[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #94

chill dojo

Get set for an edition stacked with vocal delights and enough groove to last well through the week. German pair Gamper & Dadoni have been building momentum with each successive release this year, and their latest remix might just be their best yet. We were calling game over when Oliver Nelson and Tobtok unleashed their version of the Naughty Boy hit single, but this dance-floor igniter looks to have the final say on the matter. With all the trimmings of their signature style, the duo have re-invented this track to give the original a run for its money. Speaking of remakes, Sam Smith’s cover of ‘How Will I Know’ is another fitting tribute to an iconic piece of music history, and this deep house touch from London’s Chris Meid serves to accentuate the emotion even further. Again, it’s summer melodies and sax which are the heroes of this effort, bestowing a heavy sense of nostalgia on every line of these well-known lyrics. There is equal praise for the original works released this week as well, and Toronto’s Tep No caught our attention with this tune which is ready-built to be a summer anthem. The folks at SuicideSheep are always on point with their selections, and to have this picked up by their label, Seeking Blue, is a testament to the potential of both this song and the artist behind it. It’s not hard to picture the vivid image of festival crowds swaying in the afternoon heat, soaking up the feel-good vibes encapsulated here. French Kiwi Juice is no stranger to these kind of feelings, and every track posted from his recent Take Off EP has been oozing the sexy smoothness he’s famous for. This week’s reveal was ‘Higher in Love’, and as the name suggests, it’s one to share with that special someone for sure. We couldn’t end this week’s proceedings without a good dose of the tropics, and luckily dojo-favorite Manila Killa is happy to oblige with something truly beautiful. If this marks what he’s capable of at just 21 years of age, then we can’t wait to hear how his craftsmanship continues to evolve in the future to come.

As for now, that’s another edition in the books, but we’re steadily creeping towards a milestone of our own. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #94 zip

The La La La Remix
Sam Smith
How Will I Know (Chris Meid Remix)
Tep No
Its Alright ( feat. Lizz Kellermann )
Higher In Love feat. Damon Trueitt
Dawn Golden
All I Want (Manila Killa Remix)
Wont Win (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)
Sam Smith
Stay With Me (Prince Fox Remix)
Full Crate x Mar
Man x Woman (GANZ Edition)
Everyday Adventures (ft. sleepytimejesse)
Salt Cathedral
Tease (Kodak to Graph Remix)
Pharaohs (The NEF Project Remix)
So Deep
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers Cover)
3LAU feat. Bright Lights
How You Love Me (JUSTice Remix)
Kanye West
Good Life (SevnthWonder Remix)
Pierce Fulton
As You Were
Collide (Keljet Remix)
LES VOILES (Moi je Remix)
Back Back Forward Punch
Solid Gold (Pat Lok Remix)
Skyscraper Souls Feat. Freedom Fry (Citizen Select Remix)
Danny Darko
Butterfly (Tontario Remix)
Bad Suns
We Move Like The Ocean (Sebastian Carter Remix)
Robin Thicke, Felon & Isla
Get Her Back (AA Isla Bootleg)
Chill Love Feat. Resin Moon
High Tide (Avenue Remix)
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 36]

Sunday Night Soul

With July coming to a close soon, we’re reminded that we’ve only got one more month of summer left to enjoy. As we look forward to soaking in every last ounce of sunshine possible, we hope to spend our nights immersed in some soothing sounds. Now, we don’t like to brag, but we’d like to think the best way for you to get your fix is through a hearty helping of Sunday Night Soul. Just like last week, we found it a bit difficult to pick out some standouts in this edition, so we’re leaving it up to our faithful ninjas out there to figure out which ones are their favorites. While this may seem like a bad sign at first, it’s really a testament to the quality of music we’ve been discovering over the past few weeks. Of course, this only makes our mouths water at what else lies in store for the weeks ahead.

∴ The Acid ∴
How To Dress Well
Let U Know
Sum Comfort
Giving Wins (feat. Kay Franklin & Joyce Wrice)
Jessie Ware
Share It All
Just Once
Evy Jane
Worry Heart
Two On (XONA Remix)
The Night VI
Wonderlust (IYES Remix)
Love Narcotics Prod by A_Vincente
Tin Gardens x GR33NGOE$
Was It You?
Starboard Side Mid Summer
I Wish (You Were Mine)
Glass Animals
Love Lockdown (Kanye West Cover)
Rush of You
Warm On A Cold Night
Angie Stone
Baby feat. Betty Right (Prod. By Mo Musiq)
Love Slide (Prod by. Mo Musiq)
Higher In Love feat. Damon Trueitt
Destani Wolf
Uprising (Do It!)
Marsha Ambrosius
So Good
John Legend
You and I (CLBTS Remix)
Dami Saheed
Mike Jay
Sweet Lady 2014
Don Benjamin ft. DeCarlo
August Alsina Ft. Nicki Minaj
No Love (Remix)
Trevor Jackson Feat. Kirko Bangz
Me Likey
Trey Songz & Mila J
S.F.D.S.W.B. (A JAYBeatz Mashup)
J Wahl
Lay You Down (Prod By Salv)
Stress Reliever (FT. Anthony King & Prince XDXM) Prod. LRBEATS
Jonn Hart
Party (feat. L!Z)
Leela James
Save Me feat. Joe Ryan
kos kudos
Jordan Bratton
Must Be
spooky black
jude law & a semester abroad
K. Roosevelt
Great Skies
Be Yours (Feat. Jordan James)
Professional Dancer
Kiah Victoria
Hanging On
Years and Years
Breathe (Blu Cantrell cover)
Years and Years
Take Shelter (Onra Remix)
Jessy Lanza
You and Me (Taken From Hyperdub 10.2
She Wants
believe in us feat. Kinetics & One Love
Telescope Thieves
V (Second Nature Remix)
All The Time
The Weeknd
Often (XONA Remix)
astlavista // Overdue
su na
Attached (Ft. Maesu)
Jessie Ware
Tough Love (Sango Remix)
Danny Glover Feat. Gaïa By 8tm (Dripwork Edit)
Im Sorry
Late Nights
BTSTU (Dont Fvck With Me)
josh pan & kuma
SZA ~ Babylon // (Bnjmn & Fortune Remix)
The Code
Gravity (Sango Remix)
Trey Songz
Nana (araabMUZIK Remix)(CLEAN)
Sivey & Evil Needle
Ascension (aywy. & Sh?m Edit)
Cyril Hahn
Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan
Carmen & Next
Too Cold (A JAYBeatz Mashup)
R Kelly x keri hilson x elkco
number one remix
Amaris Call (Feat. Green Hypnotic)
benny jetts
Cumberland Mall
TLC x Blackstreet x Lil Jon
No Rugrat Scrubs (Sample Gee Mashup)
Lady (Wantigga Flip)
The Weeknd
Often (Free n Losh Remix)
Time feat. IAMSU (Hoodboi Remix)
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[Dreamy] X3SR – a e r o d y n a m i c

a e r o d y n a m i c

After adventuring around the Baker neighborhood of Denver for the past few days, we can officially say that we need a moment to wind down. While we’re prepped and ready to go enjoy The Underground Music Showcase’s fourth day, we’re admittedly a little exhausted from all the festivities.

With that being said, Miami 3-piece X3SR recently released “a e r o d y n a m i c” on SVNSET WAVES’ SVMMΞR SVN Vol 2 yesterday, and it’s absolutely perfect for our wind-down session. Featuring energetic percussion work with heavy use of hi-hats, this tune is a dreamy synth-driven ride that calls on associations of Tycho and Bonobo.

Whatever you’re up to, throw this on and enjoy your Sunday. After all, we’re all only hours away from having to return to the daily grind. Make sure you make the most of today.

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[Dubstep] Varien – Gunmetal Black

Gunmetal Black

It’s early as hell right now and the hangover has comfortably settled in its place. The only logical thing to do to cure this throbbing headache is to blast some Varien as loud as you can. The Monstercat native just unleashed an epic monstrosity to the world to which he takes dubstep to an entirely new cinematic level. Bringing in elements from the metal and hardcore genre, Varien’s new track, “Gunmetal Black”, is everything you need in life; whether you’re getting married or simply going to the grocery store for more eggs, this song is ideal for any and all settings.

Varien’s, “Gunmetal Black” appears to have been influenced by Chinese culture considering it makes you feel like you’re Mulan and you’re about to defeat the Huns. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you, then maybe you should go on a Disney movie binge and watch that classic gem until you’ve convinced yourself otherwise. Varien effectively takes hold of our emotions and masterfully builds us up for easily one of the most epic releases we’ve had in a long time. So if you like to cure your hangovers with more hangovers, then this song is for you. Check it out on Beatport and rage on, ninjas.

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[Deep House] Disclosure – Latch (Bipolar Theory Bootleg)

Bipolar Theory
Latch (BiPolar Theory Bootleg)

We know…another “Latch” remix to add to the 1,456,374,885,884 renditions on the internet at this time. We’ve heard all 1,456,374,885,884 (completely made up number) forms of this song and today we are about to share with you yet another, but this time,we decided to go one deeper.

Los Angeles based producers, Whyel and JDefeats decided to step away from their current endeavors and pull a DJ Hanzel on us with their new collaboration side project, Bipolar Theory. Heading towards the deeper side of dance music, both artists are bringing something fresh and exciting for all of us to get down to. As they continue to make the plunge to the darkside, Bipolar Theory felt it was time to give us a taste of what they’ve been cooking up over the last couple of months by dropping their debut bootleg of “Latch” by Disclosure. The moment you press play you instantly become sucked in with a tasty piano melody, a solid clap, and a wicked sub bass to make your body groove all sorts of ways. We guarantee that after hearing this, you’ll want to go on a Disclosure binge and watch low quality clips of them at Coachella this past year. So let’s show some love to Bipolar Theory for giving us a refreshing new reason to be stuck on this classic bedroom swooner.

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[Chill] Spooky Black – Without U (Party Time Remix)

Spooky Black
Without U (Party Time Remix)

If there is one artist that completely makes us completely emerge ourselves into the moment, it’s Spooky Black. His darkness resonates something intrinsically meaningful with each and every production he puts out. With his eerie lyrics and smooth, ambient vibes, Spooky Black is the definition of #sadboi.

With it being Friday, we understand that the last thing you might want to hear is something deep and depressing, however, we here at TMN feel that it is important to take a little time to yourself before you venture off into a sea of blacked out visions and cheesy club music. DJ/Producer, Party Time, decided to spookify up one of Spooky Black’s songs, “Without U”, and ultimately did the exact opposite of what his artist name might set people up to think. This remix will not make you want to party but rather it makes you feel as if you should be sitting in a dark and lonely room with your deepest and darkest fears. As creepy as that interpretation may be, it is the only way we can describe the vibe of this remix.

If it’s the an awkward time of the day for you like it is for us, then we highly recommend you experience the dark wonders of Spooky Black and Party Time; who knows, you might find a little calm before the storm.

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[Future Bass] Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Prince Fox Remix)

Sam Smith
'Stay With Me' (Prince Fox Remix)

We’ve been seeing Sam Smith’s name everywhere these days; whether it be from his baby makin’ tune of the year, “Latch” with Disclosure, or his current swooner, “Stay With Me”. With everyone and their mom remixing “Stay With Me”, we have become pretty picky when it comes to picking our favorite versions just like we are with “Latch” remixes. With timeless music, we have to make sure we only provide you with the best of the best, so we don’t need you pulling a Kanye West to tell us that ‘so and so’s’ remix was the best remix of all time.

Known for making the most adorable music, Prince Fox is back at it again with another song to make you call up that one special person and tell them just how wonderful they really are. The New York producer decided to add the Prince Fox touch on “Stay With Me” to which he ultimately destroyed the internet. With already over 80,000 plays in just 2 days, it’s obvious that he is going in the right direction with music. As soon as you press play, you instantly are welcomed with a lovely piano melody and a lead synth that will make you feel some type of way. Whether you are a 250 lb linebacker or a 125 lb computer tech, it doesn’t matter because you will find your soft spot all thanks to Prince Fox.

We’ve been hit straight in the feels with this one and have been left in a state of complete dissonance. So why don’t you just hit play and listen for yourselves. We guarantee that you’ll have the courage to call up that pretty young thing or handsome lad and give them a reason to stick around; after all, it’s Summer and we all know that love is in the air.

Get your free download today and go win that special gal/guy over. We think Prince Fox had the intention of winning some lovely lady over with this gem because sad boys don’t touch these songs without a reason.

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