[Electronic] Dark Sky – Em Cy

Dark Sky
Em Cy

We were first sucked in by London-based trio, Dark Sky, when they collaborated with Breach on the amazing track, “The Click,” three years ago. Seriously we can’t get enough of that track. You’ve got to check it out if you haven’t yet. Dark Sky has since released some other EPs and LPs that have kept them on our radar, and most recently they’ve caught our eye with their new track release, “Em Cy.”

“Em Cy” is an 8-minute long symphony of electronic that’ll keep you skating through whatever you’re up to on this fine weekend. Known for their profound sounds, Dark Sky starts the track off with an acapella of vocal samples, using snippets of human voices to create the base of the track’s tempo. Adding reverb and delay onto these voices, they seamlessly begin transitioning from dry vocals to more ambient sounds. One second you’ll hear a vocal with a certain delay effect, then you’ll hear an entirely synthesized sound with the same delay effect and it’s hard to discern what really originated from what. It’s fantastic. And from there the song continues to develop into a mature piece of music that reminds me of the works of an artist like Apparat or Jon Hopkins.

We’re very glad this track has got us listening to Dark Sky avidly again.

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