[House] Bleu Clair – Step Into It

Bleu Clair is coming off a big year in 2022. To kick off 2023, he’s dropped his solo single “Step Into It” that feels a little too appropriate for where the Indonesian talent is at in his career. Taking the success in stride, this hit continues to showcase why Bleu Clair is one of the hottest in house right now.

“Step Into It” blends some classic sounds with a fresh sentiment backed by Bleu Clair’s iconic production. It builds beautifully into a massively climactic drop with a sax solo that is just SO DAMN COOL. The unique approach to a song with such a distinct payoff makes for a nice change of pace from the usual while Bleu Clair proves once again he’s got the X factor.

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[House] Rich Furniss – Out Of This World

After a heavy year of coverage in the dojo, we’re not slowing down the support for Rich Furniss. The New York creator kicks off the new year with our favorite record of his to date. “Out Of This World” truly lives up to its name and we’re sure it will make its way into your playlist as soon as you hear it.

Rich has had a knack for catchy records, but there’s something particularly special about this one. The almost frenetic energy paired with the washed out melodic runs are just impeccable. We can’t get enough of it on our end and we hope you feel the same way about the next stepping stone in Rich Furniss’ evolving career, which recently saw him take the operation reigns over at the Quincy Boy imprint.

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[House] San Pacho – OYE

OYE! SAN PACHO RETURNS! The Croatian house magician is back with the new single “OYE” as well as his North American tour that has thirteen dates in total. You’ll be sure to hear the new song that pays homage to the classic N.O.R.E record “Oye Mi Canto” from 2006.

The techy treasure’s latin inspired sound is elevated with bubbly production and bustling percussion that is catchy enough all on its own. Never holding back, San Pacho adds his signature bells and whistles (metaphorically speaking) for one of his most energetic songs to date. It’s a fun one. Let it take over your party playlists and if you’re around one of his tour stops, don’t miss out!

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[Drum & Bass] 4URA & Young Viridii – Yesterday

The South Korean producer 4URA teamed up with the Kansas City creator Young Viridii for “Yesterday” released by No Copyright Sounds. The ever-so bright and uplifting record is just what you need to cure your Winter blues this time of the year for us in the dojo. If you’re in the heat of Summer down South, even better!

“Yesterday” is a vibrant boost of drum & bass energy that will come in handy for any and all of your playlists. With elements of pop and heavy on the synths, this easily accessible jam feels inspired by some classic records in both dance music and gaming giving it a timeless feel. 4URA and Young Viridii are a magnificent match together as two up and coming producers to keep your ears on.

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[Pop] Aliana Lohan – Already Home

With so many of us at the heart of holiday season, we’re at home with family. Music might be blasting, a movie might be on, but we’re together regardless. To celebrate that time together, Aliana Lohan has dropped her original “Already Home” at the same time that her and her sister’s Netflix film Falling For Christmas continues to takeover screens across the world.

“Already Home” is a poppy, dance-friendly jam that will even have your grandparents on their feet and dancing during holiday parties. Aliana took a step in a different direction from her more soulful single “Without You” that was also featured in the Netflix film. This new direction is fun, energetic and completely infectious. It also comes with the news that there’s more music from Aliana to come… EP maybe!?

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[House] Late June x RUNN – Late Nights

New Zealand producer Late June joins the legedary RUNN for a sexy chiller “Late Nights.” If there’s one song that we’re happy we get to jam through the holidays, it’s this one. Kick back, grab your hot chocolate – maybe toss some whiskey in there – and enjoy this on repeat.

Late June is no stranger to incredibly infectious productions as he’s wowed listeners all over the world with his signature sound. RUNN has done the same on the vocal side offering up larger-than-life records that stand the test of time. Although this one is more intimate, they imbue it with so much emotion for a big original to close out the year.

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[Melodic Bass] Danny Olson x Synymata – Lose It All (feat. Casey Cook)

Two of bass music’s most impressive creators in Danny Olson and Synymata have returned to Lost In Dreams with the electrifying original “Lose It All.” Featuring Casey Cook on vocals, this hybrid anthem is an explosive expression of emotion that shifts its sound from start to finish for a uniquely potent record.

Danny Olson’s cinematic signature shines bright throughout the production which is further amplified by Synymata’s hard-hitting style. Together they’ve created one of the special underrated gems of 2023 that will have even more life as the next festival season comes around. It’s got memorable vocals for a sing along and multiple cathartic moments that make for a dance-floor shattering experience.

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