[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 215)


Friday night’s are for spending time with friends. Whether you are heading to a party, or kicking back at someone’s place, you’re going to need music. Even if you’re headed to the club, during your transport you’ll need some tunes, especially if your Uber drive hands you the aux chord. You don’t wanna look bad and not having anything to play. That’s where we come in. This week’s Friday Party Playlist has plenty of good tracks to share. This week we have records from artists like No Riddim, Yntendo, Dusty Bits, Bad Royale and more. Hardly ever do we shout out a favorite, but this week’s first record is just hot, hot, hot. Run through all twelve and enjoy your weekend. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’y4nn – like that.’
’Lafa Taylor & Aabo
Turn My Music Up (Flamingosis Remix)’
’Twenty One Pilots – Heathens (No Riddim Remix)’
’Yntendo – Straight Fire ft. Kirsten Collins’
’Porn And Chicken X Animale – All Hell Broke Loose (feat. Hype Turner)’
’Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag (Who Cares Remix)’
’Dirt Monkey – Work It (ft. Clinton Sly) (Dusty Bits Remix)’
’Gente de Zona – Algo Contigo (Bad Royale Remix)’
’Strap Deez – Came and Went (feat. Smoke of Field Mob)’
’Cherney – Dog Filter’
’Tai & Le Shuuk – Unicorn (Kedzie Remix)’
’Made Monster – Momentum’
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[Electronic] Big Wild – Invincible (feat. iDA HAWK)

Big Wild
Invincible (feat. iDA HAWK)

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten new music from Big Wild, but he’s been far from inactive. The California-based producer has spent the last year touring the country and world spreading his uniquely uplifting brand of electronic music to an ever-growing fanbase. Today marks a new chapter in his career, though, as he released “Invincible,” his second single on Odesza‘s Foreign Family Collective

Anyone who’s caught Big Wild live in the last 6 months or so will recognize this tune from his live sets but it doesn’t make the debut any less electrifying. With the help of some stunning vocals from iDA HAWK, who you may recognize from her work with GRiZ, Big Wild builds into a dazzling climax that encapsulates what makes his music so enticing and different. Give this one a listen above–we have a feeling this is just the start for Big Wild.

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[Event Review] Porches & Japanese Breakfast @ The Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO – 9/26

’Porches – Be Apart’

In the relatively short expanse of two years or so, Aaron Maine’s Porches project has undergone quite a rapid transition in nearly every facet of singing, songwriting and production development (such a rapid acceleration of prowess in fact, that Maine also recently released the first wave of Pool demos, as a completely separate LP entitled Water, just a few months back). Just one listen from both 2014’s Slow Dance in the Cosmos to this year’s excellently crafted Pool, and it’s clear that the New York based Maine & co. have caught lightning in a bottle with their current iteration. In the process of constant evolution, Porches have become a magnetic live presence as well, gaining the notice of discerning listeners, critics, and labels alike, and this past Monday we were able to witness them in live glory at one of our favorite intimate indie venues in Denver, the Larimer Lounge.

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[Electronic] SHIVV – 3 Seconds


A name you probably don’t have on your mental list of producers is SHIVV. However, you will in a moment. We previously covered a single of his, but today we have a brand new one called “3 Seconds” that comes from his upcoming EP, due out in October.

“3 Seconds” is a song that will give every gamer nostalgia. It’s sounds are certainly influenced by the gaming community, paying homage to the classic tones that many of us heard growing up. SHIVV doesn’t keep it entirely old-school though, as he brings those sounds into the now with a bit of a grittier edge. His melodies are both strong and catchy. They’re augmented by crisp basses that give the song a sort of hard-rock edge to it. “3 Seconds” is the perfect combination of several things together in one. It’s also available as a direct download on SHIVV’s Soundcloud account. Hit it up, follow him, and enjoy!

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Stylust Beats – Bandana [TMN Premiere]

Stylust Beats

Fans of Stylust Beats can expect new music soon. In fact, they get a little something now through this Music Ninja Premiere with “Bandana.” This single is the title track for the Los Angeles act’s forthcoming EP, due out on October 13th through Sleeveless Records.

“Bandana” is a cool hybrid original, blending the sounds of trap and dubstep together in a way that few have done before. Usually when that happens, producers opt for a heavier, harder sound, but Stylust Beats switch things up for a more thugged out vibe. It’s got groove and attitude. Fans will surely be digging this one in a live atmosphere. It’s a dynamic record that can be played at anytime and have people embracing it to the fullest. Expect more great tracks from Stylust Beats on the Bandana EP. For now, download this single today for free.

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[Future Bass] Element – Dimensions


When the sun is out, Chris Cruz is a tech-developer in Brooklyn. When the night comes, he becomes the beat-making machine Element. He’s only produced for a short amount of time, but a lot can happen in a small window. Element has quickly become a go-to name for strong records in his area of New York City.

Lately, Element has been pushing a new single called “Dimensions.” This original is an insane future bass record that exemplifies why Element is a must have on any music fan’s radar. A lot of the time when future bass gets created, it’s just not that great. It sounds like a watered down version of someone else’s song, and the actual songwriting isn’t good. With Element and “Dimensions” those do not apply in the slightest. Element just killed it in every way with this one. To make things even better, he released it for free!

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[Ambient] Pure One – Become

Pure One

Every once in a while I’m sent a submission so different that I’m not quite sure what to do with it. Such was the case when Pure One landed in my inbox over a year ago with her experimental, ambient and stirring sonic landscapes.  The more I listened, the more appreciation I gained for its subtleties, intricate arrangement and soft drum patterns. Rather than evoke the standard instant gratification many expect from music, Pure One’s work feels more focused on transporting listeners to an astral plane of reflection, growing in depth with each listen.

“Become,” the first single off her upcoming Deva EP encapsulates that style as she chops her silky vocal chant of “become your truth” adding reverb among other psychedelic accents. That obscuration teamed with expertly placed piano keys and unconventional, soothing percussive elements results in something that truly evokes self reflection if you allow yourself to truly get lost in it.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint clear influences, fans of artists like BjorkSigur Ros and Four Tet may enjoy this one. Listen for yourself above and look out for the Deva EP, which is due out on Bandcamp October 16th via Cora Records.

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