Waveless – Me & U [TMN Premiere]

Me & U

“Me & U” is the latest song coming in the dojo from the Majestic Casual camp. Not only are we simply sharing it to you, but we’re the first to do so with the premiere of the Waveless original.

The Melbourne music maker gets futuristic with this vibey, atmospheric feeler. From start to finish Waveless tells a story through his composition, growing it out and building upon the elements as time passes for a song that’s never stagnant. It’s got this heavenly sound that will whisk you away into the weekend. Share it with your partner for maximum effect. Enjoy your exclusive listen and grab a copy of the single if you fancy it!

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[Dubstep] Trolley Snatcha & Gentlemens Club – Lose Your Head

Trolley Snatcha & Gentlemens Club
Lose Your Head

You may just “Lose Your Head” because of Trolley Snatcha and Gentlemens Club‘s collaboration. If you don’t lose your head, your neck may be where the issue is, because this is a headbanging anthem.

Released as a free download, this original single is a part of the Diamond Tape series, which will see the release of mixtapes, originals, collaborations, remixes and live sets. Get ready to get dirty with this bass behemoth that isn’t for the faint of heart. If you can handle four and a half minutes of jaw-dropping bass, then click that play button!

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[Dubstep] Oolacile – Embers EP

Headbangers unite under Oolacile‘s Embers. Released on Disciple, this EP sees the bass-slinging producer go all out after dropping several singles over the past year. It’s not since the Humanity EP at the end of 2016 that we’ve seen Oolacile come full force with an extended project.

Embers is complete with five singles including a collaboration with Samplifire. You may be wondering why there’s only four tracks here and you can thank Soundcloud’s problematic identification process that has taken down an original song. Good thing is – the entire EP is available to stream or purchase on digital platforms. The EP is well worth the purchase price if you’re still into growing your library as it’s got just the right ferocious sound you need to keep up the heat as the weather gets colder.

’Oolacile – Bandwagon’
’Oolacile – Otog’
’Oolacile – Space Suit’
’Oolacile & Samplifire – Alduin’
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Catalina – After All [TMN Premiere]

After All

To help get you over the hump for this week we’ve got an exclusive first listen for you. The band Catalina has come through with their brand new single “After All” to the dojo.

“After All” is about as chill as it gets. Any worries you’ve got from the week will be washed away once you bathe your ears in this debut single. It’s beautiful, but not in the typical way. It’s got a bittersweet tone to it that gives it some character and complexity that some artists just can’t pull off. Catalina are taking a strong first step with this single and we can’t wait to hear more in the future. For now, enjoy “After All” exclusively in the dojo.

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Bobby Nourmand – Mind (The Remixes)

Back in early July Bobby Nourmand released his original single “Mind” featuring DOC & Goodmorning through Potion. Today an extension of the project has come our way to share. Mind (The Remixes) is here in full with three bustling cuts.

As you would guess coming from the Potion team, this remix EP is all house. The great thing about this project is that each remix has its own sound, delivering different nuances to Bobby’s record. Parx gets super techy with the first take, while Tom & Collins is more of a peak time hit. Lastly, Limits comes through with the most unique and deep take on the song. All together these flips make for a strong EP that does Bobby’s “Mind” justice. If you haven’t heard the original, we’ve included it too!

’Bobby Nourmand : “MIND” (feat. DOC & Goodmorning) (Extended Mix)’
’Bobby Nourmand : “MIND” feat. DOC & Goodmorning (Parx Remix)’
’Bobby Nourmand : “MIND” feat. DOC & Goodmorning (Tom & Collins Remix)’
’Bobby Nourmand : “MIND” feat. DOC & Goodmorning (Limits Remix)’
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[Electro] Downlowd – Well Connected

Well Connected

Get ready for some good ol’ electro. Downlowd has come out of hiding and ended his hiatus to deliver his single “Well Connected” to the world. His new story begins and the first tale is here in full, out now on all digital platforms.

“Well Connected” is a a cerebral electro heater. It starts out with an intriguing vocal monologue that is a bit satirical with its content. After the rather unique introduction Downlowd bursts us into a bustling beat characterized by the almighty bassline. His is dirty in the classic sense – not overly compressed and gritty like much of the dubstep of today whose sound design has permeated house music. What makes this track so exceptional though is that it grows from beginning to end. Downlowd didn’t simply copy and paste, then add a few simple things to the latter half. He truly delivered on an in-depth record.

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[Music Video] Boy Bjorn – Gunpoint

Let Boy Bjorn whisk you away with his new project “Gunpoint.” For a track with such a name, you wouldn’t think you’d get something so relaxed and laid-back as you do with this original. Not only do we have the song to share, but we have an emotional music video as well. Boy Bjorn put together a striking video with a dark ambiance about it that makes for quite the viewing. Muted colors plague the visuals which set the tone nicely with the ominous song playing in the back. Overall both the song and video are superb. Some of you might already be familiar with Boy Bjorn too as he is Brian from Foreign Fields!

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