay Sane” to the fullest.

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[Indie Electronic] The Odds x Bronze Whale – Best

The Odds x Bronze Whale

It goes without saying that a new tune from Bronze Whale is cause for excitement. Following up the highly enjoyable “Hear Me” comes a collaboration with another distinct and captivating vocalist looking to kick off his musical career on an undisputed high note. The Odds may be new to SoundCloud, but his performance on “Best” suggests anything but.

A sense of vulnerability weaves throughout the song among every single element. From The Odds’ yearning and earnest voice and lyrics to Bronze Whale’s singular formulation of electronic, indie, and pop music, this song is a provocative listen into what to expect from Bronze Whale’s upcoming EP and future releases from The Odds. After their previous work with Khai, it isn’t surprising in any way that Bronze Whale knows how to find and work extremely well with fantastic vocalists. You’ll definitely be catching a few feelings listening to this one. Don’t miss out on the free download.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 218)


Each week we strive to bring you not only the best party-poppin’ free downloads, but we want to give you a mixture of sounds. This week, eclecticism came by very easily. From future, to electro, to drum & bass and moombahton; we have a little bit of everything for you. Artists you will come across are StéLouse, Goldplate, Havok Roth, BROHUG, 12th Planet, Bad Catholics and more. As usual, all twelve songs can be downloaded for free, however one in particular, “Ya Freak Out,” is only available for a limited time! Hop on it fast. Whether you download or stream, take this tracks with you and enjoy your days off. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’The Odds x Bronze Whale – Best’
’Let Go (ft. Andrew Paley)’
’JAUZ – Feel The Volume PT_2 feat. Fatman Scoop (Goldplate Remix)’
’Twenty One Pilots – Heathens (Havok Roth Remix)’
’Holly & TODIEFOR – Lucid Dreams’
’BROHUG – Hooey’
’Juany Bravo – Ya Freak Out’
’VÉRITÉ – Constant Crush (Anden Remix)’
’Machete – The Marionette’
’Mija & Vindata – Better (12th Planet X Team EZY Remix)’
’Nitti Gritti – Waxin”
’Bad Catholics & Apollo – Rollin’
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Feder feat. Alex Aiono – Lordly (Wielki Remix) [TMN Premiere]


Paris’ own Wielki just dropped a huge one. Like, literally it’s just coming to the world now through this premiere. It’s always a privilege to partner up with an amazing talent, pushing a quality record. Wielki is accustomed to creating great work, but the official remix of “Lordly” by Feder is a real treat.

The seven minute remix is as good as it is lengthy. There is no moment when you lose the feeling of entertainment it brings you from the very start. It’s deep, driving grooves are inescapably infectious, making this one especially potent in a club atmosphere. Wielki manages to recycle several parts of the original, while also keeping the song fresh from its first counterpart. “Lordly” goes from a dark, poppy sensation to a thrilling techno delicacy.

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Kidswaste Releases Point Point Remix & Announces “Spleen EP” [TMN Exclusive Interview]


If feel-good music is your thing, Kidswaste definitely got you covered. This beautiful remix of French production group Point Point‘s “Au Revoir” will put you through a dreamy roller coaster ride. The fellow French producer incorporated guitar and brass melodies to an already chilled-out tune, and brought the feels with its jazzy melody.

On top of the remix, Kidswaste also announced the release of Spleen, which is a 5-track EP that features some of the best up-and-coming vocalists in the scene. We actually got a chance to sit down with Kidswaste to chat about this awesome project that he prides himself in working on. Check out the tracklist below and the interview after the jump!

Spleen EP Tracklist
1. More Colors (feat. Chelsea Cutler)
2. Time
3. Wild (feat. Khai)
4. Alone
5. Friends (feat. TRACE)

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Point Point
Au Revoir (Kidswaste Remix)
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[House] Punctual – Fix


Following a debut single that we still haven’t been able to shake, Bristol production duo Punctual return today with the accompanying B-Side. At nearly 10 minutes, “Fix” solidifies the promise heard on “Eva,” expanding on their gorgeously expressive take on house music. A simple piano chord progression kicks off the track and persists through out changing form with the building elements around it. Just as you start getting lost in the atmosphere, the percussion filters in around the 2 minute mark providing an irresistible groove.

While the first 4 minutes would make a strong track on their own, it’s the second half that sets Punctual apart. As the percussion is stripped back, vocals emerge that recall classic house music in a bridge that beautifully builds back into the song’s addicting repetition. Punctual feel like a breathe of fresh air in the crowd of fad-influenced electronic producers–standing out without sacrificing accessibility or simplicity. We’re excited to see what they come up next but the “Eva”/”Fix” EP should hold us over for quite some time–you can grab it here.

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