[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 293)

The second weekend of Coachella is upon us and we’re keeping the festivities going on our end with another edition of the Friday Party Playlist. This week we’ve got the usual batch of a dozen free downloads for you, as well as a mix for a whole bunch of extra music for you. This week we’re dropping heaters from some of our favorite producers including Kaptain, Luca Lush, dEVOLVE, Wenzday, Arius and so many more, including the return of Twine. There’s a whole lot of great stuff going on here, so get ready to dive in. We start off slow then boost up the energy to max levels as the playlists goes on! Party hard, stay safe ninjas.

’Mlapa – Ice Coffee’
’Kaptain – Your Every Move’
’LUCA LUSH – PSYCHO (feat. Synchronice & AERYN)’
’Madison Beer – Home With You (dEVOLVE Remix)’
’Wenzday – Narita’
’8Er$ – STFU!’
’Twine – Die 4 U’
’ATLiens – Interstellar (feat. Sara Skinner) (Arius Remix)’
’Porn And Chicken X Bizerk – Riot’
’Zoo Keeper’s Mix Of The Week
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[Electronic] Mosie – Tangerine

If you’re looking for something funky to spice up your weekend, then look no further than Mosie‘s debut studio album Tangerine. Now when we say funky, we do mean funky in the tradition musical sense, as well as the wacky non-traditional sense. Mosie does his own thing on this project and it really shows.

Tangerine is one of the best albums of the year so far, complete with fourteen incredible singles with enough old school flare to bring you back into the 70’s. With his retro infused singles, Mosie brings us back to a different decade while breathing modern undertones through his work. From start to finish this is a nostalgic adventure for all ages. Mosie has us aching for this on vinyl, but we’ve added it to our digital library – and you should too.

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[Electronic] Kaptain – Your Every Move

Your Every Move

The San Francisco artist Kaptain is making his return in a big way with a brand new original. The single “Your Every Move” signals the upcoming arrival of an EP, set to be called The Practice Of Letting Go. With how zen “Your Every Move” is, we imagine the rest of the EP will take us away into Kaptain’s world with ease.

“Your Every Move” is chill all the way through. Its psychedelic tendencies breathe heavily from start to finish, offering up a sound that is soothing and hypnotic. Kaptain always manages to create records that tell a story and take you on a journey from beginning to end. He doesn’t take the easy way out and it shows with in depth songwriting skills. “Your Every Move” is currently available as a free download, but stay tuned for more.

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[Hybrid Trap] CRWTH & Mursa – Jaw Lock (ft.Dyvon)

CRWTH & Mursa
Jaw Lock (ft.Dyvon)

Let’s take a dive deep down into some dirty trap-ridden beats shall we? Thankfully CRWTH and Mursa dropped the hybrid bass original “Jaw Lock” alongside Dyvon recently. This dark and devilish record doesn’t pull any punches, so prepare yourself.

“Jaw Lock” implores an ominous hip-hop introduction complete with a lyrical performance that endures with its haunting sound. From there we’re lead into and hit with ferocious bass samples and a barrage of other sounds that are all mashed together to chaotic perfection. You may not expect it from a “trap” record, but the moody tone that these creatives construct is right on the money. It’s a emotionally engaging record, even if it does conjure up the more fiendish side of you! Best part about it too – it’s a free download.

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[Music Video] A&G, Luvi – 2 Much

A&G X Luvi
2 Much

“2 Much” by A&G and Luvi is helping to usher in the warmer weather that will eventually lead into Summer. The tropical tune has just the right vibe for any beach gatherings or pool parties. Even if you don’t find yourself in that atmosphere, “2 Much” will transport you there.

“2 Much” is a poppy, Moombah inspired original with a vocal performance that is hard to forget. Not only did A&G / Luvi drop the track, but they’ve come through with a dance heavy music video to enhance the “2 Much” experience. Watch and listen for yourself and bust out your own dance moves. “2 Much” is currently available online for those wanting a copy.

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Platonick Dive – Maple [TMN Video Premiere]

To kick off Tuesday we’re going retro with a new project from the Italian group Platonick Dive. They have graced the dojo with the premiere of the music video for the single “Maple” from their upcoming LP Social Habits that comes out on April 20th.

“Maple” as a track is a cerebral dive into mesmerizing soundscapes and lush textures. Platonick Dive really keyed in on a classic, yet new-school sound. With the video they continued with the nostalgic tone, utilizing noisily filtered images that make you feel like you are watching a dark, cryptic VHS. The whole project is incredible and we’re happy to be the first to present it to you. Lastly, you can pre-order Social Habits today from iTunes!

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2018 Round #3)

Avoid FOMTID (Fear of Missing The Indie Dojo). Set your alarms, mark your calendars, write yourself a note on a post-it. Every Tuesday morning, for as long as the future allows, there will be a playlist full of indie jams just waiting here just for you.

’Apre – All Yours’
’Mr Gabriel – Tambourine’
’WILD CHILD – Think It Over’
’ROLE MODEL – girl in new york’
’Alae – Stone Cold’
’Upstairs Open – Chicago’
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