Slow down, and put it in reverse… Peachboiz is a collective that is doing something a bit differently than others. Out of all the collectives that we’re aware of, this may be the only one that will put out tracks that have four of the members on it. You may be thinking “Um, what’s so special about that?” Well, nothing is too crazy about that, but the fact they are putting it out as PEACHBOIZ – “REVERSE COWGIRL” is pretty cool in our eyes. It would be a complete pain to title it like “Grimecraft x Good Intent x Ba-Kuura x ROBOKID – REVERSE COWGIRL”. We aren’t even sure if wordpress would allow that.

These four peaches made one of the most beautiful club tracks we have ever heard. By now you should know that we love club tracks that have pitched vocals, funk stabs, the occasional bed squeak, and half time drops. “REVERSE COWGIRL” has all of that, and more! One great thing about this song is that it brought our attention to some incredible producers we weren’t familiar with before. This entire collective is stacked with talent, so we’re hoping they do more group projects like this.

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