[Music Video] LEViT∆TE & Macntaj – Pins & Needles

“Pins & Needles” takes from LEViT∆TE & Macntaj takes us one step closer to the treasure. What is the treasure you might ask? It’s LEViT∆TE & Macntaj’s highly anticipated EP, Omni. As a visionary producer, LEViT∆TE will blow people away with this project and he’s already got started.

With now hearing the second single from the EP, we’re getting an idea of where things are going for this and we’re excited. “Pins & Needles” is a smash, with a lovable abrasiveness to its style. Not only do we get to hear the track before the EP comes, but we’ve got a striking blood red music video to go along with. Together they pack a mean punch. Check out the video below and grab a copy of the single from digital stores today.

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[R&B/Soul] Little Monarch – No Matter What (starRo Remix)

Little Monarch
No Matter What (starRo Remix)

We’re fairly confident that no matter what you will like this starRO remix. Little Monarch’s single “No Matter What” got a smooth makeover from the Los Angeles resident. His soulful R&B remix is just the perfect thing you need to help get you to the weekend and celebrate properly.

Let’s dive into the track by stating simply that starRO just nailed it, 100%. Instead of focusing on the energy the original had, starRO slowed things down and got a bit more groovy with his take. The original’s material is instantly recognizable, but even for those who love Little Monarch’s version, they’ll be blown away by this one. Have a listen and stay sexy.

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[Electronic] CADE – I Know You Know feat. TK Kravitz

I Know You Know feat. TK Kravitz

You may not know the name CADE, but we know you’ll know now. If you do know the name, it may be from his collaboration on the remix of “Pretty Girls” with Cheat Codes. Now CADE is here with TK Kravitz on the original single “I Know You Know.”

With this original we get a healthy dose of a few genres. House, pop and hip-hop collide in one smooth single that will be taking over playlists for a long time to come. It’s catchy in every regard, but not in the typical cookie-cutter boring as hell way. Instead CADE puts together something we’d likely hear from a seasoned veteran to take over the radio. CADE’s just getting started and someday may be that seasoned veteran taking over the radio.

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[Electronic] French Braids – Wildfire (feat. Frankmusik)

French Braids
Wildfire (feat. Frankmusik)

Let’s heat things up with “Wildfire” from French Braids and Frankmusik. The Canadian producer just dropped his first original single and it’s just as hot as you would imagine.

French Braids has released a handful of remixes in the past and even though he’s made them his own, we haven’t seen him fully shine on his own yet. Frankmusik helped take “Wildfire” to the next level, but French Braid really nailed it with this one. The electro pop sound is highly accessible to multiple crowds, giving French Braid the opportunity to make some major moves quickly. With enough time this producer will be a go-to for the more tropical, poppy side of dance music.

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[Hip-Hop] Julia Lewis- On The Regular (W/ EluJay, Mr. Carmack, Mikos Da Gawd)

On The Regular (W/ Elujay, Mr. Carmack, Mikos Da Gawd)

“On The Regular” is the newest track from Bay area producer Julia Lewis who collaborated with producers Mr. Carmack and Mikos Da Gawd. EluJay, an Oakland rapper who, with his laid back style of lyricism, works perfectly with Lewis’ production. The beat itself will carry over any sound system with its pleasing island vibe which makes it the perfect track for the waning days of Summer. Make sure to get this one for that final Summer time pool party playlist before it gets too cold outside. If you enjoyed this track as much as I did you will be ecstatic to know that this is the first of a series of releases between Lewis and EluJay. They didn’t disappoint with this one so I will be patiently waiting for their other releases to come out.

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Sleep Millennium – Machines [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

After a long, arduous week, I often find myself slipping into a neat glass of whiskey, winding down with a choice selection of tunes. Sometimes the atmosphere lends itself to the dreary nature of the preceding days, which, coincidentally, seems to bring me up and out of my work-induced haze.

Among the usual cast — Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, Elliot Smith — there are always a spattering of up and coming acts, and Sleep Millennium is one of them. If you’re not quite up to speed with this Portland-based five-piece, don’t panic. You’ll be well acquainted after today.

“Machines” is the latest offering from Josh Schroeder (vocals, guitar), Miranda Vettrus (synth, guitar, vocals), Ronan Baker (guitar, vocals), Jarred Venti (bass, vocals) and Joshua Hawkins (drums, vocals). As expected, this offering is absolutely gorgeous; a well-thought out and well-produced gem through and through.

With crackling atmospheric noise and dancing keys setting the tone at the get-go, “Machine” subtly comes out of a deep slumber. Soft, acoustic strumming and Josh’s enveloping vocals are warm and familiar, however, the addition of sparingly-used, piercing, electric guitar riffs particularly grabbed a hold of me. In fact, I couldn’t help but notice the nod to Pink Floyd here, whether it was intentional or subconscious.

If you’re digging “Machines,” make sure to tune in for the rest of the debut full album, which officially releases in April of 2018.

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[House] AC Slater – All About Paper (feat. Bassboy & Scrufizzer)

AC Slater
All About Paper [feat. Bassboy & Scrufizzer]

Why people don’t fuse hip-hop and house more, we have no idea. We’re glad AC Slater caught up with Bassboy and Scrufizzer for the crossover single “All About Paper” though. The fast-paced single will be released in full on AC Slater’s upcoming album, Outsiders, that is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

“All About Paper” has a whole lot going on in it. From tech to industrial to hip-hop, Ac Slater’s influences are numerous in this one. Sometimes it’s hard to seal your influences together under one project but the veteran did so with ease and energy. This song is about as hype as you get, filling the listener with energy as though it were a stimulating drug. If the rest of the album is anything like this, then look out for AC Slater to be in the top albums of 2017 for sure.

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