888 – Pins & Needles [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Hailing from the Mile High City, 888 is back again with another massive, emotive, and encapsulating tune. And, as seen before, they’ve enlisted the help of fellow Denverites, Blurred Pictures, to help with the visual representation of “Pins & Needles.”

Living in Denver, I’ve had the pleasure of being fully aware of members Danny Stills and Danny Cooper as 888, since they emerged onto the scene with “Critical Mistakes” back in 2016, garnering overwhelming local support and some nationally. Though, this isn’t the first taste of success, having previously gained some serious buzz for their heavier work with Drop Dead, Gorgeous and Bleach Blonde.

Though the heavier stuff is behind them, nods to their emo routes are still noticeable with releases like “Critical Mistakes,” a handful of others, and now “Pins & Needles.” With such a unique and modernized sound, it shouldn’t be long before droves of others share the same adoration for this burgeoning, new(ish) act.

Today, we’re bringing you the first look at another extremely well-made music video, which was written, produced, and directed by Blurred Pictures. It’s heavy, dramatic, stars both Stills and Cooper, and is worth your attention for the next few minutes.

When you’re done, make sure to head over to Spotify and drop “Pins & Needles” into your favorite playlists.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2019 Round #4)

Good music can be hard to find. Unless you come across an Indie Dojo. Then the good music practically falls into your lap.

’Say Yes Dog – Lies’
’Hubbabubbaklubb – Et Annet Sted’
’Kuri – The Great Orator’
’Lazuli Vane – Lydia’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2019 Round #2)

Unlimited indie inventory brought to you by the good ol’ Indie Dojo. We promise you’ll find something worth playing for.

’Grayson – Brother’
’Branches – Out Of My Head’
’Mara Connor – Someone New (with Langhorne Slim)’
’Modra Luna – Senseless’
’Carter Reeves – Superpowers’
’Camp 8
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[EDM] Insomniac Records EDC Las Vegas 2019 Compilation

EDC week has begun. For those of you going to the festival or other related activities, we wish you a fun and safe trip. For those not going, we hope you’re at least going to be doing something to enjoy your time. The good folks over at Insomniac Records have something on their hands that can elevate your mood.

The official 2019 EDC Las Vegas compilation has dropped with over thirty songs. Artists included on the project range from people like Audien, Ghastly, JOYRYDE and Party Favor to Dustycloud, BIJOU, Oolacile and many more. Whether you’re going to the festival or not, this is all the music you will need this week.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2019 Round #1)

Did you know that getting goosebumps from music means you have a special kind of brain? Not sure if you have that specialness? Here, maybe a song from an Indie Dojo will help you find out. If it doesn’t work, no worries. You’re still special and we still like you.

’Old Cob – Wasted’
’James Clayton – Avalene’
’Sleepy House – Moonjoose’
’Katey Brooks – In Your Arms’
’Laura Hyde – Candy Shops’
’Winnie Raeder – Don’t You Dare’
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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode #146: From Indie to Acid w/ Vix

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode #146: From Indie to Acid w/ Vix

Soundcloud || iTunes Podcast || Spotify Playlist  || BFF.fm Archive & Tracklist

With special guest Vicky in the house, this week’s episode was a fun change of pace, laced with fuzzy synths and 90s acid nostalgia. I opened things up with two segments highlighting new / upcoming indie releases from The Mattson 2, Drugdealer and Slow Pulp among others. Vicky brought an eclectic mix with a common thread of 90s nostalgia — from Westerman‘s understated, Phil Collins-esque vocals to classic acid house of Armando and Moby. – Ash

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2019 Round #5)

Imagine the world without music. No, you know what? Don’t. It’s terrible. Here’s an Indie Dojo to help you forget we even brought that up.

’Winnetka Bowling League – Slow Dances’
’Spirit City – Free Rider’
’Yes Plz – Come Home’
’jim and sam – Yeah Whatever Young Forever’
’roken – Comfortable’
’thegrayhaven – Storehouse’
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