[Electronic] Christian Loffler – Licht

German-based producer Christian Loffler stirred up quite the single this month. His new track “Licht” exposed a sound that’s hard to compare with much else we’ve heard. He’s been quoted as describing his music as “melancholic but euphoric,” and it’s a spot-on description of the sound.

Utilizing a combination of instrumental recordings and DJ effects, Loffler fuses the outside world with the digital world. His layers of tropical tremolos take turns playing the leading role of the track with the sound of eerily peaceful bells, like ones you’d hear as the wind blows through a vacant yard in a rural train station. Our favorite part about this track though is definitely the persistent static leftover of his tremolo effects, placing a veil of “shh”-ing sounds over the entirety of the work that resemble the constant dull roar of the ocean. All tied together with a longingly romantic vocal sample, this track feels like a tale of heartbreak in the misty tropics. Can’t say we’ve really felt that vibe before until now, but we’re big fans.

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