[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 280)

Today we’re ready to get the party started right off the bat, no pre-game necessary. We’re jumping right into the fun with some heaters from Jace Mek, Dusty Bits, ATLiens x TYNAN, Crystalize and more, including the debut single from Birthdayy Partyy to kick things off properly. As we do every Friday, we’re delivering a dozen free downloads for you to enjoy while you’re letting loose over the weekend. We’re starting things off hot and it only gets hotter until the last few tracks where we’re looking to ease into the end of the night with some vibey james from a range of talents. Enough of this blabbering though, let’s get the party started, shall we?

’Birthdayy Partyy – Unwrapped (ft. Rico Act)’
’Jacek Mek – Lost’
’Jameston Theives – Ghost (Dusty Bits Remix)’
’Switch Up (Kyral x Banko Flip)’
’ATLiens & TYNAN – Malfunction’
’Martin Garrix – Animals (Crystalize Remix)’
’KLAXX – Stars’
’X&G – Belong (JEANIE Flip)’
’Silva –

’WAVES – Still Dreamin (feat. Angeline)’
’Dooqu – Letting Go (ft. Trove)’
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[House] LondonBridge – Sound Of The Underground: The Remixes

LondonBridge has arrived with Sound Of The Underground: The Remixes and it is a house head’s dream come true. This collection of three remixes is just the right mix of sounds to augment the already spectacular original “Sound Of The Underground” that dropped on the EP with the same name.

If you haven’t checked out the clubby original, we’ve got you covered below alongside the remixes. First we start out with TYPE3‘s electro infused beast that has the most oomph on the project. Morelia comes next with an undeniably unique take that is unlike most of the house music that comes through the dojo. Lastly Zendlo takes us home with a deep and techy flip to round out the EP. All together these are just the remixes that LondonBridge’s original needed. What makes this project even better is each remix is available as a free download!

’LondonBridge – Sound Of The Underground’
Sound Of The Underground (TYPE3 Remix)’
Sound Of The Underground (Morelia Remix)’
Sound Of The Underground (Zendlo Remix)’
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[R&B/Pop] Benny Mayne – Bounce

There’s a brand new face – or rather, voice – on the scene that you need to familiarize yourself with. Benny Mayne is coming stacked with releases for 2018, but he’s kicking off things with his R&B jam “Bounce” that just dropped today fresh out of the oven.

“Bounce” is a smooth, sexy single that is sure to make enough noise to really get Benny’s new endeavor off the ground in epic fashion. Benny weaves underground urban sounds together with the subtlest touch of pop for a song that isn’t too hard to imagine on the radio or being plastered across channels like Music Choice or MTV. It’s not easy to dial in such a balance but “Bounce” is an exceptional tune. To show his appreciation, Benny is giving this one away for free, but if you’d like to support his project you may purchase it as well.

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[Tech House] Conrad Clifton – Kneel Da Grass / Tight Son

Conrad Clifton
Kneel Da Grass / Tight Son

Anything from Conrad Clifton needs to be listened to. Anything called “Kneel Da Grass / Tight Son” needs your attention as well. Today we’ve got a song for you that checks both boxes. Conrad’s new techy single has came to the public through Infinity Pool Recordings last month, but we couldn’t pass up sharing it with you here.

“Kneel Da Grass / Tight Son” is structured to be two songs in one. Conrad doesn’t take it easy and stretches his songwriting abilities to really deliver something special with this single. He takes from numerous genres and artfully slams them together into a song that is as engaging as it is dynamic. Have a listen for yourself and if you like what you’re hearing, then go on ahead to Bandcamp to get yourself a copy.

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[Jersey Club] R3LL – A JERZ Love Story EP

One of the most underrated genres out there is Jersey Club. The legendary figure in the movement, R3LL, has come through the pipeline with a hot new EP released on Dim Mak that absolutely needs your full attention. This is A JERZ Love Story.

With A JERZ Love Story R3LL has four classics on his hands all mashed together masterfully in one project. From beginning to end you’ll be dancing along and having reaction after reaction of “damn did he just do that?” With so much greatness it’s hard to pin down a favorite – which we couldn’t do after listening through several times. It’s just that good of an EP. Listen for yourself and see if you can pick a favorite.

’Back Seat Lovin’ (feat. TT The Artist, Chris Jane & Pure 100%)’
’Double Trouble (feat. Rell Rock)’
’Ride Dat (feat. Uniiqu3)’
’Back It Up (feat. Bleszt)’
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[Electronic] Culprate – Unity Project, Pt. 3

Culprate has been flexing hard with his latest string of EPs that he’s dubbed the Unity Project. Two were released and now the third is here with another batch of collaborators including Protostar, Aether and many more. As with the other two EPs, this carries a conceptual vibe throughout for a cohesive release from start to finish.

Coming in at six tracks it is equal in length as the other two releases. With it Culprate and friends bring an ethereal landscape to life with various tones and textures that piece together for what may be the best part of this series yet. They really did something different with this one and we’re loving it in the dojo. Looking to support the project and grab a copy for yourself? Head over to Bandcamp to do so!

’Culprate & Quok – Aqueous’
’Culprate & Keota Ft. Sophie Meiers – Mechanic Heartbeat’
’Culprate & Protostar – Duality’
’Culprate & Bloom – Aurora’
’Culprate & Frequent – Drifting’
’Culprate & Aether – Flora’
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Fatboy Slim – Bird of Prey (Aston Shuffle Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Fatboy Slim
Bird Of Prey (The Aston Shuffle remix) PRIVATE PREVIEW

This Friday, January 19th, prepare for an epic match – and we aren’t talking about Mayweather vs McGregor. Fatboy Slim, an iconic name in the producing world is taking on some of Australia’s finest with Fatboy Slim vs Australia, a remix album releasing on Skint/BMG. Artists featured on the album include LO’99, The Kite String Tangle, Set Mo, Carmada, Sam La More, Northlane, and the duo we bring you tonight: The Aston Shuffle.

“Fatboy Slim is one of those names that is so legendary, you’d be mad not to say yes if the opportunity arose to work on something he is a part of. It was so great to be able to remix one of his songs, we hope we did the song justice!”

The Australian duo introduce us to their darker side with late night feel compared to the slightly lighter original. Around the 3:30 minute mark we’re introduced to even darker bass cuts, a sound that certainly deserves a spot on a track list for those after-hour events. Enjoy the exclusive first listen and make sure to pre-order the album here!

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