[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 128: Smino, Kenny Beats & Airy Soundscapes

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Music Ninja Radio
Episode 128: Smino, Kenny Beats & Airy Soundscapes

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This week’s episode kicks off with a selection of chilled-out new neo-soul, R&B and indie pop tracks before getting into a whole lotta new hip-hop and, finally, closing out with some ethereal electronic vibes. On the hip-hop front, highlights included samples from Smino‘s latest album, which is yet another testament to his incredible vocal range and unique delivery, the latest beautiful single from Earl Sweatshirt and a 5-song dedication to producer Kenny Beats who has been omnipresent as of late. After some hard-hitting rap, the end of the show is one large exhale featuring some beautiful electronic music from Televangel, Djrum and How to Dress Well among others.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2018 Round #2)

With the holidays fast approaching, like…..super fast, we would like to remind you of the the Indie Dojo. The gift that keeps on giving, week after week after week. Just in case you were stressin’.
’Jackie Brown Jr. – Best Friend’
’Somebody’s Child – Make You Alright’
’Harry Jay Steele – Ancient Waves’
’No Kind of Rider – Autumn (Single)’
’The Bandicoots – Shady Lane’
’Kitchenette – Prison Break’
’Night Market – Miles Alone’
’Sgmaniak – Have Some Faith In Me’
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[Pop] VAVO ft Caroline Kole – Right Now

Right Now (feat. Caroline Kole)

VAVO only met after a year of collaborating, one based in Canada, the other in the UK. Through perseverance, and infectious music, they made the long distance relationship work, and even brought in a third wheel with Caroline Kole, on their latest “Right Now.” Sometimes you just have to go with the wheeling, and jump into it, for the thrill of it. Press play, and you’ll be hooked, “Right Now” is all energy and a ball of fun.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2018 Round #1)

Gain an extra hour of sleep and few new songs for your Indie Dojo collection. Pretty sweet deal if we do say so ourselves.
’j ember – nothing left’
’The Cavers – Trains’
’The Western Den – Spark, Set Fire’
’The Wanting – Dark Road’
’Slow Pulp – At Home’
’Tom Young – Brother’
’Macsen Romano – Boystown’
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[Electronic] Chris Siegel – I Can’t feat. lulunah

Chris Siegel
I Can't feat. lulunah

Milwaukee’s musical mage Chris Siegel partnered up with Madison’s lulunah for a new vibey treat your ears will be huffing down over and over again. You can stream it here, or if you’re still into this sort of thing – download it for free.

“I Can’t” is more than simply a hit song. The two creatives work together in stride to deliver an enjoyable sonic adventure that blends together a sad realization with a promising sentiment. The spirited instrumental at times can be somewhat somber, fitting in line with the direction of the vocals – performed sensationally by lulunah – but at others gives a sense of optimism. For anybody that’s been in a relationship (sorry any Forever Aloners out there), this should hit near home.

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[Indie/Electronic] Midoca – When You’re Around I Become Myself

When You're Around I Become Myself

Midoca has quickly become an artist to keep your eyes glued on. Simply keeping them peeled is not enough to appreciate this indie sensation. With a string of quality, interesting records this year, he continues that thread with “When You’re Around I Become Myself.”

“When You’re Around I Become Myself” is a passionate slow jam that inches along like a flow of delectable musical molasses. It oozes with Midoca’s tender, yet complex emotions that play together with ease. Midoca has a style all his own and its on full display with this gem. Get your copy of it today.

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[Electro Pop] RYNO – Who We Are

Who We Are

New York’s RYNO is back with a brand new single after a little hiatus. The track “Who We Are” is a testament to RYNO’s style, one that has fused pop with electronic for some time.

RYNO’s works have always had a distinct style to them, but with “Who We Are” we get the true embodiment of the vision. Even with a host of cool takes, this original is a stand out not only in terms of quality, but because it feels like RYNO is really hitting a stride. Enjoy this one and stay tuned for more.

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