On their latest release, Sweet And Sour, Band Of Skulls has found a precarious balance between their already established sound and a mature new direction. While the CD is full of heavy juggernauts, the band accents these harsh points with a new softer side that mixes both psychedelic and alternative grooves.

The new twist on Band of Skulls beloved sound provides an intricate framework for the CD to work around, moving in waves under the band’s beautiful male and female vocal harmonies while they alternate through musical dynamics.

Part of the reason for this change is that the band, being a three piece, is finding new ways to work together. They’ve mastered the art of heavy music with raw energy and lyrical complexity, as shown through the song “sweet sour” itself. This kind of track is prevalent on the album and will no doubt make Band Of Skulls followers feel at home. Stylistic changes come by way of softer songs like “Hometowns” which shows the band diving head first into the swells of deep pulsing bass drums and sultry bass lines.

Overall I think that Sweet Sour will satisfy the sweet tooth of novice listeners and Band of Skulls fanboys alike.

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